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  1. When do I get to logon and KOS

  2. RP be poppin as usual

  3. Dan

    Lore Wipe

    Get rid of the DLC map. I refuse to give Bohemia any more of my money and don't want to play on an empty Chernarus. And base building ruined RP change my mind
  4. VDV was the best part of the lore. I stopped playing after it ended.
  5. Dan

    Lore Wipe

    Lore wipes don't change anything, but cool.
  6. Dan

    filthy campfire roleplayer

  7. Bro where you at?

    1. Dan


      im here just chillin

    2. DarkSide


      fucking mint guy


    3. Dan


      eat my ass

    4. DarkSide


      Ok bro present it then and i shall eat


  8. I think they should be paid, I just don't think this is something that community should be concerned with since its a business move.
  9. Staff TOS already prevents them from pulling their work.
  10. Which creates incentives for having these mods created for DayZRP.
  11. No. The developers work here under their own terms. Payment is between them and Roland and the community should not be involved. If they want to get paid, there's tons of other opportunities.
  12. Dan

    The BB Bois

    Squilly you never fail to amaze me
  13. Dan


    Missed you dad
  14. This is the most disgusting thread ive ever read. ERP should be a permabannable offense.
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