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"I love respecting women."

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  1. I'm Harambe, and this is my zoo enclosure. I work here with my zoo keeper and my friend, cecil the lion. Everything in here has a story and a price. One thing I've learned after 21 years - you never know WHO is gonna come over that fence.

    1. Hebee
    2. Suturb The Liquidator
    3. Nihoolious


      ?At first I was? afraid I was? petrified?, Kept?hearing?stories?that the prince? of Silverbacks had ⚰died☠, but ?then I ?spent?so ?many ?nights just asking ?who ?could ?slay⚔ our boo?,⁉️ It ??can't? ?be true✋, It ?was the ?Cincinnatti ?Zoo?!?,

      All 'cos a ?child?, Broke ?through ?the ⛓fence?, He just ?crawled ?in to find our ?Lord and ?Saviour ?act in ☝️self defence✋, I ?should ?have warned him of the? kid, I should have got my ??dick out more⤴️, If I'd have known? for just one second? he'd be ?lying ?on the floor⤵️,

      Piss?off now, go?, put down the gun?, ?Just ?turn?around? now????, you heartless? ape-destroying? scum?, Weren't ?you ☝️the ones who said you'd ?treat? him with ?respect♋️, D'you ⁉️think ?‍?‍?‍?we'd?‍?‍? crumble⁉️, D'you think we'd ??move on and? forget⁉️,

      Oh no ☝️not ??us??, Harambe's alive☝, As ?long as we get our dicks out???, his ?memory will survive? He had ✊?all his life to live❤️, And he had lots of ?hugs ?to give, Our ?ape's ✊???alive, He ☝️will ☝survive,? hey hey?

    4. GreekGodx


      Long rest our beloved one