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  1. A gurl? was walkin? 2 skewl? wit her bf? n they? were crossin? da rode???? she sed? "bbz?? will u? luv?? me? 4evr???????"

    he? said? "NO??..""

    da gurl? cryed??? N ran? across da rode????? b4 da green man? came??? on the sine?.

    boy? was cryin?? and went?? to pic up her body?.

    she was ded?????.

    he? whispered? 2 her corpse?? "I ment 2 sey? i will luv?? u FIVE-ever?????????????..." (dat mean he luv her moar den 4evr???????)

    xxx~...like? dis if u cry?? evry time???...~xxx

    1. Shadows