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    The Kelsey Brothers Boxing

    I appreciate that I'm ever so slightly salty right now, but the thing is that they were the one that wiped us in a firefight. We had no intention of going hunting them for revenge, and it makes no sense that they would come for us. We gave them plenty of opportunity to avoid initiating, they act like that initiation is mandatory. There's no need to go on a witch hunt for us, especially when we're trying to make some fun stuff happen. I honestly feel like when you have the slightest hostility with a group like this you're just going to end up doomed, as they're going to keep coming for you over and over. If they're willing to go for us during an event there's no time they wouldn't be willing to. Let me guess, they want compensating for the bullets they just used again? How many times is this cycle gonna rinse and repeat until it stops? A lot of people made IRL sacrifices for this event, not just the organisers but the attendees, and I think this shows a clear lack of respect for people. I'm sure Para's a decent guy, but he wasn't there and even the best of people are capable of making mistakes.
  2. Thoros

    The Kelsey Brothers Boxing

    With all due respect, that's bullshit. You know the demand was ridiculous, you settled the beef with us in the firefight. I told your boys twice that everyone leaves beef outside of the event, and there's a chance we can negotiate later. Business was off the books for tonight. We're always at our manor so you can find us very easily without bombing our event. Anyway, you guys know how you like to do things, and everyone has their opinion of that. Just please don't pretend that you're doing anything different to what you always do.
  3. Thoros

    The Kelsey Brothers Present: Open Ring Night


    -snip- being too salty
  4. Thoros

    The Kelsey Brothers Boxing

    Probably depends what happens with regards to what just happened. I'd love to be able to host this properly at some point, without the interference.
  5. Thoros

    The Red Letter {Strict Recruitment}

    I wasn't there, but to my knowledge that was a misunderstanding and we apologised IC. There's always been a rule in these fights that you keep all beef outside of the event, I said this plenty of times. You wanna start shit with us? Don't do it when we have out event. You can settle stuff in the ring with us or you can wait patiently, but don't fuck up the event. Asking for the ammo in compensation for shooting us the day before is the most utter bullshit thing I've ever heard. They won the firefight, surely that's enough. Initiate on us next week if they so fucking desire.
  6. Thoros

    The Red Letter {Strict Recruitment}

    -User was warned for this post-
  7. Thoros

    The Kelsey Brothers Boxing

    @N-Tox Does Mr. Macarno want to settle his beef sans-rap?
  8. I've reinstalled it since I've had the problem, but no harm trying again I guess.
  9. My microphone is that loud out of DayZ that I have to set my recording software to record it at 15% to be level with other people in DayZ, otherwise it's deafening.
  10. Hey guys, So people find that my microphone is quiet in game, and unless I raise my voice a lot it's not really an acceptable level. My volume is fine, if anything too loud in teamspeak and stuff, just seems to be DayZ. I've got my microphone boosted to the max in windows, max in steam and VOIP is also on max in the DayZ settings. You guys got any solutions for me? Thanks a lot
  11. Thoros

    I'm Out

    bye dude, thanks for the rp you brought my way
  12. Thoros

    Kelsey Brothers Media Thread

    It's Sergei the police officer and that guy from Brooklyn, was it Johnny or something? Videos on the way soon-ish.
  13. Great hostile encounter with @Felix Corten, thanks for the great hostage RP, it was really fun! Cheers to our child warrior @Methias too. Also @Jack Rees-Mountbatten, @Sandy and @Spanners.
  14. Thoros

    • Thoros
    • Spanners

    Hey mate, long time no see. Do you remember this incident, it was quite humorous haha : - )



    1. Spanners


      fuck off

  15. I know it's just because you want to get in my pants.
  16. still waiting for u to hmu jim
  17. @The Traveler @Loscham I've had some not so good experiences in Stary lately but your characters were perfect, loved the hat slam so much. Wish I could have rolled around with you guys for longer.
  18. Thoros

    Stary Council members

  19. Thoros


    The problem is so many people aren't willing to have an end for their character. This ruins the whole idea of hostile RP because you can have beef with them, have a story arc or whatever and then find them and kill them. Okay, they don't perma because they wanted more so you do the process again later on, all in the name of RP. But there's only so many times you can capture someone and kill them and they keep coming back. In the end it makes you and your squad look like a joke if you keep trying to put a bullet in someone's head and it keeps hitting their shoulder. Its not that hard to not die either. If you value your characters life (which you should) so much then play more cautiously. I walked around a lot solo on a character who was the leader of one of the most hated groups at the time, and I only ever died once which wasn't the result of a rule break and that was to hypothermia (I know I'm shit). People are wandering around like gods, making infinite enemies both on radio and IC and never ever suffering repercussions for it. There red has to be a base level that everyone can agree on to an extent, of which once you've surpassed then your character is dead. Otherwise, when you have people who are willing to perma and others who really are not it screws with how these characters interact with each other and foils the RP.
  20. Thoros


    This so much. Hostile RP nowadays always involves initiating and then either a gun fight or //permission to perm/execute. It's just vapid. There should be no reason why people can't have standoffs in the street, with high amounts of tension that don't lead to either of those things and just yield solid RP. When gun fights/executions become over done the whole RP is watered down to the point where deaths and executions are irrelevant. On top of this people now had hard ons for permaing people. When executions and fights are this frequent it gets to the point where nobody wants to give permission to PK. People are walking round, wanted by lots of people and constantly getting killed and they keep on coming back over and over again, basically invulnerable. This is DayZ, it's not some boy scout game where people just huddle round campfires and nothing ever happens. People should be seriously scared and concerned for their characters' lives, which isn't the case at the minute. There are groups running round which just want to firefight etc. and that just leads to repeated character deaths and make no sense. I always have the attitude that if I get captured and I get good enough RP I'll PK if I get executed, whether they ask for perms. Obviously on some characters I want them to have gotten to a certain point in their objectives/development before I lay them to rest but I'm also always cautious about getting captured. One night I'd just made a new character and within a couple of hours I'd been captured and was eaten by a cannibal (PK). I don't expect everyone to be so open to offing their characters but there has to be a willingness to allow stories to develop (both yours and other peoples'), and in DayZ this usually happens with deaths. At the minute you have people who are wanted and they're running round, getting captured and just allowing anyone to execute them for "RP". But it's not RP, there's only so many times you can claim to have survived getting shot in the head. I understand you put time in to your characters but that's what makes the whole experience so fleshed out, being able to kill people who have stories. tl;dr stop trying to kill people so much, but sometimes be willing to PK in the name of RP. edits: didn't realise this thread was half a week old, my b
  21. Thoros

    Text RP Events

    Character Name: Osbert Oakley Character Age: 30 Does your character have any physical shortcomings? He wears glasses. Does your character have a mental disability? No mental disability but people think he's crazy since he believes some conspiracy theories and doesn't trust the government. Does your character have a specific disease? (Diabetes etc.) No. Does your character have any phobia? Fear of being watched and his privacy being invaded. Does your character have a love interest? n/a Does your character have any addictions? n/a Does your character do any drugs? Drinks in private when he can let his guard down and is open-minded to other things. Is your character overweight? No. Would you like your messages to be strictly serious or would you like a comic relief comment from time to time? Both are fine. Anything else that we might have missed that you'd like to experience in game? He has a deep-rooted mistrust of government officials/anything related to government. He is quite solitary but talks to people recently since he's been hidden away for so long. He doesn't give away personal details or much that anyone can trace back to him, he goes by a nickname with no one really knowing his real name.
  22. I'm sure you probably know this being on the events team and all, but I wouldn't be too disheartened if the event gets not much traction. Rory's fishing event only had two people sign up on the forums but there were at least 6 competitors and about 20 people in total there. I'll attend any event if I'm online that night and I'm sure that there are a lot of people like me. I think the calendar is a great addition, people who don't always browse every thread on the forums will see the events straight away from the home page. I'd say get an idea for an event and make a date for it in about a weeks time and just go with it, see how many people show up. There are some really good ideas in this event, but the events don't need always need to involve shooting people, they can be purely RP events. Take the fishing event for example!
  23. Thoros

    Obnova [Recruitment Open]

    The server definitely needs more Chernarussians, I like this. Do you role exclusively with Chernarussians?
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