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  1. T - 9 days until the move is happening and it can't come any sooner, really hope i don't move for a while after this

  2. @Roach Dude having the chance to actually meet and talk to Quinn even though it was a short one was great time, can't thank you enough for that awesome RP @Para Was a fun time talking to you on the radio and actually meeting Jasper, he's a great character and i know that it'll be a bit before he warms up to him if that'll happen, thank you for tonight's RP @Clumsy RPing with you is always awesome but man the way you play Quinn's daughter is 10/10, keep being you and your RP is going places @Liberty Berntson was Great having Zach meet your character today, keep up the awesome RP and i can't wait for future interactions with him @SlimmDusty Even though Zach and Kyle didn't talk at all tonight it was still a great time @Anouk haha the first meeting between Zach and Eden was definitely a first for me, didn't think id meet someone as a character that fell asleep in a house and then them waking up with them hovering over him with their thumbs up (also not sure who it was with the car but thank you for the lift)
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      hey bud, how're you?

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      im good, you?

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      doin alright, am preparing for this move in 8 days

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  5. Take care Eddie, wishing you a great summer and hope we can get some great RP in the future
  6. bloodcrusader

    Unique Faces (22nd July 2018)

    i wish i could take part in this event, sadly moving right now is a top priority but after the move is finished maybe i can take part in events again, bust of luck on this @Mademoiselle
  7. bloodcrusader

    o7 folks

    damnit, am gonna miss you Major, i wish you all the best on what ever you're gonna be doing next, you were doing a great job as LM when it was a thing, much to you my dude o7
  8. had a pleasure on the RP today with @Dank [email protected]@[email protected]@Retro @Jono the giant @[email protected] Danand @Dakotaen
  9. bloodcrusader

    Casting Call - Quinn's Wife

    Best of luck in the search @Roach can't wait to see how this story of your's and @Mr. Blueunfolds
  10. Want to say a major Congrats on the re-approval
  11. bloodcrusader

    The Sea Men

    Want to wish you all the best of luck with this group, i feel that it can be very interesting with the RP encounters o7
  12. bloodcrusader

    S1 RDM, No time to comply Vybor industrial

    I agree to close down the report as well, besides just gear anyway, that stuff can easily be replenished
  13. bloodcrusader

    S1 RDM, No time to comply Vybor industrial

    My POV: So i log into the barn on the north side of the Vybor Industrial and i see 2 people on the hill with red beret's and red arm bands,thinking nothing of it i jog down the hill and then see them running past me and then i see him climbing the ladder to go on to the roof top of said Industrial building with his gun out and then i see him aiming his gun and then hear him fire it thinking it was just him shooting at infected until i hear over the radio from @SlimmDusty that @Anouk just got told to put her hands up and then gets shot, i run over and tend to the situation and tell the people that's around me who it was that shot at them, so we go around the area to make sure it's all safe and good til running back down to the industrial buildings we come across a guy that said he killed the 2 people we were looking for, he brings us to where it happened and we confirm it was them, all of a sudden he gets shot and killed and then i get told to put my hands up and then i get shot and killed as well. (I'd also like to point out that i wasn't givin anytime to comply before being gunned down sadly my pc isn't good enough to record anything so i don't have video evidence but @Para was with me the whole time