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  1. @Credidred @Galaxy and @Genji thank you for the RP today and for having your characters stick around long enough for our group to properly close a very important chapter in our history. Lesser people would have simply taken the cowards way out after causing such a mess and stopped playing their characters, props to you, and hope you had as much fun as we did.
  2. I missed that meeting but managed to listen to the recording. I think Tony has a good idea, but maybe we should cut the loremasters a little slack at this stage as they didn't give out everything in detail and didn't go into everything. Personally I think that they have so many tools in which to include why there would be so many foreigners in the country at once as long as people aren't too hung up on "but that was held in x country in the real world." one example would be an international sports competition (there would be players, team management, family, supporters etc from many different countries). As we all know (and if you don't then "SURPRISE") this place isn't a democracy and there will be little to no chance of pleasing everyone. The loremasters have already put up this thread but it doesn't really give much away other than stating what stages have been completed or how much work they did on something. Maybe if some bullet points could be thrown in stating some general points as to how they want Chernarus to be pre-outbreak, how it got there, how they intend to explain how so many foreigners are there etc (or put up another thread to do this), and allow people to comment in a set format which goes beyond just a rant about how the idea sucks, and instead ensures that if they are to post, they must follow a set format which actually requires them to give detailed examples of what they disagree with, what ideas they have instead and how they think this could work. It would then be up to the LM's to incorporate or ignore the idea as they may find that some people have some really creative ideas. EDIT- sorry just saw this till, maybe have a set format and actually include the bullet points like I mentioned.
  3. About time! We have kept your ditch the right amount of wet and cold for when you need to sleep.
  4. Thanks for the guide. Does this only work if you start and stop recording manually or does it also work for the "capture last ... minutes" option as well?
  5. don't think the salt rounds trick works anymore, pretty sure you just get shot in the legs like normal this patch.
  6. @MeenMuginLovin Looks like @Lyca has a thing for being run over by people who cant drive for shit, maybe you should VDM more people (more than the 4 people you "accidentally"VDM'd this week)
  7. does this mean we have to take "M" out of the alphabet to remember him?
  8. @FiftyFootAnt that moment when our hostage is almost RDM'd because the new guy doesn't understand that we want to scare not kill our hostage!
  9. I fixed your story for you to add some "realism" since it was Kab you were referring to. But on a serious note, this has been a common complaint for a while and on the opposite side there have been people wondering why everyone they ran into was an asshole immediately. Sometimes it is because they are new to the server and RP in general, so it is their lack of experience causing them to do this (admittedly some people do just play characters like this), if you want to have less chance of them "breaking your immersion" as you claim, then help out the community as a whole and just deal with it in game. Here are some things that you could potentially do: Be super friendly back and lead them into a trap (my favourite tbh); Accuse them of only being friendly because they want to lead you into a trap or lead you into a false sense of security; Call them on an obvious pulse check ("what the fuck is wrong with you, did you just try to sniff/kiss/pickpocket/touch/etc me?"); *whisper something along the lines of "SHHHHHHHHH, the infected will hear you, I don't wanna end up lunch for those things, how are even still alive?" or something else that might make them think about the situation. make a big deal about how you found the shop first and they can go search somewhere else because nobody can afford to be charitable these days.
  10. I think that "The Family" coming up to Severograd has had a profound effect on me so I thought I would praise the maker. It seems the maker couldn't decide whether to take me or not!
  11. This is clear evidence that one of those infected were trying to break into your car to either steal it, hurt you and/or take your things, I hope you used your KOS rights on them!
  12. They aren't going to both meet you, for all they know its a trap and I don't know you so I ain't vouching for you, I prefer staying alive. I will arrange a meeting with the Doc and you can take it from there. Whatever happens after that is none of my business, concern or fault, just remember that and as long as the doc shows up, I will be owed those two favours. If I don't personally meet you I will send an associate who will take you to the meeting place, just make sure you come alone. You break my rules then the meet is off and you STILL owe me payment. I will be in touch.
  13. I might know who you speak of, could you give me a bit more information so that I can confirm? If it is who I think it is, then I am going to have to stick my neck out and it will cost me a favour, but I will lead you to them for a price, the price being that you will owe me two favours. Now when I call in these favours, you will carry out my instructions without hesitation or protest, don't worry I won't ask you to do anything as terrible as kill a person, BUT, if you deny me my payment then it will mean certain death for you. All a person has these days is their word and if they break it, what good are they to anyone? If you are ok with my terms and are prepared to pay the piper when he comes calling, let me know. If not then good luck to you.
  14. The problem is, how do you define and restrict the reasons in which people can take you hostage? Lets go with your example of being in someones territory, all that will happen is that people metagame to ensure they don't go through areas occupied by "bandits". Honestly, as long as they give good RP, the reason can be anything, as a person can come up with any excuse to initiate, whether it is because you have a delicious looking fully kitted SVD that looks to be too heavy for you, or they don't know you and want to look after thier own people at your expense, or perhaps because you are wearing a pink raincoat and a green hat on a wednesday at noon, and their religion states that people who do this are going to do bad things to them.... Getting initiated on constantly is annoying, but perhaps your character needs to learn a thing or two e.g. don't go into certain areas (or be cautious when going into those areas), be wary when approaching groups, scout people out for a bit before approaching, don't look like a walking weapons buffet etc etc.
  15. ran into you at severograd today on this character, you played your character really well, wish we had longer with you.