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  1. For The Record

    *Ivan reached for his radio, hissing in pain as the wound in his side seared. He grumbled under his breath as he depressed the PTT. His voice is cold, and tired: effects of the morphine running through his system.* "Logan..... You're speakin' awful fine for a man that got shot full of lead..... Eh..... One of you assholes got me good, I'll give you that. But I'll live.... I always fuckin' do. Eh....Now..... the terrible things we're done to you lot: The Corporation.... have only been done in retaliation to the fact that you surrounded one of our own, and took her samples, by force. There was no diplomacy first. There were no.... negotiations, or compromise. You intimidated her into undergoing your tests.... and after that?.... You refused our demands to keep your 'research', the fuck, out.... of this country. What we did? To you and yours? That was only a warning. The brutality? Maximum impact to get our point across. The cannibalism? I have no fuckin' idea where the fuck you got that idea. Infecting two of your guys though? That, is what went down. Triceratops.... and Pawn. We executed the latter before he had a chance to turn. Sort of a.... mercy if you ask me.... I want to make it clear now.... that none of this would have happened if you'd just kept your mitts off of our people. We don't do this shit.... unless we're provoked into doing so first. Like I said: This was just a warning.... A small, simple message: Leave, our, people, the fuck, alone..... Or there will be more to come. But after yesterday?.... It's clear, you're not going to take anything we say or do seriously unless we amp things up to eleven. So no more messages. No more warnings. No more bullshit. The next time we see you..... and we will..... We won't be leaving one survivor to relay the message to the rest." *Ivan releases the PTT and slumps his head against Alex's shoulder, exhausted and pained from his wounds.*
  2. Jack the Ripper

    First firefight death of this lore.... feelsgoodman xD

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      I'm pretty much a super soldier. 

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      My GAT counter is still higher than yours you plebeian 9_9


  3. The Potius Cras Corporation Media Thread

    We were watching you for the longest time.....
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  4. A Legal Drug Dealer

    *Ivan sits on his bed, listening to the transmission from the radio sitting on the bedside table. When the transmission ends, the thinks for a moment, before rising and walking over to where his pack and vest lay, rummaging around in the pockets of the latter for his notepad. After finding it, he returns to the bed and sits down, picking up his radio. He pauses as he notices Hazel eyes upon him. He looks towards his companion and smirks. "Jimmy better fuckin' appreciate the gesture....." His smile falters to a more bitter expression. "Especially after threatening you like that..... I should be smashing out his fuckin' knees...." His voice trails off as he speaks, looking down at the paper; the list of medicines Harper had requested, and depresses the PTT.* "Hey Reed, how you doin'. Listen, my people and I are always lookin' for a specific number of pharmaceuticals that are.... a little difficult to come by. We're willing to exchange whatever you need, food, ammo, weapons, drugs of the..... more questionable variety, booze, and standard medical supplies. We're currently looking for...." *He narrows his eyes at the list, doing his best to pronounce the names of the drugs listed.* "Chorpromazine..... Haloperidol..... Flurphenazine...... and..... is that an R or a K..... Umm.... Risperidone? If you have any of those in your inventory, like I said, we'll pay well for them." *He pauses and glances towards his companion for a moment, thinking, before he resumes speaking. When his voice returns, there is a slightly awkward note to it.* "There is a ummm.... well, something else that we're looking for that perhaps you could help with? Though it's something I'd rather discuss on a more secure channel. You should have our frequency, you know how to reach us. Other than that, stay safe, y'know." *Ivan releases the PTT and sets the radio down. After a moment he chuckles and shuffles over the bed to join his companion. "Look at me, trying to help rather than sticking a gun in everyone's face." He says, his voice dripping with sarcasm, before relaxing into the softness of the mattress.*
  5. Help... Please...

    *Ivan swears harshly and gets up from his sleeping spot. After trying to contact Roxanne over his groups standard frequency he switches back to the one he'd heard the message on.* "Either switch your frequency back to the one we're always using, or give me a rough estimate of where you are. I'll be on my way soon." *Ivan checks to ensure his weapon his chambered and loaded before starting to move.*
  6. Holding out for Some Hostile

    Amazing song, great job @Tony and @Kattica, y'all did an amazing job with this!
  7. Hello Shepard

    *A distorted, British accented voice would crackle over the airwaves, obviously disguised using a voice changer of sorts.* *The radio cuts out.*
  8. Open Market - Freq 92.1

    *Ivan would frown at the distortion of the voice, but nonetheless, pick up the radio and respond in a deadpan voice.* "Tonight, we have other arrangements that require our immediate attention. However, in the days following we can provide. We have a current shortage of ammunition that fits the SKS semi-auto rifle. 7.62 by 39? Does 75 rounds per kilo sound reasonable to you? Keeping in mind that our product is of highest quality and concentration, meaning it'll last a good long while. If that price suits, and you want a kilo of each coke and crystal, that would be 150 rounds total." *Ivan releases the PTT and waits for a response.*
  9. The Damned

    An influx of stunning RPer's, so glad to have you guys on board. @Tony My man, I knew you'd come back to us <3 <3 <3
  10. Daniel Lockheart

    Out of desperation in seeing his empire crumbling into dust, Jackie Marco finally reached out to one of the most exclusive contract killers in London, to be flown over to the US. This contract killer, Mr Happy, was tasked by Jackie Marco to kill Ivan Lynch and his known associates. After several failed attempts on Ivan's life, he finally lost track of his movements once Jackie Marco was killed. The contract was dropped. Several years later, the contract was picked up again by Marco's son, and Mr Happy was once again tasked at locating and killing Mr Lynch. Unable to relocate him, the killer started doing some digging, and eventually discovered the name of one of his close associates, Nick Shepard. Happy dug deeper, learning as much as he could about the man, before deciding to make contact. With the intent to know more, Mr Happy followed him across to Chenarus, finding himself trapped in the midst of the outbreak.
  11. BeanZ WAR

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