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  1. Hey dude, I think you actually have to change the background on your character page, not the one that's on your whitelist. Click on the DayZ Tab > Characters > Manage your characters > Edit. Hope that works, I could be wrong tho so wait till for a Staff answer maybe.
  2. I mean I know @JohnnyThunders (may he RIP) made a video on how to roleplay in DayZ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hyK9I1DNK7Q It isn't as detailed as what your suggesting and there's nothing on how to use the forums etc but it's pretty useful on getting a good idea of what roleplaying actually means in DayZ. No ones stopping you from making another video tho so why not I guess? Hopefully we're going to get a player boost when DayZ hits Beta (which is supposedly happening 'soon') and this kinda guide would be very useful to all those newcomers. I'd say go for it, +1
  3. Don't recognise the new name but definitely seen the name Shadows before. Don't know ya personally tho so I'll give you a 7/10
  4. Red obviously Missionary or cowgirl? (too weird or nah..?)
  5. My favourite liquor and what I wanted the nickname of my character to be... a travesty it never took off tbh
  6. Whiskey

    [GAME] Describe the person above you with one word

  7. lol I always thought that if I have a daughter I'd name it Phoebe so... 10/10
  8. lmao went from a depressed survivor in Hurt to a Tallahasse-style badass in Psycho... Some serious tunes here dude, good stuff
  9. Student - starting university in a week to study History Have you ever had a near-death experience?
  10. Staff have lost a true legend, looking forward to catching you IG or otherwise Jamie and thanks for all that you've done. Hope the current staff can maintain the precedent that you set <3
  11. Looks lit Ron and can tell a serious amount of effort went into the graphics. Definitely paid off Good job +1
  12. Charlie Jackson was born in 1996 to British parents. He enjoyed a perfectly normal childhood with his hobbies including (but not limited to) sports, acting and camping expeditions with his local Scout group and family. In 2015, he was lucky enough to gain a place at Exeter university to study International Relations, in the hope of eventually becoming a journalist. During his second year of university, Charlie studied modules on Russia and Eastern Europe and decided to spend his 2017 Summer in the Russian city of Sochi. Charlie hoped to try and break into the journalism scene by reporting on the growing tensions between Russia and Chernarus, as well as to enjoy a relaxing holiday. Apart from his time with the Scouts, Charlie had no military or survival training and when the apocalypse hit he was as helpless as the next individual. Unable to get out of the city quick enough, Charlie became trapped in a quarantined Sochi run by the Russian military. The city held for a few weeks yet it wasn't long before perimeter's were overrun and Charlie was forced to flee the relative safety of the city with a large group of survivors. At first Charlie was able to rely on the military and then other survivors to protect and scavenge for him, but as their numbers began to slowly dwindle Charlie was forced to make the hard decisions... Seperated from his group and having witnessed many of them turn or be gunned down by bandits, Charlie has decided to head south to Chernarus to try and link up with rumours of UN peacekeepers. Whether these rumours are well-founded or not is yet to be seen...
  13. Really like the emphasis on realism, with longer journey times and having the young 'uns have minimal weapon training. Looking forward to seeing more of the backstory but apart from a few spelling mistakes etc. this is looking dope. Good shit my man
  14. Sup my brother. Good to see you back, been waaay too long x
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