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DayZRP 5th anniversary - 50% Premium sale

DayZRP 5th anniversary

50% off with coupon 'happy5'

Available July 24 - July 25 only! You can add coupon code during checkout.

Premium Subscriptions

Premium Subscription allows you to pay for life time Premium ranks in small amounts over longer periods of time. You receive the target rank instantly when you start your subscription. Should you cancel your subscription at any time you can receive the nearest Premium rank based on the total amount you have paid so far, rounded downwards. If you'd rather buy Premium ranks for a one time fee, check Premium Lifetime Ranks.

All purchases are final and are non-refundable due to the service being available to you instantly after confirming payment. Please note that these transactions are considered payments for a service provided by DayZRP, in exchange for your money you receive a product - a special usergroup on the website and perks associated with it. As such these transactions should be considered a payment and the surplus after all DayZRP related expenses are covered is considered a profit, which is subject to income taxes. This profit may be saved for future expenses, used for DayZRP legal costs, staff rewards and bonuses or spent as the community owner sees fit.

While we will always try to satisfy all our Premium users, some aspects and features of the website are outside of our influence or control. As such we cannot guarantee that the Premium perks you purchase will always be available or stay the same. Because of this you are hereby warned that all Premium perks are subject to availability and may be changed or removed without prior notice.

If you do not agree with this disclaimer and its conditions, please do not purchase Premium.

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