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"COVID really do have satisfaction feeling like a distant memory"

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  1. *Charlie groaned as he spat out the remnants of his breakfast. Wiping the bile from his lips, he glanced over at the radio propped up against his backpack. He stared at it for a few seconds before muttering, "Fuck it, desperate times and all that..." With a shaking hand, he reached over and gripped the radio. After a few deep breaths, he pressed the PTT button* I... I don't even know if anyone can hear this, but if you can... *He took another deep breath and wiped the sweat from his clammy forehead* I'm sick. Not like 'infected' sick, but 'I've-been-spewing-my-guts-out-for-two-days-straig
  2. Today was my first proper day back on DayZRP in like two years and was actually class despite nothing really happening. Enjoyed meeting @Bryan, genuinely lovely bloke and look forward to hopefully seeing you around again. @Ilikelettuce, was nice for Charlie to meet someone else from Blighty (sorry again that I left you hanging...), and the other Irish lads were great craic at the school with that boxing match. Cheers for making my RP relapse so enjoyable, am looking forward to hopping IG again x
  3. Yo, got a quick question for you LMs if you have a sec. I've created a character that's moved from Russia to South Zagoria via the Black Mountains and was just wondering how easy that would have been in regards to military activity? I assume it would have been relatively simple, as Russian forces are stretched thin so not all checkpoints are manned etc, but he still would have had to go off the beaten track to avoid any altercations? I'm also assuming that the situation in Russia (Sochi/surrounding area specifically) is relatively similar to the situation in Chernarus? Perhaps a slightly
  4. Born into a middle class family, Charlie enjoyed a privileged upbringing and received a first-class education studying History at Durham University. Despite the chaos of the 2019 outbreak, he was able to secure a job at Sky News as a junior editor. Due to staff shortages, he was sent to cover reports of rising infections in Sochi, Russia. As quarantines and curfews were enforced, Charlie found himself stuck in an unfamiliar country where even the alphabet was alien to him. Initially, Charlie stayed within the city's quarantine zone as the Russian army attempted to maintain order. Yet it was no
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