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  1. Dan


    Friendly PSA that @Castiel still hasn't been given his status updates back.

  2. Dan

    GMAK Staff Application

    Gonna be a no from me
  3. Dan

    Blocked means blocked

    I liked it how it was tbh, now I can't even tell that they're posted and it looks like people are talking to themselves.
  4. Dan

    Blocked means blocked

    Looks like you did this... my forums are way too confusing now. Please bring that back
  5. Dan

    Blocked means blocked

    It would tidy up my forums way more than it already does
  6. Dan

    • Dan
    • Aiko

    Happy Birthday Aiko! @William

  7. Dan

    Event Thread Poll

    Weekends are for IRL
  8. Dan


    Give @Castiel his status updates back

    1. Kordruga


      Hello this is Castiel's manager. He cannot reply to this status update. He has requested me to remind everyone to, quote: "Stop fucking posting on my profile." 

      Thank you,

      Manager Kordruga.

    2. Dan


      This is not on his profile. Sorry buddy

  9. Dan

    VIP rank change

    I got two awards under my name, where my MVP at
  10. Dan

    Looking Forward To For The Year?

    cant wait for the lion king
  11. Dan

    BadRP and You (Your Thoughts)

    I only actually care if it makes it not fun. If it's silly or over the top but it's making me laugh, I couldn't care less because I'm here for enjoyment first.
  12. Dan


    There should really be a Levi Jackson appreciation day.

    Being the first african-american captain for the Yale football team is a crazy achievement.

    What a celebrity.

  13. Dan

    My Luck

    These threads never go over well, if the RP was that bad then make a report bro.
  14. Dan

    Should people who were on final be allowed to join the staff team

    Idk dude. For example, I got off final before several staff members were even part of this community (more than a year before some). Keeping an entire segment off of the staff team because of poor behavior years ago which is no longer relevant is just silly. I agree amnesty players are one thing, but having the blanket statement is pretty weird. Should be case by case because I know many people that have been on final but would make a great staff member.
  15. Dan

    Should people who were on final be allowed to join the staff team

    Lol, I've been off final for 2 years and only have 3 points in the last year. However, apparently that warning history is too vile.
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