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  1. I think if the lore wipe does happen, Rolle or the lore masters need to take control re: "official" groups, by this I mean UN, CDF, Red Star etc. I think a system that could work is if the groups are "created" (written up, official page made) by lore masters, and if people want characters that belong to these factions then they can play them. But, the goals etc. of the official factions are set in stone according to the lore. And if people want to make splinter factions, e.g. some chaotic good soldiers in the UN band up to kill evil people in order to remove them from Chernarus and collect their rations to deliver out to other people then that needs to be a separate thing. Realistically these factions would permeate all of Chernarus for years and years after the outbreak, and people should have the ability to create a character belonging to one of these factions at any time, without having to deal with how the factions' public image was changed due to a few individuals ruining the group. Essentially, I think that the outcome of these groups should be in the hands of someone more sensible than the players. There would be thousands of UN soldiers in Chernarus but for everyone to think of the UN as something uncharacteristic of their organisation because of the actions of 10 players' actions is bad. disclaimer: I know nothing of anyone who has played a UN character in this current lore, I'm just using them as a made up example.
  2. Born in Yorkshire, Vincent had a troubled childhood. Despite coming from a decent family he found himself involved in crime from a young age, from petty thievery to other more serious crimes. His father was a proud man and would not tolerate this kind of villain in his home. However, despite the strictness of his parents he managed to get away with doing what he did best. This trend continued, and he found himself in more and more trouble as time went on, until he ended up working for the notorious Kelsey Brothers. Acting as a thug for the brothers, he did quite well for himself. Committing heinous crimes when called upon to do so, and acting as muscle when business was slow, he managed to become reasonably well trusted by the management. Of course, he managed to keep his most dastardly of doings a secret from watching eyes, and most other eyes for that matter. He had a reputation to maintain, and being quite a charmer in his youth, his reputation was important to him. Eventually, he ended up being dragged to Chernarus to fix a deal gone wrong. Something about a drug deal and the supplier had failed to meet their side of the deal. It should be quick business he was told, an in and out job. Nothing could have been further from the truth. He was taken across the sea to fix the mess, but no sooner than the mess had been cleared up, the outbreak happened. After the outbreak, he was trapped in Chernarus with the brothers and other members of the "company". The gang had a new mission and had to change the way they operated. Doing everything they could to turn a profit, while still maintaining the brand image they managed to survive. People started to know them, recognise them - and even fear them. In the end, it was their fame and notoriety that was the end of them. Around a year in to the outbreak, the firm was broken up by those who had a problem with how they did things. Other powers that also coveted the wealth and respect and territory that they commanded. The company was broken up, and the surviving members went their own ways with hopes that one day they could return, and their ties and loyalty could bring them back together. Since then, he has been living in the mountains, surviving in every way he can. He learned to hunt, how to make shelter, how to build fires. Everything one needs to survive in this god forsaken world. He hasn't encountered many other travellers as of late, but those he has encountered haven't always lived to tell the tale. He prefers not to be known, as there are those out there who would see him suffer for the actions he made under the bloodied rose. Personally, he would rather not suffer at the hands of these people, or any people at all. When the time comes, that he knows he will be safe, he will come down from the mountains.
  3. Maybe all that needs to be done is changing the current rules. Isn't engaging in a high risk war every day NVFL? Isn't it bad RP to go back and fight the guys who shot you the day after? Perhaps a realistic injuries mod could help, if there was such a thing.
  4. Haven't all the problems in this server always come from death not being a big deal? In a game where the sole focus on survival and survival is the only goal, the only way to RP well is to put a high value on survival and not dying. Real wars and gunfights in an apocalypse would be devastating. People think that making a character gives you exclusive rights over that character (which is the way the rules also view it) whereas your character is part of everyone else's experience too. The only way to stop things like this IMO is either through rules or encouragement for better RP, the latter of which is a lot harder to do.
  5. Tbh I've been pretty apathetic about RP these days, and these rules are different to what we're used to but I think they'll be a good change for the community. Hopefully they'll stimulate some good RP.
  6. Is this problem just for DayzRP? Have you tried different servers? I believe that I had this problem and someone told me to go on a different server and then restart the game, maybe the other way round. Or I could be imagining all this. Worth a try either way.
  7. Seems dumb to say anything here since I'll see you tomorrow, but o7 you cunt. Thanks for introducing me to RP, and thanks for the fun times. ASO, Kelsey Brothers, the colony and many more.
  8. It always seemed to me that the way in which the rules operated was to minimise the number of rules that lead to lack of realism. The KoS rule is necessary, and just because there is a more unrealistic rule it doesn't mean that we shouldn't think long and hard about further unrealistic rules being implemented. Only have what is absolutely necessary and maximise freedom.
  9. Before you didn't even have to text initiate and nobody complained about that being unbeatable. I get why it would be classed as abuse though. A lot of shitty groups are gonna pop up as a result of this rule change. The staff are gonna have to do a lot more of this "manual work". We'll see how it goes, I'm perfectly happy to be proven wrong here but I think this will do more harm to the player base than it will do good.
  10. @Spartan I'm actually a lot more supportive of sharing defensive rights but not offensive. But what does that mean? Say I'm stood with my friend and they initiate on a guy, do they not gain KOS rights on me if I don't initiate? I'm all for this idea but it could get confusing.
  11. I feel like this rule change is trying to solve a problem and causes an even bigger problem in doing so.
  12. Seems like in that situation the best option is to text initiate and tell them to let your friend go so they can't tell what direction you're coming from. And we all know how shitty text initiations are...
  13. I think that this just gives large groups even more power to dunk on people. Maybe you should reduce the group minimum size from 5 to maybe 3 or 4? That would allow the small dynamics to be more goal oriented and drive their own RP, without losing power. The way I see this change is that it's a way to better monitor what RP everyone is providing since it's pretty stale right now. No need to punish casual players and people who just like to roll round with their friends. Also, I'm all for people making groups with good goals and shit, stuff that will actually make the server feel real. I just think that you're forgetting that people are SURVIVORS and a lot of peoples' goal is simply to survive. Surviving is a lot harder with these rules too, as you can't have a man on overwatch any more, you can't have people hiding in the bushes on the side of the road. You all have to be there and you can just get swarmed. Basically, anyone in a small group has to be submissive as fuck. I guess this kind of adds realism but it's not so easy, a lot of people have been in this community for a long time and they have a lot of friends. Others not so much. You see group after group coming out with pretty much exactly the same roster. It's because it seems once you've made friends in this community you stick with them. So these people always have an advantage against the casual player, or even the player who just isn't part of one of these huge cliques. Basically, if someone robs or shoots my friend, it seems dumb that I can't shoot the robbers because we don't have an official forum thread.
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