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"Living life a quarter mile at a time."

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  1. GaryCash

    • GaryCash
    • Jack the Ripper

    *UAV would be seen flying high above Ivan's head.*

    1. Jack the Ripper

      Jack the Ripper

      *Ivan would simply flex his Christmas spirit and the UAV would explode*

    2. GaryCash


      *Spore looks over to the others at the table.*

      "We lost another UAV in the area."

      *Stone nods at him.*

      "Its possible its him."

      *Spore would clasp his two hands together in front of his face.*

      "Take back Check Point 1..."

    3. Jack the Ripper

      Jack the Ripper

      Checkpoint 1 belongs to the Damned, by right of conquest XD


    4. GaryCash


      *Through the faint static... 100's of miles away.  Ghost would hear a chilling familiar voice.*


      "Ch---point On- *..*--* Belongs *--..* to ---.* Damned *-.--..*"


      *He would stand up slowly in his tattered Corporate Uniform and ghillie pulling down his gas mask.*

    5. Koko Boy

      Koko Boy

      Somewhere in the Caucasus Mountains, Sobek hears a familiar, bone-chilling voice.

      He glanced at the radio resting on a rickety wooden table to his left.


      An original AKM leaned against the far wall. Sobek got up and headed for the door, grabbing his backpack and the ancient rifle. "Not again." He says, opening the door and pushing his scarf up over his face.

      *Cue panoramic view of snowy mountains with ominous music*

    6. Koko Boy

      Koko Boy



    7. Crows


      *Murmur just arriving in Chernarus picks up some of the radio chatter as he disembarks from the chopper*

      "Fucking Wave 1 Boomers"

      *He dramatically puts on his shades and walks into base*


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