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  1. Back in California, Payne had a normal apple pie life with his wife Jenny. Nothing special about him nor his interests. He worked as a cashier in an off-brand clothing store: Smack Dab, focused mainly on clothes fitting of anyone planning to travel smack-dab in the middle of nowhere. He got this low-paying job because of his interest in hiking. It fit him well. He traveled around the states with his wife now and then, looking for the perfect hiking trails. But after a few years of this, they were not satisfied with what the states had to offer; they wanted to experience foreign land. However, given that Payne was merely a cashier and his wife a mere mailcarrier they were often short on money and could not afford to travel anywhere they would want. They looked for the cheapest places to go, and in doing so they discovered the beautiful trails of Chernarus. There were even opportunities for mountaing climbing, fishing spots and the country itself was a very cheap location. Perfect. So, they saved up for their trip...a trip with no returns.
  2. Oi oi. Yeah it was cool that y'all came over and talked it out OOC, there were tons of misunderstandings and/or misread signals in the situation from our side. As you said, no bad blood. When it comes to OOC things being said I can't really defend myself or anyone else, but I can be honest and admit that some of us are and have always been quick to say shit we shouldn't. Lots of it isn't serious, but when it is I guarantee we forget about it shortly after and just let it go; we can be hotheaded dickheads and have a history of being just that. (Important to note that I am only talking about us who were present in the clip) What's worse is that it was said on stream, which we should've thought about to be honest. It's one thing when you're on discord with buds and talk shit, but on stream when everyone can hear is very different. And it contradicts our "always prioritize IC" rule completely. (shame on us) When it comes to the RP side of things, I'll take on most of the blame as I went overboard with my character and it ultimately got me shot which is fair game. I fucked up and I knew it, even if I said otherwise in the heat of the moment. I'll let others speak for themselves if they so wish, but I am certain they could all agree that we get hotheaded sometimes. Hope no offense sticks and again: some of us have a history with this and it's something we should fix, admittedly. Edit: Our standards are higher than this. This was definitely a low point and we will do our best to not repeat it.
  3. You're absolutely right we can't do it. We talk about old pagan times now and then, fondly. The only thing we wanted to bring back is our characters, and the pagans was the dominant half of who they were as individuals. Never will we try to replace or re-do what once was. We (as in our characters) are trying to do something new with some obvious remaining details from the old (as our characters would have a hard time separating from the old ways). The name, again, contradicts all of it though so we'll discuss changing it if y'all really want it to be different.
  4. We discussed how we were going to name the group and 'Revenants' sounded the best. The problem is of course that the original Pagan's thread (AKA Pagan's V1) had the same name, but we came to the conclusion that it wasn't part of the current lore and so it shouldn't be a problem. However, if you think we should change it to something else like remnants or something similar, that is no problem at all. As for the lore, our characters were part of The Pagan's and so the backstory of how The Pagan's Motorcycle Club ended up in Chernarus was a necessary thing to add here. We tried to make things different from that group as our characters are changing and are deliberately trying to create a new era for themselves, but we wanted to include little sneak peaks to our past, hence the cracks showing old graphics etc. There was no intention to cheaply "steal" anything if that is how it has been perceived by some. I thought it would be fine as both you and I created the original. Again, it is not intended to be the same but we have included some old things for in-character reasons. The critique on the goals is valid and we might think on that, but the top hierarchy is something I personally see as a thing my character would not like to let go of. As a whole, we do not really function as the club we were before which might not have translated well onto the thread itself. Edit: It is worth noting we checked when you last played and it was over a year ago, so we figured you wouldn't play again most likely. Naive perhaps, but it was part of our decision-making none the less. 2nd Edit: Important note, this isn't the same group and we never wanted it to be. Dumb move to name it the same as V1 as it contradicts the entire thing, but still.
  5. Reeeeee, not an MC anymore. Good for business, though.
  6. Background The Infection One Year Later 'We ain't got the club no more, brothers. We're making something new, something better.' RECRUITMENT We are not a motorcycle club, but the remnants of one. We do things differently now. We only recruit in-character at all times, so if you encounter us and become interested in joining, just hang around and we might offer you a spot as a hang-around. If we find you worthy of becoming a proper brother/sister, you will be fully brought in. This process takes time and is almost exclusively done in-character, so be patient.
  7. And some other folks along the way but y'all are like, shit and stuff.
  8. 7vm85msn3i7y8is7.jpg?skj2io4l

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  9. You need help.

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      no u

  10. Whoever it was that played Dave and walked with me and Joe (who sadly left half-way) all the way to Elektro, that was some dope continuous RP. Really down to earth. We better RP again at some point.
  11. They're broken. I can sometimes hear others but they can never hear me and when they do, it's only for a second or so before I cut out.
  12. Whoever played Luka/Luca ( @Rifleman Art thou him? ) in Novaya, had a good time RPing with you, as well as the two orange armband fellas that came by for a while. Hope it goes somewhere and that some more people come by and help out.
  13. *The Englishman can once again be heard through the radio.* "If I'm not mistaken, we have already been there and found nobody, except for a sick man telling us he hadn't seen a soul in the entire compound for the duration that he was there." *Pause.* "Perhaps we were unlucky and they were out scavenging... Oh well, perhaps we will go back someday and check it out again, unless they did indeed leave the place altogether." *Transmission is cut off.*
  14. *You may hear an English man speaking on the radio, sounding rather confused.* "Hello? Me and my friendo here have heard a couple of times now, from different people about a certain camp of people helping the sick." *He sighs deeply before continuing.* "We've been looking for this camp for a couple of days now up near the town they call Lopatino or something or other, but there is no trace of these people anywhere." "Have we been lied to? Jack Griffin, if you are listening, please specify where on earth you said they were supposed to reside. Please." *You hear what might be the man accidentally dropping his radio and then picking it back up.* "Crap, anyways, where the bloody hell are these people. Any information would help." *The transmission is cut off.*
  15. *Edward, sitting crouched by a tree and staring at a few scratches on said tree, is rudely interrupted by the blabbering Joe on the radio. He listens in for a bit before eventually pressing the PTT.* "Joe, who on earth are you speaking to? I never knew you had siblings!" *He seems to notice something else on the ground nearby, letting out an audible "OI!"* "Joe, THE BEAR! The bloody bear, Joe. I'm on it, friendo, I just know it. Dumb thing still hasn't begun its hibernation process. I swear it's because of the global warming." "Anywho, to Joe's siblings if they are indeed listening, hello." *Edward lets go of the PTT and resumes to tracking the non-existent bear.*
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