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DayZRP Timeline

In game events related to lore. If you want to add a significant event to the timeline, please contact a Lore Master

  • September 2071

  • September 18, 2071

    Blood, Bullets, and Politics

    PLIKT are awaiting arrival of the Governor and his ministers when the Governor's car breaks down and they are stuck in a house with wolves and infected surroundings. PLIKT Officer Jakobsen leads his men and other brave civilians on a rescue mission. After saving him and escorting back to the city the Governor begins his speeches and makes his intentions known to the region. 

  • September 15, 2071

    Hope Your Trenches Are Deep Enough

    Lt Lemmin, under the direction of General Brown led an attack against D-Squad for the inner walls. Many D-Squad were killed and the rest fled. O-Squad & PLIKT forces moved into the area establishing themselves as a fighting force and are soon to resume PLIKT patrols and regular heart and mind missions. The governor was brought into the area after the attack and then got assassinated by a D-Squad sniper. PLIKT now must bring in their replacement Governor the old minister of defense to replace him.

  • August 2071

  • August 24, 2071

    The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall

    General Brown’s scouts discovered that D-Squad had taken control of a city nearby to Nyheim that had previously been thought to simply be abandoned, left to the devices of the senseless infected. The General brought this information to his newfound allies, and together they marched to the city in an attempt to gain a footing and ideally capture some of their high value scientists. After a long firefight, they were met with success, ultimately securing the small city, removing D-squad’s presence and sending them with their tails tucked as they evaluated their own next move. The success left the General wondering if perhaps soon they’d be able to reclaim his beloved Nyheim as well.

  • August 16, 2071

    Darkness Washed The Streets

    Following a series of acts and power plays from D-Squad (also known as the Chemical Division), the city of Nyheim was wrestled out of General Brown’s grasp. D-squad managed to bring their numbers in slowly, creeping their way into the city using strategic bombings to divert attention. They armed themselves and observed, waiting… Until they took to the streets, which were a mangled mess themselves from the series of sporadic bombings. D-Squad fought tooth and nail against residents and the reformed section of PLIKT, and ultimately came out victorious, placing control of the city within their cold hands.

  • August 08, 2071

    Strength in Numbers

    The day following the announcement from General Brown, a massive horde descended upon the city. General Brown and his men joined up with the citizens of Nyheim and Nyheim’s surrounding residents in order to fight back the horde. Despite a few injuries, everyone seemed to manage to make it out with their lives intact. This marked the start of a timid, yet potentially good relationship with General Brown and those that called Nyheim and the nearby areas their home.

  • August 07, 2071

    Change Meets PLIKT

    General “Jack Brown” returned to Nyheim in a fury after hearing about the chaos and hell PLIKT had descended into within the city. He deemed the circumstances unacceptable, and held both Gunderson and Rosenqvist accountable for the current situation. They were promptly placed under arrest, and the public was addressed on the disappointment that PLIKT had become for Nyheim. The men were told that in order to reinforce change, one of the two would die, and that the survivor would assist in bringing the changes the General envisioned. Without further ado, the General had Rosenqvist removed and he was taken to a private area where his life was ended. “Jack Brown” assured the crowd once again that changes would be made.

  • August 03, 2071

    What the hell is that thing?

    Mutated infected began being sighted near and around the city. An initial glance proved these weren’t mere normal infected. Physically they looked more… grotesque. Their screeching… Unbearable.

    How did they get here? Where did they come from? Is that “Chemical Division” responsible for this?  WHY ARE THEY CLIMBING THE WALLS? INFECTED AREN’T SUPPOSED TO BE ABLE TO CLIMB WALLS!

  • July 2071

  • July 31, 2071

    The Scientists

    No more than a day and a half after the strange crash, a group of scientists rendezvoused once more with people in the same uniforms as before. They met near to coordinates that had been left behind previously, but not quite on as the scientists weren’t exactly the golden children when it came to navigating above ground. As they made their way under escort towards Nyheim, a crowd drew around them, asking a myriad of questions. It was clear the Scientists were jumpy, trusting only their uniformed keepers and themselves. Eventually the Scientists were forcibly separated from their armed entourage, further questions pushing on their presence. It came to light that the Scientists themselves were from the underground, something they stated was in the midst of “civil war” but didn’t clarify the warring sides. Their purpose? To maintain the electricity within the city walls. To most this might seem benign, however, when the power itself is derived from the burning of human corpses, one might say differently. The Scientists explained, after their “family” was put at risk, that the injection sites that had been found on the crash victims were an attempt to turn them into infected, so that if they were ever caught, they were merely burning infected. Needless to say, all of the Scientists and armed guards involved in this incident did not live to see another day.

  • July 29, 2071

    The Ones Who Escaped

    Radio chatter brought news of a vehicle crash outside of city limits, accompanied with orders to regain custody of those that had been within the vehicle. Those that came to investigate discovered people in uniforms that hadn’t previously been seen in the area before, and people that had been clearly injected with something. Those with the injection sites on their arms quickly descended into mad behaviors: experiencing paranoia, anger, and physically violent outbursts. All of the subjects, and the men in the strange uniforms, ended up terminated… A single clue left behind on where these people would be next.

  • January 2060

  • January 01, 2060


    In the 2060s, people rebuilt the communities with proper cities. Old and destroyed buildings were torn down and new ones were built in their place. Most of the communities around the world would be walled off, creating a safe space and removing the fear of the infected. With the lack of tools and technology, most of this work took years to complete. Some centrally controlled technology was even put in place, such as commercial billboards and more.

  • January 2050

  • January 01, 2050

    A New Hope

    Those communities that survived, approximately five hundred, received the same message from a mysterious organization. The organization promised food and shelter for the settlements, and in return only required those who wanted it to work for them. The communities that accepted this, amongst them Nyheim, were put under the rule of the people-dubbed “Council”. A local authority was put in place. At the end of the 2050s, the Council had each of the remaining communities under its control.

  • January 2040

  • January 01, 2040

    Some Things Never Change

    During the 2040s, many of these communities were in conflict with each other over resources as they became more scarce as time passed. Hundreds of communities fell in the aftermath. Riots in local communities also caused people to seek out other communities  nearby with better economies and resources.

    Regions in Europe, America and China found themselves once again in a world of factionalism with some areas finding themselves surviving solely on scavenging technology, while others began to find their own ways. One of these strongholds that found their own way was located in the far north, where even the flu suffered from the cold. Nyheim.

  • January 2030

  • January 01, 2030

    The New Breed

    A new generation was born. This generation was born out of the ashes of the old world, and into various small, isolated communities which could be considered worlds of their own. Former countries were splintered by thousands of these isolated communities. While some managed to survive, and even thrive, in these haunting days, some communities tried desperately to hang onto the echoes of the past. Others rejected this, and viewed the world as needing a new way of life, a new being. A new step in rebuilding humanity.

  • August 2020

  • August 15, 2020

    The Great Depression

    Already suffering greatly after the effects of the Frenzied flu, the human race suffered further from the consequent third wave. The failure to mass produce a vaccine, along with political and economical conflicts, drove the world into a new dark age.

  • January 2010

  • January 01, 2010

    The Formation of Nyheim

    Nyheim was formed as a city, turned into a partly recognized state. The state took refugees from all the surrounding countries and the tension between Nyheim and Norway continued throughout the decade. Just before starting an all out war at the end of the decade, the frenzied flu hit the world. As a result of this the two states agreed on a truce to focus on the real threat.

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