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  1. This service will allow you to change your website username ONCE.

    BEFORE ORDERING please check that your desired username is not taken. You can do that by using search function.

    If you are a Premium user who can change name for free every 3 months, this will also reset the cooldown for your next free change.

    Allowed username characters are A-Z and symbols _ and -

    5.00 EUR incl. VAT
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  2. Shows a promotion of your choice at the top of our home page for a week. Your promotion must link to a page on DayZRP website.

    The promotion image must fulfill these requirements:

    • 800x120px
    • PNG format
    • Static image (no animated GIFs)
    • Must suit well to the DayZRP theme (no very bright background colors for example)

    Every promotion submission must be approved and should it not follow rules above or meet our standards it may be denied, in that case you will have to correct your submission through PMs.

    5.00 EUR incl. VAT
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