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  1. This looks like a job for the handsome Danilo
  2. Dan

    Condition Reports

    Excited to make the first post of the year from the best timezone
  3. No idea why official groups don't have their own ranks on discord already
  4. No, I refuse to buy a DLC for this game and literally won't be able to play. I'm sure there are others in the same boat.
  5. Dan

    Condition Reports

    Drophead Rolls Suicide doors
  6. This community was not made to be fun.
  7. yay justifying people being stupid by saying "you guys did it too " Anyway, thread looks great. Hope this stays around
  8. Dan

    Condition Reports

    oh no cas, whats wrong
  9. cas please be nice, they're on an RP server and this is quality character progression you're good roleplayers, hopefully it all works out
  10. bro just make new characters that make sense lol its not that hard
  11. I've been a pillar for 5 years now and still no interview sad times
  12. Just don't hoard gear or build bases and nobody will raid you when you're asleep.
  13. The other arguments are all over this thread 1. Youre blocking off an area of the map 99% of the community hasnt even been able to see 2. The area youre blocking has some of the best loot on the server 3. Your excuse for telling people how to get over it is to just break into it. That also doesnt create any roleplay. Dont get me wrong, I’ll break in when I have the time but its literally just gonna be 20 minutes of my time spent holding left click Just think about other people and dont block off a portion of the map because you got to it first GG gamer
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