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  1. Mikachu

    DayZ Server Files Launch

    To do specifics you need the server economy tool which will be part of the modding packages, and not released yet.
  2. Mikachu

    how to not die of starvation every hour or so?

    You can also find mushrooms now, the white ones are safe to eat raw :3
  3. Mikachu

    DayZ Mod poll

    debug island spawnpoints only lets go
  4. Mikachu

    What mods for DayZRP (Not SA) would you like to see?

    TFA is awesome but have to rebuilt from ground up to work for SA sadly, id be interested to see what happens if you raise the value of the VOIP quality modifer on server cfg tho clothing is cool, hard to make but im sure you'll see some once tools are released. Also there is a tonne of currently unused clothing in the files (including skirts, short shorts and more @Scarlett) weapons and attachments see above - will get made once tools are available plus loads sitting unused currently in the files (dart gun and tazer anyone?) character customization is a whole other beast. Making faces could theoretically be done? but anything further like actually changing the body itself would be very difficult due to skeleton issues and clothes being modeled to fit specific body shapes dogs etc are doable but would likely be trash, the AI built in governs zeds and wild animals so far so you'd have to write a whole new AI class for pets
  5. Mikachu

    DayZ Mod poll

    problem with napf, tavi etc is that the maps are amazing, but also huge and with low pop (which be honest, will be the case) you'd hardly ever see anyone
  6. Mikachu

    Return of Mod?

    mission.sqm, paste the items into the list, make sure they are correct format, repack server.pbo, reboot server, done
  7. Mikachu


    Sadly you wont be able to bring the dayz mod skins to SA, the way clothing works is radically different and wouldnt be even 1% compatible
  8. Mikachu

    Mike's Dev Corner

    Cool idea I had a whole thread ages ago but most of that work is outdated now
  9. Mikachu


  10. Mikachu


    Yes and no, its credits, but the fact is without giving money would not have access to the server = paying to access server EDIT: https://www.bohemia.net/monetization/approved/dayz DayZRP is approved anyway :3 no issues
  11. Mikachu

    J.D. Is back!!

    dev team unite?
  12. Mikachu


    on the surface it is, but it is categorically making people pay money for the chance to play on the server, the forum is the middle man. The issue is that bohemia have shut down communities that use payments to access servers before many times, and all it takes is one banned player to be denied amnesty or rebanned and then report it to BIS.
  13. Mikachu


    Just FYI you should check with BIS about this, they only let people charge for access to their games with strict permission from them
  14. Mikachu

    Real life picture Thread

    It’s been a long time since I was here last and I have changed quite a lot so!
  15. Mikachu

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    bi lighting = 9/10