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  1. I'm an eclectic Wiccan - meaning I follow the core ideals of Wicca but use it as a basis for something unique and that feels right to me. I follow two goddesses - Aphrodite & Brigid and they represent the sun and moon :3 its a lot more complicated but ya'll don't need a thesis so brief summary
  2. Notice me senapi


    but seriously, much love ❤️ I'm glad things are going well even if I miss ye good ole days

  3. @Muntz fuck right in the feels. Allow me to contribute: Back when we tried epoch for a bit https://youtu.be/I0HvF-dSa2o The poison gas that I never got to use ingame but spent like 2 months making for the final event cries https://youtu.be/BMSDpAFHbsQ Execution at haven https://youtu.be/2GdwkURxaEA IRA take over Haven (peacefully) https://youtu.be/qE3p8M4zwDs Gino (RIP) singing ! https://youtu.be/5rWb1hWo_oo My POV of the infamous Chernorussian roulette https://youtu.be/Ax0W8f2tUq4 Rescuing @Rolandhimself Briefing for an invasion event by the amazing @Tomeran The trailer I made for patch 1.4.0 What i think was the last version of Ravens nest ever to exist The last admin event I ever took part in, we attack skallisty island and it was amazing Such memories. Such feels. I miss ya'll @[email protected] of [email protected] @DarkStyle @Gina @Hofer @Red @Sin @Dax @Caesar
  4. Bear is good, dancing guys arent good, backgroudn for posts is class, name is boring ? I'd go... 6/10
  5. Fuck i'm getting old.

    1. Stagsview


      You where always old...what's the difference now?

      Your older.


    2. Mikachu


      Bitch ?

      I look better the older I get though so win

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