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  1. Dan


    Mahomes was a very good QB this year, but by far the most overrated player in the NFL.

    Change my mind.

    1. Will


      Yeah but then again he brought his team to the AFC championship his rookie year 

      And also had the most passing yards out of any QB. Also in his rookie career 


    2. Melvin


      bro hes the mvp and offensive player of the year in his first year he deserves some of the hype

    3. Dan


      Put any top 10 QB with Kelce, Hunt, Hill, Reid, and a better than average O-Line and they could do the same. That offense is ridiculous.

      Not a rookie btw


    4. Will


      what do you mean not a rookie? 

      yes, the chiefs o-line is amazing, but he still is a great rookie QB

    5. Dan


      This was his second season. He backed up Alex Smith last year.

    6. Nelson


      I feel like Mahomes will be another Peyton Manning tbh. He's really good in the regular season but can't get it done in the postseason.

    7. Dan


      The league is littered in talent. He will be a great QB for a while but I don't think he is this generational talent everyone makes him out to be.

      Brady, Rogers, Brees, Wilson are all better. I also have like 4 others I'd put before him right now. But for how young he is, definitely very talented and a bright future.

    8. Nelson


      I mean you the guy did throw 50 TD's in only his second season, and it was also his first season and post season actually starting. The way he played this season he's easily a Top 5 QB, and this is coming from a die-hard Patriots fan. His offense was pretty good but if you look at other teams this year and in the past with great weapons, they can't get it done. For examples, Big Ben and Eli, they a lot of weapons and neither of them made the playoffs,  hell even with Matt Ryan.

    9. Dan


      I'd just say that such a great coach and the best TE in the league makes it harder to compare their offense to Pitt and the Giants. Having that big guy that can do everything on the line and then catch really bails out those QBs and neither the Steelers nor the Giants had someone near as solid as Kelce.

    10. Nelson


      I mean Andy Reid is a great coach in the regular season but he's shit in the playoffs, this was his first game in a conference championship. Kelce is a great TE, but I mean the Steelers have the best WR duo in the league with AB and JuJu, plus James Conner is a great young RB. And I mean Eli has a Top 3 WR in Odell alongside great young talent with Sterling Shepard, Evan Engram, and Saquon. 

    11. Dan


      Reid went to the SB in '04 with the Eagles. And yeah, those teams all have ridiculous talent but that TE makes a killer difference. The Pats, Eagles, and Chiefs all reap the benefits by having that go-to.

      I'm excited for Mahomes' future, but seeing these rumors of a $200 million deal make me go oh boy. Another Jimmy G.

    12. Nelson


      Oh, I didn't know Reid coached the Eagles in 04, but in the past years, he hasn't been able to get past the divionsal round. And I know the TE plays a big part in an offense but if you look at the Saints and Rams, they don't have a top TE and they both played really good this year, but I believe Mahomes will do great as you said and Jimmy G just got fucked with an injury but I'm sure he'll bounce back, I mean he did sit behind the GOAT for like 2-3 years ?

    13. Dan


      I'm rooting for Jimmy G and I will root for Mahomes once his circle jerk ends.

    14. Nelson


       lol, I kinda wish the Patriots never traded him but he was gonna leave in F/A anyways, but I think the Patriots might get Will Grier in this years draft too maybe succeed Brady. And I like Mahomes a lot and I enjoy how he's humble and quiet, and just keeps too himself. Plus he's sponsored by a Ketchup company. ?

    15. Dan


      I just want the eagles to trade Wentz for Saquon and a draft pick then trade up for Tua tbh.

    16. Nelson


      Yeah, Saquon and Baker are my favorite rookies, especially with both of them having all the pressure around them and proved a lot of people wrong. 

    17. Dan


      I go to PSU so Saquon is my one true love.

      Lamar Jackson tho..... big ups.

    18. Nelson


      Nice, PSU is a good college football school. Lamar Jackson has a good ass run game but he just needs to work on his passing. If he does he can become a smaller Cam Newton or Russell Wilson. 

    19. Dan


      Yeah I loved watching Vick play and I hope he grows to be just as good. My god that would be enjoyable. You couldn't even complain about losing to Vick.

    20. Nelson


      Yeah, I remember when I was 4 years old, the first NFL game I played was Madden 04 and Vick was a cheat code lol. 

    21. Will


      Saquon is so fucking good. If he’s not rookie of the year I don’t know what the NFL is doing

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