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  1. This is the most disgusting thread ive ever read. ERP should be a permabannable offense.
  2. What are your launch parameters for DayZ?
  3. Seems pointless to me. If this place remembered to follow this: Then great, they won't be on the server for 2 months. Either they play and follow the rules perfectly and hope they don't get caught on the bad end of a report, or they wait it out and do not play. Either way, rules aren't being broken on the server by these people and nobody is harmed.
  4. The fact that its still in the game and you have to act like it doesnt exist means it should probably be taken out. +1 from me
  5. Dan

    DayZRP 20.2.4

    lmao isnt the whole point to promote player interaction? Why make it even harder to survive
  6. image.png.344312f459d3398848c69e4e3297f0a9.png

    1. Roland


      Base building for diamond only? :trolle:

    2. Dan


      This is the kind of monetizing genius we need @Roland

  7. Always excited to see a new whitename group. Good luck, I'm sure you'll get the hold of roleplay on here
  8. They're fun to blow up tbh Good way to spend all that 5.56 It's also very easy to just say "We believed a group we are at battle with is chasing us in a vehicle" then it was justified.
  9. Swapping to another server during a 2 hour combat log timer doesn't seem to abide by fair play imo.

    1. Jamie


      this is good

  11. The last lore wipe only mixed things up for a month. If you think it's worth putting in all this time just for new groups for 1 month then sure. I voted no.
  12. The forums are how this server is monetized and stays up and how people that are bored of DayZ can still be around. Big -1
  13. Anyone elses forums really hard to read on a 1440p monitor?

    1. Finn


      Nope, but it might be because your resolution settings are low for such a large screen. I think I originally had problems like that.

    2. Dan


      No it just started a few days ago and its only on this website

    3. Dan


      Ive had this monitor for over a year and never had issues with it

    4. Jamie


      Have you tried turning it off and on again Shadows?

    5. Dan


      thanks jim jam

  14. Good day, Roland.

  15. Lol that shit is ridiculous Burn it down
  16. image.png.6e47aa523266fe1a211188ce4f9bdea1.png

    lets goooo

  17. Dan

    what the hell

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