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  1. Not sure how you can accidentally give points when you hide all the posts and close the thread. You legitimately have the time of day to handle the situation.

    1. Oliv


      Fine, don't accept my apology 


      Shit happens, but it was at least corrected. What else can I say.

    2. Suturb The Liquidator

      Suturb The Liquidator

      Reading the context of the actual message, it doesn't seem like it was applied erroneously.

      It's not your fault, Oliv. The one behind it should be the one apologizing.

    3. GreekGodx


      we love you, Oliv

    4. Oliv


      sure you do, I feel like this guy sometimes 


    5. Suturb The Liquidator

      Suturb The Liquidator

      aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand they don't even care.

      lol why do i write feedback

    6. Cid


      Please don't assume that I don't care.

    7. Suturb The Liquidator

      Suturb The Liquidator

      Spitting back excuses and typing up 2 lines to justify a page-long feedback doesn't really showcase that.

      But you know.

    8. Cid


      I also don't need a page long mistake to recognize the feedback.

      If it makes you feel better, the people that dealt with your most recent post that was warned by myself got in a discussion after the fact that it happened, realized our mistake, and moved on from the situation.  Other than that, I didn't feel the need to right an equally long post to accept the feedback.

    9. Castiel



    10. Suturb The Liquidator

      Suturb The Liquidator

      Unless I know who signed these points, you take the fall for them. At the end of the day, you're the most responsible for them because your name is at the bottom of the message.

    11. Cid


      And I feel like that is a wrong way of thinking.  Everyone else was just as much in the discussion as I was.  I was simply the one to write the post.  Anyone in the discussion could have written the same or something incredibly similar.

      It's not an excuse, it's the truth.  Like I said, I am fine with taking and accepting the feedback; it does not fall on deaf ears.

    12. Suturb The Liquidator

      Suturb The Liquidator

      Then who else was involved in the pointing?

    13. Cid


      If they wish to come forward then they will.

    14. Suturb The Liquidator

      Suturb The Liquidator

      Until then, unfortunately it has to fall on yourself.