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"I love respecting women."

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  1. You're asking to join as a joke, right?

    1. Rory


      Issok Shadows, He declined me too :( 
      We're not cool enough to be in Nato

    2. John


      It's a pretty exclusive club 

    3. Rory


      Well I mean I haven't even met you ingame yet and I'm on pretty much 12h a day.

    4. John


      Most of us have full-time jobs, are currently in service, or have other things going on.  We're usually on from 4pm EST until about 10pm EST during the week.  We've been coordinating with other groups and doing meeting with them the past week.  Yesterday we went to the UN camp.  It's just a matter of timing, really.

    5. Suturb The Liquidator

      Suturb The Liquidator

      I don't joke around on these forums. I take every action very seriously. How dare you accuse me of otherwise.