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  1. Lenny began his career as a mad lad in his teens, when he and a few mates started up a gang. "The Mad Lads". They mainly dealt in tickets for Liverpool FC football matches, selling them illegally on the streets, but also did plenty of rolling around town. In the beginning, Big Lenny was picked on by traditional lads that roamed the streets, critisising his toothpick stature. As the leader of The Mad Lads, he didn't have any of it and began slowly transforming himself into The Absolute Unit he is today and earned himself his nickname, "Big Lenny." Several years of mad lifting went by in the Steaks & Weights property owned by a local business called Slough Inc. It was in this gym that he met two men. Bill Sanders and the ethnic Wyatt Hudson. They aided him and his mad lads in acquiring and selling their tickets, becoming great business partners. They definitely rolled the right way. After many years of selling tickets on the streets, the mad lads one year went to Chernarus to watch Liverpool FC play against a Chernarussian team. Considering Slough Inc. were having a meeting there, paying for flights were no issue at all. The game was a an absolute beauty. However, their flight home was heavily delayed, so they went out and got smashed beyond belief, which was when they found out about the problems in Chernarus. Eventually the borders closed.
  2. Merkant

    XXXTentacion shot dead.

    Good riddance
  3. Merkant

    Path of Exile Thread

    How dare you
  4. Merkant

    God Bless the Kingdom of Sweden

  5. Merkant

    Friend Appreciation Thread

    @Marcoooz Great guy @Pink Panther Kinda ugly @Kuljukka Will probably stab me in a sauna, also a dickhead @Steck Makes me realise I'm not the dumbest pagoon @TheLegend Legendary 3 brain cells.
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    Iron Harvest 1920

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    From SA to Arma 3

  8. Merkant

    Who else dont care about the royal wedding.

    God save the queen
  9. Wyatt Hudson lived a normal, apple pie life for the longest time. He graduated college, was unemployed for a couple of years until he was hired at Manhattan Mall, where he worked for years upon years. The private life was no more exciting. Women came and went. Eventually all he had was his dope style and personality, so he moved over to London to look for some more excitement in life. It was at this point in his life that he met Bill, his future best friend and boss. Bill happened to own a small company that had its roots in producing and selling tea, but branched out into real estate. At one point in his career with Bill, they had to travel to Chernarus for a business meeting. Having never met many women from that part of the world, Wyatt got excited and went on the trip. However he did not count on the aggressive attitude of the ladies he met. Several slaps into their trip to Chernarus, things went sour real quick and getting out of the country became impossible. To be continued.
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    The Pagan's Motorcycle Club

    We're still here, but we don't deal with leprechauns
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    The Pagans M.C. Media Thread

    The dead body of Polly Parsons. She fucked up.
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    No need for a trial, Polly Parsons is dead.

    *Dustin sits down by the bar counter, turning his radio on. He sighs before he presses the PTT.* "Boys n' gals of South... Zoo... Zagaria? Polly Parsons is six feet under, dead as bricks. You people are free from that bitch falsely accusin' people of fiddlin' toddlers." "You'll see her revealin' whore body hangin' from the tower at the Altar station. Pictures are comin' up on billboards n signs in a day or two as well. Enjoy the view." *He looks through the window to his right, seeing Leo on his way down to the clubhouse.* "She fucked with a brother of the biggest dogs in the valley, and we had to back that up." *He lets go of the PTT and the transmission ends.*
  13. Merkant

    The Casey white case!!

    *Dustin flips through the channels out of boredom, tapping his finger on the bar counter until he, to his surprise hears a brother on one of the frequencies.* *He holds down the PTT.* "'Ey Leo, get off the damn radio wouldya? We don't associate ourselves with kiddyfiddlers and whores. Told you to fuggedaboutit or you'll get the Barbro treatment." "Fuckin' idjit. 'Ey brother ya hear th-" *He cuts off, letting go of the PTT.*
  14. Merkant

    "My way or the highway" vs. BadRP

    You could easily add to this "standard" conversation yourself. "Hey there, nice weather huh?" "Yeah, I suppose?" "Well, I got friends nearby so I gotta go!" At this point in the conversation, think of what you got going on atm, say if you are looking for somebody. "Hey, before you go, you seen a guy yada yada, about yay high and sounds like he's got a tumor in his mouth?" "Uh, you mean "Yada Yada"? Yeah I spotted him over in Kabanino talking to some dude in a trench coat." This was a piss poor example but it gets the point across. People need to stop complaining about the community when they are most likely part of the problem themselves.
  15. Merkant

    The Pagan's Motorcycle Club