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Premium Emerald Subscription

5.00 EUR and 5.00 EUR per month

Premium subscription gives you all perks of high end Premium ranks for a monthly fee. Think of it like a payment plan.

Subscriptions can only be purchased using a PayPal account with credit card attached to it. This is a PayPal requirement for recurring pre-approved payments.

This package gives you access to all Emerald rank perks and all its perks worth 50€ life time price for just 5€ a month.

You can keep your subscription for as long as you like. Once you have paid for 10 months of the subscription you will receive the lifetime Gold rank (10 months x 5€ = 50€). Should you want to cancel your subscription earlier you will receive the lifetime Premium rank based on the amount you have paid so far, rounded downwards to the nearest rank. For example if you have paid for 6 months of Small Subscription (6 x 5€ = 30€) and cancel it, you will receive Silver lifetime rank worth 25€, as it's the closest lifetime rank downwards from the amount you paid. To receive this rank after cancellation you need to create a support ticket.

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