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  1. This is what I did to fix my issue as I was getting the same message. I basically downgraded to legacy, reinstalled stable, uninstalled mods, resubbed to them. Made sure I had all of the correct server information plus my character name in, then boom it worked for me.
  2. If you launch the DayZ Launcher, you will see a tab on the left called Mods. Click on Mods and then you will see an option at the top called Steam workshop. Click on Workshop and to the top right you should see a search box. Type in winter chernarus and click subscribe, then type in dayzrp mod and subscribe to that one as well. You should then be subbed to both mods that are currently used.
  3. I am in the same boat. Could you please list what all you did to fix your issue? I've uninstalled/reinstalled DayZ, put in server information in launcher, unsubbed and subbed to mods again, put in character name, downgraded to legacy then back to stable. Everything I've read to remedy this issue, I've tried
  4. Well I completely uninstalled and am reinstalling mods now. Will try from fresh install.
  5. Yeah I tried doing just that. I took the server information out and just tried loading up dayz via the launcher. Still the same issue. But thank you for the suggestion.
  6. So I originally had the error bad version, connection refused start happening after my whitelist app was approved. I followed the steps to downgrade my build to 0.62 and then upgrade back to stable. I did all of that with no issues. I re-downloaded the DayZRP Mod and the Winter Chernarus mod, set my in game name, entered the server details + password and hit start. The DayZ screen comes up, I see the circle spinning on the top right, then it freezes during mid spin. I have validated my files, restarted my computer, moved my dayz install to a different HD.....Nothing I do can fix this. I
  7. Does anybody know why my launcher seems to crash while loading? I'll get to the Dayz loading screen and it just sits there.....I downgraded my build as Burps stated, then I reinstalled stable, but still it looks like it freezes when loading.
  8. Burps, thank you for posting the solution. I'm following your steps now. Good day to you sir.
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