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  1. *Harold, annoyed turns his radio on one more time* "Well thats a great way to greet an old friend, and after you delivered that cop to me that one time in Kab. What crawled up your ass? Cant I drop in after being gone for a while? You should calm down their Pauly, its uh... *whispering* its bad for business." *He turns the radio off*
  2. *Harold messes with his old, banged up radio trying to get it to work. It finally turns on* "Pauly, you still out there you old fuck? I need to talk with you, if you're alive let me know on here. I -" *The radio switches off* *Harold can be heard again after a few moments but muffled* "Fucking stupid thing! Just, just fucking contact me as soon as possible. " *The broadcast ends again*
  3. Martin O'Connor pov: So I was the priest mentioned above, who was trying to convert the people there. I was told that one of us was taken and tortured previously and my character was greatly angered by this and wanted his brand of justice. I walk up to the camp and give my usual rp telling the people of the camp I'm there to save them from hell and that they must repent and convert. I hear one or two people say they are Catholics and will follow me so I ask all who will accept the church to stand behind me. I then tell them if they are truly dedicated to the church to find me the man who tortured a crusader who hides among them. One says he believes the man is dead but my character is not satisfied and calls for a full investigation of the camp. Some people who said they wouldn't follow my teachings begin to ask questions and I hear one man in the background talking about how people shouldn't follow me and slandering the faith, which the op admits was him in his pov. I am told about this and how he is being disrespectful but my character is more interested in finding the man who tortured one of our own first. I am told several more times that he is being rude to us and I am about to turn my attention to him when the initiation is dropped and the man who tortured Dusty comes forward and admits it was him. I tell the Swiss guard to deal with the man disrespecting us to deal with them as they saw fit, and that I would speak to him after I dealt with this man. It infuriated my character even more when the guilty man told me he was raised a Catholic but turned Protestant and would not return to the church, so my focus was on him. Eventually the op is shot and I am told he was killed for failing to to follow orders. Cant really comment beyond that as I was focused on the rp with the other guy as he was killed. We continue the rp with the rest of them for a good while trying to convert them and eventually they are let go.
  4. I still remember Mikoyan telling me when I was still new to kill the hostages the minute the fight starts so we wouldnt be distracted by the threat they posed or worrying about them running off. Ah how times have changed.
  5. We already do what staff call "case by case basis" for reports (which isnt actually case by case as per the literal definition, its just however the admin verdicting see's the rules with the context taken in). Imo it should be based on a uniform black and white redone version of the rules rather than fully case by case, a bit of case by case is needed yes as each situation is unique but the whole system as we have it now does not work. Also I chuckled a bit at the term "rp rehab", but yes reports do need to be more about showing a person what they did wrong and helping them improve rather than seeing them banned. Sadly too many people, and any people who do this makes for too many, use the report system as a way to see people gone. The report system should encourage people to talk things out in ts a lot more and encourage people to wait until they've cooled down and become levelheaded again after a situation and then decide if a report is needed.
  6. Who's that handsome priest in the red there I wonder?
  7. The only one I trusted to actually keep the faith out of them all. You were the one who's cross I put in their bag right? Great rp from everyone there either way
  8. Silly Sofie that would actually make sense and be efficient
  9. I think a few too many of staff would disagree with you sadly
  10. It wasnt very well written, but I made a thread on this a long time ago. It wasnt given much attention at all and died rather quickly. Here it is in case some points in it were brought up that should be brought up here:
  11. While everyone does have their own interpretation of the rules, the rules need to be clear cut so that what they say is obvious to all. Individual belief on the rules should be at a minimum in verdicts, and the rules should be very black and white. This I feel is why they need to be reworked along with the whitelist. Thank you for your response though.
  12. Gonna just quote this part of rampage's post. And this will go out to staff like @Oliv and @Speedster and any other viewing the thread. Do you not see what Rampage is saying here is correct, and this system of "case by case" literally invalidates the rules? Maybe only to a degree, but it does. If I for example rob someone, since the rules are brokenly based on a staff member's individual bias when it comes to a verdict, my actions are judged based on the staff member's interpretation of the rules. So if I do something oh good it doesnt violate Oliv's rule set/view of the rules but sorrrrryyy it goes against Aiko's or any other staff members. Each staff now has their own ruleset (their own view of what the rules say) so there are many different rulesets and you cant follow them all since they overlap. Following one gets you banned by another. There literally is no standard. When the staff team is so divided in opinion and bias (and that isnt insulting anyone, we all have our biases, they just shouldnt have a place in our jobs) as it is, this means that not only are the rules overly complicated requiring a law degree to read them, but you can follow them and yet not follow them at the same time. That pushes new players away like Rampage has said several times. He has also brought up that their is no standard of rp, no universal thing that people will say makes for good rp. If I say robberies dont have to be long to be good plenty of others will disagree, so how is anyone new or old here supposed to know what the hell constitutes a ban anymore? Rampage questions the verdict these people got as it was given out of personal opinion, not a universal set of rules. And it shouldnt be that way. The community right now is like the Protestant movement back in medieval times when it first emerged. Okay now we all just go with our own personal interpretation of the Bible. This fractured them into so many different groups because no one could agree on anything. @Rolle I've been tough on you lately, but I applaud you for all you've done for the community and all you still do to be fair to ya. Don't think I dont love this community and dont think I hate staff or anything like that. But I have to say, please, case by case needs to go and you guys need to change up how you operate. It isnt working.
  13. Lets see, reasons why I think this rule should be removed: 1) Its rule armor, something we should never give people if we can help it 2) It kills rp anywhere that isnt a settlement 3) The settlement owners can insult and big dick anyone they want because they know if a person mouths off the slightest they can just kos them no rp needed and that person would be breaking a rule if they were to fight back 4) It encourages people to simply hide in safe spaces sitting on their loot mountains 5) It gives people the idea that the rules should protect them
  14. Case by case Rampage. There is no universal standard or interpretation of the rules or what is and isnt bad rp anymore. Its what side of the fence the verdicting gm is on, and what side of the bed they woke up on that morning. Broken and biased. desal plant
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