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  1. Can we please get rid of guns next too? Shit gives me Vietnam flashbacks
  2. We out here drinking when a 15 page paper is due
  3. Nothing personal its all good
  4. All yall with RP and LR in your names, this thread is not for you
  5. If you mother fuckers get my thread shut down I swear to god
  6. Feelin blessed
  7. Sounds like a cool concept hopefully you find yourself two more people
  8. Yes I want new players and the whitelist should be harder than it already is
  9. That is not the wave
  10. Just get rid of tents as a whole tbh dont need any storage
  11. I don't know the full procedure of things. But I was never permed and had been put on final way back in 2017 and got off it also in 2017. That is four years ago when I was on final. I don't have status updates for some reason, but an individual @groovy dingo has his status updates back from being permed. I am assuming he is on amnesty or something and on final, but he has status updates. Why does he have them and myself and others do not? EDIT: @Inferno I'm assuming the full points were appealed then. Makes sense thank you
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