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  1. TheRealRyven

    October 2018 changes

    Just what I've been waiting for. Time to jump back in for some roleplay in the first time since forever, once I've set a character up.
  2. TBA - Adding soon.
  3. TheRealRyven

    Red Dead Redemption 2! #Hype

    Trailer releases in about 2 hours and 10 minutes from the time of this post being made. You can watch it here (IGN are doing a live reveal for it)
  4. TheRealRyven

    Ark: Scorched Earth PAID DLC (Thoughts)

    DLC in an early access game, give me a fucking break!
  5. TheRealRyven

    Nate Diaz vs Connor Mcgregor

    Conor had rounds 1, 2, 4. It was a very close fight and could of easily been scored as a draw but I agree with the majority decision but I think Diaz would of eventually won if there wasn't a round limit, that dude just doesn't stop.
  6. TheRealRyven

    Your theory how a zombie apocalypse would happen

    So true, check out this zombie horde. [video=youtube]
  7. TheRealRyven

    UFC 200

    Jon Jones is off the card less than 72 hours from the event, busted by USADA for a violation. Hunt/Lesnar is the new main event, still going to be a great card.
  8. TheRealRyven

    OMG!!!!! Pokémon Go!

    Got this app yesterday to check it out due to all the hype but damn it's pretty lame tbh.
  9. TheRealRyven

    ProSyndicate/TmarTn CSGOLOTTO Drama

    Basically I think everyone involved in this is a complete scumbag and deserves legal repercussions (Which apparently they have been reported to the FTC). AMA by Ryan Morrison (Aka VideoGameAttorney) about the whole thing: https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/4rep4f/we_are_bryce_blum_ryan_morrison_and_jeff_ifrah/
  10. TheRealRyven

    Fallout 4 Settlement Bug, HELP?

    What Noire said, using mods disables achievements though but you can get a mod that re-enables achievements (If you care about that stuff).
  11. TheRealRyven

    Days Gone

    I honestly hope it's not that easy to kill so many zombies, I'm hoping they just gave themselves tons of ammo for the demo to make it cinematic but if that's how the gameplay actually is, then it's not for me.
  12. TheRealRyven

    Game of Thrones TV Show Discussion (no book spoilers)

    R+L=J fucking confirmed, it was super obvious though. Amazing episode, It's going to be so hard to wait for S7, I'm already struggling. The end shot was amazing too, Daenerys finally sailing to Westeros.
  13. TheRealRyven


    I don't really have a favourite but this is up there for sure. Other Mentions: Jurassic Park, Jaws, Fargo, There Will Be Blood, Almost Famous
  14. TheRealRyven

    Game of Thrones TV Show Discussion (no book spoilers)

    14 episodes left in total Rumour has it season 7 will be 7 eps long and season 8 being the final season will be 6 episodes long.
  15. TheRealRyven

    Today's the day! (Steam Summer Sale 2016)

    Summer sales make me realise I have a spending problem.