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  1. Dan

    Looking Forward To For The Year?

    cant wait for the lion king
  2. Dan

    BadRP and You (Your Thoughts)

    I only actually care if it makes it not fun. If it's silly or over the top but it's making me laugh, I couldn't care less because I'm here for enjoyment first.
  3. Dan


    There should really be a Levi Jackson appreciation day.

    Being the first african-american captain for the Yale football team is a crazy achievement.

    What a celebrity.

  4. Dan

    My Luck

    These threads never go over well, if the RP was that bad then make a report bro.
  5. Dan

    Should people who were on final be allowed to join the staff team

    Idk dude. For example, I got off final before several staff members were even part of this community (more than a year before some). Keeping an entire segment off of the staff team because of poor behavior years ago which is no longer relevant is just silly. I agree amnesty players are one thing, but having the blanket statement is pretty weird. Should be case by case because I know many people that have been on final but would make a great staff member.
  6. Dan

    Should people who were on final be allowed to join the staff team

    Lol, I've been off final for 2 years and only have 3 points in the last year. However, apparently that warning history is too vile.
  7. Dan


    1. FalkRP



  8. Dan

    • Dan
    • APositiveJade

    shut up, jiddle

    1. APositiveJade


      no u shadowsfromabove

    2. Dan


      i will literally report you

  9. Dan

    What would you want from a Detective style group RP Wise?

    I guess I ran a group kinda similar to this 2 years ago with the boys. We would subtly interrogate people on the street or take them hostage and beat information out of them if they were useful in the woods. We kept our identity secret and spread propaganda on the radio. Not sure if that's what you would look into doing, but that's how we did things and you're free to use these ideas. The group was super fun though.
  10. Dan



  11. Dan

    Racism and Homophobia

    Censor the people!
  12. Dan

    Server Password

    just read your whitelist page https://www.dayzrp.com/whitelist/
  13. Dan

    Top 5 DayZRP PVPers

    @Dan @Shroud @Dew @YNW Dusty @Joe ez
  14. Dan

    Group Feedback Suggestion

    -1 for me too Nothing official, just have actual feedback
  15. Dan

    Looking for Officer Elmo/Almo

    do you just let loose when nobody else is home?
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