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  1. Yunus and his cousin Ikram are both serving in the military of the Republic of Turkey. They were both chosen to be in a brigade to be sent to Chernogorsk with the Turkish embassador to Chernarus as guards. The ambassador was assasinated after driving to a hotel from the Turkish embassy. Ikram and Yunus, being scared of losing their positions following the incident, they stayed in South Zagoria for a while. The outbreak had happened and the Takistani border patrol did not allow them to leave towards the south, as they were sceptical of NATO military personell. 3 other brigade members were lost after the meeting in Chernogorsk, so Yunus does his best to regain contact with the lost soldiers.
  2. In the POV above I describe my in-character thoughts and actions, none of the things mentioned above reflect our conversation out of character. I also found it really unlikely that she got KoSd and presumed that it might have been a zombie who killed her which somehow glitched through the door (Bohemia, pls fix). Our thoughts that a guy actually killed her was slim to none until I asked her about the zombie that was at the door, which she confirmed she had not killed.
  3. I got inside the building expecting my cousin to be there, where she told me she would be waiting for me in, only to be greeted by a different person in the room we were supposed to meet in. I asked him if I could come inside and he kept telling me to get another house. I was pretty sure my cousin was inside that room and something has happened that the other guy in there seems really frustrated. I saw him aiming at the doorway with a weapon, this is where I knew, he had done something bad to her, so I proceed to scream at him to put his hands up. During this entire time, my cousin did not say one single word or scream or anything in that matter, so I knew she was no longer alive and judging by the behavior of the person inside the building, I knew he had killed her.
  4. I apologize, I went afk and left my browser open... I'm not really sure why I wrote in OOC, maybe it was just because I was really heated up during that situation. I have no valid excuse for it but the only thing I can say is that I did not intend to distract him with my OOC and use that to my PvP advantage. Sorry about that.
  5. Sorry for the late response, she lost access to her phone and therefor can not "sign in via Steam", we are looking to fix it, but it might take until tonight. I asked her and she was not recording. Before I joined the queue I asked her where I can meet her, and she told me she was in the green house, followed by "Gotta go to the bathroom, hold on." I also went afk while she was afk aswell.
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    You straight up yeeted that fool

  7. By the time I reached the house and killed the attacker, her body was already gone. She told me that she died without anybody having kill rights on her, so I went to check if she maybe died to a glitching zombie and possibly save some of the important gear.
  8. Server and location: S1, Komarovo Western Double Green House Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 14/05/2017 17:45 Your in game name: Yasin Karabulut Names of allies involved: Bahar Karabulut Name of suspect/s: Did not get his name Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: It all happened fairly quickly and honestly I am really confused. My friend logged into the server and I went downstairs to eat something, when I came back I was still in the queue and my friend said that she got killed as she was in the bathroom. I asked her if it could be a natural death, hunger, cold etc. but she denied, and said that all doors were closed. So I logged in to check the body and investigate the cause of her death, I went in the building and hear a man screaming "who is coming inside?" to which I try to make him believe that I am cold and would like to get inside. I can see him standing and looking at the door with his AK. This is where it gets interesting: I asked him why he killed my cousin, and he said that she appearently killed one of his friends. I knew she did not because she just came online 10 minutes before logging on, but I thought it might be some sort of MisID, to which he says that he checked her name and knew that she was the one who killed his friend. And the funny part is, he even said that in voice chat. It is all in the footage that I am about to post. The fight then goes on and I luckily kill him without taking any damage. I try to check his name but he has already logged off. Side note: I was the only ally of Bahar online at the time, so I logged out to file the report. I am not sure wether or not this qualifies as combat logging, but I did not want to take the risk to go AFK in a building to file the report and get killed by one of his friends, sure, they would have kill rights on me but if the accused did not start this stupid stupid in the first place situation it would have not came to this situation. Wether or not I will get a strike for "combat logging" will hopefully be up to debate within the staff team.
  9. During the hostage situation, yes. I told him to carry the backpack in his hands for a short route from the tents towards the closest prison building to make sure he does not take anything lethal in his hands. In the prison building I told him to put it back on the ground. I have not taken a single item but my friends might have, I am not sure if they took alot or not. Also in the video my friend Bahar gave demands for him to get out of our building, unfortunately, the desktop audio is missing. James also remained silent for the jump attack. @Kieran_Hales Also, there was a mag in your gun before any of us took it, because my friends did not have any AK74 mags which is the reason why we came to the airfield in the first place. Why else would you risk your life in coming inside a building where there are 3 people who have potential kill rights if you fuck it up somehow when you don't even have a magazine, explain that decision. EDIT: I also want to point something out. It honestly makes no difference if you have ammo in your gun or not, either way, we had kill rights on you. All of us infact. First, you ignored our demands by stalking us and following us south when we told you not to, and in the heat of the situation it is impossible to see if you have ammo or not which would not make any difference for our decision anyway. EDIT 2: Sorry for these edits, turns out my friend did have a magazine for the gun, one at least, I just asked him. Not that it matters of course, we would still be allowed to kill Axel, but just wanted to point that out.
  10. Sorry for the long time it took me to upload, but here you go. As you can see he came inside our building, and as I went downstairs he already had his (loaded) gun out aiming at me (hostile act), we then killed him and found that his AK74 was loaded with 12 bullets even though he claims in the report that he had no ammo at that time. Again, my desktop audio has not been recorded but my audio and video should be alright. I uploaded in 480p to reduce the rendering process. I also adjusted the brightness since OBS has some issues with DayZ. The "other person" at the end of the clip turned out to be a zombie that was running outside, however, I took shots from a far about 7 minutes later from a possible ally of Axel we don't know about, is that true?
  11. @Thread I checked the video and notice that it is really messed up. The only Audio is my own voice, the Desktop audio did not record, and the screen is extremely dark, almost fully black. I can still post the video although it will not be really helpful and take alot of time and work to upload and post.
  12. To be honest, the demands do not really matter. We might have aswell not gave any demands at all but still have kill rights because coming in our building with a gun out ready to fire at us is a hostile act and grants all of us instant kill rights. I could have not said anything at all and still have kill rights on you.
  13. The only thing we took is your ammo, so you can not come back and shoot us were you to find a gun right away. And we gave you CLEAR DEMANDS on not to follow us south, which you IGNORED. I told you to get out of the building or I would shoot you, which you ALSO IGNORED, then I saw you aiming a gun at me which is a hostile act, so I asked you to put it down which you ALSO IGNORED, so you ignored 3 of our CLEAR demands and were performing a hostile act towards us, which is aiming a gun at me 10 minutes after we robbed you. All off us had kill rights from the moment we saw you stalking us so please read the rules again.
  14. I sort of expected this report. Yasin Karabulut POV: The hostage situation was shown in the video so I do not have to repeat myself. After we let him go, we told him that he has alot of options, either go north, go west or go east, just do not go towards Kabanino area. After that, we looted a few hangars and my friend James said that he saw someone behind us who pulled out a gun and was stalking us, so we ran inside the Air Control Tower and kept looking out. I saw him running towards us and I recognized Axel, but he had a loaded AK in his hands, so I told my mates to get into position. Axel then proceeded to walk inside the building and tried to lure us outside. I asked him why he followed us when we have told him to go anywhere but south, and he said he found the guy we are looking for, and I knew he was bullshitting us. I went down the metal stairs and saw him aiming a gun at me, luckily for me, he did not shoot at me. James was hiding under the stairs all this time, and I noticed that the situation was quickly escalating, so I told James that he has permission to shoot Axel, so he want up and gunned him down. There was absoulutely no KOS involved. I even recorded it myself after the part when he came inside the building and can post it on request which might although take me a while. EDIT: Name of people involved Me: Yasin Karabulut Killer: James Antao "Cat Lady" Bahar Karabulut" I want to point out one more important thing: I have just read through OPs POV, and he is bullshitting us. His recording appearently stopped, which might be disputable, but he is stating in the report that us and the group that killed him were different people, which is bullshit, because he was talking to us like he knew that we were the ones who robbed him. He is stating that he had no bullets left, absoulute bullshit. We tied him up and took every lethal thing and bullets he had on him, and after killing him he had an AK74 with 12 bullets. This is getting interesting, waiting how it turns out.
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    I honestly just gained a shit ton of respect for you man Props <3

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      No problem, I know how frustrating it is to get banned for nothing, my cousin got a 7 day ban for MisID because the guy insisted on him getting banned. :D

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      Aw that sucks man, well I appreciate it a lot thank you.

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