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  1. bloodcrusader

    The Moretti Famiglia

    What those 2 said is exactly what im loving about being with this group, everyone i have RP'd with has made it an amazing experience everyday, have ran into some old friends and met some new people on this character and im glad that im able to be here and RP with everyone, so to you @Roach thank you so much for bringing this back and giving me the opportunity to be able to RP with you and everyone apart of this amazing group, it's helping me continue to grow as a role player and it's also helping me make more friends as well
  2. @[email protected] am greatly enjoying the RP between the Moretti Famiglia and Anarchy, keep it up you guys
  3. Had a blast on the rp today with @[email protected] [email protected]@Empress [email protected] and not sure of all the other people's forum names
  4. bloodcrusader

    The Moretti Famiglia

    Am so happy we have gotten approved!!!!
  5. bloodcrusader

    Animus [IC Recruitment]

    Hope you're ok @Clumsy miss Talkin and Rping with you <3, hope all are doing good as well, happy your guys group is doing awesome, keep it up and keep thriving
  6. bloodcrusader

    The Moretti Famiglia

    im so grateful to be a part of this and i can't wait for it to get started, thank you so much @Roach
  7. bloodcrusader

    Capax Infiniti (Serious Recruitment Only)

    @RogueSolace could you remove me from the group til a later date as im going to not be playing grant for a while starting next week
  8. Greatly enjoyed today's Rp with you both @FieJaxon @ScarletRose
  9. Let me introduce you all to Kyle Nelson Kyle is a 28-29 year old born in Brooklyn,New York, USA to his 2 parents Chris and Rebecca, during the younger years of his life wasn't all good times even with a loving family that he had, see his mom and dad were both bounty hunters and part of secret mob as that mobs body guards, they aren't your normal bounty hunters either, they don't go after criminals that the police can't catch, what they go after is the other criminal mobs who break a very important code and that is never turn your back on your family or home. as Kyle grew older he learned from his dad that he would soon be joining this bounty hunting profession and learning everything from his dad as Kyle was he next in line to inherit lead position the bounty hunters, once Kyle turned 20 years old he became a bounty hunter after his dad was fatally shot by one of the other mobs body guards and when Kyle learned of this he decided that he was going to get vengeance on this man for killing his father in cold blood, later he learned from the mob that hired this bounty hunter that the guy took most of that mob's money that he was working for and got on a plane and headed for a place called Chernarus, learning of this Kyle asked for some money from his family's mob, grabbed his glock19 along with his M4 and also got on a plane heading to Chernarus. What Kyle didn't know though was that Chernarus was going through some sort of outbreak/infection type shit and the job that he took upon himself to complete was going to be made much harder..will Kyle end up completing his objective or will he die like his father did and leave his mom all alone with no family left.
  10. bloodcrusader

    Capax Infiniti (Serious Recruitment Only)

    i can't wait to get things started with everyone, it's going to be amazing RP all around
  11. bloodcrusader

    The Kingdome* of Severograd

    Hope they get to see one another again
  12. bloodcrusader

    The Kingdome* of Severograd

    Quinn remembers meeting Grant right or is her memory still a bit foggy? @Lady In Blue
  13. *After hearing the man talk about supplies he decides to press his PTT button* *Hey i just heard that you either sell/trade supplies and well id like to know if you perhaps have an M4A1 Carbine and some rounds to go along with it, i myself have an AKM but not much ammo for it and i can trade this AKM to you in exchange for the M4...you can contact me on a private frequency if you like to set one up and we can talk more there..names Grant btw* *Transmission Ends*
  14. bloodcrusader

    Capax Infiniti (Serious Recruitment Only)

    well Grant applied for one like a while ago
  15. bloodcrusader

    Capax Infiniti (Serious Recruitment Only)

    nooo not again!!! @Clumsy ,already lost a limb once i don't want to lose another one hehe