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Item Shop Guide


Item Shop is a service for DayZ PC servers for spawning cosmetic clothing in game, to easier customize character look. All items available in item shop also spawn naturally in game and can be obtained without purchasing. Items spawned through item shop are purely cosmetic - they do not offer increased protection or inventory capacity, to not grant unfair advantage to paying players.


Purchase items from the item store page. Items are purchased with account credit. You charge your account credit by clicking "Add Credit" in the item shop or on the Premium page. Payment is done through PayPal or Bitcoin. Minimum amount you can charge is 5€. You can gift someone account credit by buying a gift card, available on the Premium page.


Items cost 3, 5, 7 or 9 euro, depending on their rarity, slot used and popularity. You get access to all listed colors/variants of an item when you purchase it. Prices are dynamic and change depending on item popularity.


Items can be activated an unlimited number of times from the inventory page. Activating items is restricted by a cooldown which is shared among items that take the same clothing slot - for example if you activate and spawn jeans, you cannot spawn any other pants until cooldown expires. The cooldown is 12 hours for every slot except armbands which have a 3 hour cooldown.

You must have been online on our server for at least 5 minutes before activating an item.

Once an item is activated it will appear either in your inventory or on the ground in front of you within 30 seconds


Item Shop has a built in refund feature. You can try out an item once and if you don't like it, you can refund it for complete return of credits. If you activate an item more than once refund is no longer possible.

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