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  1. fried_cthulhu

    Interview with Malet

    First time looking through threads on here in ages and i find an interview from mr malet, good interview my friend!
  2. What is going on here? Best of luck with it Hassan.
  3. Nominee: Johnny Thunders Reason: Always provides enjoyable and entertaining RP even on pleblic servers. Evidence:
  4. Oh burn, right in them feels, whitelisted before me! But you see I was feeding Saoires pony before you were even in grade 6 ha! You spelled Saoirse wrong, now could we get back on topic and stop cluttering the thread, thanks. Oh my apologies boy for the typo, no more clutter from this guy, as you were back to receiving yer criticism
  5. Oh burn, right in them feels, whitelisted before me! But you see I was feeding Saoires pony before you were even in grade 6 ha!
  6. -snip- Sear shuh Also, he was part of the Belfast Brigade. Hahaha, Ill have to hear that pronunciation in TS, i have never heard anyone in TS say it properly lol. Cool google search haha
  7. fried_cthulhu

    Desperados: Justice {Recruitment Open} Active

  8. I am sorry to say you are fighting a loosing battle here. Myself and several others had the same problem, with v1 when they had it going, there was a lot of glorifying the IRA all across the forum, through avatars, sigs and their thread etc. I myself, never got to know my grandad as he was killed fighting for the republican army ,fighting a foreign occupancy in our country, long before the IRA turned into a terrorist organisation. I can`t comment for these boys but the majority of the last version of this clan didn`t know much or anything about the IRA. Killing innocent people in the name of Irish freedom. I would advice you to speak to SweetJoe, a member in this clan, who is actually highly educated about the IRA, he might put your mind at ease, as I doubt they mean any offence by this group. I still don`t 100 percent agree with this, as it touches very close to home, but when you step back, this is only a game that to many people take serious, and let it affect them, when my PC is turned off I really don't give a fuck what a group of boys are doing on the internet, pretending to be IRA, or not pretending to be IRA or what ever way this group is! It is not going to affect me in the slightest. Sure I have changed my profile picture to Johnny Adair, cause I doubt any of them know who he is, showing a lack of education on the matter so is it really worth taking offense too? I don`t think so. This group will go on for however long, eventually finish like all other groups out there and they will move on to another group. Also, I kind of wonder how many of the group can pronounce Saoirse?
  9. fried_cthulhu

    Desperados: Justice {Recruitment Open} Active

    Congrats Jack, nice and quick approval!
  10. Best of luck with this lads, hope to see ye in game soon
  11. fried_cthulhu

    Message to the Reaper's

    *Johnny can`t help but have a laugh to himself* How many fucking Daxtons are in this country. *Radio clicks off as Johnny carries on down the road laughing to himself*
  12. fried_cthulhu

    Interest in ArmA3: Exile server?

    Being playing on a PvE exile server with the zombies and demon mod while waiting for this server to arrive, all I can say is this mod is fucking fantastic. The power and noises off the zombies, the sounds of people getting eating to death in the distance really brings something to the game. Along with NPC missions always gives something to do. Hype Intensifies
  13. fried_cthulhu

    Something missing

    Being robbed, is usually good fun, but lately it gets boring, massive groups rolling around two of them being friendly, friends take position, initiate, take yer shite, bring you to the middle of no where, ask you questions, find a reason to beat the shite out of you, give you food and water, let you go. It gets so repetitive. It gets boring. Everyone afraid of reports, and using rules to their advantage. Hostages feeling too protected by the rules, Bandits looking for non compliance to kill you. Then you look at groups like Cherna Lyska (or how ever it was spelled) Always provided brilliant RP, not knowing what was going to happen, how they were going to react, and when shit got spicy you could pull your gun on them and not get mowed down, providing some decent heart in your throat RP cause you don`t know how its going to go. Same with when Roman, Sonny and Hood where together, 3 men walking up to a massive group and being able to strike fear into them just on the sense of not knowing what was going to happen. Every RP encounter was different with them, and this provided a serious sense of fear. I can`t comment on any other bandit groups as I haven`t really encountered them. So yeah, I think bandits need variety in order to provide "fear" in the RP. And also for people to go beyond the rules at times for the sake of RP,invalid executions etc, who cares if it was enjoyable RP up to your death, who cares if you can`t remember IC you enjoyed it OOCly At the end of the day it is night and this is a game!
  14. fried_cthulhu

    GoFundMe Campaign- Approved by Rolle

    He's got 3 little lads Ah the pizza is for the little lad that comes on TS, I dont know the other 2 ha.
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