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  1. Hi, I have forwarded your app to the team so someone should contact you within the next couple of days. In the meantime, feel free to jump in and talk to a mentor if you see them in the Mentor channel in TS as they may also be able to help you should you have any questions or need assistance, or they may be able to jump IG with you if they are free.
  2. Hi there, your application has been passed on to the mentor team and someone should be in contact soon. In the meantime, feel free to jump in and talk to a mentor if you see them in the Mentor channel in TS as they may also be able to help you should you have any questions or need assistance.
  3. The playable area of the map does not reflect the map of the entire country, so a person could have legitimately made their way to the current area from another part of the country, hence why someone would have no idea what has been happening within the "playable area". I think as long as someone spends a couple of minutes on their background working something like this out it shouldn't be an issue when having to explain why they may not know much.
  4. Create the WORST group idea

    "Survivors of the Kamensk Military base", a group that stays at the military base: Must not wear any "protective equipment" must carry a green or yellow glow stick at all times to "simulate the effects of radiation" on them Members expected to RP being toxic due to the radiation and biological risks Members expected to also be "toxic" on the forums at all times Members expected to report all non-group members who come into the area for bad RP and NVFL due to coming into such a hazardous area
  5. Offworld Rising

    From what I have seen IG recently, people seem to be way too complacent and friendly now. The server(s) appears to be missing any groups which make people think "OH FUCK IT'S THEM!" when they stumble across them, which I think is needed. Hopefully this fills that void.
  6. 48 hour character change a bit excessive?

    The current cool-down activation is going to be a potential issue for the Mentors. I had brought it up previously as an issue and whether we could get some lee-way when the new rule was implemented and at that stage it wasn't a huge deal as there was nothing actually stopping a switch then a switch back. I think some if not most of the other mentors (including myself) have a separate "mentor character" that they use specifically for that purpose and then switch straight back to their "main character" after a mentor session as it often will make absolutely no sense IG to meet up with someone and suddenly be buddies wandering the wasteland together and potentially robbing people, taking hostages and/or intentionally (for OOC reasons in helping someone) getting yourself in a position where someone takes you as a hostage. Looking at the issue from purely the hostile side of things, there is also the issue of the potential backlash on that character for basically OOC reasons in helping someone better their hostile/hostage RP, and given how easy execution rights are to acquire now, I would rather not spend more time than necessary running from the coast during my game play simply because I did some shit specifically as part of the program and had to use my "main character" to achieve this in order to avoid a cool-down as I wanted to play after a mentor session. Ultimately, we are only a tiny portion of the community but this needed to be brought up given why we are using these characters. If it's a case of so sad too bad, then I can live with it, but it would be preferable for us to switch from our mains to our mentor characters and then back again for the purpose of taking someone IG for a mentor session. While I think that both of the ideas above would work, the only issue I can potentially see for option 1 is that it doesn't really address the issue of people jumping on alts in order to specifically avoid consequences of their actions and to mess with people/groups as was raised for the reason of the implementation of the rules.
  7. Create the WORST group idea

    The runaways - they run away from anyone that tries to interact with them, even each other
  8. Night time on the server

    More night isn't necessarily a bad thing. There are just some places where night time can have a greater impact on the "atmosphere",for example the new Cherno at night with fog is creepy and feels like a completely different city than in the day.
  9. VDV Quarantine zone?

    From a "realistic" point of view, no this doesn't make any sense at all, a unit that size with no way of receiving supplies or reinforcements would have a bad time trying to do something like this in a foreign country that doesn't want them there and has somewhat of a tense history within peoples lifetimes, even more so with the infection. I am pretty sure they, like everyone else would be pretty cautious given that from a "realistic" point of view, bullets don't magically re-appear. BUT we are in a game where the realism argument usually fails and one in which only a maximum of 60 people can exist in the same region at any one time, so from numbers perspective they could enforce something like this, although I don't think it would be very practical given the size of the map they would need to cover. I think that this, if anything, will just create some more tension when moving through certain areas, and will hopefully keep people a little more on their toes so to speak because we all know that the zombies are still just a minor annoyance, even in large numbers. They aren't the first group to claim a massive area, and to warn people not to go there, for example see any of the summit meeting stuff if it is still around (although this is probably the biggest area I have seen). I can see how you wouldn't be happy IG given that you have gone out of your way to start a new area for people to come together (one in which I visited myself today, and was a well needed break from running around not finding anyone, such areas are a great idea and I hope you do set up something else), but there are a lot of avenues your character could take out of this, and from what appears to not be the greatest history with them IG, which doesn't necessarily have to include violence. For example, you could help sow the seeds of hate/dissent against them, quietly whispering ideas into peoples ears, or use your camp to try to gather as much info on them as possible and use it at the right time against them or feed it to any "resistance" which may inevitably pop up, or you could simply move to another part of the area where you are less likely to run into them at all. As long as they don't end up doing something like moving people out of areas every time someone set up or simply doing it to mess with people on an OOC level when they want to feed their OOC ego's (not saying they would do this, just using it as an example) and there is some believable sense to what they are doing then I don't really see any issue.
  10. Gabriel Durand

    *WIP* Born and raised on his family's farm College Educated Recruited out of college through a professor who was paid to keep an eye out for students that seemed to have certain traits and high intelligence. Officially Gabriel Durand worked for an NGO that sought to bring aid to those in conflict zones, however this was a cover for his real work and gave him a valid cover for being in countries and regions in which a persons presence might otherwise draw the attention of various authorities. Gabriel secretely worked for a division of a large weapons manufacturing company directly under the control of the CEO and founder. His real job involved discretely selling weapons to countries, groups and individuals who the company was not supposed to legally sell weapons to and to arrange and carry out unofficially authorised thefts of the companies legitimate shipments in order for the company to be able to claim that any weapons which may be found to be in the wrong hands were stolen and not sold by the company. The massive profits from the illegal sales were then laundered and invested back into the company with the board of directors receiving massive personal bonuses. Only the CEO and a few trusted board members where aware of Gabriels real connection to the company. At the end of June 2017 Gabriel came to Chernarus for a conference on Humanitarian Aid and development, however this was merely a cover in order to beginning planning a heist of a shipment which was to be diverted to Chernarus in July in order to take advantage of the unstable situation in South Zagornia. Gabriel's real purpose was to begin scouting out security at the chernogorsk docks and using a local trusted local contact to facilitate bribes to have the local dockworkers not be near when the shipment was being taken from the docks.
  11. Robbing people! At this current time.

    Personally it would depend on a few things such as whether my character is that way inclined, what is the risk that they will turn around and dome me if I initiate in order to capture them, did they have friends around before, AM I SURE THIS IS THE RIGHT PERSON, can I take some long shots and successfully get out of the general area without getting mowed down by the rest of their friends if I am on my own, etc etc. But, if they do something like initiate on you then realise they have the wrong person and let you go unharmed and without taking anything from you, then I think you shouldn't use those technically acquired KOS rights at all because that is rule play. But lets be honest, if they are running around robbing and taking people hostage and they throw up a report when you use your acquired KOS rights on them, then they shouldn't be committing hostile acts in the first place (not including something like blatant NVFL here though).
  12. guides section

    Are the guides from the previous site being transferred over or do we need to re-publish them again?
  13. Kurt Keys

    WIP [MENTOR CHARACTER]: Kurt's parents were killed in a car jacking in the 1990's, raised by his uncle who ran an import export business which was a front for money laundering and smuggling weapons and diamonds. His uncle tried to keep him in the dark about the business, often travelling overseas with Kurt during school holidays to provide a believable cover. On one trip to Antwerp, Belgium for one his uncles "business trips" a potntial buyer decided it would be easier to rob Kurts uncle at their hotel and burst into their room armed with a pistol. Kurts quick thinking allowed him to take the would be thief by surprise, grabbing a wine opener and stabbing the man through his left eye, causing the weapon to drop and allowing Kurt to grab the weapon and put two rounds in the mans heart. Two things would happen that day, his uncle was forced to reveal the true nature of his work and would notice that Kurt seemed to enjoy the violence he had inflicted. Kurts Uncle slowly brought him into the business as he got older, showing him the tricks of the trade and eventually using him as an enforcer who would travel everywhere with him for the Keys family had always instilled a strong sense of family dating back generations, which brought with it loyalty and trust that money could not buy. A delivery of diamonds to a Russian Oligarch would bring the Kurt and his uncle to Chernarus. The plan was to use an Eastern European road trip as a cover for the deal, with entry into Russia being through the Russia/Chernarus boarder as this was unlikely to draw much attention and security for foreigners was expected to be more relaxed than if they entered through an airport. Unfortunately the Keys would not make it to Russia, having been in Severograd when the attacks began, the two were split up, each unaware of what happened to the other.
  14. Make DayZRP great again

    Your friendly neighbourhood hostile mentor here, coming in late to the party it seems. The last point you are trying to work on in terms of people valuing their lives, can I just raise that in the Mentor program we do deal with people who don't have a firm handle on this game yet, and also those that do but dayz is dayz and it can cause some issues with that persons ability to live. There are times where I have been going to meet someone IG as part of the program and they have died multiple times so we keep having to change course and meeting place which eats in to the time available for both parties. If there is any time delay on logging back on after a death, it is going to further eat into the time that both parties have available to be on (and that's without having to enter a queue). Admittedly, while this may not be a significant number of people, it may be something to think about.
  15. New Settlement

    I would hazard a guess and say probably not this close to the lore wipe or the Steam Sale that just happened TBH. Not sure if you have bumped into many people yet but you could try and group up with people IG and then IC suggest setting something up and recruiting others then suggest setting up some kind of camp and announcing it on the radio forums as an IG radio message, but fair warning, those that turn up may not be the best for the health and survival of your camp.