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  1. Kyle picks up his radio after hearing the transmission* "He'd laugh a bit and then presses the PTT" *You can try but ultimately you will fail and i will enjoy you failing* "Kyle looks at Bobby and the rest of the Roses and just shakes his head" *Good luck....i guess* *The transmission stops*
  2. @GalloWBGreatly enjoyed Kyle being back with Brandon again and i know i'll enjoy the RP moving forward @Mouse Glad to finally meet Bobby and to be a part of his group/family @SofiaLFelt good to RP with you once again cause it felt like old times even if we didn't talk as much but i know that'll change once my characters get's to know you more and i can't wait for the future RP between us
  3. Ok so i went to my settings on the site and clicked the *join discord* button to lync my account with discord and some reason it won't sync at all any help with this is greatly appreciated
  4. We will be meeting soon i feel, can't wait for that future RP to happen o7
  5. *Kyle presses his PTT and begins speaking* *It's good to hear your voice again my friend...i gonna have to dig through my pack to even remember that one..till then my friend.* *Releases PTT and the transmission ends*
  6. *Kyle begins speaking into his radio* *Terrano, it's Nelson iv finally managed to make it back into the area and have been trying to re-locate you to continue doing what we used to do,, if you can let me know your location by private frequency that'd be great..til then old friend. *Kyle releases the PTT and the transmission ends*
  7. BOI

    1. bloodcrusader


      Hey there Sofia!!!!!!

    2. SofiaWG




    3. bloodcrusader


      Hope you've been well 😄

  8. i absolutely loved reading each one of these @RogueSolace i remember every RP moment from reading these entrees and i wish Ethan was still with you guys but tbh im not really sure when i'll be back just know i send my
  9. Best of luck in anything you guys are doing, i know it'll be a great group o7
  10. bloodcrusader

    A day of sorrow

    the Day Curtis Jones took his last brother
  11. *Kyle presses his PTT and starts speaking* "Hey Terrano, not sure if this thing is working or not but im back in the country and im hoping to meet up with you and learn about what iv missed out on" *Transmission Ends*
  12. It was great seeing you again my friend @Malet and the RP with @RogueSolaceand @Jaxonfeels just like old time
  13. *After hearing the radio and the talk going on Ethan presses his PTT* *Beth would you like for me to accompany you at all to help with security while you work, also hey Brandon it's good to hear your voice again my friend since it's been quite a while and it'll be good to see you* *Transmission ends*
  14. Take care of yourself man,glad i met you and got to RP with you as a few of your characters and will always keep in contact with you,take it easy and stay safe and have fun out there o7
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