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  1. How to win a fistfight under the current rules: let them hit you first back up pull your rifle out and shoot them deny it was a mutual fistfight hope nobody has video but seriously could be several things including latency that factor into it I think.
  2. Jerome was born in the slums of south London and raised by his father who was a debt collector for a local gang. Taking part in the London riots of 2011, he showed extreme violence at a young age, gaining the attention of his fathers gang. As he got older he would accompany his father to collect debts, often resorting to threats and violence to ensure payment. He travelled to Russia near the border of Chernarus with friends to see a football match after earning a lot from a large debt recovery. During the midst of an alcohol fueled night he blacked out and woke up in a hotel in Chernarus.
  3. you havent been in game for the required length of time this week probably. Actually, yeah you havent been on for 3 weeks, you need to play a minimum of 1 hour per week. see
  4. Dustup

    The Loud Minority/2.3

    Did I just read what I think I read? Maybe you want to say that out aloud a couple of times and see if you want to maybe change the location, because yes, yes you do deserve it in Kab, and you have been here long enough to know that it is frequently the homeland of the W****names, grenade fairies, the strong silent type of bandit (cause they don't know how to hostile RP), the "do-you-have-5.56ers", the "what-armband-isthats", the supersoldiers who can't feel pain cause they were special forces, and occassional the home of good hostile RPers who know that the area gets a lot of traffic, and sometimes the Heroes, like the last version of the UN (which, being totally non-bias was widely considered the best UN). We dealt with so many "hostile" situations and didn't have to resort to PVP. But, if as you said, someone had come and said "disarm and fuck off somewhere else" we would have PVP'd by choice (as one would expect a military force to be able to fight, and that would have been OUR CHOICE) but even if we tucked tail and let them walk over us, there are real world instances of people doing this to UN bases so that would have also been a realistic option. I will say this though, at the time we had possibly the most hated (OOC) hostile group come to the camp regularly, I did not know them OOC and actually received really good RP from them which was completely contradictory to what people were saying about them on the forums. Your examples aren't great, as you are basically proving his point about surrendering being a clear option to avoid pvp. As in your example, if you surrender you don't get the pvp happen, you instead get RP, and if that RP is sub-par you should be talking to them and/or reporting it, and not taking it upon yourself to assume you are going to get shit-tier hostile RP and intentionally not complying, which then leads to PVP because of the choice you kinowingly made.
  5. At this point I think the name of this thread should be "the @Dusty and @Eagle show with special guests" as I am sure you two make up the bulk of these. You would think people would be extra cautious given how distinctive both your voices are. *starts humming the tune to "Ducktales"*
  6. This is part question(s), part suggestion which might be best answered by the admin team or @Roland himself. I have been here a while and occassionally glance at the staff app part of the forums. I have a good idea what each level off staff do but I haven't been able to find the following information which I would like to know and which I think would be useful to add in the application section so that people can make an informed decision: Is there a "minimum" amount of hours that people ar required/expected to put in (and if so is this daily/weekly/monthly?)? How much time are Support Staff required to spend in the helpdesk in Discord (is this per day or per week)? Are staff expected to also be fairly active IG? I am assuming that there are "interviews", is this assumption correct, and how much time is spent ensuring that they have even a basic understanding of the rules? In terms of other questions which don't relate to the application: Is there any effort to ensure that there is a balance of RP style experience between the staff (e.g. hostile/survivor/hero etc etc) or at least some representation of various styles? It would on the face of it, seem like a lot of bullshit on the forums could be handled between group leaders. Is the "Counsel" forum actually being used effectively, or at all, or is it a useless page with a useless tag for approved group leaders?
  7. Dustup

    The Loud Minority/2.3

    There was an amazing post by @Tony quite a while back (during the previous lore I believe) where he talked about the problem being people on all sides looking at every situation that happened IG as a win or lose scenario when it wasn't as simple as that, and this being a major reason for things spilling from IG to OOC. It is still relevant and I wish I could find the post because it was done at what could be considered the height of another "dirty RP hating pvpers" vs "smug, superior and totally never in the wrong campfire RPers". I believe that the problem first starts there, with some people believing that those in hostile groups dont want to RP because they aren't capable and only want to PVP, and those in "campfire groups" are elitists who want to hide in the woods ERPing or stashing loot and showing everyone their shiny rare weapons. These ideas can unfortunately "infect" others in their groups and the cycle perpetuates. It isn't as simple as "pvp/hostile" vs "campfire" and those that think like this are part of the problem. Since I joined I have witnessed groups pull the "victim card" all too often when things don't go their way, even when they have done things IG which have fully warranted what has happened to them. Lets not pretend that this still doesn't happen. When it comes to the dreaded 2.3 there is potential for this to be abused but at the same time I think that there will be circumstances where it will be justified. I think some real care needs to be taken for such reports and that this rule needs to be implemented in clear cut cases where there are circumstances in which there is no fault from the party claiming they are being constantly harrassed, and by no fault I mean that they: Were never given a "reasonable" opportunity to come to an arrangement IG. Did not shit talk on the radio. Did not try to ambush or arrange/assist other groups in ambushing the "hostile group" after any agreement is struck up. Did not commit any actions IG that would warrant retaliation/revenge. Made "reasonable" attempts to seek peace or at least a cease-fire IG and ensured that they did everything they could to maintain it. Made genuine attempts to resolve the situation IG. Didn't try and antagonise the "offending group" OOC. At the same time I think that if a 2.3 complaint is received, it needs to be supported by actual evidence and the accused party should be given an opportunity to properly respond to all accusations. The difficulty they have is that they may not have kept or made video recordings which would support their position as they would not have known that someone had begun compiling a report against them and staff need to be mindful of this. Not everyone records every single interaction and if they dont think anything occured which would be considered "wrong" then the chances of the accused group having evidence that may show context to a particular situation and therefore the ability to properly defend themselves is pretty low and they are automatically at a major disadvantage. Sure there will be clear cut circumstances, but again, allow the accused group an opportunity to properly explain their motives. I looked through a lot of the "negative posts" and it seems more like a word vs word scenario for the most of it with no actual video or anything to support the claims. Not saying that those posting were lying or wrong, but it looks more like both sides having different points of view. As for the points thing, I don't think forum points should have counted as this isn't really a reflection of what happens IG and OOC should be kept seperate from IC, and I am a little confused whether this will also count for approved groups now who collectively accumulate a large number of points in a given period, guess we will have to wait and see.
  8. Dustup

    Adaption of 'Combat Logging'

    It has always been the case that switching servers was combat logging. Look at the rule as a whole, not separate individual and distinguishable parts. It says you may only "Log out from THE GAME after 30 minutes..." Pretty clear cut, if you switch servers you aren't logging out the game. There is a big difference between logging out the game where it is impossible for the party with rights to kill you and switching servers where you are still IG but are denying that party their rights when they could have still tracked you down during that time if you had remained on the server as you are still IG.
  9. Dustup

    Forced First Person Combat

    No thanks. More mods = more things that can potentially fail. This isn't just a "pvp" thing, it would apply to any and all "combat" including against infected and wolves (and anything else that might be put into the game), and those don't exactly function perfectly, so why make it harder to see shit that is already buggy. Pretty sure Rolle implemented a first-person perspective server a while back and it isn't here anymore so that should tell you something.
  10. hey my dude, you have had over 100 hours on the server and have had ample time to work out what is and is not considered an initiation so you should have known better. Maybe you should spend some time re-reading the rules and going through the reports section to better familiarise yourself with the rules and how they are interpreted. This is something I regularly do and I think it works. Those rules don't exist in a vacuum btw, let me quote you the first thing those rules begin with: "Hostile actions are player interactions where you or your group members lives are threatened by other players, you are forced to do something against your will under threat of violence, someone is stealing from you, etc. For example, if someone is telling you to drop your weapon and put your hands up or else you will die, he is committing a hostile action against you. Hostile actions can often be very complicated involving multiple people and groups, which makes newcomers especially vulnerable to punishments for rule breaks in this category." So lets look it it from the point of view of the person on the receiving end of your initiation (I use the word "initiation" intentionally because thats what you did): you pulled your gun out and aimed it at them. This on its own is not a valid initiation but becomes a threat when you... tell them to shut the fuck up. Now its a threat with a demand to do or not do something, therby becoming a valid initiation. Same th9ing applies if you raise your weapon and tell someone to go away. If you had not raised your weapon at them, it wouldn't have been an initiation. The example in your report isn't even one of the more technical "is it or is it not a valid initiation?" situations, its basic initiation 101 stuff, again the reports section is a good place to familiarise yourself. Also as a further pointer from your video, I highly recommend putting your weapon on your back and making it known that you are not a threat at all if you think people are getting shot near you, you will likely not have to run back from the coast so often.
  11. Dustup

    Remove/Reduce damage to footware

    I actually like the realism it provides, it keeps me humble and reminds me how unsafe the "outside" is. Like this one time i walked to the end of my street wearing fresh out the box military assault boots and by the time i got back inside my house they had almost completely disintegrated (cause you know all shoes have a half-life of 10 meters and humans were never meant to not wear shoes, hence why we are born with them) and i had lost a half the blood in my body. I swear the only thing that kept death away from me that day was the can of cola and the canned tuna i had in my pocket. NEVER GOING OUTSIDE AGAIN! but seriously please either remove or increase the duribility by like 1,000,000%
  12. maybe try do some underground stashes within a short running distance of your base for your vodka bottles, for your food, just grow stuff and keep a shovel and some duct tape on you and grow it as needed but be sure to keep getting seeds so you have a decent supply. The car is always going to get stolen as they are in limited supply and high demand so not much you can do other than stash it somewhere people usually wouldn't go, but this still isn't a guarantee. Honestly there isn't much else you can do to stop people from going in your base and raiding it, and people have good IG reason to do so and people are usually curious to see what people have. I wouldn't be surprised if there is more base raiding due to the excessive loot hoarding that seems to be going on at the moment, I saw this in the report section today and imo people/groups like these base owners deserve to be raided every 5 minutes: I have heard that people have been running into much worse cases of gun hoarding. and as long as people continue to do shit like this at excessive levels, I think that there is going to be more and more raiding (and more robberies) and unfortunately people who just want to store food/drinks, clothes, RP items etc are going to suffer as well.
  13. Yusuf was just an infant when his father was killed by a US drone. Shortly afterwards Yusuf's maternal uncle arrived from ENgland, where he had been living for the past 20 years and fearing the same fate may await Yusuf and his mother, helped them relocate to London. Yusuf's mother made sure that Yusuf stayed faithful and dedicated to their religion as Yusufs father had been a very devout person. As he grew older he began to be influenced by more radical imams and slowly became radicalised himself. Several months before the outbreak he was told by his imam that he would be going back to Takistan under the pretence that he wanted to learn more about his culture and its traditions, but in reality they was being sent to attend a training camp run by self proclaimed Mujahideen fighters who were looking for recruits to carry out attacks in England to send a message to those they viewed as sympathisers of the USA and enemies of Islam. After months of training a group of about 15 people were to travel back to London to start planning and carrying out attacks. They were all to take different routes back in an effort to avoid any suspicion and so just days before the outbreak, Yusuf was sent into Chernarus where he was to holiday for a wreek before flying to Turkey for another week and then back to London. Due to the outbreak he was unable to leave Chernarus.
  14. Dustup

    Flaming and hypersensitivity

    Whilst this is suppose to be a "mature" community, much like real life, there is always going to be those who are just fuckwits and whom the server is better off without. A portion of these people are the kind that will go out of their way to get someone else banned because they said something they didn't like or have a personal issue with someone and/or because they can't separate OOC and IC. The worst ones are those who will provoke a situation and then pull the victim card and go running to staff cause someone said a mean word or two in response (which may not even be that bad), and then relish in the fact they managed to get someone banned because it's probably the only noteworthy thing they have accomplished that month and they can momentarily forget how sad and pathetic they are. This is where staff need to acknowledge just how juvenile a reporting person is. I'm not really sure of what staff procedure is in these circumstances, but I think staff just need to actually talk to the person being accused and give them some time to respond before pulling the trigger on someone. This would allow them to see if there is some context to what has been said to the person because context is important, not just in what was said but also who it was said to and how many people may have been involved in the conversation. Then they need to use some common sense and see if maybe it can be handled without points. Maybe just suggest that the reporting party block the person they are reporting for a start. Yes there will be times where staff need to give points or Rule 4 someone, especially if it is repeated harrassment but calling someone something fairly harmless should, in general, not be met with points. One would think that this being a "mature" community and all, that people could actually behave this way and not be shitheads to others or go running to staff everytime someone calls them a word that they don't like, especially if what is said is fairly harmless or when put in context is a reasonable reaction to something that person has said or done themselves. That is a juvenile response and not what a "mature" person would do.
  15. Dustup

    United Nations: Media thread

    Photographic evidence that the UN are actually bad: @YNW Jasper could you please explain this irrefutable evidence?? The UN poisoning the crops of Chernarus The UN murdering innocent civilians: The UN setting destructive fires around Cernarus whilst eating the meat of their human victims: The UN bringing darkness down on Chernarus:
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