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Jack the Ripper


"You are NOT safe.... Not even close."

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  1. The Damned

    Actually it was @Enigma who suggested it
  2. Oh SHIT, that was you?! I didn't even realize. Really enjoyed your RP and love your new character Hope to run into you again in the future.
  3. Vent Corner: The place to talk about problems you have IRL

    Nice to know there are empathetic people like you around, willing to lend an ear. Empathy these days can be hard to come by, especially on the internet. In regards to the thread itself, small thing that's bothering my is that my wacom tablet driver randomly stopped working and I can't enable the pen-pressure setting for my brushes.... Also, my mic refuses to pick up sound in FiveM no matter what I try, even though it works fine in literally everything else. Technically difficulties everywhere.....
  4. The Damned [Secure Freq] 90.1Hz

    *Ivan hears the voices from his radio, slightly annoyed that they were rousing him from his sleep. He reaches over to where his radio was, still clipped onto his discarded belt. He tugs it free and depresses the PTT, grumbling into it sleepily.* "Bout time you had a bath, you disgusting fuck. Make sure you keep that wound.... *yawns*.... clean. Good fuckin' luck, Andy.... and have fun bathing that bloody alcoholic cunt." *Ivan puts his radio down on the floor and goes back to his previous sleeping position, smiling slightly as he falls back into a warm, very comfortable slumber.*
  5. The Red Letter {Strict Recruitment}

    Interesting idea, solid goals, and impressive roster, lot of great RPer's here who know their shit when it comes to hostilities. I look forward to seeing this group in-game and interacting with them. Good luck fellas!
    • Keira
    • Jack the Ripper


    1. Hellspawn
    2. Jack the Ripper

      Jack the Ripper


  6. Jack the Ripper

     @MokaRaiden What the hell just happened?! xD



    1. Paradox


      LMAO xD can I save this picture?! So I can show it on Fb :P

    2. Jack the Ripper

      Jack the Ripper

      Go ahead, haha.

    3. Paradox



  7. Really enjoyed the RP, had me laughing a lot. Your character is definatly interesting, and I hope you stick around Sorry for pointing a gun at you by the way....
  8. What's a good first car?

    1992 Toyota Corona. I'd take a photo of my own car (basically the exact same as the one below) but it's 2am. But honestly, this thing has NEVER failed me in the 3-4 years that I've owned it. Cost me $1600 NZD, runs like a champ.
  9. @Nocheluz Your character is an absolute treat to RP with. Love the banter between IvyLynne, Alex and Ivan. This trio.... oh I just love it Thank you for the great RP, I hope you travel with us again. @Kattica As always, the RP between Alex and Ivan is perfect. It's rare to find those characters that flow together so organically. The back and forth is incredibly enjoyable, and I love seeing these characters develop with each other
  10. Jack the Ripper

    Brings back memories of long road trips as a kid.


  11. Jack the Ripper


    1. Harvey


      Used to listen to the Disturbed a lot, good song!

  12. The Damned

    Sorry things happened the way they did. Take care man.
  13. Ken, Our Last Enemy [Secure]

    *Ivan looks over at Jack, down at his arm where the bullet had gone through. He frowned hard, looking down at his radio as he turned it in his hands. Eventually he gets up and walks away, tuning into a secure channel and raising the radio. His voice is full of bitterness, but also absolution.* "Ken, it's Ivan. Lemme cut to the chase: You want the Fangs dead, I know that much. We now have reason to want the same thing as you and your people. These people.... We've seen what they can do. They can't be reasoned with, even when undeniable logic is applied. They're content, with turnin' whatever is left of this world, fucking ever single person they can get their hands on right up the ass, and leaving a big ol' pile of shit behind them, every fuckin' time they wander this godforsaken place. We.... We will not be content with simply killing them. No. We want to take their knees out from under them, and drag their faces through every, fine, grain, of their own shit, the shit that they think they can just leave behind. I'd like to meet again. I'm sure this channel is secure, but better safe than sorry. You were right about one thing, Ken. All our enemies are dying. Wes, Kent, Hide, the Commies. It's just them. Lets finish the job." *Ivan releases the PTT, walking back to his people.*
  14. Drunk Thread

    This tbh. Who gives a shit I don’t even remember most of the night, other than a vague memory of counting down for the New Year.