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  1. Mikachu

    DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    Sorry but that is simply false. going through the red: central economy is in and working fine (needs some tweaks ofc) new zombie AI is in but not fully implemented yet due to conflicts with old player controller vehicle modifications exist in that you can put different color parts on different cars and will be expanded in the future. advanced animals life cycle is ingame but disabled, so ill give you that one dynamic events is ingame and functioning - think heli crashes and police cars life span + soft skills is in beta aerial transport is MIA but hopeing for beta? pls console is kinda irrelevant tbh animal companions i think got cancelled and that makes me sad. steamcommunity is for beta - its useful to add till it can be used so out of all of these only 2 are completely not shown at all 1 is irrelevant and 2 are done but currently disabled ingame
  2. Mikachu

    Ground Zero - Kamensk Military Base

    Awesome thanks for the explanation :3
  3. Mikachu

    Ground Zero - Kamensk Military Base

    May I ask why Kamensk was chose when Tisy will literally have a hazard zone in game where you need gas masks/ suits to enter?
  4. Mikachu

    DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    I thought of a good analogy imagine if dayz was a cheese sandwich, at the moment it's like the cheese is a bit boring, the bread not super great but hey, it's an alright cheese sandwich I guess. then they release beta and suddenly that sandwich has a choice of 5 extra toppings, fresh from the farm cheese and fresh crusty bread. Its now still a cheese sandwich but it's almost entirely different in reality, even though at its core it is still just bread and cheese if you don't like cheese sandwiches it won't really do much to sway you, but if you do like them then it's suddenly a way more appetising sandwich option. also I like analogies
  5. Mikachu

    DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    On its own? No of course not. But it isn't one little new thing - it's a tonne of new things and the advancement and refinement of almost everything that currently exists. plus the fact that it will actually be fun to play will bring in content creators again which in turn will bring in more players and then mods will bring in some people too and you might even get breakout mods like dayz was originally or like battle Royale was for dayz mod
  6. Mikachu

    DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    You realise there is literal video of more advanced base building being played right?
  7. Mikachu

    DayZ 0.63/BETA Discussion Thread

    A) only go by what is officially in the builds and said by devs B) stuff will be in beta but doesn't mean it will be FINISHED at launch of beta. Base building for example will start out small and get expanded just like everything else C) I'm really exited for people to play beta both for how much better it is and also for how much you have to change how you play DayZ
  8. Mikachu

    Chernarus Folklore, Stories, Myths and Legends Anthology

    VERY cool idea
  9. Mikachu

    Requiem Of A Nightmare - Mika's Journal

    Requiem Of A Nightmare - The Journal of Mika Haines *The cover flips open to the first entry.* //Bear with me for the first couple of entries, my writing is rusty//
  10. Mikachu

    The problem with elitism and elitists on our servers

    I haven't been back long enough to comment on the larger issue but I will say that ever since I first started here over 4 years ago now - the RP hotspots have always been a mix of great RP and fucking terrible RP. It isn't any fault of the idea or it's owners at the time it's simply a result of more people = higher chance for one to be bad or one to do something wrong. That is something you will never solve because even the topest of tier RPers will have bad days or make mistakes so more people in one space will always equal higher chance of something bad happening. That said - it also doesn't need to be an issue tbh, people just need to understand each other more - sometimes someone makes a mistake or has a bad day and you shouldn't let it ruin everyone else (yourself included) day and experience. Hotspots for RP are good for the simple fact that it makes it MUCH easier to find people to RP with in a game where it's difficult to do so sometimes.
  11. Mikachu

    It's been a long time.

    It's a long story
  12. Mikachu

    It's been a long time.

    Check a film called The Day After too, it's like threads but slightly different
  13. Mikachu

    Server 2 change

    Now how will I loot without worrying about running into other players? in all seriousness probably for the best, more people is good
  14. Mikachu

    So someone made a ARMA 3 plugin that allows travel between different servers...

    Certainly an interesting idea, sort of hacked together instancing
  15. Mikachu

    So someone made a ARMA 3 plugin that allows travel between different servers...

    Since it's a script at its core you could place your own triggers and make them run said script so that SHOULD be possible but not sure, the rest of the map would still exist and be running just with no players on it