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Server time (UTC): 2020-08-12, 13:14
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Radio broadcast is a paid feature though which members are able to send a server wide message to all players currently on the server. Radio broadcasts show up in red color in the in game chat.
Radio broadcasts are free for DIAMOND members, for others they cost 1€ per message charged from your account credit.

Radio broadcasts have several rules and limitations:

  • Radio broadcasts may ONLY be used for for advertisements, announcements, information, propaganda and similar RP and event related purposes
  • Radio broadcasts may ONLY contain speech and description of the voice speaking it. No emotes or other details can be included as they cannot be transmitted through radio
  • Radio broadcasts may NOT be hostile in nature. You may not use them to insult, harass, attack or initiate on other groups and players
  • Radio broadcasts have a cooldown of 12 hours
  • Radio broadcasts have a length limit of 200 characters


  • The Savior -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: [87.8MHz] “Hello all that can hear, my name is Michael. I’m looking HARO.. something strange is happening to me and I need medical assistance and research.. currently in berezino
  • AlkisLR -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: [87.8MHz] *Your Radio fills with noise* "Hey Guys this is Tristan speaking, also known as Chesus or the WhiteSuit. I'm looking out for a taxi. If you have one lemme know" *followed by the frequency*
  • Faebloom -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: [87.8MHz] *The voice of a female Chernarussian comes over the radio,* "What's in it for me?"
  • Jade -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: [87.8MHz] HEY! UH I need some help from wolves and sick people! I'm in a town called uh... nabnobo? Please help me.
  • Combine -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: [87.8MHz] *radio cracks to life with a muffled slavic voice* Whoever is shooting that weapon in the big military base, you just rang the dinner bell!
  • Burak -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: [87.8MHz] *Static*'''Ahoj ! I am Radomir , Whoever listen this frequency , knows a guy called Charcoal reach me from my private freq. 94.6' '*Signal fades away* //Burak on discord
  • AlkisLR -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: [87.8MHz] *Your Radio starts Buzzing with a deeply muffled voice* "Good Luck breaking into the Pub, we've been there about 4 hours ago and took the most valuable shit, go ahead and waste your supplies"
  • Tom Coffman -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: [87.8MHz] *The Doctahs Voice Over the radio* Oh no you have it all wrong,We are friends to all, This is our home and its rude to try and enter uninvited. But we love new friends a tea party could be arranged.
  • Knight -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: [87.8MHz] "Hello friends this is Yacob from ZFC, a BBQ will be held near Zelenogorsk tommorow evening, times and the excat location will be reveald an hour before the event, bring a fishing rod !"
  • Combine -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: [87.8MHz] Copy that. An official investigation may take place when possible, but police resources are strained.... maybe RAC or any volunteer force can do it. Beware, stay safe, stay healthy. Out.


You are not a DIAMOND member, messages will cost 1€!

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