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  1. Story Time!

    Then he got dicked again, but on Venus.
  2. Marcunt

    That moment when you underrestimated the essay due for the coming day.


    My fingers. My heart. My soul.

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      Good Luck!

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  3. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Asleep. When did you last hit a woman for the sake of your masculinity?
  4. Dustin McCoy

    Early Career: A couple of feet away from a KFC in Watford, London, a smug fellow went up to Bill Sanders, the most important upcoming character in the life of Dustin McCoy. With a small knife in hand, he reached for Mr. Sanders' wallet, which he was conveniantly trying to put into his pocket at the time, and ran away with it. However, his valiant attempt at thievery was quickly ruined by a certain McCoy charging his shoulder into his right side, knocking him down to the ground. A couple of punches were thrown, as well as a kick before the thief let go of the wallet. As Bill arrived flailing and panting, he looked at McCoy with a surprised yet excited look on his face. "Thank ye, mate, now gimme me fuckin' wallet back, n' I'll buy a beer or two." Over many beers and several bars, Bill Sanders decided to hire McCoy as his personal bodyguard, to avoid further incidents like the one prior. Drunk off his rocker, McCoy accepted the offer. Of course, the small fact about him still living in New York was insignificant to his drunken mind. Sanders' apartment would have to suffice until an own home was bought, and official papers on living in the United Kingdom were signed. Late Career: As Sanders' Slough Incorporated, his quite successful company grew bigger and more widespread, he came to bring McCoy with him on nearly all of his meetings and sales, much like the one in Chernarus one year. It was meant to be a meeting with a small real estate organisation, with the intentions of buying parts of it. It would be a cheap deal, considering the poor conditions of the country's economy. Or so it was according to Mr. Sanders. McCoy knew nothing about it, his only job was to keep his boss safe, which he did. As the infection hit and the borders were closed, McCoy's job remained. No living nor dead, infected or otherwise were to hurt Mr. Sanders other than himself if need be. Nobody knows when Sanders goes a bit too far on the annoying side of things.
  5. Character deaths

    Manually* But yeah it's not there.
  6. Marcunt


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    You arent necessarily wrong. I'll be rooting for you in your appeal.

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      I wasn't planning on making one, but thanks anyway.


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      Appeals are overrated anyway. Amiryte?

  7. Endeavour's Farm

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  8. Endeavour's Farm

  9. Endeavour's Farm

  10. Endeavour's Farm

  11. Endeavour's Farm

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