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  • Comrade Politruk
    Orthodox churches (and monasteries) are most typically named after saints, in which case the saint in the name is the patron saint. In some other cases, an Orthodox church might instead be named after a  certain icon, a feast-day, or a title or aspect of God. Each church contains at least one relic of a saint. Sometimes the local patron saints are carried in the city or village's name like for example Saint Peter in Novaya Petrovka or Saint Paul in Pavlovo.
    Named churches of South Zagoria (not including chapels):
    Chernogorsk - Central: Church of the People's Salvation
    Chernogorsk - East Cemetery: Church of the Righteous Heroes
    Elektrozavodsk: Church of St. George
    Gorka: Church of the Wonder-Worker
    Grishino: Church of the Ascension
    Kabanino: Church of St. Sergius
    Krasnostav - West: Church of Archangel Gabriel
    Lopatino: Church of Archangel Michael
                                                                                                                        Novaya Petrovka: Church of St. Peter
                                                                                                                        Novodmitrovsk: Church of St. Andrew
                                                                                                                        Novy Sobor: Church of Theotokos ( God-Bearer, a name for the Virgin Mary)
                                                                                                                        Pavlovo: Church of St. Paul
                                                                                                                        Pogorevka: Church of the Ten Commandments
                                                                                                                        Polyana: Church of St. Gorazd
                                                                                                                        Pustoshka: Church of the Resurrection
                                                                                                                        Staroye: Church of the Virgin Mother
                                                                                                                        Stary Sobor: Church of the Holy Trinity
                                                                                                                        Svetlojarsk: Church of Christ the Saviour
                                                                                                                        Zelenogorsk: Church of St. Niceta
                                                                                                                        Mogilevka: Church of the Holy Grave

  • WatchCorp

    By Watchman, in Groups,

    WatchCorp Ltd is a multi million euro company that operates in most of Europe making and investing in most everyday items, clothing, vehicles and technology.
    Despite their success a lot of rumors of mistreating of employees and capitalist greed is adamant in press as well as supposedly using the cheapest and most cost efficient ways instead of thinking of the climate.


  • Krasnostav - Civil/Military Airfield

    By Watchman, in Locations,

    The Krasnostav Civilian and Military Airfield was primarily a military airstrip in the earlier days, it later got replaced by the improvements of the NW Airstrip and became somewhat redundant, there is still military personal and structures at the area but they are mainly for storage, emergencies or training purposes.

  • Calm Bay Hotel

    By Watchman, in Locations,

    Calm Bay Hotel in the South West Region of South Zagoria is the Hikers go to resting place between hikes, also fairly popular for traveling folks passing through needing a place to lay their head.

    Calmbayhotel.ru - Book a Reservation now!

  • Zvir

    By beer mmmmmmm, in Locations,

    Zvir [Звир] is an isolated farmers village found in the western South Zagorian Mountain range. The town is sprawling with open fields of fertile ground, it is a hotpot for local farmers and field hands to find work. The town itself is historically self-sufficient, only relying on imports for items such as bottled water or other unconventional items.
    The name derives from "Gravel" in Russian.
    The town of Zvir is a rural town within South Zagoria that was not connected to the newly made Highway system across South Zagoria, the town often relied on self-sufficiency. A farming town, Zvir often fed its own inhabitants with local produce. The communists saw the town as a perfect image of socialism, working-class farmers looking after their own in a very socialistic manner. Whilst the nationalists saw the town as a perfect image of the traditional Chernarussian village without western or communist influence.
    The town is mostly barren since the outbreak, only small groups of infected roam the previously fertile fields.

  • Komarovo

    By beer mmmmmmm, in Locations,

    Komarovo [Комарово] is a small fishing village located in the south-western coast of South Zagoria. Small in size and prestige, Komarovo is a nothing but a tiny fishing village similar to it's adversary Kamenaka. The town contains two pubs, a small village of residential homes and a local police station. 
    The name derives from "Mosquito" in Russian.
    The small town of Komarovo is specifically famous for it's small bug and insect life, specifically Mosquitoes that harass local fishermen who attempt to fish from the coast. The town has a small port which was mostly used to export vodka manufactured and produced at Bardak & Sons vodka distillery in Vybor. The port was subject to a failed bombing attack, which is assumed to be apart of a larger attack orchestrated by the Nationalist Party (NAPA) on 11/11/08. Other Bardak & Sons property was damaged across Chernarus in other attacks, including a port in Northen Berezino. 
    In 1985, the musical film "Start over" featured a song called Komarovo, Igor Sklyar, the singer became rather famous in the small town up until the 2009 Civil War.
    Since the infection, the town has been somewhat abandoned. There are some locals left alive, but the town is mostly occupied by the infected. Survivors often complain about the Mosquito pest when passing through the city.

  • Berezino

    By beer mmmmmmm, in Locations,

    Berezino [Березино] is a large industrialized city located on the eastern coast of South Zagoria, it is located south of the port city of Svetlojarsk. Berezino is a large residential area, whilst also containing one of South Zagoria's key lumber mills, and export ports.
    The name derives from "Birch" in Russian.
    Found on the most central eastern point of South Zagoria, lies the port town of Berezino. The town is most famous for the soviet song 'Birch' which was during Chernarus' soviet days. After Chernarus broke from the Soviet Union, the song was re-purposed into the 'Chernarussian Anthem' to which is recognized nationally. The town's name originates from the local Birch trees in the region, which are processed and shipped from the lumber mill and dock inside of the town itself.
    Despite being a fairly industrialized and having a busy port, the town is still heavily residential consisting of two large residential areas, the northern end containing a local school, and the southern end containing the local hospital. 
    The town is also a partially famous stop-off point for local sailors and seamen as the town holds 10 pubs and bars within it's area.
    A few days prior to the infection, a cargo ship named Rify was brought aground north of the City due to a lighthouse malfunction.
    Since the infection a local military checkpoint was established near the local hospital, but has since been abandoned. The town was densely populated so large groups of infected are expected.

  • Dubky

    By AndreyQ, in Locations,

    The town of Dubky is one of three towns on the outskirts of Chernogorsk. Dubky is not notable for a whole lot other than a pair of Supermarkets on the western end and possible loot in the other buildings. Due to its proximity to Chernogorsk and the other two nearby towns, it should be considered just as dangerous as the main city and often spawns quite a few Infected. Directly to the south is the mountain of Vysota, which helps separate the town from the main city as well as from its neighbour Novoselky.

  • Chernogorsk "Cherno"

    By AndreyQ, in Locations,

    Chernogorsk, or "Cherno" for short, is a large industrialized city located on the southern coast of Chernarus, between Balota and Elektrozavodsk. Chernogorsk was a regional administrative centre that provided infrastructure and services to many of the surrounding communities.
    Originally a small fisherman's village of Chyornaya Bay, the city became heavily industrialized by the investments of the Chernarussian Republic, which began in the 50s of the previous century. The heavy industrialization is reflected in the fast-engineered infrastructure and generic apartment block style housing developments, which expanded beyond Chernogorsk proper into several adjoining suburb areas (Chapaevsk, Dubky, and Novoselky).
    Chernogorsk has always been a harbour town. Once connected to northern trade routes by means of a coastal railroad, it became a reliable transport hub for raw materials flow to Elektrozavodsk and other industrial centres the country's infrastructure previously couldn't support.
    The city has a giant factory complex adjoining the city centre, a remarkable City Hall constructed 1955, and a relic of a famous hotel built near victory square. It has a Hospital, a Police Station, a Fire Station, and several places of worship in its vicinity.
    During the outbreak, a small military camp was set up near the centre of the city.

  • Solnichniy

    By beer mmmmmmm, in Locations,

    Solnichniy [Солнечный] is a smaller mining town located about halfway up the eastern coast of South Zagoria, between Berezino and Krutoy Cap. Although small in size, Solnichniy contains one of Chernarus' only coastal quarries. 
    The name derives from "Sunny" in Russian.
    Although fairly isolated from other hot-beds of industrialization in South Zagoria, Solnichniy has one of the largest quarries in the region, supplying most of the non-imported asphalt and road based resources required to maintain the newly introduced highway system that joins the previosuly rural towns. The town is well known for it's communist roots, dating back to 1997 and the formation of the Working Man's Defence Alliance (WMDA) by local miners, thought to be a civilian union, while in reality a fervently anti-government group with strong communist ideals. The town is particularly famous for workers riots in 1999 over working pay conditions that lead to the deaths of three protesters and the dissolvement of the WMDA. From this, a splinter group named the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star (ChDKZ) was formed from the ashes of the WMDA. Many locals see the town, and specifically the mine as the birth place of the movement. 
    Resources from the Solnichniy mine were specifically used in construction of infrastructure and the military base on Utes, as well as many of the housing projects in Berezino, Elektrozavodsk and Chernogorsk.
    Since the infection the town has been mostly abandoned, not much infected roam the area, but it is not entirely safe. Often survivors go missing trying to explore the local mine.
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  • Elektrozavodsk "Elektro"

    By Watchman, in Locations,

    Elektrozavodsk [Электрозаводск] or "Elektro" for short, is a large city located on the southern coast of Chernarus and east of Chernogorsk. Many building varieties can be found here, and it is a hub of activity due to both its size and its diverse buildings and beauty.
    The name derives from "Electric/Industrial Factory" in Russian.
    Well-known as a dangerous and gritty place, the city of Elektrozavodsk can be unforgiving. It is comprised mostly of multi-story buildings and complexes, resulting in short lines of sight and close quarters encounters. As a large city, it also tends to have an equally large number of Infected. Extreme caution should be exercised at all times here, to say the least.
    Nearby is a power plant that serves most of Chernarus.

  • Chernarus

    By Roland, in Locations,

    Chernarus is a fictional former-Soviet Republic country in DayZ Standalone, based on the popular Chernarus map from another Bohemia title: ARMA II.
    Chernarus was established as a typical republic-style nation after it gained independence, with its formation following the dissolution of the Soviet Union (USSR) in 1991. Chernarus's landscape consists of mostly rural areas, with few larger cities. The capital of Chernarus is Novigrad, located in the south-western region of the country. Players cannot travel to Novigrad, but physical maps scattered around the world display the entire country, showing the capital city in the bottom left-hand corner. Players currently play in the most northeastern province called South Zagoria. At present, South Zagoria is infested with mindless Infected, as well as Survivors who have to endure a lack of available food, and constant threats of the infected and other Survivors. The map of this province in DayZ Standalone is referred to as Chernarus+.

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