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"I once killed Rolle with a DMR from 800m away"

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  1. I was actually thinking about this recently too. If you had a clearly marked (including on the IG map) KOS area and a clearly marked (again on map) safe zone area for the trade... I dunno it could be very interesting. It could lead to a really varied way of playing where there is a safe zone a danger zone and everywhere else is this murky mid area where you aren't ever safe but you have some protection. It would work even better if the Kos area was a high value area (maybe even the gas area?) And the safe area was the opposite side of the map, encouraging travel between them
  2. There are obviously a variety of issues as others has stated here but one thing I will note is this; I never see dayzrp discussed or talked about anywhere but here. On the dayz subreddit? Various dayz content creators? The official forums? Heck even the Dev team themself? It's like dayzrp is its own lil bubble and new players only ever find it through sheer luck
  3. Mikachu


    Now I wanna see a custom lucidity item in-game
  4. I love the traders being spread out because it makes them safer and more importantly it pushes people to travel around the map instead of staying in one spot Voted yes for removing ATMs tho, if you wanna keep you money safe then it should take effort not a magic box
  5. Love this idea. Plus it works well with the way we have things marked on the in-game map itself
  6. That is a very fair and valid point. I just expect the worse when it comes to people with drugs is all - I would genuinely love to be proven wrong and see good RP like that
  7. Voted yes but only for the second and third ideas. I think adding drugs would just result in some really bad rp
  8. Tbh I hope we stay on Chernarus, something about it is just special. Plus you could really make it custom quite easily
  9. Basically what is says in title. Things like nails, planks, bandages etc. Basic things that are useful but don't provide a direct advantage are super rough to find and never in stock at the traders due to this. Would love if some items had a minimum stock level set to like 5 or if they refreshed Inventory on a restart - this would also help RP and people would meet more at traders and such!
  10. Got one of the three cows for ya :3
  11. Entry 4 Another day, another entry. This one is insane. OK so, the day started well - I made it to the boss of the traders and she was nice enough. A bit gruff maybe but I can hardly blame her for that. Anyway, she liked the idea of contracting me for stock but gave me a mission to prove myself first. I need to find a rare assault rifle in the north then take it all the way east to the trader that deals in weapons. I, of course, accepted. https://i.imgur.com/HVIfuES.jpeg The boss of the traders. This is where things started to go wrong. I was on my way north when suddenly all I could hear was howling all around me then boom - 4 wolves bounded out of the woods and start circling me. Thankfully I was close to a hunting stand and managed to get up to safety and wait for them to get bored and leave but holy fuck. I was so scared and so... trapped. For the first time I... I almost wished I had a gun and knew how to use it. https://i.imgur.com/CYVWkiT.jpeg Wolves. Fucking Wolves. After they had left I kept heading north and found myself another castle, but this one was HUGE. Like a proper caslte my god. But also it was like... a tourist attraction? Plenty of abandoned park benches, tourist boards and such. Also, it was strangely empty of the infected folks? Kind of tranquil and amazing. Sadly the main tower was boarded up and seemingly taken as someones home? Can't say I blame them but it was a disappointment for sure. https://i.imgur.com/BU1hhEl.jpeg A true castle. After looking around for a while I spotted an airfield with what seemed like a large military presence to the west. So off I headed, thinking that surely this must be the place to find what I needed. Turns out, it likely is but also turns out, ITS FULL OF THEM. Like holy fuck so many, so many with vests and helmets and... they spotted me much easier than others i've met and... They got me. I'm writing this whilst almost passing out in a bush outside the airfield. I barely escaped alive. My armis covered in wounds that will surely scar and I feel sick. I feel weak. I'm scared. I don't know if I'll survive this one. - Mika Hedington, Survivor?
  12. Voted yes but only if we can disable certain parts, I think zombies and loot are great as is rn
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