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  1. Well until these changes have been tried I don't think there is any need to "chicken little" the situation, and it will be interesting to see how this goes and whether people abuse some of the rules (there is a lot of potential here for official groups to abuse the changes to dynamics to gain the upper hand). I still think the Dynamic changes should retain a defensive aspect though. The distance/LOS thing makes sense but I have a quick issue that I would like some clarification on. I think the old rules used to specifically mention something about not remembering the circumstances behind your death, but the new rules don't make any mention of this under the NLR just that " When your character dies you must continue your role play as if you were wounded in the situation that lead to your death ". Under the new 'trial rules' which dispose of the distance/line of sight limitation, will there be something put into the rules so that when someone in an official group is killed, they can't just "wake up on the beach injured" and radio in about being shot at to inform group members that they all now have KOS rights since they are in the same official group? Also will it be considered "Baiting" if one person goes in to a town/settlement causes shit and gets initiated on even though their friends are on the other side of the map and not hiding in the trees? I only ask because it's arguably the same outcome, just a different time frame of shots going off?
  2. You can already make "unreasonable demands" even though you are technically not supposed to, and it can enhance the RP. I have done this many times and have never been reported because people were happy OOC about the RP they received and it made sense, but I also did something IG to ensure they know I am not actually going to follow through. To give a generic example of what could be done; "I am going to ask you a riddle, if you get it wrong I am going to shoot your friend here in the head", they refuse for whatever reason, I put the gun to their friends head, tell them to say goodbye and to tell their friend anything they may have left unsaid as it's their last chance, let them have some time to do so, then fire an unloaded pistol and make up some excuse about it being jammed and taking that as a sign or simply show I was toying with them. Now technically in this example I gave them an "unreasonable demand" but I would argue that the situation has created fear, suspense and tension and allowed for character development from and between the hostages, which is a good thing. BUT, having said that, it is a "know your audience" kind of deal and I am pretty careful about when and who I do this to. I think people just need to be a bit less "oh they made an unreasonable demand, I got them, I'm gonna report them so hard now" and just roll with it knowing OOC that the hostile party can't (or rather shouldn't) follow through with the threat. If they don't follow through with the threat I don't see how anyone can be seen to have been harmed in any way or had their immersion broken. Then again, this would require people to be familiar with the rules (which everyone totally is cause they all got whitelisted right?). Maybe just have a small addition to the rule that making an unreasonable demand is only punishable if the party making the demand actually follows through or attempts to, or an addition that the party making the "unreasonable demand" has the onus of doing something IG to show that they won't follow through with the threat, that way the responsibility is entirely on the hostile party.
  3. The Damned Media Thread

    @MeenMuginLovin having a private moment with his fish. @Aiko exhausted after a day of being whiteknighted
  4. The Damned

    rofl, more like you want his black jeans! Having a blast with this group, it has definetly made me want to get IG more recently.
  5. Mentor Program LF Groups to assist

    Awesome, thank you! Thanks, we would need something from the leader(s) of the group though to confirm so have them PM me if there is interest.
  6. Improving Hostile Initiation Rules?

    The rules are fine. Why should someone lose a tactical advantage by having to be forced to be visible and holding a weapon? This would screw up initiations where say one person initiates on 2 or more players by trying to deceive them as to the initiators real numbers, or could put the initiator at more risk by having to make themselves them a target in the open, where there is arguably going to be less incentive to comply for those being initiated on. If you hear an initiation and don't comply, you only have yourself to blame. You could, at the very last, yell "who are you talking to, do you mean me as well? Admittedly there are sometimes pretty unclear initiations, but follow my suggestion and you should be OK, may even throw your hands up and then say it just to be extra careful and RP the situation out.
  7. Hello there community! how are you all doing this fine day? I come to you seeking your assistance with the Official Mentor Program (if you are willing). Basically I am looking to compile a list of Groups who would be willing to assist the program by letting us occasionally bring mentee's in to interact with a group, as it is a completely different experience than a 1 on 1 situation and gives us an opportunity to assist them in real time with various situations. This could involve either a pre-arranged meet up or simply asking a group in TS where they are and whether it is an ok time to 'stumble into them'. We are looking for all types of RP, and it doesn't necessarily have to be an "official group", we would also consider dynamic groups as I know that there are a few who have some time under there belt together but just haven't taken that step to make it an official group. WHY YOU SHOULD CONSIDER HELPING US: Better standards of RP on the server and less potential for rule breaks (in theory) Good way to introduce new members to other community members Good way for groups to find potential members Potentially a good opportunity for your members to try some things out and get some honest, salt-free feedback Automatically entitles you to potentially maybe enter into a draw that may or may not, but definitely will not ever happen in which the grand prize is a romantic IG and IC beach picnic with either @Buddy or @AlwaysGamer (they may act like they don't know what I am talking about, but ignore them, they are just trying not to ruin the surprise)! If you are interested, please send me a PM with the following information: If you would like some more info, feel free to contact me or leave a message in this thread.
  8. NERV. (Selective recruitment)

    Just a few points: "Sylva" dies about 2 months into the outbreak and Levi finds himself alone and determined to create a branch in Chernarus, but then you go on to say that he gets in contact with China about a new branch 30-40 days into the outbreak as part of the same goal. Your timeline doesn't match up. Maybe choose another country closer than China. According to the lore, China faced an outbreak, so they would likely be in about the same state as Chernarus. In this regard, why would a group with valuable weapons risk those weapons as well as fuel, vehicles and man power to go all that distance just to set up a branch to "sell" the weapons, especially when currency as we know it is worthless, and would likely have sufficient demand where they are already. Another option may simply be to have the weapons already in the Country, for example, you had information regarding shipments passing through Chernarus in different parts of he Country to where the map is based, and that after Sylva died, you travelled to those parts of the country and discovered that the shipments were still there and appeared to be undiscovered. This would give you a decent excuse for what will potentially seem like an unending supply of weapons as well as an excuse for delays in acquiring weapons (someone needs to travel and get what has been ordered). Your lore does already mention a Russian connection so could that be used instead? Who the hell is Zack RIley and what was his role other than accepting an offer to murder the leaders? What role does he have within the company that that allows him to "expand the company"? Is NERV supposed to be an organisation or a company, I am a little confused. If it is a company then it's formation/existence wouldn't be secret, although some of it's activities could be done in secret. What benefit does NERV have in establishing a branch in Chernarus? Is there something they may potentially want in Chernarus or is this a good place to establish a base before moving into another more valuable area?
  9. Starting again

    Firstly, welcome back and congrats on the new career! Secondly, that's a pretty subjective question tbh. As is normally the case, some will tell you that everything sucks, the RP is shit and there are way too many bandits running around robbing for gear or too many "camp fire" RP-ers hiding out away from everyone in their own little corner of the map. Others will tell you that they are having an awesome time IG. Admittedly the number of active members seems to be low right now (see only one server being active right now), but the best person to gauge whether it is "worth your time" is you, so maybe jump in and see if the enjoyment you get is worth the time you are spending to get IG as you aren't really going to know otherwise.
  10. FUN!? On an RP server? How dare you! But seriously, give us a couple of days as I think the Mentor best fit for you is away for a few days ( I will confirm with the others though). Expect a message in the next couple of days from one of us. Feel free to jump in to the Mentor TS channel if you see one of us in there and you have any questions or need any help.
  11. Hi @BlitzSoldat28 your App has been forwarded to the mentor team. One of us will message you in the next couple of days regarding the program. If you see one of us in the Mentor TS channel, feel free to jump in if you need any help or have any questions.
  12. Hello there! App has been forwarded to the team. Someone in or close to your timezones should get back to you in the next day or two. If you see one of us in the Mentor TS channel, feel free to jump in if you need any help or have any questions.
  13. Safe Zone Trial Poll

    I made an effort to actually go to the "safezone" a few times in the limited time I was able to actually get on during the opening hours. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that it was not in fact a place to do the safety dance, WE CAN DANCE IF WE WANT TO! The only real comment I have which would maybe make me think this is possibly pointless is that I only found people there on 1 out of 3 days, and at the time only 3 people if I include myself were there (10% of the server pop at the time) but this was during the attacks on the sever so maybe that had something to do with the numbers. Admittedly I am not 100% sold on the idea of a "safezone" but I keep coming back to a few points with regards to having such an area, these being: Does this harm the server or the quality of RP on the server? I am not so sure that it does. When I actually encountered people there, at least one of them was clearly new. It gave them an opportunity to try out their RP and get information to help them find people afterwards, and it was also a potential place to meet traveling companions. I think having the safe zone provides an environment where newer players don't have to worry about having to think about the other rules in regards to hostile/hostage RP which quite often people simply don't fully understand or can be confused about despite passing their whitelist (one only needs to look at the multiple reports against people who have struggled with hostile RP either as a captor or captive RP). In this sense potentially they can "find their footing" if need be. Now I know there is the argument that "but they passed their whitelist like I did so they should know the rules and know what is expected, and I never had any issue" etc etc, and to that I say good for you! But you aren't everybody else and there is a reason there are a ton of past reports involving newer players, and a reason why we have the mentor program. Admittedly this could also turn into a hub of what some may find cringe-worthy or bad RP but if people provide good examples to those there, then this could help. Also I have heard the same remarks made about many different settlements or "hubs" that have existed before on the server so that may not necessarily be the best reason to outright shoot down the safezone idea. Could this help newer players? I think it could, see comments above, but also it is somewhere that people can see that they can go to find people. I am not a fan of spending an hour or two running around trying to find people without any success. Admittedly a map showing camps/settlements/areas of interest could probably help with this as well. Does the safezone encourage loot hoarding or people choosing to avoid hostile RP in order to only exclusively "Campfire RP"? No, not with the opening and closing hours. The limited times stop people going there just to loot hoard and to be wrapped in cotton-wool, bubble-wrap and rainbows 24/7. Yes it means that the "hostile RPers" are potentially being denied the potential ability to grab them, but as everyone keeps saying, it isn't like everyone is going there anyway, leaving many more people to grab. If the safezone were to stay I have the following suggestions: Suggestion 1 - Timezones: Maybe have a rotating schedule so that there are a variety of times, this way people who are unable to get on during the current fixed times still get a chance to visit during their available times. For example one week the times could remain the way they are now, the next week push the time of opening and closing forward by 2 hours, then just rotate this on a weekly basis. Suggestion 2 - Location Move it away from where it is now and have it somewhere away from any military bases. Don't have it too close to the coast near spawning points or we may get into a situation where people are exchanging stories about how they just woke up on the beach. Also, maybe have a water source, even if is just a pond. A few have suggested GM, maybe the summer camp there [FYI if I stop posting in the next few days it is probably because one of the ex Crows have tracked me down and murdered me for suggesting such sacrilege against their holy (ex)grounds], although there are a lot more locations which would be just as good.
  14. Hi, I have forwarded your app to the team so someone should contact you within the next couple of days. In the meantime, feel free to jump in and talk to a mentor if you see them in the Mentor channel in TS as they may also be able to help you should you have any questions or need assistance, or they may be able to jump IG with you if they are free.