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Radio broadcast is a paid feature though which members are able to send a server wide message to all players currently on the server. Radio broadcasts show up in red color in the in game chat.
Radio broadcasts are free for DIAMOND members, for others they cost 1€ per message charged from your account credit.

Radio broadcasts have several rules and limitations:

  • Radio broadcasts may ONLY be used for for advertisements, announcements, information, propaganda and similar RP and event related purposes
  • Radio broadcasts may NOT be hostile in nature. You may not use them to insult, harass, attack or initiate on other groups and players
  • Radio broadcasts have a cooldown of 12 hours
  • Radio broadcasts have a length limit of 200 characters


  • BrianM -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: *You would hear Scottish accent* "Hello, my friend, Ryan Bonfield invites you all to come to Stary Sobor and meet the family. Beware of the angry Russian man though, he's very lonely."
  • Para -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: I would just like all you nationalist fucks to know Mikhail Komarov is actually Russian, and a spy. Enjoy beating his ass senseless.
  • Hunter -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: Dobrý večer Chedaki! Forcing people to pledge their support means nothing. Fucking kurva! You are all just as stupid now as you were back in 09 when I was in NAPA killing you all. Slava Chernarus!
  • Hunter -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: Anarchy reign forever! Chaos be supreme!
  • Stagsview -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: Hey I got some brassknuckles and I will defo "Hit you up" See you soon sunshine ::Giggles to himself::
  • Jadeboat -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: Listen anyone out there with some brass knuckles... errr... if you willing to part with them hit me up.
  • Terra -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: *speaks with a heavy local accent* Dante... dont forget to contact us... I am waiting. Betka out. *laughs loudly*
  • Zanaan -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: H...hello... I know people have been asking so... Miller is at Camp Hope... If you want him... now's your chance.
  • Watchman -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: Hello! Caleb here of GenZ, we accept donations of building supplies, food n drink and of course weaponry, which will increase your status in the Midnight Club and eventually grant you VIP status!
  • Phoenix -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: Hello. This is Luca of Gen Z. Since the doctor's abandoned the Summer Camp at tisy, we will now take it over as the new Midnight Club. All welcome. Come up if you wanna help rebuild and hang out!


You are not a DIAMOND member, messages will cost 1€!

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