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"Feel that? That's fear. Does it not just burn when you face me?"

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  1. Jack the Ripper

    Force PK's in public executions.

    Man, I get where you're coming from. @Hellspawn Led the Lost Souls before the Lore Wipe, and was PKed by the Family. Spurred forward one of the best revenge story-lines I've ever been a part of. And when we finally got em all where we wanted them, all the ones we asked to PK, did. Because it made sense. Because their actions warranted it. The story had come full circle and we closed it up. And it was barely firefights. It was infiltration and deception. Nowadays it just.... endless back and forth gunfights where random people get caught up in the middle of it (which yeah, can be great the first few times, but c'mon.... it gets old quick.) People care too much about being on the winning side, so they're not willing to let their character go.
  2. Jack the Ripper

    Jack the Ripper

    Found one of these today, no idea they even existed. If they haven't already, hope that some out there decide to utilize them for a group!image.png.221d11c2ec645aad605d24b2fb34d64d.png


    1. DrMax


      There was a group recently about biker gangs. Make a new group! Ivan and the Bikers 😉 

    2. Jack the Ripper

      Jack the Ripper

      Nah Ivan is gone, and me and my new character are already in a group.

      But hey, maybe in the future, with another character.

  3. Jack the Ripper

    Force PK's in public executions.

    This is actually a really fucking good idea, +1 for this, could lead to some really solid story and character development!
  4. Jack the Ripper

    Force PK's in public executions.

    First of all, did the person who was executed, agree to a PK? If no, then why was he chopped up and put into bags and eaten? That feels like a setup to make someone look bad. If you're going to execute someone without PK rights, then it is up to you, as the executioner, to play it out in a way that would still make sense for them to be alive. Perhaps take him out behind a house and shoot him, so he can "crawl away." That being said, I DO believe that if RP demands it, if it makes sense and if it has been building up to this point for a while now, then the person in question, SHOULD give PK rights. Sometimes it is simply better story to just take one, accept that your character had a good run, and make a fresh one. Let that characters death be an event people remember, allow it to affect your fellow group members in a way that spurs their RP forward. I don't think this should be enforced as a rule, I just think that people should be willing to accept the consequences of their actions and allow the RP to flow in that direction if it so happens. There would be people that will seek to abuse it, either for OOC reasons, or because they want their characters "kill-count" to be high and mighty. Everyone should uphold a certain standard when it comes to RP and what makes sense. Though seeing as this person chose not to PK, should that give them leave to immediately go back to torturing and killing? No, they should have RPed out critical injuries and allowed that character to rest for a while, perhaps play an alt in the meantime or get some medical RP going. It's up to everyone in the server to play their part in order to make the environment immersive and believable, but also fun for everyone else.
  5. Jack the Ripper

    Unable to pick up items?

    Hello. So basically I’ve found that some items that I find, simply refuse to transfer from the ground to my person. I’ve tried hitting F to pick up, tried click/dragging, tried putting the item into my hands first, tried logging out, restarting my game. Nothing seems to work. It has been happening over the past few days. It just seems to happen at random, and is incredibly frustrating as it usually ends up being something that I am searching for. Has anyone else has this issue? Is there a solution?
  6. Jack the Ripper

    Jack the Ripper

    When the report section hits 2 pages.

    Image result for sweet jesus gif

    1. Zero


      I've seen it get to eight pages.

    2. Stradic



  7. This character is ALIVE This character is KOSable. You may kill this character on sight. Background information released by [REDACTED] Correctional Facility. Hello [REDACTED]. We write to you regarding your inquiry about one of our inmates. Inmate #33490, name, Rhys Carson. Incarcerated on July 7th, 2007, upon proven charges of Homicide x7. After psychological assessment, inmate has shown signs of severe sociopathic behavior, mild obsessive compulsion, and unexplained obsession with the number 7. Inmate was originally assigned to cell-block [REDACTED] classed as HIGH RISK. After several incidents regarding inmate #33490's behavior, he was reassigned to solitary cell [REDACTED] in the Super-max block. Inmate some days refuses to eat, drink, defecate or sleep on Sundays, and can be found staring at the wall in still silence between the times 0700 and 1500. Attempts to verbally interact with the inmate during these time periods has been unsuccessful. Attempts at physical contact or confrontation between these time periods have been met with violence. Several security personnel have been dismissed on medical leave after these episodes. Extreme caution has been advised when interacting with inmate #33490, and due to financial intervention on behalf of [REDACTED] we have been unable to exercise additional punishments for hostile actions against Correctional Facility personnel. We understand you are interested in taking custody of inmate #33490, and have permission has been successfully granted by [REDACTED]. We do advise the utmost caution when handling inmate #33490. However, after extensive research into inmates background and past profession, we have found that #33490 is loyal to his current contract holder and/or employer. Perhaps this information will prove useful when attempting to utilize #33490. This document has been authenticated by [REDACTED].
  8. Jack the Ripper

    Potius Cras

    Hell yeah, this is gonna be tight. Looking forward to rolling with you fellas!
  9. Zero

    • Zero
    • Jack the Ripper


    1. Jack the Ripper

      Jack the Ripper

      It's happening...... 
      It's not really happening.

    2. Zero


      You threw away yer radio pal. Ur dead to us.

    3. Jack the Ripper

      Jack the Ripper

      But not dead like Jericho.

    4. Zero


      Yeah cause you abandoned him for some pusseeeeh and let him die in a stinkin ditch filled with mud. 

      Atleast @Otto was there for meh.

    5. Otto


      What are friends

    6. Jack the Ripper

      Jack the Ripper

      Didn't Jericho abandon everyone while we hunted Wes and went to war against the Corporation?

    7. Zero


      No every time he woke up you left without him to do awesome torture, I mean enhanced interrogation. So he went off the grid, but when he came back no one cared.

    8. Jack the Ripper

      Jack the Ripper

      Wasn't he shooting around us from the woods above our safety barn at one point?


  10. Jack the Ripper

    To Mend An Old Wound (Open Frequency)

    *There is a brief amount of static, before a deep voice resonates over the airwaves.* "Use Moretti's old Frequency, one I used to contact Jimmy once all that garbage was behind us." *The transmission goes dead*
  11. Jack the Ripper

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Mr Smoking Dog @Pirate @SpicyMcWrap Had a lot of laughs travelling with you lot tonight. A shame we didn't run into anyone else, less they feel the wrath of the Crumpet Gang. Hope to bump into you again at some point.
  12. Jack the Ripper

    Skin Mask Questions

    Keep it. There are a lot of things we do on this server that don't make realistic sense. We're Roleplayers. Make it immersive, make it FUN. If you see someone with the mask, DO something about it that goes beyond a simple, easy and BORING bullet to the head. Is there really such a lack of imagination among people? Though I agree, people wearing the mask would have to RP it out well, just like everyone else should be RPing other situations out well. Seriously, people that cry "Cringy", "Edgy" and "unrealistic" need to lighten up and just have fun with it.
  13. Jack the Ripper

    Rest In Peace DatTurtle

    Rest in Peace. Deepest condolences to his family, alongside thoughts and prayers.
  14. Jack the Ripper

    To The Damned

    *The static may be heavy at first, but after a few moments it clears somewhat. A deep male voice speaks up over the waves, gruff, grumbling, and perhaps familiar to some.* "I couldn't find the old frequency.... must'a lost those numbers in the back of my head, perhaps left 'em behind when I left." *He pauses, green eyes looking up from the ground, and out over the expansive countryside of Chenarus.* "I don't plan on stayin' long, just long enough to get the message out to those of you that're still in this, festering fucking shithole that seems to be blanketed in a sheet of snow. Because you see, it's that time of year." *A small smirk crawled over his face, as he recalled the last Christmas.* "Shepard, Francis, Andy, Jack, Harper, Jimbo, Marv, Alexie, Jericho, Avery, Lorenzo, Dom, and all the rest that may be living or may not..... Let's be real. It wouldn't be Christmas without you hearing my voice." *The smile vanished, and a frown furrowed his brow.* "I know I.... I know we, left without warning, without note or call.... but there were reasons. Half a lifetime stained red tends to put things into perspective. I was done with it. Done with killing, done with war. After Wes.... I owed y'all everything. But my life ain't mine to give no more. It belongs to her. It always will." *She stepped up beside him, wrapping her hand around his. He squeezed reassuringly, and continued to speak.* "We'll be in a place where the rest of the world can't find us. Safe. Happy. I sincerely hope that the same can be said for the rest of you. I am sorry if it is not.... and I am sorry for leaving. But this is goodbye. So if you're out there.... Thank you. For everything." *And once more a grin tugged at his lips.* "And Merry Christmas." *Ivan turns off his radio and drops it in the snow, turning with Alex back to their car.*
  15. Jack the Ripper

    How many people has your character killed? Why?

    Ivan killed roughly a dozen people, 7 of which were Perma-Death executions. In his lore he killed an unspecified, large score of people over the course of many years. The reasons why are as follows. 3 Corporation members: For being a constant threat to his group. Rachel Leboria: For attacking him and his people as he was transporting his fiance's body to its final resting place. Hide Ito: For committing rape, and for lying about having not committed the act. Johnny Robinson: For assisting in the murder of his fiance. Wes Carter: For ring-leading the murder of his fiance.