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  1. Growing up Asher was somewhat of a trouble child although that started taking place around the time he was 13 when his father died serving in the NZ army, after a few years had passed his mother remarried and he started getting back on track thanks to a girl named Lily. After 2 years of dating she suddenly went missing and was found dead by Asher a couple of days after the police had called off the search. Asher's step dad needed to move to Chernarus for work and his mother figured it would be a good change of scenery for him so they all eventually moved there. After a year of staying there Asher's parents went away for the weekend which also happened to be the time the world went crazy, Asher hunkered down in the house for a couple of weeks in hopes for his parents return until he was eventually forced out by bandits.
  2. ButcherHook16

    To the fuck that took my left eye out [open frequency]

    *Uxi laughs kicking his legs and all before grabbing his radio* H-Hey buddy... EYE... SEE where you're getting at with this! *He puts the radio down and sticks his finger under his eyepatch and into his eye socket sticking his tongue out*
  3. JUST saw it and well fuck just as I thought he dodged the bullet "well back to it!"
  4. *Asher leans back against a wall and lights up the "special" joint he had been saving and pressed the PTT* Good shit fellas *He sat down and closed his eyes for a moment listening to the music*
  5. ButcherHook16

    Carnival Looking For Female Act (Open Frequency)

    *Asher pulls a cigarette out of his pocket then brings the radio to his mouth to speak* Man I dunno what drugs this guy is on but I want some... *He goes to light the cigarette still holding the button* Tryina sort out a carnival n shit...
  6. ButcherHook16

    [GAME] This or That

    Well life gives everyone lemons so I gotta go with lime Pet Grizzly Bear or Velociraptor? (lets just say dinosaurs haven't been extinct)
  7. ButcherHook16

    [GAME]the person above you is selling something door to door what are they selling

  8. I wouldnt quite call this a discussion or anything but I found a post on facebook today saying to play the Stark theme and the Targaryen theme at the same time and I gotta say that shit blew my mind so if anyone wants to give it a go heres the links. Targaryen: Stark:
  9. aaaaaah I cant wait to deliberately pull agro on a few wolves just so someone can see me in the distance running from these wolves screaming profanities at them
  10. ButcherHook16

    The Stranger With Good Taste [Open Freq]

    *sits on the ground with his legs cross and his radio in front of him swaying from side to side* eeeeeeeeeh... this is goooooooooood... this makes a change from the usual "help me please I'm scared and all aloooooooone" *calmly chuckles* Keep up the music and if I run into you I'll willingly give up a can of bacon for ya. *continues swaying and starts humming the tune*
  11. ButcherHook16

    Your worst death in Dayz?

    Back in public me and my friends were on prison island and I decided to climb up the tower and when I stood on the railing at the top my screen flashed white randomly as if I took damage, thinking nothing of it I started walking back down just as the server restarted. When we logged back in I spawned on the roof of the prison building under the railing I was on with broken boots, so the only hope I had was to look for the smallest fall to take which was obviously enough to kill me, my friend told me is I jumped onto his head we both may be completely unaffected so I went to do that and to my luck I have the random sprinting glitch and rocket off the roof, over the fence, off the cliff and die on in the rocks where my corpse was unreachable R.I.P. my brutish appearance
  12. ButcherHook16

    Tell Some Jokes

    -User was warned for this Post-
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