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  1. Use IC means to form alliances and open a trade hub with traders and sufficient security, cut deals with "trouble groups" to leave you and traders alone/assist with security and enjoy all the RP you will get along the way. History has shown that "safe zones" (or as close as you can get to them) never work , are abused in multiple ways, and increase the sodium levels of the server which ultimately ends up in a case of exponentially increasing forum bitching with a side of "report wars".
  2. Andrei had grown up from a young age without parents as his mother had died in a car accident when he was 10 and his father was shot in a drug deal gone wrong two years later. Shortly after his fathers death he was tasked with selling drugs and doing other delivery's for one his uncles in the the Tsepov family. As he grew older he gained a reputation for going to extremes to collect money owed to him which caught the attention of senior members of the Tsepov's, and he worked his way up to being a trusted enforcer and debt collector for the family, and eventually began working for Adrik Tsepo
  3. Nice interview, the only way it could be made better is if, as an addendum, you could please inform the community which one of them gets traded with other inmates for cigarettes.
  4. Is it safe to assume a person wont get hit if they spawn, head towards their body cause it's dark and they have no idea where they are, then get some clue about the town, realise and turn and move away without looting their already dead body or meeting a friend in that town who hands over their gear?
  5. Even if you have legitimately gained rights, it makes IC sense and you do this there is no guarantee that staff will not ban you if it goes up in a report. It depends on a number of things including: how outnumbered are you (could be considered nvfl) whether you survive (can't be NVFL if you live) which way current staff decide to interpret and implement the rules (which can be the complete opposite of previous staff, because consistency doesn't matter and should not be expected apparently)
  6. can we all just agree that @Hollows should be compensated for his suffering. I think it would come close to adequate compensation if he was given his own personal character model that is a walking, talking FAL that shoots bullets just by talking. Before anyone else says it, yes I do agree that this would be "realistic" and "completely immersive" (you know those completely argument winning buzz words that people like to use) and could only better the Rp on the server, especially if he can be picked up and used (not in the same way I heard happens to him on the regular every Friday night thoug
  7. honestly best thing to do is to try and wear stuff that makes you look like a civilian with not much on them and don't carry a military weapon. The goal is to look like you wouldn't be worth robbing. The best peice of advice anyone can give you is to not get attached to your gear and don't be afraid to lose most of it as items can be replaced and you should value your life more than anything else. This means complying if someone tries to rob you, if you comply and don't go overboard on the shit-talking back to them, then they have no reason to kill you and you should walk away with
  8. Perhaps you can clear a few things up. Are you suggesting that you get offline raided and they steal, ruin the remaining stuff and change your locks for shits and giggles? If this is the case, then yeah it's griefing and a shitty thing. However, if you are saying the "raid" is as a result of a seige on your base, then it is fair game. Changing a lock prevents others from easily getting into the base while you are taking the spoils of war, and if they are just shooting the gear of the dead so survivors cant use it on them or those who died cant run back and loot it while breaking nlr, then
  9. These questions arise due to the verdict here and the resulting Appeal here: Can I please get an admin and possibly @Roland to answer these questions as the appeal is full of contradicting and/or incorrect statements and I am left somewhat confused. I have laid out some of the contradictions in my questions but there are also false statements (which I would assume are unintentional) in the appeal verdict, I would be happy to point all these out if needed to give more context. Please note that despite staff saying "...got nothing more then a quick identifiying greeting and an exe
  10. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: The rules have been used in the verdict without considering related rules, their meanings, the situation as a whole, extremely recent verdicts with similar situations and without further background which may have further had an effect on the verdict and which I should have mentioned at the time, but had not thought it necessary. The verdict is also not fair as my actions in just shooting someone and not killing them while having valid rights to kill them, do not constitute a rulebreak. Add
  11. If you are getting triggered about something fairly minor like what you showed, then I don't what to say. The whitelist right now is widely viewed as shit, they are potentially just as much a "victim" of the shitty whitelist as you are. Here is what I generally do when I run into things like this: chuckle say something to them IG to give them a hint (e.g. using the vids you showed, "what the fuck do you mean restart?" or "what, like you hold some kind of key when you run, is it from your house? Does it have sentimental value?" //stop OOC in voip (if they continue and don
  12. @Realize @Roland (tagging you in as ultimately it will be your decision) As one of the former official mentors, I think that bringing this back is a great idea. Having said that, you haven't posted much and I hope you have a plan beyond "give me your names and I will let you know". As a quick list, if history is anything to go from in terms of such this program, the mentors are going to have to be mature, approachable and patient community members who are able to potentially deal with, but not limited to: People who are IRL socially awkward/lack self confidence; people w
  13. I would just like to point out that since I was able to definitively show that we knew abut @thicdickdaddy27 and that all info was gained IG, the OP and his co-reporter have started clamoring to cherry pick things out of that stream in an attempt to put their own spin on things without context or proof of such things, even after confirmation that it wasn't @thicdickdaddy27 talking, knowledge that he couldn't have been talking as he was in helpdesk at the time of that last clip and the others, plus confirmation in my pov of how we were able to find out IG. So here is what I think we can a
  14. My (forum) name is @Dustup and this is my version of events: THE FACTS: OK so First off there was absolutely no metagaming by myself or any of the Jackals as far as I am aware. So let me start at the beginning for some context. I "woke up" and hear a big chunk of the group are going down to Cherno with some WolfPack. I start making my way down there. By the time I get there the base raid/defending themselves from an attempted kos had finished and so I ran to where a truck was found where some of my group were. I get in, we pick up Wolfpack members, and as you hea
  15. @Aiko can you please add the connection logs prior to where it shows a connection to server from 3:44-3:46 by everyone as I am sure this is the reconnection after server restart, which occured after dews death. Also my connection logs after what ids up, i was kicked for high latency then reconnected and i think i was dc'd again then reconnected, cant remember exactly but logs would show. We don't want anyone falsely claiming we werent even on server for the death of @thicdickdaddy27. Will post a pov after I have had time to review the stream left as evidence to refresh my memory.
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