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  1. My name is Pride Sinners, i was only a teenager when it started. In the begining it was only weird stories on the local news paper about strange attacks and then hell gone loose, ive managed to get out of the city with my family. 4 Years have passed me and my family settled a camp in the woods, tried to make a living with anything we could scavange, me and my brother were hunting animals and scavenging local stores in the village nearby, our parents were guarding the camp. we were once before a very happy family even after all the things weve been through but after the breakout things could never go back to what they were. One night my brother hasnt arrived from his usual scavenging run, i was worried but he had his walkie talkie on him so if anything happens he would call me. I couldnt sleep i was worried and tried to contact my brother and after 10 minutes ive heard heavy breathing on the other side. "Im telling you Dante is a tough one" the strange voice said as i am hearing my brother screaming in pain, ive felt like my world is falling apart. Me: WHO ARE YOU? YOU BASTARD! Bandit: woah woah mind the languege you dont want me to break his other arm. Me: please what do you want just dont hurt him please we dont have much but ill give you anything just please let him go! Bandit: i dont want your gear ive got enough of my own i didnt quite catched your name. (sigh) My name is Pride and the bandit told me about the meeting point i took my bag and baseball bat and told my parents that Dante found something but its too heavy to carry so he needs my help, mother looked at me she could always tell when im lying and asked me what happened i responded that everything is ok ill be back in an hour with Dante, she hugged me it was the only thing that i needed now i must save Dante. It was a chilly night and all i could thinking about is Dante if he is still alive, he always wins in fights against me and other kids in our school, always land a good punch. our father is a good person and he thought us to fight only for justice and a good cause, never stopped my mother from yelling on us when school called her to pick us up. I was heading to the meeting point at was an old factory,i was scared for Dante and for myself aswell on the way there were roaming zombies but it was easy to avoid them and got closer to the factory. As i came closer i saw lights coming from inside and loud metal music that drew zombies in, i hoped that they would listen and parhaps and make a deal with us. "Glad you showed enjoy the party grab a beer but please be careful with the zombies" he was luring the zombies to one side while he was up in the ladder so they wont get him. Where is Dante? hey slow down we have more guests coming and looks who just arrived? My parents came inside cuffed with a bag on their heads scared with armed bandits behind them, please let them go! Bandit: You can keep your bat you will need it and then the music stopped the the bandits closed the gates and lights i used my flashlight and removed the bag from their heads,dont worry i will get you out of here stay with me Dante is somewhere here in the building. After the music has stopped the zombies were still in that same corner feeding it was Dante lying lifeless eaten by the zombies and as they saw us they started to get closer i pushed them back but they were so many the bandits were laughing as the music came back. my father started to distract the zombies while he is still cuffed and i tried to open the main door but it was blocked from the other side my mother found a broken vent that we can squeeze through my father told me to save mother and before i could do anything he was cornered and told me that he loves us as he was getting eaten i broke the vent and help my mother first to get out she was lucky that the cuffed were too big so she manged to get out from the handcuffs and screamed for me to get out but for me it was too much i went up the ladder where they were, it was three of them they didnt had any bullets in their guns and thats when ive felt like god just gave me green light to take my revenge one of them pulled out his knife and i managed to keep a distance and hit him in the face he felt down to the zombies, one hit me with a plank and choked me with his hands ive felt like im about to go unconscious ,as i was about to fade out the first bandit knife was in reach and stabbed him in the ribs and pushed him away from me and finished him off the third one ran off and ive found mother outside of the factory crying we burned the place and built a memorial grave back in the camp with their pictures and my mother passed away year after from sickness. And then i knew i will find one day that bandit and complete my revenge i will do everything to survive and one day i will find more survivors like me and together we would build the clan 7Sins and fight for justice.
  2. you are absolutely right thats what im saying when people asking me if im a bandit or a hero we survive, we choose and we sleep with our desicions.
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