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Radio broadcast is a paid feature though which members are able to send a server wide message to all players currently on the server. Radio broadcasts show up in red color in the in game chat.
Radio broadcasts are free for DIAMOND members, for others they cost 1€ per message charged from your account credit.

Radio broadcasts have several rules and limitations:

  • Radio broadcasts may ONLY be used for for advertisements, announcements, information, propaganda and similar RP and event related purposes
  • Radio broadcasts may NOT be hostile in nature. You may not use them to insult, harass, attack or initiate on other groups and players
  • Radio broadcasts have a cooldown of 12 hours
  • Radio broadcasts have a length limit of 200 characters


  • Osku -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: *A voice would be heard over the radio "Daniel, we found Luca Moretti, he is injured in Polana, you need to pick him up or arrange someone to do so."*
  • Joah -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: *Abrupt static can be heard* Vlad let's finish this once and for all. Contact me when you can. You know who it is... *Dean would release his PTT*
  • Moscow -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: *radio comes on* Keep chasing us you wont find us
  • About400Crows -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: *The static breaks* Checkpoint Bravo nearly completed in Svetlojarsk. Come donate blood to receive supplies and ammo *Static returns*
  • Gen_Dan -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: *Radio Buzzes* The Corporation is here for your blood people... *Radio Buzzes off*
  • Aisling -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: *A soft voice would speak over the radio* Liah! Come back! We are looking for you! If anyone has information where Liah is please let Wolf pack know
  • APositiveJade -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: Radio Feedback Roars "Sunray Minor this ACORN we've located Saving Grace, injured. Orders?" Radio Clicks "Prep him for the trip to base" "Notify your squad. Codename Veronica is in effect" Radio Cuts
  • coolman23 -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: *Radio Feedback Roars* "SUNRAY MINOR this is ACORN what are our orders sir..." *Radio Clicks* "ACORN, whats the status on Saving Grace?" *Radio Clicks* "He's MIA Sir." *Radio Click* "Find him..."
  • About400Crows -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: *The static breaks* If anyone runs into a little boy named Luca please contact me on this freq and keep him safe. I lost him around Lopatino. He doesn't carry a radio, and I can't find him. *Static*
  • Joah -
    [RADIO BROADCAST]: *Static can be heard* Vlad, next time, do the work yourself. Slow moves from a slow russian. *Static is cut*


You are not a DIAMOND member, messages will cost 1€!

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