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Promotion is currently in beta, this means that we are testing the reward amounts to see if they are too much or too little based on the promotion effort. Due to this, the reward values may be adjusted or completely removed and should we notice any kind of abuse of exploit of the rewards, we reserve the right to change or completely void the rewards without prior notice.

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Point log

Top Promoters

  • AlwaysGamer - 1386 points
  • WesternRP - 1351 points
  • Eddie - 1339 points
  • Username - 1295 points
  • Verdict - 1288 points
  • Rainey - 1190 points
  • Ozias - 1146 points
  • Kunkka - 1146 points
  • lukaszxe - 1146 points
  • Buddy - 1145 points

DayZRP Promotion

You can help our community by promoting us in various ways. Here you can read about the verious forms of promotion and the rewards.

Steam name

You can start gethering promotion points by going to your profile and enabling "Steam name tracking". Then go to your Steam account and change your Steam name to include phrase "DayZRP.com" (without quotes). You will start receiving 1 point every 3 hours.


You can refer your friends or viewers to the community by giving them a referral link that you can find under your account settings. Once a user referred by you, you will receive rewards based on your friends progress:

  • Your friend registers on the website and connects their Steam account - 50 points
  • Your friend gets whitelisted - 100 points
  • Your friend spends 5 hours in game - 100 points
  • Your friend purchases something from our Premium store - 200 points

Content creation

If you are content creator you can get rewarded for uploading quality content recorded on our servers. Currently we only support YouTube, but we hope to add Twitch and other sites in the future. Eligible video must have "DayZRP.com" in the title as well as link to our website in description.

The reward is based on the amount of views that the video gets:

  • >= 1000 views = 50 points
  • >= 5000 views = 100 points
  • >= 10000 views = 250 points



You can exchange the points for account credit that is usable when purchasing ranks and services on DayZRP website. Points are not transferable into real money or other commodoties like games.

The exchange rate is currently set at 500 points = 5€ account credit.