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Server time (UTC): 2021-08-03 21:42

Dynamic Events: "The Mutated.."
ONGOING | 2021-08-03 19:00:00 (server time) | Ends in 1 hour, 17 minutes | Nyheim City


Radio broadcast is a paid feature though which members are able to send a server wide message to all players currently on the server. Radio broadcasts show up in red color in the in game chat.
Radio broadcasts are free for DIAMOND members, for others they cost 1€ per message charged from your account credit.

Radio broadcasts have several rules and limitations:

  • Radio broadcasts may ONLY be used for for advertisements, announcements, information, propaganda and similar RP and event related purposes
  • Radio broadcasts may ONLY contain speech and description of the voice speaking it. No emotes or other details can be included as they cannot be transmitted through radio
  • Radio broadcasts may NOT be hostile in nature. You may not use them to insult, harass, attack or initiate on other groups and players
  • Radio broadcasts have a cooldown of 12 hours
  • Radio broadcasts have a length limit of 200 characters


  • Jackfish -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: [87.8MHz] Jimmy will be handing out more contracts at the western gate!
  • Jackfish -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: [87.8MHz] "What the fuck is that.. Mitch, did that thing just crawl up the fucking bui..." *You would a loud un human like scream* "FU" *The signal cuts out*
  • Queerios -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: [87.8MHz] "Citizens of Nyheim, this is Captain Hardacre of PLIKT, I have a paid hunting contracts available. Meet me at the Community Centre, in the east of the city, if you wish to partake."
  • Niller -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: [87.8MHz] *Russian Man speaks*
  • Niller -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: [87.8MHz] *Russian man speaks* "White Balaclava boy, where did you go man? We are looking for you where we split up!! Come back to us"
  • Jackfish -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: [87.8MHz] Cords are TOP: 015, SIDE: 024. I am giving you 10 minutes before I leave.
  • Jackfish -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: [87.8MHz] The people who are looking for Jimmy, I am waiting at the hospital.
  • Jackfish -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: [87.8MHz] *Some military chatter could be heard* : "'This is D-68, multiple disposable experiments have escaped our vehicle, they fucking ripped Bryan's throat out! They are fucking crazy! WATCH OUT!
  • Jackfish -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: [87.8MHz] *Some military chatter could be heard* : "'This is D-65, multiple disposable experiments have escaped our vehicle, they fucking ripped Tommies throat out! They are very aggressive!
  • Luca -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: [87.8MHz] *Luca's voice comes through the radio* I need help... please... 043 043 at the houses. Bring medical supplies please...


You are not a DIAMOND member, messages will cost 1€ account credit!

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