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  1. Jack the Ripper

    Farewell my friends

    Hope things go well for you man. Lemme know when you get back and we'll play games and stuff. Stay safe and good luck Zero!
  2. Jack the Ripper

    NLR Rule change vote/poll

    So, the primary issue at the moment with the current rules, isn't that people can remember the events leading up to their death, they can react accordingly with vengeance. There is no problem with that. The issue, is when people choose to simply use their revenge rights to add another kill to their belt, with either minimal or borderline nonsensical RP, that can just lead to a never-ending cycle of revenge killing, until one party either gives in, or perma-deaths. The old rules however, aren't a fix. They left no room for RP, as you instantly forget all events leading up to your death, and therefore cannot develop or progress RP. But if we remember events, and react with a simple "you kill me, I kill you" mentality, in a community where nobody is forced to PK, then there is little to no development anyway. People need to start putting RP ahead of stroking their own egos. You were shot and killed in a gunfight and you find the person who did it? Torture them, humiliate them, show them that they fucked up. There are other methods of giving a persons actions consequences that don't involve an execution. Be creative, and leave them with something like "If you come at me again, next time I WILL kill you." And for the love of fuck...... If you happen upon the person who killed you, within a time-span where you should be wounded and unable to enact revenge..... RP out being wounded. You were just shot. You're not a T-1000 mate. So my vote, is to keep the rules the way they are, so that people may remember how they were "killed". But I ask that people start putting some actual thought into their "revenge" that is a little more inventive and interesting than, "But my character WOULD kill them if they found them." Stop being lazy.
  3. Jack the Ripper

    Stupid Rule???

    Alright..... lets re-imagine the situation going exactly the way it did, up until the point where you are their hostage, after having killed them 2 hours prior. If they'd RPed out being injured, and decided to take revenge in a way that didn't involve killing, ie: torture, threats, slave work, humiliation, demands, etc, then I'd say that'd be fine tbh. However, instead of choosing to further the RP, they chose to simply kill you because you killed them..... which could lead to you coming back to kill them, and them to kill you again, and so on and so forth....... HOW is that Roleplay!? @Roland Do you SERIOUSLY not see the flaw in that? Isn't RP meant to take priority? Isn't that what you're always trying to preach? There are OTHER ways, ways that involve ROLEPLAY, that someone can take revenge from being shot in a firefight. There are SO many other ways for actions to have consequences other than "hurr durr, you killed me, I'm going to kill you." And since nobody is forced to perma-death..... the only consequence is a loss of gear and a trip to the coast. Why not make it a little more interesting instead of simply feeding your kill-boner? A continuous cycle of killing achieves NOTHING. No roleplay, no development, no progression. It's stupid, and lazy.
  4. Jack the Ripper

    Adding an 'Open to hostilities' field on the character pages

    Fucking OATH. I did vote yes, purely because I know this is probably as good as it's gonna get...... But this safe-space bullshit needs to have a fucking line somewhere. Apocalyptic RP: TENSION, FEAR, PARANOIA, DESPERATION, SUSPICION, AGGRESSION, DEFENSIVENESS. PvE? Yeah sure, if there were any actual, reasonable threats in this travesty of a game to begin with. But no. The ONLY decent threat, are players. The ONLY thing that adds any sort of diversity to the game, is CONFLICT driven by PLAYERS. If that's too much for some people.... why come to an RP environment that is based on a hostile concept?
  5. Herico

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    • Jack the Ripper

    You ever do anything not edgy? ❤️ Also happy birthday.

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      Just going to put this here:


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      stop plugging your bad content

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      But I need that ad revenue.

    4. Jack the Ripper

      Jack the Ripper

      Thanks mate. When are we doing the next LFD2? I can't wait for you to lock me out of the fucking end room again, you cunt XD

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      Mate we're up for it any time


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      Your death only inspired us to do better XD


      I am on ts now with @Connvexus if you both want to play? 

  6. Jack the Ripper

    SCREENSHOT OF THE MONTH CONTEST - Lakes, Streams & the Sea

  7. Taryn

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    Happy Birthday!

    1. Jack the Ripper

      Jack the Ripper

      That was 11 days ago, but thank you haha

    2. Taryn


      Better late than never. 😉

  8. Jack the Ripper

    Fallout 76 Thread

    So, my feelings on this are mixed. The Fallout series is my favorite game universe to date, and I'm excited to see a new game being released. However, given Bethesda's recent track record of releasing ridiculous gimmicky products (Remastered and VR versions of recent games they've already released, plus Fallout Shelter on PC) I don't know what to think of this. I would have LOVED an anniversary version of Fallout 3..... Yes I know it would technically be a remaster, but hey, Fallout 3 was fucking incredible, and would be solid as FUCK on the Fallout 4 engine (Minus the dialogue wheel, voiced protagonist and level system). IF this ends up being the "New Vegas" of Fallout 4, I will also be happy, especially considering the information we already know regarding vault 76. Online MMO..... I think the Fallout universe would make for a better MMO environment as opposed to TES. However I'm always a little sketchy when it comes to online releases for games that are meant to be a solely singleplayer experience. I'm not really holding my breath on this one, though I am looking forward to finding out the full details at E3. Whatever it is, I just hope Bethesda do it right.
  9. Jack the Ripper

    God Bless The United States Of America

    Y'know, New Zealand has some pretty good ice cream
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    Happy Birthday Mate! 


    I hope you enjoy the steam gift. 


    1. Jack the Ripper

      Jack the Ripper

      Thanks man. I laughed my ass off when I saw what it was.

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      >.> He doesnt have a wish list help!

  11. Jack the Ripper

    Jack the Ripper

    #Bacon N Eggs

  12. Jack the Ripper

    Battlefield V

    Jeez I haven't played Battlefield in a while. After getting tired of 4, and trying out the Battlefield 1 beta, I couldn't be assed to continue with the franchise. But..... If it's WWII or Futuristic like 2142, I think I'll be jumping back into it. I wouldn't mind a Vietnam, but I have fonder memories from the 1942/2142 era of battlefield games.
  13. Jack the Ripper

    The Lost, The Damned and The Dead - Ivan Lynch

    Don’t worry, once I get up to date with Ivan’s story, it’s happier. It technically is a short story now, just with a non linear structure.
  14. Jack the Ripper

    Jack the Ripper

    Chapter 12 of Ivan's lore is up for those interested.


  15. Jack the Ripper

    The Lost, The Damned and The Dead - Ivan Lynch

    Chapter 12: Then - Part the Second Ivan slumped down against the wall of the cabin as Evelyn stared out the windows, into the moonlight, listening for the howling wolves. They'd stopped here after a days hike, wanting to get away from the isolation of the beach side town and see the wider wasteland. It had been several weeks since Ivan's near fatal incident at the water pump, and the wound on his chest had partway healed without any sign of infection, thankfully. Since Evelyn had stitched him up, things had been.... tense. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ivan was never one for staying still, even when his body needed to heal, and so when Eve one day said she was going to the town to get some more water and search for supplies, Ivan insisted on accompanying her. "You need to stay in bed and rest." She'd told him, exasperated by his stubbornness as she watched him pull himself to his feet. "I got shot in that town. Like hell I'm going to let you go into that place alone." Evelyn rolled her eyes, looking at him with concern and frustration. "I won't be alone, I told you. Jeremy is going to be travelling with me today. He'll have my back." Now it was Ivan's turn to roll his eyes. Jeremy. The man had to be roughly half Ivan's age, closer to Evelyn's, and he was a relatively quiet man. Ivan didn't know much about him, other than he usually traveled alone, and kept to himself.... well, ever since he'd been apparently forced out of Severograd by the barkeep whom he'd previously worked for. As a person, Ivan barely knew him at all, other than he was relatively friendly, a bit of a smart-ass, and far to laid back for his liking. Not only that by Ivan's pride was wounded at the prospect of entrusting the life of someone who'd saved his, to who was almost a total stranger that he didn't exactly hold in high regard. No. He wouldn't allow it. He tugged on his jacket, trying to ignore the pain radiating from his chest, and shrugged his pack onto his good shoulder. "I'm not sitting on my ass all day like I have been for the past few. Time is limited, now more than ever, and I'll be damned if I spend it laying in a fucking bed." He picked up his handgun and ensured that it was loaded and ready. He was limited to single hand weapons at the moment, though it wasn't exactly an issue for him. Still..... he wished he had a suppressor. Reluctantly, Evelyn gave in, seeing that there was no arguing with him. She would have been right. Once Jeremy arrived, the three of them made their way towards the town, Ivan moving faster than his wounded body would like, eager to push himself through his limits. The others trailed behind, and Ivan could almost feel the disapproving stare drilling into his back as they murmured in undertones behind him. He was in a foul mood. Pain always put him in a foul mood, and the prospect of needing protection worsened it still. He didn't need to rely on anyone, didn't need to be protected. He'd fought through harder without help before. Toppling Jackie Marco's empire had been no walk in the park, consuming ten years of his life, ten years of bitter rage that propelled him forward, and his own stubbornness in refusing to keel over and die. It was that same stubbornness that urged him onward now, and almost childishly, he wanted to prove that he was more than capable, is spite of his wounds, of keeping himself safe..... and keeping her safe as well. Leaving that task to Jeremy alone.... left a foul taste in his mouth. Was it jealousy? Perhaps, though he'd never admit it. And their quiet talking out of his earshot did nothing to ease the feeling. He gritted his teeth and continued forward, shoving the thought roughly out of his mind and focusing on pulling each foot in front of the other. When he arrived at the town, the others had fallen even further behind, and in his frustration, Ivan made no hesitation to raise his pistol and firing off a shot into the head of the nearest infected, not slowing his stride in the slightest. The sound slowly drew in more, and he fired off again, and again as he made his way towards the well, killing each stumbling body before they could get close enough to attack. His chest seared, only adding to his foul temper, and when he finally arrived at the well, he planted one foot upon it and continued to fire off shot after shot at the advancing monsters. "Ivan what the FUCK?!" Evelyn snapped loudly as she and Jeremy came rushing into town, guns ready. "Clearing the town." Ivan snarled, firing off another shot, the grey-skinned body falling motionless at his feet. Bullets snapped around him as Eve and Jeremy fired off at the infected as well, trying to keep them at bay. "Why the fuck aren't you using a suppressor?!" Jeremy shouted, his head snapping back and forth as his eyes scanned for more hostiles. "Don't have one." Ivan responded shortly, taking aim again. His weapon clicked and he swore, having not kept count of his shots in his own frustration. His head darted around as he realized there were a lot more infected in the town this time as opposed to last. Perhaps the gunfire from a few days ago had drawn more in. He pressed the release and let his mag fall from the handle of his glock, fumbling around with his other hand for another as the infected drew near. He slammed it into his weapon and chambered a round. Ivan barely felt the pain when it happened, it was completely smothered by surprise as a bullet whizzed by him, carving a bloody gash in his shoulder, right beside the wound he'd recently sustained. He looked up towards the sound of the gunshot, at Evelyn's shocked face behind the infected she'd just missed. "Son-of-a-BITCH!" Ivan roared, stepping towards the infected Eve had just tried to kill, and bringing the pistol handle down hard on its head once, twice, thrice, again and again until it lay dead in front of him. He fell to his knees and swore loudly, and repeatedly, reaching up to press his hold his wound, apply pressure as he knew to do. Jeremy finished off the last of the infected and stood there, breathing heavily for a moment before turning towards Ivan, his eyes widening in shock as he processed what he was seeing. Eve just stood there, her mouth slightly agape, unable to process the fact that she'd just shot Ivan. It was Jeremy who moved first, rushing towards Ivan and tugging a roll of bandaged from his vest. "What the fuck were you think-" He didn't get a chance to finish his sentence before the muzzle of Ivan's handgun was in his face, the other man freezing a few feet from Ivan. The two of them stared at each other for a moment, concern in Jeremy's eyes, and simmering anger in Ivan's. "Unless you want me to put one between your eyes..... back the fuck off...." Ivan growled in a low, deep voice. There was ice in his stare, drilling into Jeremy with the intensity that only a man who'd spend half his life taking countless lives could produce. "Point a gun at a man who's trying to help? Oh yeah that's real fuckin' nice." Jeremy said, his voice low and bitter, though also nervous. "I ain't a nice fuckin' guy." Ivan growled back, matter-of-factly, his gaze and his aim refusing to budge. Eve broke the tense silence that followed with a hollow, empty voice. "Ivan..... let him bandage you." Ivan's eyes glanced towards her for just a moment, before he slowly lowered his arm and slumped backwards onto his ass, giving Jeremy a reluctant nod. The younger man moved in and inspected Ivan's wound briefly, before wrapping it firmly with the bandage roll. Ivan stared at Evelyn, who stared back with emotionless eyes. Nobody spoke as Jeremy finished his work, they filled their canteens, checked around the town briefly, and made their way back towards their coastal village. As they made their way back, Ivan trailed behind Evelyn with Jeremy, the woman's stride purposefully faster as to avoid them. Jeremy reached into his bag and produced a handgun suppressor, handing it towards Ivan. "Next time," He said in a quiet voice. "Don't go firing off shots when you're already wounded. Otherwise you're going to get yourself, or someone else killed." Ivan grudgingly accepted the suppressor, and screwed it onto the end of his pistol without a word. His mind was elsewhere, trying to reach out to her, and figure out what was going on inside that head. He knew damn well what, and it left a horrible taste in his mouth, and a pit in his stomach. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ She blamed herself. Even now Ivan knew she still did, as she stared out the window and into the moonlight. The next few days had been quiet. He'd tried speaking to her about it a few times, but she'd refused to budge, only opening up enough to confirm what he already knew. Ivan had eventually, and reluctantly, admitted that storming ahead when he was injured was wrong, and that he would apologize to Jeremy for aiming a gun at him when he got the chance. However, the other man had left their company shortly after that, and Ivan could not exactly blame him. Still at the same time, Ivan felt a sense of relief at the mans departure. His presence around Evelyn.... frustrated him to no end, a feeling he was not exactly familiar with.... but he had to admit it made sense, given the time Evelyn and himself had recently spent together, and the moments they'd shared. He felt protective, connected, and he hated the thought of anything or anyone coming between that, more than he cared to admit. After a few more days, they made their way towards a camp that an old friend had set up. Evelyn was reluctant to see Taryn, given her previous blabbing of her past to everyone, but she knew Ivan needed medical attention from a professional. Taryn took care of his wounds, making a lighthearted joke about having stitched Ivan up twice now. First his face, now this.They left after a while, Eve not wanting to spend anymore time than necessary around the other woman, and they made their way back to the village. A week or two passed, and once Ivan was strong enough to move without too much discomfort, and wield a two handed firearm again, they made their way from the town, figuring it was best to keep on the move. Night had fallen when they reached the base of Black Mountain, the shadow of the castle looming over them, when they'd heard the wolves. And now here they were, secured in a cabin, waiting for the beasts to pass by. The tension between them had eased somewhat since the incident, and they'd made it back to their usual lighthearted way. Still, what had happened hung over their every interaction like an anvil, and Ivan knew that she still blamed herself for what happened. They both knew it was an accident, Ivan had tried to reassure her of that fact on several occasions, but she never seemed to feel it was a good enough excuse, and he could tell that even now, she continued to beat herself up over it. "You know, staring out the window probably isn't the best idea if we want them to pass by." Ivan said in a teasing way, a slight smile on his face. "Maybe I don't want them to go away." She shrugged, continuing to stare out into the night. "What then?" Ivan asked. "Want 'em to stay outside all night, barking and growling and scratching at the door?" She grunted in response, her form motionless. Ivan let out a gruff sigh and slumped his head back against the wall. The way the moonlight shone through the windows upon her was like..... fucking hell, it was like a sappy freakin' romance movie. Ivan rolled his eyes and turned his head from her, closing his lids. He wasn't in the mood for thoughts like that. He was too tired, and wanted to sleep off the days walk. He opened his eyes at the sound of her pulling back the bolt on her rifle. She was looking at her with a mischievous smirk. "C'mon old man, lets go for a hunt." There was a fierce light in her eyes, electric, dangerous. She was restless and Ivan knew that with or without his company, she wanted to kill some wolves. He let out a gruff sigh and heaved himself up, picking up his AK from where it sat. "Fine." He groaned, slightly annoyed that his plans for sleep were foiled. He was not about to let her go out and hunt those wolves alone in the dark. "Let's kill some wolves." It was thankful that the skies were clear this night, else they may have been unable to see at all. Thankfully the moon illuminated the surrounding landscape just enough for them see where they were going and what was in front of them. They moved silently through the fields and the small pockets of trees, listening out for anything that would give away the position of their prey. Ivan was a little apprehensive about this whole endeavor. He'd not really been much of a hunter before, having spent the majority of his time in the concrete jungle of New York city, and to make matters more tense, they were hunting a pack of natural predators. Ivan scanned the trees with sharp eyes, looking out for the telltale white blur of the wolves pelt. When he heard the howls, it was somewhere off behind him, and he froze, turning slowly. It was then that he noticed that Evelyn was no longer behind him, and he glanced around for a moment, trying to make out her form in the darkness. The wolves howled again, this time closer, and the sound was followed by harsh snarls..... and a loud gunshot. Ivan swore harshly and sprinted in the direction of the noise, clicking off the safety on his AK as he ran. He heard a second and a third gunshot, and he pushed him body as hard as possible in order to reach her faster. When he broke through the trees he saw them: several wolves circling her, two dead on the ground. He didn't stop to think, didn't stop to process anything. Everything switched off and his body moved with one sole intent: kill. He let out a short burst of fire at the nearest wolf, bullets spitting out of the muzzle of his suppressor was harsh snaps, and tearing into the beast with bloody intent. He advanced slowly as he took aim again, moving like a machine as he killed the next wolf in his sight. Another loud detonation as Eve fired again, followed by a scream of pain. Ivan's eyes fell upon her just as the wolf she'd just missed pulled her to the ground, jaws tight around her leg. Ivan killed another of the wolves, before he took aim, swearing under his breath knowing that getting a clear shot at the wolf would be difficult. He didn't have to worry however, as Eve moved fast, tugging a large knife from her boot, and stabbing downwards harshly, into the beasts skull. It tensed, and Eve screamed again as it's teeth dug into her further, before it went limp. Ivan fired off at the other wolves as they made a break for it, having lost the majority of their numbers. He fired until his rifle clicked empty, before stomping over to Eve, angrily slinging his weapon over his back as he moved. He knelt down beside her and wordlessly tugged the knife from the wolfs skull, using it to slice the muscles holding the monsters jaw in place, before prying it open and shoving it aside. It was hard to see, but to the touch her wound oozed warm, dark liquid, and he knew he had to get her treated fast. Without speaking or asking permission, he wrapped his arms around her slender form, and hoisted her into his arms, cradling her as he moved briskly back towards the cabin, a stony expression on his face. Eve squirmed slightly in his arms. "Ivan.... put me down now." She said, groaning in pain at her wounded leg. "Shut up." Ivan commanded in a hard, cold voice, refusing to slow his pace. He kept his eyes forward, not looking at her, only focused on what was ahead. When they reached the cabin, he kicked the door open and took her into the back bedroom, going back and shutting the front door behind him. He grabbed a gas lantern from the main room and took it back with him, lighting it and setting it beside Eve. Simmering with frustration, he tugged his own meager medical supplies from a pocket on his vest, along with a small metal flask. He dampened a clean rag with the flasks contents, and gently pulled up the bottom of Evelyn's jeans, revealing the wound. He silenced her protests with a drilling stare, before going about cleaning her wound. Once he was done, he worked with a thread and needle, closing the deep incisions in her flesh to the best of his abilities, before again cleaning the wound, and bandaging it up. Once he was done, he gathered his supplies and retreated across the room, sitting down with his back to the wall, his side facing Evelyn. "I was stupid." She said in a quiet voice. Ivan refused to meet her gaze. "No different than when I ran ahead into those infected." He said in a cold voice, his eyes fixated on a spot on the far wall, trying to focus his thoughts. "I could have got you killed, again." She breathed, shaking her head. Ivan turned his head towards her in annoyance. "You could have gotten yourself killed." He growled harshly. "What the hell did you think was going through my head when I saw that wolf drag you to the ground?" She looked away from him, now avoiding his gaze. "I shot you in that town when I was trying to keep the infected off you. And my hotheadedness could have gotten you killed by those wolves as well." "The fuck is all this self pity bullshit?" Ivan demanded angrily. "I'm alive. You shot me trying to save me. Sometimes shit happens, that's the way it is. And last I checked I was having no issue with those wolves. No, I was trying to save your ass from getting torn to shreds-" "Ivan." Eve turned to look at him, her eyes red from the moisture she was trying to keep at bay. "The longer you're around me.... the more likely you're going to get yourself killed. I can't be there to see that. I can't let you put yourself in danger.... for a worthless liability like me...." "Shut up." Ivan snapped. "If I thought your were so much of a liability, then why the fuck am I still here? Do I strike you as a person to stick my neck out for someone I consider a liability? Someone who I consider worthless? Do I?" He demanded, his stare holding her firmly in place. "I kill people. That's what I'm good at. That's about the only thing I am good at. You think a killer made it this far by helping out every poor soul he felt sorry for along the way? Screw that." "Then why are you still here Ivan?" Evelyn demanded, her voice raising slightly, a hard scowl on her face. Ivan let out a frustrated growl and raised his voice. "BECAUSE I L-" He caught himself before I said anymore, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. When he opened them, his gaze was gentler, his shoulder more relaxed. "Because I care about you. Maybe.... maybe that's something you have trouble believing. Maybe you have such a low opinion of yourself, that you cannot think for a second that anyone could place any worth to you. But here's the thing: I do. Like it or not, believe it or not, I do." Ivan looked down at the floor between his feet. Despite the calm nature of his speech, and the laid back state of his body, his heart was pounding a thousand beats per minute, and he was almost afraid that if the silence was drawn out for too long, she'd be able to hear it. "You're about the only person, in the past fifteen years that can say I care about them." He said, his voice unusually quiet. After a moment he stood and shouldered his pack, grabbing his rifle before making his way to the door. It was there he stood, facing the exit, for several tense minutes, before he turned to face her. "If you want me to go..... just say the word..... and I'll go." The last three words were spoken in barely a whisper as he looked at her. There was obvious pain in her face, pain and conflict. He knew that seeing him go was not something she wanted, and seeing him die frightened her to no end. He knew that feeling. He'd already watched the two most important people in his life get torn away, and it destroyed him. He knew the conflict she faced, and if she wanted him to go, he would honor her request....... but at the same time, walking out that door was the last thing he wanted to do. "I don't want you to go." She whispered. She moved her hand, almost as if she meant to reach out to him, but she seemed to catch herself at the last moment, lowing it back to her lap. Ivan nodded and let his pack and gun fall back to the floor. "Okay then." He walked across the room and sat down beside her, his arm brushing against hers. She leaned into his touch, and he felt her hair against his cheek as she rested her head against his shoulder. "I never want you to go." He voice was quivering, and Ivan, bracing himself for a possibly negative reaction, reached out a took her hand. She tensed ever so slightly at the contact, but soon relaxed, her fingers lacing themselves around his. "And I never will." He said. "I do care about you.... more than you know. Believe that or don't..... it's the truth." Evelyn raised her head to look at him, and he turned his to look at hers, her soft amber eyes meeting his dark greens, closer than they'd ever been. "I know." She whispered, and leaned forward, her lips brushing softly against his. The contact lasted for less than a moment, but sent a jolt of electricity through Ivan's body, flaring up every nerve ending with fiery warmth. She pulled away and re-positioned her head again to rest on his shoulder, closing her eyes. Ivan let out a long sigh and smiled, closing his own. She was afraid that the world would tear him from her..... He'd bloody well like to see it try.