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  1. Night time on the server

    More night isn't necessarily a bad thing. There are just some places where night time can have a greater impact on the "atmosphere",for example the new Cherno at night with fog is creepy and feels like a completely different city than in the day.
  2. VDV Quarantine zone?

    From a "realistic" point of view, no this doesn't make any sense at all, a unit that size with no way of receiving supplies or reinforcements would have a bad time trying to do something like this in a foreign country that doesn't want them there and has somewhat of a tense history within peoples lifetimes, even more so with the infection. I am pretty sure they, like everyone else would be pretty cautious given that from a "realistic" point of view, bullets don't magically re-appear. BUT we are in a game where the realism argument usually fails and one in which only a maximum of 60 people can exist in the same region at any one time, so from numbers perspective they could enforce something like this, although I don't think it would be very practical given the size of the map they would need to cover. I think that this, if anything, will just create some more tension when moving through certain areas, and will hopefully keep people a little more on their toes so to speak because we all know that the zombies are still just a minor annoyance, even in large numbers. They aren't the first group to claim a massive area, and to warn people not to go there, for example see any of the summit meeting stuff if it is still around (although this is probably the biggest area I have seen). I can see how you wouldn't be happy IG given that you have gone out of your way to start a new area for people to come together (one in which I visited myself today, and was a well needed break from running around not finding anyone, such areas are a great idea and I hope you do set up something else), but there are a lot of avenues your character could take out of this, and from what appears to not be the greatest history with them IG, which doesn't necessarily have to include violence. For example, you could help sow the seeds of hate/dissent against them, quietly whispering ideas into peoples ears, or use your camp to try to gather as much info on them as possible and use it at the right time against them or feed it to any "resistance" which may inevitably pop up, or you could simply move to another part of the area where you are less likely to run into them at all. As long as they don't end up doing something like moving people out of areas every time someone set up or simply doing it to mess with people on an OOC level when they want to feed their OOC ego's (not saying they would do this, just using it as an example) and there is some believable sense to what they are doing then I don't really see any issue.
  3. Gabriel Durand

    *WIP* Born and raised on his family's farm College Educated worked for a division of a large weapons manufacturing company directly under the control of the CEO and founder. His job involved discretely selling weapons to countries, groups and individuals who the company was not supposed to legally sell weapons to and unofficially authorised thefts of the companies legitimate shipments in order for the company to be able to claim that the weapons were stolen and not sold by them. The company' chairman and founder would then launder the money back into other subsidiaries for massive personal profit. Came to Chernarus to scout out security at the chernogorsk docks as a shipment was to be arriving in August and to meet with local contacts who would arrange for bribes to dock workers.
  4. Robbing people! At this current time.

    Personally it would depend on a few things such as whether my character is that way inclined, what is the risk that they will turn around and dome me if I initiate in order to capture them, did they have friends around before, AM I SURE THIS IS THE RIGHT PERSON, can I take some long shots and successfully get out of the general area without getting mowed down by the rest of their friends if I am on my own, etc etc. But, if they do something like initiate on you then realise they have the wrong person and let you go unharmed and without taking anything from you, then I think you shouldn't use those technically acquired KOS rights at all because that is rule play. But lets be honest, if they are running around robbing and taking people hostage and they throw up a report when you use your acquired KOS rights on them, then they shouldn't be committing hostile acts in the first place (not including something like blatant NVFL here though).
  5. guides section

    Are the guides from the previous site being transferred over or do we need to re-publish them again?
  6. Kurt Keys

    WIP [MENTOR CHARACTER]: Kurt's parents were killed in a car jacking in the 1990's, raised by his uncle who ran an import export business which was a front for money laundering and smuggling weapons and diamonds. His uncle tried to keep him in the dark about the business, often travelling overseas with Kurt during school holidays to provide a believable cover. On one trip to Antwerp, Belgium for one his uncles "business trips" a potntial buyer decided it would be easier to rob Kurts uncle at their hotel and burst into their room armed with a pistol. Kurts quick thinking allowed him to take the would be thief by surprise, grabbing a wine opener and stabbing the man through his left eye, causing the weapon to drop and allowing Kurt to grab the weapon and put two rounds in the mans heart. Two things would happen that day, his uncle was forced to reveal the true nature of his work and would notice that Kurt seemed to enjoy the violence he had inflicted. Kurts Uncle slowly brought him into the business as he got older, showing him the tricks of the trade and eventually using him as an enforcer who would travel everywhere with him for the Keys family had always instilled a strong sense of family dating back generations, which brought with it loyalty and trust that money could not buy. A delivery of diamonds to a Russian Oligarch would bring the Kurt and his uncle to Chernarus. The plan was to use an Eastern European road trip as a cover for the deal, with entry into Russia being through the Russia/Chernarus boarder as this was unlikely to draw much attention and security for foreigners was expected to be more relaxed than if they entered through an airport. Unfortunately the Keys would not make it to Russia, having been in Severograd when the attacks began, the two were split up, each unaware of what happened to the other.
  7. Make DayZRP great again

    Your friendly neighbourhood hostile mentor here, coming in late to the party it seems. The last point you are trying to work on in terms of people valuing their lives, can I just raise that in the Mentor program we do deal with people who don't have a firm handle on this game yet, and also those that do but dayz is dayz and it can cause some issues with that persons ability to live. There are times where I have been going to meet someone IG as part of the program and they have died multiple times so we keep having to change course and meeting place which eats in to the time available for both parties. If there is any time delay on logging back on after a death, it is going to further eat into the time that both parties have available to be on (and that's without having to enter a queue). Admittedly, while this may not be a significant number of people, it may be something to think about.
  8. New Settlement

    I would hazard a guess and say probably not this close to the lore wipe or the Steam Sale that just happened TBH. Not sure if you have bumped into many people yet but you could try and group up with people IG and then IC suggest setting something up and recruiting others then suggest setting up some kind of camp and announcing it on the radio forums as an IG radio message, but fair warning, those that turn up may not be the best for the health and survival of your camp.
  9. Hi @PurpleDragon your app has been forwarded to the team, someone should be in contact within the next day or two.
  10. Summer Challenges 2017

    Glancing at every Crunch, Crack, Snap, he could hear, as he snuck through the forest to the town that was near. Although a moonless night he did see, the millions of campfires that lit up Berezhki. Out for campfire blood was he, how dare they avoid his hostile RP! "I'll kill them all, their blood will run, i'll take all their ammo and sweet rare guns." The bush got so thick for a normal man it would have been like walking through a dense hedge, but it affected him not as it was no match for his dark edge. Until finally he hit the unlit street, whose my first victim, who first shall I greet? He kicked down the first door, "hands up or die!!" he did scream, the victims reply "but im cracking open a cold-one, it's legit, not a meme!! Screw this he thought, he's not complying and 10 seconds did pass, he put two in the mans head, his lifeless body slumped next to his Kvass. Out the door he went thinking about his next mark, but soon he was faced with pitchforks and torches breaking the dark. "YOU!" they all yelled, "it was you YES! YES! YES!, you dirty bandit we saw you KOS!" "Who me?" he played dumb, "i was chasing the man who killed him, im good," *raises thumb* "NO" they all scoffed, "we are as sure as our fires have embers, you may forget but shadowplay remembers!" SLASH SLASH YOU CAN"T JUST KILL PEOPLE ITS AGAINST A RULE, YOUR JUST GEAR RPING IM REPORTING YOU FOOL! "Now tell me" they questioned as they pointed at his arm, "are you in a group, do they all do such harm? Do you have 5.56? Do you have any friends near, do you want to trade, can we show you how to best horde your gear?" Sprinting away back towards the forest did the bandit procede, past the 50 tents full of M4's and SVD's Still he wondered, why do they not shoot at me? Do these tree hugging campfire scum not know how to PVP? Suddenly appearing before him a seldom seen man, with an accent of a Swede and the hammer of ban, "Excuse me there my dear bandit" he said, "what do you think you are doing here painting the town blood-red? Now hear me loud and I know you may moan... but you can't rob, swear, talk shit or be mean here in Berezhki, MY NEW SAFEZONE!!?"
  11. Current Issues

    Some people need a hard lesson in separating IC and OOC. Having the ability to separate the two would greatly help with a major part of the communities problems imo. For instance, I have run into some real assholes IG but when talking to them in TS they have been really nice people. The difference people need to learn is that the person they have run into IG is more than likely playing their character and are not the character they are playing (I say more than likely because some people essentially are their character). Also in regards to this issue, there are people who appear to make decisions based on OOC issues with people/groups or OOC perceptions of peoples characters, this includes things like turning up to mess with groups over and over again just to feed their own ego's OOC or trying to get back at peoples IG so that they can claim some kind of "win" to possibly make up for what they perceived as a loss OOC. People in all styles of RP are guilty of this and it needs to stop. People also need the maturity to take a step back if it appears that IG matters are spilling over into OOC and maybe have a civil discussion with each other if possible, even if it is just between the "leaders" of those groups. Tied in with the OOC/IG thing, people need to accept that no style of RP is better than another. If people want to hide in the woods, good for them, I hope that they are having fun doing it. If people want to go around robbing everyone, then good for them, I also hope they have fun doing it. As long as people also remember that they should be providing or least striving to provide good (if not great) RP, then I don't see any issue. I have run into obviously new people whose RP may not have been that great by others standards but I could tell they were really trying to provide good RP, and I appreciated that. If someone is on the server and not really trying to give others good RP (no matter what "style"), even if it is just internal RP within a group, then I would argue that it is that person or group wasting the server slots, not those actually putting some effort in. In terms of the dirty PVP scum that are apparently rampant on this server, whenever I hear a complaint about how they just wanted to PVP and weren't interested in any RP at all, I always remind the person complaining that you have the option to hit F2 and force them to RP if you think that they really don't want to, and that if you didn't do this and are dead, how can you claim they just wanted to kill people? I will trade all of my gear for decent hostile RP any day as it isn't that hard to get back. I am sure most people have or will run into someone that doesn't know what they are doing but isn't it best to try and help that person get better, maybe by trying to talk to them in TS if you can track down who they are. You can always report if if you think they have a shit attitude or aren't willing to listen to any feedback. As for the people who run into firefights, this isn't always black and white. People may get accidentally caught up and if that happens they really need to make themselves appear as less of a threat as possible (and if you are involved in the fight don't try and rule play by pretending you aren't involved, you help exacerbate the problem of people being killed in firefights that aren't involved and people being punished for it if you do this), and it isn't really their fault that they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, it is the responsibility and fault of those that started the fight for not properly making sure to see if there might be others around who aren't involved. Even with people hearing gunshots and going in, this can get a bit iffy, as sometimes people do fire a fairly large number of shots to save themselves from the infected, but people should be cautious and not just run straight in if this happens, maybe even hang on a bit to see what happens in the next minute or two. BUT, if you hear a large number of shots coming from multiple weapons (which is really obvious) and you "run in to find out what is happening" or "run in to see if someone needs assistance", and then report when you die, then you deserve a NVFL and the person that shot you should get a pass and a pat on the back because lets face it, no matter how much bullshit you spurt in order to justify your actions, you have only gone in to rule play and be a vulture and you deserve everything you get.
  12. Safe zone discussion

    Since @Rolle has made up his mind and it is going to be implemented, these would be some suggestions: Maybe consider somewhere like Belaya Polana (140/004) in the NE corner of the map. This way people have to actually take a journey to it. It has water and housing and probably enough infected to have to actually RP worrying about them "coming into the town" (spawning in). The boundary could mostly be defined by the treeline that surrounds and it gives people many ways to get out of the area if they are worried about being grabbed trying to leave (the risk is still there but what happens to them may be decided by which way they try to leave. I think this is far enough away from significant military areas as well. I am not sure if you will allow people to set up tents there but if so, restrict how much ammo/how many weapons can be stored per tent and restrict the number and type of tents available to be used. The safezone shouldn't be a gear-horders paradise. Maybe even have some sort of "rental system" for a tent or space to put a tent (ties in with the point below) Have a situation where people need to support the SZ by either doing work around the safezone as payment or donating to the safezone faction (who would distribute appropriately). Another option is to allow people to earn their keep by carrying out missions/quests for the faction running it (e.g. go out and scavenge supplies from X town). Maybe the Mission/quest thing could be a useful way to get supplies in and to give people a good RP reason to leave the safezone now and then. It could also be an option to have a "lottery system" where selected people (e.g. 1 family member) would need to accompany the SZ owners or provide 1 family member to go on "dangerous missions" outside of the SZ. I think this could provide a good option to ensure people get out of the SZ once in a while and potentially face some real danger or threat. These options would open up a bunch of RP opportunities in and out of the SZ. Allow theft from tents etc but with reprucussions if people are caught (e.g. some kind of court set up to deal with crimes). This is a risk/reward scenario and will help with any gear hording situation. It also gives people RP opportunities (imagine coming back to find that the meager things you have have all been taken, how would you feel, how would you react, what effect will this have on your character).
  13. Active Firefight

    hands up, gun on back and type something like "*Yells* IM NOT INVOLVED IN THIS SHIT IM WALKING AWAY [INSERT DIRECTION] UNLESS YOU WANT TO DIRECT ME" and then walk off yelling that shit in voip frequently. has worked for me every time.
  14. Honestly its hard to judge without actually being there or having something to watch. Making the hostage entertain you is fine as long as the hostage takers are actually making an effort to make sure they are doing more than "ok now act out this scene or you die" and are actually interacting with you. As a hostage taker, it is their job to "entertain" the hostage (or at least make reasonable attempts to do it, some people just get salty about being hostage and can't move past that which is their own problem). Personally if hostages are taken for that long the RP better be solid from the hostage takers, but this also requires good input from the hostage themselves, it is a give and take situation. If @Nihoolious is the one that took you, I would be surprised if the RP was just an excuse for gear, I have heard good things from people I know have been taken by them, even if he is a filthy bandit (they really are the worst type of RPers amirite?). If you think it's that bad record and report, or preferably, record then watch and think "did they give us good RP, and should I care about losing any or all of my gear?" If the answer is no, no then report or talk to them
  15. Thoughts on new zombies?

    Might be me but they seem to be easier to not aggro this patch if you crouch, I have notice that I am able to get a lot closer than .61.