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DayZRP Timeline

In game events related to lore. If you want to add a significant event to the timeline, please contact a Lore Master

  • April 2021

  • April 22, 2021

    The Battle for Green Mountain

    On the 23rd of April an attack was carried out by the so called NBC Boys on the Green Mountain Tower. Various groups who have gathered intel of the attack were able to set up in the compound, around the woods and in the city of Zelenogorsk. A big squad of the NBC Boys attacked the compound and were able to secure it with little to no casualties on their side.

    A radio call was made by the NBC Boys and not too long after a helicopter managed to hover over Green Mountain dropping down 2 barrels that would later turn out to be the real threat. The barrels were positioned inside the compound and began emanating the same toxic gas that has been causing issues up north.

    A few people were left stranding on the Green Mountain tower, one of which, George, attempted to negotiate with the NBC Boys. While this was happening, there was fighting outside the compound between the survivors and another squad of the NBC Boys tasked to provide back-up when needed. With little time left, the compound was attack by the survivors in order to take it back, an assault which proved successful.

    The survivors were able to close off the lids of the barrels containing the toxic smoke and saved Green Mountain from what could have been a new high contaminated zone. Unfortunately, their effort came just slightly too late. The barrels were moved to the tower of GM, which was unable to withstand the gas and the explosions set up by the NBC Boys, rendering it destroyed and unusable.

  • April 04, 2021

    The Fall of the Chernarus Liberation Front

    While the unknown threat is moving slowly south, the diplomatic landscape of South Zagoria was no way near stable. After in-fighting and rumors of CLF breaking into their allies' compound, Spero officially declared war against their once friends CLF. As members of the CLF, lead by Major Boris Stepànov, headed towards Green Mountain, they started getting chased by the alliance created by Spero, which included various groups and random survivors. The opposition engaged in a zerg rush on the fields next to Green Mountain, pushing the CLF all the way towards VMC where they took cover and awaited the combat. As the shooting began, it was Boris Stepanov who shot down his own men and also getting fatally shot by one of his now former men.

    With 2 Majors now dead, their bodies were buried and people mourned what for some were friends and family. While there are still some CLF who have survived, either by retreating or surrendering and switching sides, this battle marked the end of the Chernarus Liberation Front, as Krystof Beznak decided to see the reason and end CLF before more blood was shed in order to focus on the real threat up north.

  • March 2021

  • March 31, 2021

    Taking out the Trash

    As the people in South Zagoria started to learn more about the mist like smoke and study its properties, the dangerous gas has been slowly making its way south. Two survivors were found at a crashed car in Novaya Petrovka, facing severe symptoms of the lethal substance. The doctors living at the school tried their hardest to help them but it was already too late.

    A scouting crew was created to look for more survivors north when they bumped into some of the NBC men executing other escapees. One of them was captured and interrogated revealing some horrifying information. A call was made for all the leaders of the major groups: Cordis Aido, Transporters, Spero, Lost Highway, Belic Bar, Bridgewater and The Duchy of Burnaya in order to form a coalition against this greater evil.

    As warned by the 2 survivors, the mist made its way into South Zagoria covering the north west region from Tisy to Kamesk in a dangerous and lethal cloud of green smoke. Only time will tell how the now joint forces of the Frenzy Flu survivors will deal with this upcoming and moving threat.

  • March 22, 2021

    Swallowing Dust

    Russia has fallen. The residents of Chernarus were woken up by a sudden broadcast played region-wide, a voice detailing of an "unexpected event" occurring which led to the fall of the Government of the Russian Federation. All Russian civilians are now on their own and all active military are ordered to follow "Directive Zero".

    Soon after, the northern part of the Oblast, the city of Novaya Petrovka, survivors were witness to a whole level of terror and mystery, as a fallen aircraft and NBC Suit men came into the scene, the soon firefight that broke out caused a leak of whatever these men were holding, as a mist-like smog started to form.

  • March 13, 2021

    Falling Star

    Evening of March 13th, the FSB Agent, Nikita Vladimirovich Belov, responsible for the death of many officials including the leader of CLF Leader, Dimitrí Stepánov, was captured under a cooperative operation led by Adam Zavat and the Liberation Front. The Russian agent was sentenced to death and executed in the town square of Zelenogorsk, but soon later, as the Provisional President Adam Zavat was giving a speech, was assassinated by an Anarchist sniper, which took credit for the kill through public radio broadcasts.

    The CLF captured and led the assassin out of the city to be interrogated, leaving the scene with the fallen Chernarussian and Russian in the sun. 

    Under the cover of night, a plane landed on the North-Western Airstrip, uncertain what plane it was and it's mission. After recovering an item, the unknown plane headed North-East, presumably out of the country.

  • March 05, 2021

    Blood on the streets

    Days became wicked soon after the notorious band of cultists "Vyzov" that ransacked most of the Black Forest, disappeared into the night, a new force came forth baring red and black colors. "Communists", "Anarchists", "Bastards".

    After days of terror, the execution of Elijah Williams of the former Doctor group stationed in South Zagoria sparked ample response from the Republic Council, finding out their killers were these Anarchists and a band of Outlaws called "Dead Horse" , but the sons of anarchy wanted more. Days later, on the night of 5th March, the life of Dima Dobrovolny of "The Lost Highway" was taken by the Anarcho-Communists, along with dismantling the homes of the ones residing in the coastal side of Chernogorsk.

    Since then, violence only upscaled as more lives are facing dangers and both sides are holding strong... 

  • February 2021

  • February 23, 2021

    Two steps back

    The morning of February 23, the remaining military presence of the Russian Federation has finally withdraw from Chernarussian territory as the official independence signed by Adam Zavat has reached the Russian capital, prompting the remainder soldiers to retreat back to Moscow.

    Along the border between Chernarus and Russia, the amount of soldiers patrolling has significantly decreased and the last ship which was docked near Lopotevgrad has retreated to Soci. The island of Namalsk has returned back into Russian control and primary investigations were recorded, all transmissions going inside and outside of the now Russian controlled island have ended and no further survivors found on the Island. There is no reports regarding the strange anomaly and it's activity is unknown.

    However, the night before this withdraw, sounds of gunfire were heard deep within the Western forests of South Zagoria, the details surrounding this is still unknown.

  • February 19, 2021

    New Dawn

    The region of South Zagoria has been witness to many events, the terrifying soldiers of Vyzov have kept their crusade against those who are marked as heretics, bloody fights erupted all around the populated areas.

    The people resisted their onslaught for many days, the battle started to shift as Chernarus Liberation Front took up arms against the invading cultists, driving them back and taking many lives with them, victorious, the CLF now announced their return from the shadows to do what was meant to be done for the future of Chernarus. On the other side, the political side of the war, Adam Zavat has declared on the day of 19 February that the Russian Federation has officially sent an agreement of withdraw and recognition of Chernarus as an Independent state, a new republic.

    Skepticism and doubt did rise while many finally felt victory was finally in their grasp, with the official documents signed and a temporary leading political party of the Nová Republika Černarus, only time will tell if the Federation will hold onto the promise and that the war is officially over. After the signing, a large council meeting was handled within the NRČ Headquarters, members of the Liberation Front also present, the contents of the discussion was not revealed.

    A new dawn arrived for Chernarus and it's people, foreign and local, but it is not the end yet, shadows around Chernarus still linger with unknown threats that will have to be dealt with.

  • February 07, 2021

    Night Terrors

    These few couple of weeks, rumors and speculations started to roll around about a group of hooded and masked figures roaming the dark reaches of Chernarus' forests and streets. Broadcasts in the dead of night sound off a cultist like preach, scaring many survivors.

    A number of people were reported missing and never found, those who managed to survive or flee these assailants named them "Vyzov", "Crazy Cultists" or "Brainwashed Russians". Many also associate the name "Vyzov" with this groups unknown intentions, but one thing was certain, these unknown soldiers bring a sense of terror walking the streets and forests of Chernarus at night, and those who live to tell the tale speak of a story taken from horror books and movies.

    The last image one survivor caught of these men and women show their cold eyes hunting their pray, would the survivors of Chernarus stand strong against this terrifying foe?

  • January 2021

  • January 24, 2021

    The Last Stand - [Wings of Mercy]

    The morning of January 24'th was met with sounds of battle, the NATO Soldiers along with Heroic Fighters stood boldly against the PMC's in a last ditch effort in capturing Captain Robert Valentin and prevent Angel-2 from setting off, the fight lasted long enough to allow the C-130 Hercules to secure it's precious cargo and to fly off.

    Those who were not part of the event witnessed the roaring beast of a plan fly off west...

    The remaining knocked out fighters were taken by the Hospital in Berezino, where they are taken care of their wounds, as for the unknown PMC's, nobody knows where they have gone to.

  • January 21, 2021


    On the morning of the 23rd of January, the Russian flags hung in Novodimitrovsk were torn down and left to burn at the base of the statue in the square.  Those responsible for the act have yet to be found.

    Any Russians left in the region have no comments regarding this act, and nobody knows what else will come next. 

  • January 17, 2021

    Strange activities

    The night of 17 January, survivors caught the sounds of multiple firearms going off wildly coming from the concealed Military Compound known as Tisy. Along side the small war blazing the forests, the distant sounds of a helicopter rang through the night.

    Upon arrival, multiple medics evacuated multiple wounded men, including members of the crashed C-130 "Angel-2", unfortunately, they couldn't tell what happened due to loss of memory from the inflicted wounds, however, four bodies of unknown men were left lifeless around the base with only a orange patch on their outfits. The next day, upon hearing of this, other survivors came to investigate, but their bodies were taken, leaving behind just blood and empty bullet casings. This mystery will linger, who were these men, and why did a member of "Angel-2" Plane fight along with them?

    Other rumors speak of unexplainable activity which started when the C-130 was spotted smoking down to Chernarus, radios turning on by themselves, strange sounds broadcasted through airwaves and suspicious activity peaking at night. This led to many survivors wondering what is causing this.

  • January 10, 2021

    Angels falling from the sky

    On the cold, foggy morning of 10 January, people of Chernarus were woken up by the deep rumbling in the sky of a titan C-130 heading down in smoke. A distress broadcast played on multiple frequencies as the transport plane came crashing down into Krasnostav Airstrip.

    At the crash site, Robert Valentin, one of the two Pilots fought off the infected that heard the commotion, swiftly aided by a group of survivors that came to the rescue after hearing the transmission and the plane coming down. They discovered that this C-130 came from the Baltic region of Europe on a route to Italy with around a dozen of sick and wounded, all with various illnesses that needed Emergency evac. Their four main engines were broken and most of the Hull was damaged after skidding across the airstrip.

    Dubbed "Angel-2", this C-130 is now in need of desperate repairs and on precious time, but hope was high as these survivors of Chernarus are willing to help the best they can, Robert and his Crew of "Angel-2" now work together to salvage, repair and bring the C-130 back to life and resume their flight...

  • January 02, 2021

    Project Apollo

    Over the course of the last six months, much has been happening unseen on the island.  A group of doctors have been working tirelessly with what they’ve found on the Athena object to create a cure for the Frenzied Flu.  However, after six months, they are no closer to creating what they need and someone has started to get close to their secrets and threaten their ability to continue their experiments on human subjects.  To prevent this, Dr. Annika Yukov kidnaps Adam Zavat from a location in the glaciers, where he’d found himself after a storm caused by the Athena object, and brought him back to the bunker at what is commonly referred to as A2.  Over the course of an hour, he watched as the doctor continued her experiment on what she called Subject #32, a woman he’d never seen before, who obviously did not want to be there.  The subject started screaming with the newest injection before passing out, catching the attention of a passing individual, Taniguchi Inari


    The NAC operative proceeded to enter and ask several questions about the doctor’s work and relationship to the NAC.  Dr. Annika Yukov was hired by the Russian Government to find a cure for the Frenzied Flu using any means necessary along with the microorganism they’d found on the Athena object after it had fallen to earth.  After six months of failures, Dr. Yukov was hoping for a success and was disappointed in yet another failure, and was ready to continue her experiments on Adam Zavat when Taniguchi Inari prevented her from doing so.  More interrogation led to the reveal of P.O.V. being hired as a security force for the scientists on Namalsk some time ago, but not much else was said before the subject on the table awoke, broke free from her bonds and killed the scientist before turning to do the same to the other two.  It took quite a few bullets before the subject finally fell—clearly much stronger than other infected, more dangerous than the Juggernaut variety do to her speed.  However, this new mutation wouldn’t have a chance to make it out into the world, as Adam Zavat had set explosives as they left and detonated them as both he and Taniguchi Inari were taken from the island on a NAC helicopter bound for Chernarus.

  • December 2020

  • December 02, 2020

    Journey to Namalsk

    In the late hours of the day, explosions went off near the hospital and the infamous F13 gas filtered up into the sky—an accidental detonation, that would mean death for one woman as her squad left her behind to deal with her mistake.  The P.O.V. operative was found after the effects of the gas dissipated in the area and was taken into a building across the street from the Belic Family Pub, for interrogation.  After almost an hour of torture and interrogation, the operative revealed the P.O.V.’s plan to set up bombs timed to detonate within the next 16 hours.  The bombs would release a large amount of the gas and pull all infected into a vicious and massive horde to attack any and everyone within the cities and towns of South Zagoria.  Her dismissive attitude seemed to throw off her interrogators even though she spoke the truth, and after more torture, she was executed by a line of gunmen in Berezino.

    The following events led to a mass evacuation from Berezino, the first stop being Skalisty Island, the second being an island off the coast of Sochi:  Namalsk.

  • November 2020

  • November 30, 2020

    Hope is Fleeting...

    Amid the chaos of another failed attempt at governing South Zagoria, the government still set up in Lopotevgrad has been reaching out from the safety of their quarantine zone to inform those still within the country of Chernarus that help is coming.  They have started reclaiming territory outside of the capital in an attempt to make way for foreigners to receive aid in returning home.  And the fruits of their labor resulted in what happened on the 30th of November 2020.  At approximately mid-to-late afternoon, a bus escorted by four Russian soldiers was ambushed just east of Balota on the southern coastal highway by what was discovered to be a small group of P.O.V. men and women.  The civilians who encountered the bus crash and the massacre of Russians were able to apprehend one of the P.O.V. soldiers left behind—a woman named Alix. 

    After a tumultuous encounter with the infamous F13 gas, which attracts aggressive infected by the horde to it, the men and women returned to Green Mountain where they spent the next hour interrogating and torturing Alix for information.  It started with Oleg Aliev and Nino Kobiashvili attempting to extract any information about what the P.O.V. squad had been trying to accomplish with killing the Russians using their own interrogation techniques.  And it turned into Deacon Johnson and Drakon Smirnov torturing her, but yet Alix still refused to talk.  All hope of getting any information out of the woman seemed lost, and with the presence of the P.O.V. in their circling helicopter, the men involved in the interrogation of Alix tried what they could until finally Alix spoke.  An attack was coming—soon.  Something that was going to make it incredibly hard to keep on living in South Zagoria, she said bombs, but did not elaborate.  Without much more use for her, Deacon Johnson decided she was no longer allowed to live and shot her with his sidearm. 

  • October 2020

  • October 02, 2020

    Reopening of Gorod Storozha - Vacation Town

    During early stages of the infection the town of Gorod Storozha (Город Сторожа) located in the northern region of South Zagoria was quarantined rather early, after having been evacuated the town was covered in a compound to sterilize and docile the town to remove traces of the infection, as this compound was toxic to breathe, the town was left abandoned for a longer period void of human interference.

    In the beginning of October a few travelers unknowingly stumbled into the town and noticed the compound had faded and the town was now habitable once more.

  • October 01, 2020

    A Lost Cause

    During the dead of the night, the 56th Mountain Motorized Rifle Brigade received orders to leave South Zagoria and return immediately to Moscow.  With Chernarus deemed a lost cause, the men hurried to gather their personal belongings, their documented research, their equipment, and they loaded everything into a line of KAMAZ transport trucks.  When the equipment was strapped down and their men were all seated, the unit took off from the city of Chernogorsk and headed on the highway out of South Zagoria and left Chernarus behind.  The only evidence they'd been there were the memories of the people they’d come across and the mess they left behind at the Chernogorsk police department.

  • September 2020

  • September 24, 2020

    Enforcement Zone

    On the 24th of September, the 56th Motorized Rifle Brigade started to establish the Enforcement Zone around Chernogorsk, which was formerly announced by the president of Chernarus, Ivan Bernarus. People and businesses were moved down into the city, checked for any signs of the Infection and assigned a new ID. Measures seemed to return some kind of normalcy to the people in South-Zagoria during these chaotic times.

  • September 11, 2020

    Blackout! - [Chernarus]

    Over the last month, power stations and electrical grids have gone down, resulting in a complete power and signal loss in the region. Many grids and stations were blown up and sabotaged. The cause behind these attacks are unknown, however it was made clear by civilians who tried to fix the stations that whatever was behind it, was the reason for the complete power loss in the region. 

  • August 2020

  • August 30, 2020

    Kapitan Down - [Chernarus]

    On the 30th of August 2020, Kapitan Alois Vykopal recalled all RAC soldiers from the region to retreat and regroup in the Black Mountains HQ. After the recent loss of several high ranking officers of the RAC, the force was stretched thin. While trying hard to keep law and order in place, with their low numbers and executions of higher ups, it became a struggle. After finding out more information and evidence of an outside source which might cause a greater threat, the RAC were to be recalled to the Black Mountains to find out more. While nearly almost all officers retreated to the Black Mountains, Alois had one more task to do in the region. 

    Staying behind an extra day, Cpt. Vykopal walked straight into the arms of the CLF to discuss the current threat at hand. Alois, while alone, tried to explain a larger threat which he knew was coming to them. He proposed that the RAC and CLF would stop the bloodshed and work together to stop this threat which may have been the cause behind the recent bombings. This warning was at the expense of Alois' life. Later that night, Alois Vykopal was brutally executed by the CLF. 

  • August 29, 2020

    Struck of the Irish [Chernarus]

    On the 29th of August, the Irish McCoomer family decided to host a fight-night for everyone's amusement. The well-visited event took place in Killeshandra (Guglovo) and everyone enjoyed themselves with the show, snacks and alcohol provided! The winner of the small tournament was Benjamin Brown.

    Later on contestants and viewers were drawn to what seemed to have been an accident that happened along the road. The scene they arrived at was that of a burned down car wreck, surrounded by Infected. Once the Infected were dealt with, people swiftly started to investigate, coming across the body of two russian soldiers, as well as more of the odd smelly liquid at the back of the truck. Together with the paperwork that was taken off a passing soldier the day before, some light started to be shed onto the entire situation - and at the same time, more questions arose.

    The same day - at another place, the group of Chechens get ahold of two other russian soldiers, who eventually reveal a meeting that is about to take place in 48h hours to them ...

  • August 27, 2020

    The Fiery Front [Chernarus]

    The already struggling RAC had to deal with more losses as their compound was lit ablaze by a fire that seemed to have been caused by an explosion within the compound. Volunteers across Berezino, people from the bar as well as a group of Chechens quickly gathered all the equipment they could find to try and rescue anyone who was still inside the compound. People at the scene eventually stumbled across some canister filled with a foul smelling liquid, which was attracting the Infected. While the volunteers were able to deal with the oncoming hordes, the RAC-compound was beyond saving ...

  • August 26, 2020

    Something’s foul … [Chernarus]

    On 26.08.2020, explosions shook the ground at Polana Factory. Members of the CLF that met up at the factory, discovered an odd, smelly liquid that seemed to lure in the Infected. However, as they were about to investigate what happened, they started to take shots from an unknown entity. This event only marked the first of a series of similar incidents.

  • August 18, 2020

    A Blazing Inferno - [Chernarus]

    Late afternoon on the 19th of August, a large electricity burst caused backfire on the grid below Altar Radio Station. The outburst created a large fire which instantly began to spread. Dark smoke filled the sky as the power began to fail in surrounding towns such as Berezino, Guglovo, Polana, Novy Sobor and Gorka. Three brave men; Magnus Sharp, Lee Anson and Marc Dean, with the assistance of RAC Snr Lt Natalya Reznikova, entered the compound to stop the fire. The quick thinking of Magnus with his newly founded firefighting skills and with the help of natures rain, the fire was extinguished and the situation was controlled. The reason behind the incident is still unknown, however multiple boot prints and an unidentifiable body was found in the aftermath of the situation. 

  • August 17, 2020

    Loss of a Leader - [Chernarus]

    In the early evening hours on the 17th of August, members of the Republic Army of Chernarus and a group known as the Fishermen, with the assistance of the McCoomer brothers, managed to capture Major Dimitrí Stepánov of the Chernarus Liberation Front.  After interrogation, Major Stepánov was pushed off the clock tower in Novodmitrovsk, left to fall to his death against the pavement below.

  • August 16, 2020

    Hunted - [Chernarus]

    Lost from her battalion, Russian Federation soldier Private Nadia Nikolayevna ran through Berezino, scared for her life.  She wound up at the Belic Pub, where she met the owner and a few of the locals.  A mention of hordes and Moscow falling before she let the fear of those hunting her out and was in the middle of being consoled by bar owner Ivan Belic before she was shot in the head by a sniper.  Those around the now dead private scattered, all choosing to hide in fear for their own lives—one or two individuals searched for the sniper… but he was never found.

  • August 14, 2020

    HARO Recall - [Chernarus]

    In light of recent discoveries the HARO have been recalled back to Moscow headquarters in Russia temporarily, the time and efforts of the brave doctors and assistants working for HARO have not been in vain. After their discoveries with plant based life forms, as well as local wildlife and water sources new information has come to life regarding how the Frenzied Flu operates and how it can be spread. Russia, as well as other world powers, hope to use these discoveries to combat the Flu as more progressions are made. Only time will tell if they are successful or not.

  • July 2020

  • July 11, 2020

    Power Outage! - [Chernarus]

    On the 10th of the month, contact between RAC command and a small power station had been cut off, one that had been providing power to the region. In what appeared to be an attack of unknown origins, the situation was beginning to look a little dire and whilst it continued running for a little time it eventually ceased functioning. Having been assigned to the mission as he knew it well, Lt. Krystof Filla of the RAC was dispatched to the region with a small squad with the intent to assist Captain Alois Vykopal with assessing the situation and retaking the compound. 

    With electricity being off, people quickly realised something wasn't right. Many people volunteered to help out. What awaited them at the power station was unlike anything they'd ever seen. A very large swarm was waiting for them, many people taking a few minor injuries in the process of fending them off. But in the process of fending them off they'd attracted more that had wandered nearby, the place sounding like a warzone. Many civilians banded together with the RAC to help maintain the compound wherein they found several aspects that had been damaged and would require key components to fix.

    After fending off a few waves, the minor repairs needed were made with the efforts of many people. With the outlook good, the repairs brought back the power, restoring it to the region. RAC command was contacted and reinforcements dispatched to maintain it, as well as a few celebratory drinks and goodies for the hard working soldiers. 

    But... it appeared something was off as they were leaving. The RAC had found a digger, its engine still left on with some western bullet casings and a small piece of thick, black rubber on the seat. Looking like it had been torn off, the presumption was made this person was driving the digger into the wall, likely intentionally and got into a scuffle with the infected when trying to leave. Alas, with no survivors only time will tell what really happened here today. 

  • July 04, 2020

    Four Horsemen - [Chernarus]

    On the evening of the 4th, four confused and lost individuals arrived at the HARO Compound in Elektro. The first, a Native Chernarussian, seemed the worst off. Rambling incoherently as the medical team along with local RAC Members attempted to secure and treat the patients. It became clear quite quickly that the man was afflicted with the Frenzied Flu, swiftly turning feral and attacking one of the other members who arrived with him, a lost RF Soldier who missed the exit Convey Recall. As things progress, chaos reigned. The Chernarussian Man had to be put down or else he'd continue to attack civilians, medical personal and military alike. Unfortunately the attack toward the RF Soldier resulted in what appears to be him developing symptoms swiftly, causing the teams present to try and restrain him. Sadly, he fell his own poor state of well being and not in line with any fatal force provided by the parties present. Seeing the situation unfurling the medical team decided to move the remaining two patients out of the hospital and toward the quarantine building, along the way the lone female followed suit quickly succumbing to her affliction and forcefully being locked indoors by the efforts of the RAC and Medical Team. Unbeknownst to them, a outside force took pity on the woman and put her own of her misery resulting in her loss of life. The last patient fled into the inner city of Elektro in which he had a tense standoff with personnel present, while they manage to subdue the large aggressive Russian man he too also fell to the sickness, rising with incredible strength to which the only plausible and safe option was to terminate the threat on sight. 

    Now all have perished, sadly, but hopefully insight can be gained from their sacrifices through the combined efforts of HARO and the RAC along with any civilians present to witness the situation. 

  • July 01, 2020

    Relief Aid - [Chernarus]

    As time churns forward, so do the plans of those outside the region. As the situation within South Zagoria starts to decline following the departure the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation alongside the RAC forces feeling stretched thin the relief aid and humanitarian effort group known collectively as HARO are banded and sent into the region. Their goal is to aid and investigate, working alongside and within the populace to provide help and research into the Frenzied Flu and all those affected by it's savage wrath. 

  • June 2020

  • June 26, 2020

    Fight Night - [Chernarus]

    A scheduled community driven Fight Night was held in Upper Berezino between two contenders; Sung Ho and Han Lee. The goal of the event was to bring the community of Berezino and outlining camps together under a single banner of comradery and solidarity through mutual friendly grounds. While the event went off without a hitch and the winner Han Lee victorious the CLF attended in full uniform force, dictating that they were there for the people and not ones to start provocation. The RAC and police forces were also in attendance throughout the crowd. Tensions were high, but in the end the event ended on a peaceful note. Many of the crowd did voice their displeasure at the RAC and police recent actions of disarming citizens of automatic weapons during the Fight Night. To which the CLF returned in the following days in uniform once more to encourage the populace to stand up for their rights. A few days following the historic Fight Night a man by the name of George was disarmed in public of his weapon by the police and the crowd became riled. They followed and harassed the Police to their station building. During unclear events the police fired above the crowd to disperse them which only incited further unrest. During the altercation a man was shot and the police force attacked. While the losses were minimal the CLF stepped in after the scenario noting that the police force, RAC and Russian Forces were no longer allowed to carry their own automatic weapons and advised the civilians to disarm them when they could or call upon the CLF to aid in disarming. 

  • June 24, 2020

    Protesting - [Chernarus]

    On the 24th of June a staged and organized protest was held in front of the lower Berezino RAC Compound. Civilians gathered at the closed gates demanding RAC and local Chernarus Police Force (who had chosen to aid the RAC during this event) to deport foreigners, re-open the borders, deal with increasing cases of violence not only from RAC but other outlining groups and allow for freedom of self defense with automatic firearms for non-military personnel. As many other issues were brought forth, the consensus toward the RAC was unfavorable. During the commotion the protesting turned violent as more aggressive people in the crowds started throwing items and projectiles toward the RAC's allies the Police Force responded in kind with firing rubber slugs, and smoke grenades toward the advancing crowd. As the violence escalated the situation devolved and a fire fight broke out dispersing the crowd and claiming a few lives.

  • June 21, 2020

    Recall - [Chernarus]

    As the situation across the country gets worse, official documents state that the 320th of the Russian Forces were to pull out of the South-Zagorian region and move towards Lopotevgrad, leaving the RAC as the ones who would have to stabilize the region. 

  • June 19, 2020

    Ambushed - [Chernarus]

    A convoy carrying supplies toward the RAC Compound in Berezino was set upon by what appeared to be possible CLF or other aggressive parties. While the convoy tried to make it's way toward the compound via coastal Highway 31 they were attacked twice the second resulting in capture of the convoy and all it's supplies. Reported loss of items included vaccines, food, water and testing kits meant to be distributed toward the populace from the RAC. 

  • June 16, 2020

    Door to Door - [Chernarus]

    In the wake of the recent attacks on Novo by the suspected CLF and associates the RF have taken to visiting civilians within their homes in various outlining cities and camps, during these visits they have also chosen to inoculate civilians without opportunity to opt out forcing them to undergo the vaccination for the Frenzied Flu as they struggle to keep a grip on the declining spread. The RAC are working alongside the RF to mass disarm civilians of automatic weaponry as they believe the CLF hiding in plain clothes among the masses pose a greater threat and risk to safety of their operations within the region.

  • June 12, 2020

    Compromised - [Chernarus]

    As the situation regarding the frenzied flu seems to worsen in the region, the RF also have to deal with attacks by suspected CLF. While the skirmishes between them continue, the Novodmitrovsk compound was compromised for a short amount of time before russian forces took it back under their control.

  • June 10, 2020

    Fireworks - [Chernarus]

    In the early morning hours within the Novo Camp housed and maintained by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation [RF] two large explosions were heard. The Radar Dish and one of the parked cars on the side of the main tower building detonated from what seems to be a home made explosive. The destruction of the Radar Dish has effectively cut out long range communication for the RF back to HQ for the time being until a alternative is found. Currently, it is unknown who orchestrated or performed the attack as no individual(s) have yet stepped forward to claim ownership.  

  • June 07, 2020

    Relocation - [Chernarus]

    With the constant attacks from rogue civilians, and the guerrilla military rebellion known as the Chernarus Liberation Front the Vybor RAC Base is demeaned too risky to keep operational. The RAC as whole elected to abandon the outpost and relocate elsewhere in the region in order to continue the assistive work toward civilians, temporarily seeking aid from the Russian Armed Forces in Novo. A while later the CLF Flags are hung from the flag poles, indicating that the CLF have claimed ownership of the Vybor RAC base.

  • June 04, 2020

    Struggles [Chernarus]

    Miroslav being one of the few cities from within Chernarus having struggled to maintain control finally began to lose "control" within the region. After the Russian Forces left under "unclear" reasons in the region, claiming to fortify further the Capital Lopotevgrad. Republican Army Forces found themselves fighting constantly with the "infection" itself and restless civilians throughout most of the city and outskirts. While the central hub and industrial zone is under form control, 2 of the 5 main trade roots into the city are blocked by militia groups with Sector 3 (Civilian sector close to the River) found itself completely overrun by the sick. Since the beginning of the conflict, up to 3000 lives have been lost, media both sides giving different numbers while the Federation claims that 2500 lives of the RAC forces where lost, CSR reports majority where actually only 346 forces lost with a majority of Civilians being MIA.

  • June 02, 2020

    Abandoned [Worldwide-Russia]

    While most media has been silenced about the topic, especially through Russian Media. It has slowly Dripped in reports that the City of Saint Petersburg has been fully abandoned and put into forced quarantine by the Russian Government and military. Nobody is allowed to enter the City or leave the city from a 20km Radius of fear of the "Sickness" spreading. Saint Petersburg apparently being a huge central hub of the new wave of sickness passing through the lands, with up to an estimate report of 2.4 million cases of Stage 3 Virus cases from within the City. Anybody caught leaving the city has been reported to be a threat to humanity and the Federation. Leaving considered an act of Treason and to be forced back to the city. Anybody not complying to the Wishes would be shot on sight.

  • May 2020

  • May 31, 2020

    Loss of Hope - [Chernarus]

    As the amount of people located in the evacuation and relocation camps is growing, authorities struggle to keep them running. Many people start to turn their backs on the camps, trying to find help elsewhere. Government forces still remain in the region, trying to control the situation.

  • May 26, 2020

    Last Resort - [Livonia]

    At the end of May, there was a sudden spark of aggression among the people, Infected suddenly turning against their friends and family, or anyone they saw, trying to attack them. The first cases were restrained and brought to hospitals and special clinics, but as the health care system was slowly crumbling and police and military forces started to struggle, lethal force had to be used as a last resort.

  • May 10, 2020

    Difficult Times - [Chernarus]

    Martial law is instituted in South Zagoria. Citizens are evacuated to camps set up by the government near major areas of population. Anyone showing symptoms and deemed a threat to the public's safety is taken care of, including and up to the use of lethal force.

  • May 05, 2020

    Riots - [Chernarus]

    A lack of information, the desperation of foreigners stranded in the country after travel ceased and the fear and unrest of those affected by the quarantine and the strict rules put in place, eventually led to a general unrest and tensions among the people. Multiple smaller and bigger riots break out throughout the region, that both police and military try to shut down as quickly as possible, forcefully if necessary.

  • April 2020

  • April 14, 2020

    Hopes Were High - [Livonia]

    Things were believed to be under control and handled correctly, but as the lockdown and any measures taken were slowly eased, the flu suddenly had a massive resurgence, hitting the country harder than ever before. The number of Infected skyrocketed and the health system struggled.

  • March 2020

  • April 01, 2020

    The 3rd Wave [Russia/Chernarus]

    Paranoia was still strong throughout the regions in Chernarus. While the region had been began its recovery of the pandemic it still wasnt strange to still see cases appear of the frenzy Flu. People whom had shown symptoms or had had the virus prior where hospitalized or put on forced isolation or in one of the Quarantine zones that where set up through the region. Much of the media of the matter where censored by the local Parliament and the Russian Government to stop any possible mass hysteria. But as time passed, the truth could only be withheld for such a long time, as cases began rising further and further throughout Chernarus and media in the US and Britain reported cases of minor outbreaks it seemed it was only a matter of time before a possible 3rd wave was about to break out once again. 

    With this, the Russian Federation and the Chernarussian Government began operating again through the regions of Chernarus as the military begins to prepare to what it believes to be a new wave of flu...

    In other random reports though, in the London reported more cases of people whom have had frenzy flu being extremely wild and violent, biting, scratching and noncommunicable, resulting them getting shot on London Bridge. The exact course of outburst at that point was unknown. 

  • February 2020

  • February 22, 2020

    This Is How It's Done - [Livonia]

    Due to the experience the Livonian government had with the second wave of the flu, their response to the third was just as quick. Having learned from the second wave, quarantines and any other measures taken during that time were put into place again. Medication that might help with the symptoms of the flu was quickly spread to the places it was needed - things were well under control.

  • December 2019

  • January 01, 2020

    Open the Gate! [Russia/Chernarus]

    With the Birth of the new year, the Russian Federation decided to celebrate the conquering of the infection and opens up her borders once more to tourism throughout her lands with Chernarus promoting itself as a prime holiday location for foreign visitors.

  • November 2019

  • November 15, 2019

    The Iron Curtain is lifted - [World Wide/Chernarus]

    With the title infected worldwide at its peeks of 9.6 Million people throughout the entire world, and finally with the quickened action and responses by the medical fields throughout the world. It seemed that the pandemic was finally at an all time low. The amount of daily cases had been dropping throughout many countries that implemented the countermeasures for the infection and the Vaccine was playing her part throughout all 1st country nations. The region of Chernarus in Russia being one of the first regions in the Federation to implement the vaccine with outstanding results only after the end of the month began opening up their lock-down throughout Chernarus and bit by bit the entirety of Russia. With small isolated cases of the infection with rapid response, it seemed that the pandemic was now firmly in control and the world was on a road to recovery.

  • September 2019

  • September 28, 2019

    We got it boys! - [World Wide]

    The race for a new vaccine was on around the world, many different companies, private and public ones pushed to try and help to confront the new panademic that was waving around the world. However at the end of September a German pharmaceutical company under the name of Nozzby showed positive results in their combatants against the commonly known Frenzy flu, showing positive results and even promising that they will be able to mass produce a vaccine by the end of the year with the support of other pharmaceutical companies.

  • September 20, 2019

    What is Left - [Deer Isle]

    What little remained of the RAC Forces on the island retreated fully to Portland, one of the last remaining standing points in the far north. During the month it was evident that the populace was losing their grip on civility turning instead to whatever means necessary in order to survive. Power finally was lost on the island, as the main nuclear power plant was no longer operational after Westbrook had fallen. While those who still resided accumulated at Portland, it began to form its own sense of identity. A beacon of hope for those trapped here. They called it Sanctuary, a place easier to defend and secluded safely by the vast mountains that surrounded it. While Sanctuary stood tall the fate of those who remained on the island was much a mystery to the outside. The mainland not having heard anything in months regarding the state of affairs nor if the people there had even survived the initial outbreak. In the backs of their minds, the island was lost and forever shrouded in mystery. The fate of those who were caged in left to the imagination which ran rampant with various rumors of what had happened there and what was still going on.

  • June 2019

  • June 27, 2019

    Mutation - [World Wide]

    First news of highly aggressive individuals are spreading, attacking other people as well as becoming unresponsive to any threats posed by the police or military forces. Authorities in the countries affected struggle to contain this new “Outbreak”.

  • June 14, 2019

    Dead Air - [Deer Isle]

    By the 14th the Russian Federation had discontinued their contact with the Deer Isle military forces entirely declaring it a massive quarantine zone. Most if not all efforts from Russia were focused toward the mainland leaving Deer Isle to its own devices. The last known and heard communication to those still remaining on the island were orders to stay stationary and not leave the land no matter what. During this time the Russian Navy began strategically placing vessels in and around the island in a makeshift show of either force or deterrence to those wishing to or attempting to leave. Along with the lack of communication from Russia, the mainland and outside forces another blockade was placed. An internet dead zone, in which cellular service as well as internet services were discontinued cementing the idea that the island was truly all alone.

  • June 13, 2019

    Come What May - [Deer Isle]

    Things had been steady, for the situation during the time being until rumors started to flourish of movement and survivors still residing in the south. RAC received reports of heavy gunfire and fireworks toward Warrens Cove, a once established Check Point to the East. A unit was dispatched to investigate and report but as they arrived it was soon revealed to be a coordinated strike of some variety, utilizing the infected as a means of weaponry. A large force of them had been purposefully gathered near the Cove and the unit was beset upon. Reinforcements were hailed, which only proved fatal for the line held at Georgetown. As military members were forced to backup their unit at the Cove the Check Point guarding the west was left vulnerable at Georgetown and was quickly attacked. A group of unknown individuals utilized explosives to destroy the outer and inner maintaining walls of the border line, thus destabilizing the hold the RAC had on the western section of the island and allowing infected to pour in. While the hoard of infected was dealt with in the East the West was destabilized and the out pour from infected was able to move past the once strong border between the regions consuming the RAC, or what was left.

  • May 2019

  • May 16, 2019

    "Oh, Say Can You See?" - [World Wide]

    However, after some minor outbreaks through the mainland of the US finally with a sudden surge of infected in major hubs, on the 6th of May the current president of the United States declared a state of emergency as each state took it upon themselves to enforce lockdowns in their respective regions. Cities such as Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, Denver Colorado and Kansas City being major hubs for the Virus where enforced Martial Law is put into effect in those respective regions.

  • April 2019

  • April 16, 2019

    Throughout Europe - [World Wide]

    After multiple months of the outbreak of frenzy flu, the infection through a period of a couple of months began taking over most of mainland europe. Governments declared states of emergency where forced lockdown was enforced throughout Germany, France, Britian and Spain it then followed with military presence throughout the streets with strict hours for basic supplies and leaving their houses to lower the curve.

  • March 2019

  • March 20, 2019

    Border Control - [Deer Isle]

    By March things had deteriorated vastly in the region, the local RAC Forces put into motion plans to attempt to hold out against the ever advancing south laden with infected. The prior border that was established was quickly reinforced and maintained by the remaining military personnel. Martial Law had already been enacted and the choice was made to condemn the southern part of the island completely, declaring it a dead zone and to pull back all remaining civilians and military forces past the border toward the north. This decision saw the loss of life for not only those civilians who remained across the border, but any police or military as well. As time progressed another radical move was planned by the remaining military force, essentially the first steps toward a purge in order to stabilize the island. The border line was slowly pushed southward in an attempt to reclaim lost land, landing toward Georgetown which proved difficult to handle. The concentration of infected made it near impossible to advance further and efforts were put in place to defend the line instead.

  • February 2019

  • February 27, 2019

    State of Emergency - [Chernarus]

    After Chernarus enters into a State of Emergency, highly infected ares around the cities of Novigrad, Miroslavl build up emergency field camps to treat those whom are infected with the new pandemic outbreak. South Zagoria being one of the heaviest hit regions throughout Chernarus, they establish the specialized zones: Jeden (In Chernogorsk) and Sedm in the city of Novo. Special camps designed to stop the spread of the infection and to treat those whom are suffering from the pandemic. 

  • February 27, 2019

    Outbreak - [Deer Isle]

    Authorities swiftly tried to contain the ever spreading outbreak, setting up a local refugee camp on their airfield and restricting travel from the South area of the island. Many locals were forced to evacuate from their homes and businesses in fear of rising violence and further spread. Police and military alike worked to scan and monitor those traveling in and toward the north, locking down entry to and from the island as a whole. With these new restrictions saw the same aggression from ethnic Chernarussians flaring once more, dealings from the past rising to the surface once again. Small attacks made toward the airfield by rebels or those wishing to oppose the Russian forces were frequent enough, causing a lack of relief supplies and further strain on the helping authorities. Not wanting their northern area to become compromised, the order was swiftly granted to prevent anyone or anything residing in the South region from entering past a newly created border between the two regions, one which will be cemented further in time. Rumor noted that those still living in the south were either infected with the flu or dead.

  • February 17, 2019

    Quarantine - [Chernarus]

    Due to the rapid spread of the infection in the region by the new flu, many stores within South Zagoria were closed and quarantines were put in place to protect the populace. While at first restrictions were mainly controlled by the local police, as time passed, military detachments were dispatched to various towns and cities, making sure to enforce curfews and regulations.

  • February 15, 2019

    Holiday - [Deer Isle]

    The first sightings of the frenzied flu seemed to be traced back to a vacationing couple visiting the island in early February. While situated in a hotel, it was rumored that the pair of tourists were afflicted with a bad case of the flu. As the couple quickly deteriorated they were rushed to the local hospital. Having been located by other tourists at the venue, it wasn’t long before they too started to present symptoms and the first small epidemic of the flu took hold on the island. Russian authorities quickly mobilized to contain the spread, though the act resembled more of their tumultuous past and quickly saw push back from the local populace. It wasn’t until cases started appearing toward Ashevile in which a homeless man was attacked by a tourist that it was evident the spread had breached Stonington where it first seemed to have started.

  • February 02, 2019

    Crisis Response - [Livonia]

    As the flu starts to spread in Livonia, the government quickly responds. As the first outbreaks happened around military residencies, the people infected or those having contact with the infected were quarantined. Shops were closed for a while, masks worn in public. The populace was informed about the new rules put in place and the transparent work had the populace at ease. Due to the quick response, the spread of the flu was quickly under control.

  • December 2018

  • December 13, 2018

    So It Starts - [World Wide]

    In early December, there were signs of a minor epidemic in some villages and the slums of Istanbul, signs of a mutation of the common flu with a minor death rate but with a heavy infection spread rate. Thanks to the quick response of the WHO and the Turkish Government the infection was managed to be contained with reported minimal deaths in the region.

  • October 2018

  • October 12, 2018

    Party Like it's March, 1917 - [Chernarus]

    After a couple of years of occupation by the Russian forces within Chernarus there is a Referendum held within Chernarus supported by the CWP in the integration of the republic into the Federation. The result is an outstanding 89% vote yes.

  • July 2018

  • August 01, 2018

    Who? - [Deer Isle]

    As the referendum was held on the mainland the island was forced to participate as well, though compared to the mainland the voting toward a reunification or integration with Russia under the rule of Ivan Bernarus was heavily voted against whilst the mainland seemed oddly in favor of. Once the outcome was decided, the people of Deer Isle were outraged. The disdain expressed toward the Russian led government and integration with the country saw many issues plague the isle once more. While Russia still claimed and controlled the land, it proved difficult to influence compared to Chernarus which resulted in further losses toward the economy. Russia tried to play into the injuries of the populace, offering opportunities to aid the industry and increase funding toward the island but most of these attempts were seen as PR stunts as very few ever came to fruition though despite this these promises seemed to calm the unrest on the island.

  • January 2016

  • January 29, 2016

    History Repeats Itself - [Chernarus]

    The Russian Federation under the protocol of protecting Ethnic Russians sent in troops across the Chernarussian border with support of Pro-Russian loyalists within the RAC and government to help end the possibility of another civil war. Russia, with support of the Chernarussian Workers Party (Lopotevs Party), occupied and aided RAC forces to maintain control and order within the country. They install a puppet leader in power under the name of Ivan Bernarus, a Pro-Russian Loyalist within the RAC forces.

  • January 17, 2016

    Remember Mirco - [Chernarus]

     In the early days of December a young nationalists within the Chernarus Liberation Front ranks in the city of Zelenogorsk manages to assassinate Lopotev during one of his trips through the city. The assassination causes mass rioting throughout the cities and instability within the local populace, as local militia groups show signs of rising up with the RAC now leaderless without Lopotevs command.

  • August 2014

  • August 19, 2014

    Long Live the Queen [Livonia]

    A band of Resistance Fighters known as the Cerna Reka tries to assasinate the Queen of Livonia, however their plans fail as the assassination plot is uncovered just in time and some of the involved members are arrested. The Livonian police force leads further investigations against the organisation and possible members.

  • March 2013

  • March 14, 2013

    Hrůzy - [Chernarus]

    The period known as the Hrůzy “Terrors” (For Chernarussians) begins in Chernarus. Government policy by the Lopotev regime began actively hunting down and arresting/eradicating all possibly war criminals and sympathizers within all of Chernarus. This period lasts until the the following timeline update.

  • November 2012

  • November 24, 2012

    Out With the Old, In with the New - [Chernarus]

    Formation of the RAC (Armed Forces of Chernarus) from ChDKZ Loyalists to the Lopotev regime.

  • June 2011

  • June 26, 2011

    Once More into the Flame - [Deer Isle]

    With the ending of the Civil War in 2009 Russia moved to ensure it’s hold on the island. The newly established RAC utilized the very same techniques and areas the CDF did in order to train their troops which only furthered to ingrain the anger with the ethnic locals of the land. While the island had not suffered as much in the wake of the war physically, it felt the pains financially. The once booming tourism while still somewhat present saw a decline following the still new and unsteady political atmosphere encompassing the country. While efforts were made by Russia once again to return the Island to its former glory, none seemed to quite hit the mark. In the end, Russia decided to refocus its efforts elsewhere leaving the island to its own devices. 

  • May 2010

  • May 11, 2010

    Recuperation - [Chernarus]

     Mass Migration of Russian civilians into Chernarus itself and mass immigration of ethnic Chernarussians throughout the country. Under the Lopotev regime, attempting to attract Russian aid into their country.

  • January 2010

  • January 01, 2010

    War Has Changed? - [Chernarus]

    War ends with a ChDKZ victory with Russian support. Lopotev formed the CSR (Chernarussian Socialist Republic). NAPA declared a global terrorist organisation, CDF utterly disbanded with the arrest of generals and politicians deemed as war criminals for their acts in the now known “Liberation War”.

  • September 2009

  • September 01, 2009

    War, War Never Changes - [Chernarus]

    Beginning of the Chernarussian Civil War. Between Ethnic Socialist Russians (ChDKZ) and the Chernarussian Government begins. Russia provides support to the ChDKZ and United States forces pull out after the possibility of escalating conflict.

  • May 2009

  • May 15, 2009

    Unrest - [Deer Isle]

    Tensions began to boil once more on the island's surface. The civil strain on main land Chernarus spilled over to Deer Isle as well, causing a decline in the once steady tourism. The looming threat of Civil War hung over the populaces heads as they were forced to seek out alternative means of income a vast majority resorting back to the once dreaded manual labor which provided itself far and few between. As the war did break out, Russia wasted no time in striking back to seize the island once more. Once the Moscow Bombing occurred Russia used this as a means to strike while the iron was hot, making bold moves to overtake the island from the local CDF and settling their own navy within the surrounding waters which proved to be a effective and swift tactic. Russia ruled over it’s conquest with a iron fist, there were few places to hide which made work for the Russian Federation easy and quick. Blocking the main trade port during the struggle saw Chernarus losing one of it’s own main supply chains during the war, a strong blow. As quickly as they wish it had been forgotten the old wounds from the past reignited as the disdain the locals had for Russians specifically to the new established military presence only increased.

  • March 2007

  • March 02, 2007

    "On Earth As It Is In Heaven" - [Livonia]

    With the resurgence of popularity regarding the monarchy within the populace during the years of 2000-2005, the catholic church was reinstated as a governing power of influence within the nation in early 2007.

  • March 2004

  • March 31, 2004

    New Members of the European Union - [Livonia]

    As another step to strengthen their economy and their bonds, Livonia joined the European Union in 2004, together with Poland as well as Estland, Latvia and Lithuania. 

  • June 2000

  • June 03, 2000

    Stronger, Together - [Livonia]

    On June 4th 2000, Livonia joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, planning to strengthen the bonds with their allies as well as train their military. After joining, military training grounds were created in the Nadbor region for outside and internal military.

  • September 1973

  • September 03, 1973

    Economic Boom - [Deer Isle]

    Deer Isle now presented itself as a key economic hub for not only Chernarus, but for Russia as well. Trade flowed easily from the established and newly built ports even with the slight detour required to access them, tourism boosted the economy and the oil exports helped to fund further explorations. Industrial avenues were explored in which newer developments appeared such as the Nuclear Power Plant. Some notable tourism sites included the now defunct Labor Camp, hiking trails and fishing spots. The island slowly gained a reputation of leisure appealing as a holiday getaway to those not familiar with it’s past. Despite all this, the population which was mainly still ethnically Chernarussia did not fare easily working hand in hand with Russia resulting in not many native Russians relocating to the new booming island. With Chernarus gaining independence in 1992 so did the island. A proud and prideful region of people, the population reveled in it’s new found freedom and the island continued to reap the benefits pushing toward a more ethnic Chernarussian based society.

  • May 1970

  • May 11, 1970

    Dawning of a New Era - [Deer Isle]

    With the renewed interest in the island due to the discovery of oil rich reserves off the coast, Russia saw a chance to rebrand and expand the island's industry. A call toward tourism sought a reworking, revamping the island nearly completely. An attempt to cover up the sordid past. While slow due to the turbulent history of the land the island still saw visitors though typically foreigners who seemed to express interest in the long and nearly forgotten Deer Isle as a historical monument to forgotten times. Natives of the mainland and those who still remained on the island felt the wounds of the past far too recent and the mistrust still lingered from prior years thus not many were keen on this sudden change. Despite this all, efforts were still made to ensure that a steady tourist rich import and vital oil export remained the ebb and flow of the island’s economy.

  • February 1964

  • February 03, 1964

    A New Chance - [Deer Isle]

    With the main working class coming from forced labor now abolished, the island struggled to find new sources of income as Russia continued to keep the land minimally operational. However, with a stroke of luck toward the end of the season Russia discovered large oil reserves just a short distance from the coast, yet to be tapped. With renewed interest in the chance that was presented Russia made quick work to send in assistance to exploit the new discovery. Various and numerous oil platforms were swiftly placed as efforts were tightened and focused during the following months.

  • September 1959

  • October 01, 1959

    Start and Stop - [Deer Isle]

    Finally by October 1959 Russia called to cease all operations of the Black Sea Corrective Labor Camp, on the south side of the island. While this directive was adhered to it did little to quell the mistrust which was still high among civilians. Warden Kirillovich, now witnessing the recall of the military adorning his prized building, was left with little to no support in the wake of this change. It came as no surprise that once the building ceased all operations, local civilians were quick to use this opportunity to incite revenge and the Warden’s life was lost.

  • September 14, 1959

    Growing Pains - [Deer Isle]

    As the discontent among the local population began turning more violent with protests evolving into riots allowing for looting to become much more common, the mistreatment toward the working class still had not ceased. During this time there were mass, organised workers strikes across the island.

  • August 1959

  • August 23, 1959

    End of a Era - [Deer Isle]

    Toward the end of August in 1959 the well known Gulag Prison System on Deer Isle was headed toward a ceased operation in accordance with Russia's direction. The ever constant protests from a historic point of contention within the populace which had always been a forerunner in the islands history carried on growing in aggression and violence. The civilians cited the well known issues of overburdening the working class, the low pay, subpar working conditions as well as rough working schedules had always plagued the isle. With time the mining industry the island was well known for suffered losses due to workers going on strike or protesting most of which centered around the Black Sea Corrective Labor camp which was heralded by Warden Yugov Kirillovich. Who was known for his harsh treatment of inmates located behind the camps walls, even going as far as to orchestrate public beatings as a show of force toward the population that still resided on the island.

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