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  1. Dan


    I'm off to work for the summer, enjoy life, and then worry about school again in 2 months. I may pop my head in from time to time but, who knows?

    1. Lucius



    2. Sleepyhead


      Take care Dan xx 💕

    3. Jamie


      Godspeed, Daniel ❤️ 

  2. Dan

    Real life picture Thread

    ngl idk who you are
  3. Dan

    Real life picture Thread

    i surely hope you didnt actually waste money on fake yeezys
  4. Dan


    i think we should make @Hebee a support member. i feel like he has staff potential

    1. Mexi


      I too agree @Hebee certainly has what it takes to go far within the team.

    2. stargirl



    3. Hebee



  5. Dan

    Goodbye for now.

    bye dude
  6. Dan


    yo wtf are you supposed to tab out and check someone's character page before you initiate? lmao what is this 

    1. Eagle


      If he's a random on your first encounter you can be hostile without a reason. So much for progressive RP it's more like where's waldo at this point.

  7. Dan

    COMPLIMENT the person above you

    cute fiance
  8. Dan

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

  9. Dan

    [GAME] First thing that comes to your mind of the person above you.

    full gay
  10. Dan

    [GAME] Describe the person above you with one word

  11. Dan



    I never sleep—‘cause sleep is the cousin of death
    I lay puzzle as I backtrack to earlier times
    Nothing's equivalent to the New York state of mind

  12. Dan




  13. Dan


    I could jump off a bridge, and let you walk over me
    I tend to stay inside myself, I don't want you to take over me

  14. Dan

    [GAME] Describe the person above you with one word

  15. Dan

    [GAME] First thing that comes to your mind of the person above you.

  16. Dan

    DayZRP's Graphic Artists [Megathread]

    Welcome to the official Megathread to host all of DayZRP's dedicated Graphic Artists. Are you in need of a unique signature, avatar or group artwork? Do you need your DayZ Screenshots polished or edited? On this thread you will find a list of every graphic artist in our community which allows you to chose the one that suits your expectations best. [OPEN] - They are currently available to take on requests [LIMITED] - They are only taking on a few requests whenever they have time [CLOSED] - They are currently unavailable to take on requests [TBD] - It is unsure whether they are available or not but they will receive a PM regarding their availability Failure to respond to the PM within 48 Hours will result in the Link & Name being removed from the list If you are listed below and wish to have your status changed, please send me a PM. [CLOSED] Aiko's Stream & Art [LIMITED] Alexis' Media Thread [OPEN] Clumsy's Art Workshop [CLOSED] Dan Backslide's Art and Request Thread [CLOSED] Hassan's Graphics [CLOSED] Flashykinz [OPEN] Lucas' Media Thread [OPEN] Shane's Avatars [OPEN] Sleepyhead's Media Thread [CLOSED] Sylvester Todd's Art Thread If you would like to register a Graphics Thread, please fill out the form below and send it to me in a PM or post it in the comment section below Forum Name: Graphic Type: Current Status: Thread link:
  17. Dan

    [GAME] First thing that comes to your mind of the person above you.

    half gay
  18. Dan

    [GAME] Guess the real name of the person above

  19. Dan


  20. Dan

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

  21. Dan

    [GAME] Rate the person's signature above you

  22. Dan

    [GAME] First thing that comes to your mind of the person above you.

    loves notifying the community every time they change their profile music
  23. Dan


    So how worth it is it to have a 1440p and 144hz monitor?

    1. Whitename


      if you have the graphics power then do it. otherwise its not worth. i have a 1080p 60Hz monitor because thats what my PC can put out

    2. Dan


      I'm gonna go buy a 1080 ti and a new monitor, just wondering if its a good idea

    3. Zanaan


      For Day z you'll see minimal difference, but for more competitive shooters its a big difference in the refresh rate, and the resolution does help with smaller details at a distance in games like pubg

    4. Dan


      I dont really play shooters, dayz, or pubg

    5. Zanaan


      Then I suppose it's dependent on what you do play, but most likely your money would be better invested in improved memory or a newer cpu if your current specs are low

    6. Dan


      6600k and 16gb of DDR4 ram at 2400 mhz

    7. Zanaan


      Neither are terrible and will suffice in most games, my only concern is that you may end up bottle necking your performance with a 6600k if you aren't over clocking on the more CPU heavy games, but most of the ones that utilize heavy CPU are in the multiplayer open world genre, so it may not concern you too much.

    8. Dan


      it's OC'd to 4.1

  24. Dan

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

  25. Dan