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    Lore Wipe SoonTM

    I think if the lore wipe does happen, Rolle or the lore masters need to take control re: "official" groups, by this I mean UN, CDF, Red Star etc. I think a system that could work is if the groups are "created" (written up, official page made) by lore masters, and if people want characters that belong to these factions then they can play them. But, the goals etc. of the official factions are set in stone according to the lore. And if people want to make splinter factions, e.g. some chaotic good soldiers in the UN band up to kill evil people in order to remove them from Chernarus and collect their rations to deliver out to other people then that needs to be a separate thing. Realistically these factions would permeate all of Chernarus for years and years after the outbreak, and people should have the ability to create a character belonging to one of these factions at any time, without having to deal with how the factions' public image was changed due to a few individuals ruining the group. Essentially, I think that the outcome of these groups should be in the hands of someone more sensible than the players. There would be thousands of UN soldiers in Chernarus but for everyone to think of the UN as something uncharacteristic of their organisation because of the actions of 10 players' actions is bad. disclaimer: I know nothing of anyone who has played a UN character in this current lore, I'm just using them as a made up example.
  2. Born in Yorkshire, Vincent had a troubled childhood. Despite coming from a decent family he found himself involved in crime from a young age, from petty thievery to other more serious crimes. His father was a proud man and would not tolerate this kind of villain in his home. However, despite the strictness of his parents he managed to get away with doing what he did best. This trend continued, and he found himself in more and more trouble as time went on, until he ended up working for the notorious Kelsey Brothers. Acting as a thug for the brothers, he did quite well for himself. Committing heinous crimes when called upon to do so, and acting as muscle when business was slow, he managed to become reasonably well trusted by the management. Of course, he managed to keep his most dastardly of doings a secret from watching eyes, and most other eyes for that matter. He had a reputation to maintain, and being quite a charmer in his youth, his reputation was important to him. Eventually, he ended up being dragged to Chernarus to fix a deal gone wrong. Something about a drug deal and the supplier had failed to meet their side of the deal. It should be quick business he was told, an in and out job. Nothing could have been further from the truth. He was taken across the sea to fix the mess, but no sooner than the mess had been cleared up, the outbreak happened. After the outbreak, he was trapped in Chernarus with the brothers and other members of the "company". The gang had a new mission and had to change the way they operated. Doing everything they could to turn a profit, while still maintaining the brand image they managed to survive. People started to know them, recognise them - and even fear them. In the end, it was their fame and notoriety that was the end of them. Around a year in to the outbreak, the firm was broken up by those who had a problem with how they did things. Other powers that also coveted the wealth and respect and territory that they commanded. The company was broken up, and the surviving members went their own ways with hopes that one day they could return, and their ties and loyalty could bring them back together. Since then, he has been living in the mountains, surviving in every way he can. He learned to hunt, how to make shelter, how to build fires. Everything one needs to survive in this god forsaken world. He hasn't encountered many other travellers as of late, but those he has encountered haven't always lived to tell the tale. He prefers not to be known, as there are those out there who would see him suffer for the actions he made under the bloodied rose. Personally, he would rather not suffer at the hands of these people, or any people at all. When the time comes, that he knows he will be safe, he will come down from the mountains.
  3. Maybe all that needs to be done is changing the current rules. Isn't engaging in a high risk war every day NVFL? Isn't it bad RP to go back and fight the guys who shot you the day after? Perhaps a realistic injuries mod could help, if there was such a thing.
  4. Haven't all the problems in this server always come from death not being a big deal? In a game where the sole focus on survival and survival is the only goal, the only way to RP well is to put a high value on survival and not dying. Real wars and gunfights in an apocalypse would be devastating. People think that making a character gives you exclusive rights over that character (which is the way the rules also view it) whereas your character is part of everyone else's experience too. The only way to stop things like this IMO is either through rules or encouragement for better RP, the latter of which is a lot harder to do.
  5. Thoros

    DayZRP rule changes - March 2018

    Tbh I've been pretty apathetic about RP these days, and these rules are different to what we're used to but I think they'll be a good change for the community. Hopefully they'll stimulate some good RP.
  6. Thoros

    Can't play beacuse of "Session Lost"

    Is this problem just for DayzRP? Have you tried different servers? I believe that I had this problem and someone told me to go on a different server and then restart the game, maybe the other way round. Or I could be imagining all this. Worth a try either way.
  7. Thoros

    Socialist State of Zagoria Armed Forces [SSZAF] (NA RECRUITMENT ONLY)

    Thanks my boy, should be good
  8. Thoros


    Seems dumb to say anything here since I'll see you tomorrow, but o7 you cunt. Thanks for introducing me to RP, and thanks for the fun times. ASO, Kelsey Brothers, the colony and many more.
  9. Thoros

    Upcoming community changes - February 2018

    It always seemed to me that the way in which the rules operated was to minimise the number of rules that lead to lack of realism. The KoS rule is necessary, and just because there is a more unrealistic rule it doesn't mean that we shouldn't think long and hard about further unrealistic rules being implemented. Only have what is absolutely necessary and maximise freedom.
  10. Thoros

    Upcoming community changes - February 2018

    Before you didn't even have to text initiate and nobody complained about that being unbeatable. I get why it would be classed as abuse though. A lot of shitty groups are gonna pop up as a result of this rule change. The staff are gonna have to do a lot more of this "manual work". We'll see how it goes, I'm perfectly happy to be proven wrong here but I think this will do more harm to the player base than it will do good.
  11. Thoros

    Upcoming community changes - February 2018

    @Spartan I'm actually a lot more supportive of sharing defensive rights but not offensive. But what does that mean? Say I'm stood with my friend and they initiate on a guy, do they not gain KOS rights on me if I don't initiate? I'm all for this idea but it could get confusing.
  12. Thoros

    Upcoming community changes - February 2018

    I feel like this rule change is trying to solve a problem and causes an even bigger problem in doing so.
  13. Thoros

    Upcoming community changes - February 2018

    Seems like in that situation the best option is to text initiate and tell them to let your friend go so they can't tell what direction you're coming from. And we all know how shitty text initiations are...
  14. Thoros

    CitadelRP.com - new community

    Paging @Spanners
  15. Thoros

    Upcoming community changes - February 2018

    I think that this just gives large groups even more power to dunk on people. Maybe you should reduce the group minimum size from 5 to maybe 3 or 4? That would allow the small dynamics to be more goal oriented and drive their own RP, without losing power. The way I see this change is that it's a way to better monitor what RP everyone is providing since it's pretty stale right now. No need to punish casual players and people who just like to roll round with their friends. Also, I'm all for people making groups with good goals and shit, stuff that will actually make the server feel real. I just think that you're forgetting that people are SURVIVORS and a lot of peoples' goal is simply to survive. Surviving is a lot harder with these rules too, as you can't have a man on overwatch any more, you can't have people hiding in the bushes on the side of the road. You all have to be there and you can just get swarmed. Basically, anyone in a small group has to be submissive as fuck. I guess this kind of adds realism but it's not so easy, a lot of people have been in this community for a long time and they have a lot of friends. Others not so much. You see group after group coming out with pretty much exactly the same roster. It's because it seems once you've made friends in this community you stick with them. So these people always have an advantage against the casual player, or even the player who just isn't part of one of these huge cliques. Basically, if someone robs or shoots my friend, it seems dumb that I can't shoot the robbers because we don't have an official forum thread.
  16. The O'Leary family never had much luck, although Fergus' birth was some kind of blessing. As a catholic traveling family, it was only natural for the family to visit catholic points of interest. And of course, this includes the Vatican City. This holy place, was the place of Fergus' birth. Being a traveler fascinated Fergus. While visiting many different places, he gained a large handful of traveling related hobbies. For example, he amassed a large stamp collection, getting stamps from every country that he and his family would visit. He also gained a lot of interest in the local wildlife, picking up a passion for bird watching. Castles were also incredibly interesting to him. Being able to observe so many different parts of history throughout his life delighted him. While he's not the smartest guy around, he certainly tries to be intellectual to the best of his ability. He also has a passion for making his own things, picking up different skills wherever he went. Fergus has visited many different countries up until this point, and has witnessed many of his family being born. His family has moved from location to location, looking for different partners for their father. Most of the O'Leary brothers and sisters have been born to different mothers, hence they have a very different genetic composition and appearance.
  17. Thoros

    Remove the ability to add beanz to a post on group threads

    I think you're mistaking negative feedback that's done in a salty manner with harassment. People can't claim harassment whenever they hear something that they don't want to hear. After my first inflammatory post, I did nothing but explain my point of view. I never once insulted anyone. I wish people would stop trying to tell me how fucking life works. I didn't try to have the last word, I let Dusty have the last word and messaged him but he wasn't having it. The only reason I responded is because Dusty keeps quoting me, saying I'm toxic and lying about what went down? Is that not harassment. Anyway, I really can't be arsed with this any more. I'm done, Dusty can chat as much shit as he likes, no-one cares. Not like I tried to do that already but aight. As I said I'm done with this, too much effort.
  18. Thoros

    Remove the ability to add beanz to a post on group threads

    It's not like I'm saying those things out of the blue, I'm saying those things because they're claiming that we did nothing to help the situation. We could have resolved it when they wanted to if they chose to take us up on either of the latter two options. I said, we were accommodating. There's a difference between one line of dialogue being said by one character to another, and crashing something that we have put a lot of time in to OOC, and they knew this would be the case. I'm not even mad that they initiated on our event, if they had a good reason and demand and did it in a decent manner, I'd honestly be happy. Whether you think it or not it certainly appears to be an excuse to initiate. If they didn't want initiation, they wouldn't have come in with such bad demands. The other guy who posted wasn't even in our TS when I posted, and I posted of my own accord and nobody knew I would be posting. I can't help someone else's actions. If you honestly think me complaining about someone's in-game actions is as bad as bullying somebody OOC about their appearance, sound, and from just pure hatred for the individual then you're delusional. Fuck, I really don't want to get in to this any more. The last thing, about stopping the argument. As I said, I made the first move and PM'd Dusty to agree to us both stopping this shit, but he didn't want to. Not much else I can do really. Maybe your opinion will sway him.
  19. Thoros

    Remove the ability to add beanz to a post on group threads

    Okay, Dusty. I tried to settle this in PM and make an agreement to stop bringing this up and chatting shit about each other, but you decided that you didn't want to "handle it like an adult". I tried to stop this, as now I am going to have to reply and tell you that you're wrong about me and my group, causing unnecessary posts in yet another thread. Can you PLEASE STOP LYING about what happened. You KEEP on saying that we didn't offer you a way out of it, we offered you plenty of ways. I shall list them, AGAIN, with the hope that maybe you'll finally read them. We said "no business" at the event. We said we could negotiate another time, and this was stated both when you first entered and on your way out. So this was both, BEFORE and AFTER we told you to "fuck off". We offered you to stay for the boxing and to fight in the ring AFTER we told you to "fuck off" with your offer. We offered you to stay for a drink AFTER we told you to "fuck off". Can I remind you, that amidst all this we took you upstairs to negotiate and you gave us a ridiculous demand. Declining that wasn't about swallowing pride, it was preposterous to ask for what you were asking. You keep acting like saying "fuck off" hurt your feelings OOC, can I remind you that it was our characters saying that and not us? We left you with no choice by not agreeing to your initial demands. It's not about negotiating, it's about you not getting what you wanted. We were actually remarkably accommodating of you considering our past interactions, we really didn't want it to go down the way it did. I have video evidence of all of this. Didn't I try to make a similar arrangement with you just yesterday? Must be mistaken. Sorry for shitting on this thread about beanz just to post this, but I feel the need to defend myself and my group. Honestly, I feel like me getting warning points are enough. The post gets removed, nobody can see what people were beanzing. You probably already know that the people who are gonna beanz negative feedback dislike your group. In the case of my post, the people who beanzed my post were for the most part people who were at the event. They had similar feelings to me about your group. Do I think that because people beanzed my post that means that they would have said the message in the exact same way? No, I don't think so. I don't think that punishing people for beanzing a post that gets points is okay. It just means that they roughly agree with the sentiment. I don't believe that my post was abuse and harassment, despite what you believe Dusty. It's nowhere near comparable to the likes of calling you a "Pimply fucking pimple face little faggot" and saying that I hate you, it's not like photoshopping a penis in to your hands or calling you a baby. I didn't once insult you, or any of your group. I just called out something that you had previously said as "bullshit". I agree that if I was genuinely harassing you then people who beanz that should be punished, but this was a separate matter. That's my 2 cents based on my recent experiences.
  20. Thoros


    I would have thought that there would be exceptions for people in your circumstances. I'm sure a member of staff will be able to offer some insight in to that shortly. Don't give up.
  21. Thoros

    Remove the ability to add beanz to a post on group threads

    Holy shit, Dusty you seem saltier about this than me. How many times you gonna quote me? As others have said it's literally just beans, noone cares about them really. They're just there for fun. It's not like it bumps the post or anything. Ignore the number if you don't want to see it.
  22. Thoros

    Curiosity on preferred Event Types

    Why don't you do an event then?
  23. I don't really like the idea of having rules in place to protect people tbh. I think if a group has a good enough reason to initiate on an event, then they can do it. The only problem is that right now not many events are going on, and when stuff like this happens then it just puts others off hosting them. I think events are probably the best way to bring life back to the community, and right now, maybe people should lay off. It always seemed to me that as there were no rules in place, it was more of a gentleman's agreement to not initiate on an event. If you've got some serious hate for each other and it's done in a tasteful fashion, it's cool. Moreso if your groups have a long history. I feel like there should be a level of mutual respect between community members, it's always been frowned upon and bad form to initiate on an event, unless you can seriously drive some solid RP. Hostile RP can be provided at an event without an initiation too.
  24. Thoros

    The Red Letter {Strict Recruitment}

    I'm sorry guys but I don't believe that you read my post properly. I said, we stated multiple times that there was no business tonight. We told you that we could do it another time but your boss man wasn't having it. You're not getting that "paying us back for the rounds we fired at you" is absolutely ridiculous. If you're really claiming that this is looking for RP and not just looking for reason to initiate then you're either lying through your teeth or delusional. Nobody thinks that it's a valid reason. We offered you to stay for the fights, we offered you to settle it in the ring, one of our boys offered you some drinks. The thing is with the firefight, you wiped out squad including a leader. If we're going to RP this sensibly then maybe just drop it? Anyway, I can see why you would continue the beef, I can't honestly say that we wouldn't do the same ourselves. However does it have to be our event? I told you you could have done it any other time. tl;dr please stop lying and saying that we gave you no options. stop trying to blame us for you initiating. also I have video evidence of pretty much everything that happened. We tried to be reasonable with your guy but he wasn't having it.
  25. Thoros

    The Red Letter {Strict Recruitment}

    Hey guys, some actual feedback here. The formatting deleted a shit load of my stuff so I'm editing it back in. Basically I don't know who was at the event except @ItzzNate (so I've been told). I would also like to mention that I was not involved in the firefight the previous night, however, I do have an understanding of the events that took place. Missed a load of my intro but whatever. So, as I'm sure most of you are aware, my group and myself along with a few helping hands tried to organise an event for the community. It was a boxing fight event, where people could show up and have a go in the ring and others could bet on the boxers. Now, I understand we have past hostilities, specifically something that happened the night before. For those that don't know, my group initiated on a truck. The person inside the truck was no other than @Dusty. Now, as far as I'm aware they thought that the person inside the truck was somebody else, not sure if there was an apology IC but we are a hostile group so we behaved in a hostile manner towards this man. To my knowledge, though the details in this scenario aren't too important, a fist fight took place between @Dusty and one of our associates to settle the problems between us. Dusty won the fight. Shortly later an initiation was dropped by Dusty's group which is super fine, completely understandable. A firefight broke out and our squad was wiped. Now, the important details in this are that we were hostile towards Dusty's group, his boys showed up, there was a firefight and they wiped us. This is to be expected from any group really, I have no qualms about what took place here. The problem is what ensued after. You would have thought that wiping us in a firefight, we would have learned that you're this "clearly superior force" and would know not to fuck with you again. You settled it, you won. Congratulations. But instead of just leaving it there (hell, if you wanted to continue your beef with us, you don't have to do it at our event), you decided to stroll on over to something that has been organised for the community and we've all put a lot of time in to, and proceed with the following events. Now, this event is something that myself and @Sandy have been wanting to organise for around half a year now, and we were very excited that it was finally happening. People showed up, people made IRL sacrifices to be at this event. When people host events, there's no rules saying don't initiate, there is only an unwritten rule of mutual respect of the people behind the computers, fellow community members, that you try not to shit on them. Especially given the state of RP right now. People have been trying really hard to get a few events going to bring the community together. We all know how the numbers are dwindling and we need something to keep the community alive. The key point: The server isn't consistently full. Now, last night there was a 10 person queue on the server, which to my knowledge, hasn't happened in quite some time. I don't claim all of the credit for this, however, the event certainly was a factor. People have explicitly said they were playing when they would otherwise not be to make this event. Anyway, I went on a bit of a tangent there. What happened following the events of the firefight was the following: We were about to get a fight going, the fighters were getting theior clothes ready and I had already taken two bets. I went to look for the fighters and your boys in red armbands strolled in. Now, what could you want to say that wasn't settled the previous night and couldn't wait? Well, let's see. You wanted to talk business with us and we told you that business was off the books for the night. You seemed adamant and didn't want to leave so we went to a room upstairs to talk business. Now, here's the real crux of the problem. The "business" you wanted to settle? You wanted us to reimburse you for the bullets that you fired at us the previous night. Now, this is probably the most ridiculous thing that I have ever heard. I'm going to take this time to quote one of your goals. You understand that you guys have a bit of a reputation for looking for an excuse to firefight, and I appreciate you taking the time to try and mend that reputation. But seriously, I'll be damned if you can find one person in the community who feels like going back after a firefight to demand the bullets you fired as compensation is a reasonable demand. I know it's bullshit, everyone watching knows that it's bullshit, even you know it's bullshit but you're acting like it isn't just to try and save yourselves. Learn to admit your mistakes, this was flat out awful. So, we went to our "office" and gave us your demand. Now, I'm not sure what response you expected from such a demand, but it was a pleasant "fuck off". Now, you say we gave you no option but to initiate, but what did you honestly expect us to say? You knew the response you'd get, we're playing gangster characters. I think if you gave this demand to the most placid of characters on this server you'd get the same response. The kind of "is this guy serious, this has to be a fucking joke" kind of response. It's honestly the most pathetic demand I've ever heard, and a thinly veiled excuse to justify your initiation. Now, you say the reason you initiated on our event was because you wouldn't know where to find us? This is also ridiculous. Did you ask anybody IC about where we hang out? We're always at our manor or around Pulkovo. You seriously didn't even try or want to give it the thought. People have said "I can't get IG without running in to you within 5 minutes" and I'm sure your members know that because we've encountered some of your members on different characters before. Just ask around IC and you'll find us easily. Nevertheless, I think you had zero reasons to want to find us. You just had bloodlust after your previous firefight. So what happened was, you initiated on our event from outside after kicking all of our guests out, and slayed us all because we didn't prepare for this eventuality because we thought even you guys would have a semblance of respect for members of this community, but apparently not. I feel that if anybody should have been hunting anyone, it should have been us hunting you. You already settled your beef by "wiping" us in the firefight. As I've said before, are you going to come ask us to compensate you for these bullets as well? Also, a point I think that I missed. We have been accused of not being open to negotiation, and giving you no choice but to initiate. As mentioned earlier, we said no business on that night but you wouldn't take no for an answer. We always have the rule at this event, any beef is left outside the door and this was stated to you more than once. We offered you to stay and maybe join in the fights. We could settle beef in the ring. But no, we really gave you no option but to initiate. It's good that you guys seem to have managed holding off your PVP fests up until now, but this was honestly ridiculously disrespectful, both to my group and the community as a whole. Bad form, bad RP. You want something constructive? Don't do this stuff. I feel like you've said that you're going to stop this stuff more than one too many times now though, and I don't think many people are willing to give you a second chance. It may seem like I'm spitting out my dummy but I don't feel like I'm going to play here anymore. We tried to make a fun group that is entertaining for everyone, but you only cared about your own entertainment. We really gave it our all to try and make something dynamic happen on the server, yes the hostilities that took place on friday night were probably a mistake. You already got your fair share of revenge from that. I don't feel like you can initiate on an event not knowing that you're doing serious harm. Hell, it's in the banner at the top of the website, everyone can see it. I could go on but I'll probably just be salty. I probably forgot a lot of shit but if you guys want to make any points in response I'll dismantle those as easily as any of the points that have been raised so far. We tried to accommodate you and you shat on us, fair play.
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