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  1. Whoever it was that played Dave and walked with me and Joe (who sadly left half-way) all the way to Elektro, that was some dope continuous RP. Really down to earth. We better RP again at some point.
  2. They're broken. I can sometimes hear others but they can never hear me and when they do, it's only for a second or so before I cut out.
  3. Whoever played Luka/Luca ( @Rifleman Art thou him? ) in Novaya, had a good time RPing with you, as well as the two orange armband fellas that came by for a while. Hope it goes somewhere and that some more people come by and help out.
  4. *The Englishman can once again be heard through the radio.* "If I'm not mistaken, we have already been there and found nobody, except for a sick man telling us he hadn't seen a soul in the entire compound for the duration that he was there." *Pause.* "Perhaps we were unlucky and they were out scavenging... Oh well, perhaps we will go back someday and check it out again, unless they did indeed leave the place altogether." *Transmission is cut off.*
  5. *You may hear an English man speaking on the radio, sounding rather confused.* "Hello? Me and my friendo here have heard a couple of times now, from different people about a certain camp of people helping the sick." *He sighs deeply before continuing.* "We've been looking for this camp for a couple of days now up near the town they call Lopatino or something or other, but there is no trace of these people anywhere." "Have we been lied to? Jack Griffin, if you are listening, please specify where on earth you said they were supposed to reside. Please." *You hear what might be the man accidentally dropping his radio and then picking it back up.* "Crap, anyways, where the bloody hell are these people. Any information would help." *The transmission is cut off.*
  6. *Edward, sitting crouched by a tree and staring at a few scratches on said tree, is rudely interrupted by the blabbering Joe on the radio. He listens in for a bit before eventually pressing the PTT.* "Joe, who on earth are you speaking to? I never knew you had siblings!" *He seems to notice something else on the ground nearby, letting out an audible "OI!"* "Joe, THE BEAR! The bloody bear, Joe. I'm on it, friendo, I just know it. Dumb thing still hasn't begun its hibernation process. I swear it's because of the global warming." "Anywho, to Joe's siblings if they are indeed listening, hello." *Edward lets go of the PTT and resumes to tracking the non-existent bear.*
  7. Neat RP from you today, that horde problem in Vybor got pretty intense. Hope to find you again in-game.

    PS: Edward appreciates the mosin ammunition.

    1. SillyGoose


      Sorry for calling you black.

  8. Edward Calloway, the world's most incompetent hunting enthusiast, was offered by his good Russian friend Byokov to go on a hunting trip for several months in Russia to hunt Elk. He was told they had very big and impressive elks and moose all around the country, however Byokov said a lot of things and not all of them were necessarily true, so Calloway had to see for himself. Anxious to show his hunting prowess to his friends, he accepted the offer and travelled with Byokov to Russia. However, once they got to Russia and had finished preparing for their coming travels, they had no luck in finding any elk. For weeks they tracked and failed. Eventually they gave up to head back to Byokov's place, a cabin in the southwestern Russian woods. Many beers were consumed, along with many a vodka bottle. One day not long after, Byokov had headed out on his weekly foraging trip into the woods and never returned. Calloway had found him with his guts ripped out and, from the looks of things, eaten. Not far away there was a wandering, sick and bloodied man. Even a dimwit such as Calloway could put two and two together, so he ran back to the cabin and tried to call the local police. No one picked up his call. He rushed to Byokov's car and drove to the nearest town only to find chaos, forcing him to return to the cabin. Then, in the midst of all confusion, he realised he and Byokov had not bothered watching the news on either his old television or on his rather antique laptop. So, as he came back he booted the laptop up to struggle his way through the Russian interface and look up news about recent events. He had heard of the infection down in Chernarus before but had arrogantly thought it would be contained and dealt with. Apparently, it had spread and gone up to Russia, but out in the cabin they had never been bothered by the rest of civilisation and its troubles. With no way out of the country and back to England, he had no choice but to survive and eventually made his way down to the Black Mountains in Chernarus, where he met a fellow named Joe.
  9. Lenny began his career as a mad lad in his teens, when he and a few mates started up a gang. "The Mad Lads". They mainly dealt in tickets for Liverpool FC football matches, selling them illegally on the streets, but also did plenty of rolling around town. In the beginning, Big Lenny was picked on by traditional lads that roamed the streets, critisising his toothpick stature. As the leader of The Mad Lads, he didn't have any of it and began slowly transforming himself into The Absolute Unit he is today and earned himself his nickname, "Big Lenny." Several years of mad lifting went by in the Steaks & Weights property owned by a local business called Slough Inc. It was in this gym that he met two men. Bill Sanders and the ethnic Wyatt Hudson. They aided him and his mad lads in acquiring and selling their tickets, becoming great business partners. They definitely rolled the right way. After many years of selling tickets on the streets, the mad lads one year went to Chernarus to watch Liverpool FC play against a Chernarussian team. Considering Slough Inc. were having a meeting there, paying for flights were no issue at all. The game was a an absolute beauty. However, their flight home was heavily delayed, so they went out and got smashed beyond belief, which was when they found out about the problems in Chernarus. Eventually the borders closed.
  10. Daily picture of Carl XVI Gustaf #53


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