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  1. SquidProQuo

    Whats your occupation?

    I'm a student, I volunteer/do research in a lab at my university, and volunteer in the emergency department of a hospital. So I really just spend all my time losing money
  2. The troubles of Patrick McAllister began during the conclusion of a decades long conflict in Northern Ireland. In 1999, Patrick's parents and siblings were shot in broad daylight on the porch of his Falls Road home in Belfast. The shooter, a fanatic Ulster Volunteer Force member, was targeting Irish Catholics and the McAllisters were in the wrong place at the wrong time. With no remaining family alive and no desire to grow up in the orphanage and foster home system, Patrick ran away from the orphanage in 2002. He lived on the streets of Belfast robbing and scamming to survive. During an attempt to rob a drunk outside a bar in 2005, Patrick was caught and punched multiple times in the face. Eventually another man broke up the fight and the drunk stumbled off. As luck would have it, the man recognized Patrick. It would turn out that his savior was a former IRA member of the Belfast Brigade who has served with the McAllister brothers, Patrick's father and uncles, on operations in the 1970s. The man took Patrick in and raised him as his own son. He told stories of a life Patrick's father had left behind and kept secret. Despite the man's efforts to encourage a peaceful way of life, Patrick continued his old ways and sought revenge on the remnants of the UVF with little success. In 2013, he left Ireland to pursue arms dealing ventures everywhere from South America to the Balkans. In 2017 McAllister was in the South Zagoria region of Chernarus on a personal trip. He was searching for the arms dealers who supplied the UVF, as he had heard rumors of nationalist groups stirring in the area and figured they must know where to find weapons. When the outbreak began, McAllister was quick to discard the expectations of the civilized world. He did whatever was necessary to survive, and many things that were not.
  3. POV: We were heading towards VMC area when we heard gunshots close behind us at the barn compound. We ran towards the compound and see a bunch of guys with three hostages we had recently RPed with (McKaines + Pamyati). We opened fire on the Kamenici and got into a firefight with them. After the firefight we talked to and released the two surviving hostages.
  4. SquidProQuo


    If you’re having a lot of trouble try hitting tab and dragging the item horizontally a bit and releasing it in the “vicinity.” It will move it under your feet, and you can pick it up. Works for me sometimes when items are on a shelf or something. Sometimes it just bugs the item and I can’t pick it up though, but it’s worth a try.
  5. SquidProQuo

    S1 - Stary Sobor - 4:00 GMT - BadRP/Troll RP/Gear RP

    Callahan POV: Log in on the far side of Stary and start running over to Kab to see if anyone is around. I stop at the pond for a drink since I had nothing and as I'm drinking I look up and notice a group of three people on the far side. Two had cowboy hats so I was about to back off when one of them initiates on me. I shoot at him and one runs to flank me while the third just sits by the pond like nothing is happening. I try to talk to the one who initiated to calm things down but his friend aims at me from across the pond so I just go on shooting. After killing the intiator (Tony), I noticed the third person from the group is tied up and walking towards me. I tell her to struggle out so we can leave before the friend shoots us. End PoV.
  6. Server and location: S1 Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-01-28, 20:22 Your in game name: Patrick Callahan Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: @RyDog @Ragnar Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: I walked into Kabanino to look around for people but everyone was gone. Some guy came running down the street saying "Run! Theres a crazy man with an SVD shooting people in Stary." And I asked him why but he didn't really give me an answer. He asked my name so I told him and he told me his name was ryan. Then some woman in a blue coat walked up to me and I said "Oh is this him? or her?" and Ryan said something implying that was his friend. She then aimed her m4 and shot me without saying a word. I was not in comms with anyone, I had no connection with whatever he was referring to, and his friend said nothing before walking up and shooting me.
  7. SquidProQuo

    S1-Abuse of game mechanics 2019-01-25, 02:00-2:32

    Callahan POV: In Kab with the boys when I get shot at from the green house. Lucas, Eagle, and I rush the house and a floating backpack ( in Eagle's video you can hear me say "it was like a floating body") goes flying through the doorway. I chase it down the stairs and unload on it outside.
  8. I get what you're saying. I think that report where some guys got mag dumped while trying to strong arm someone is a good example of how the schism affects stuff IG. I enjoy both styles but I have a hard time getting non hostile RP unless I hide or ditch my weapon and plate carrier. I think part of issue is that both styles can get boring. Bad hostile RP ends up causing OOC salt because you lose your stuff in a lame experience so some dude can get an ego boost. Bad campfire RP can put anybody to sleep. BanditRPers get bored with campfire RP and prefer action and its easy to not value campfire RP, and look down on those players especially when the hostage isn't putting any effort in because they're annoyed with Hostile RP. On the flip side of the coin campfire RPers get annoyed when they lose their things (whether they are RP items or they just enjoy having nice stuff) and so they look down on hostile Rpers cause of bad experiences/ 5 second robberies. Then we get forum posts about how one type of RP needs to stop or the other type sucks and it snowballs. Maybe encouraging people to try both styles to see whats fun/difficult about each would help? At the end of the day people like what they like and will be biased, but I agree we should try not to look down on people for their RP styles or at the very least not let those OOC opinions carry over IG.
  9. SquidProQuo


    Its one thing if you can actually defend your base or if late night players raid it, but how do you RP out your stuff being gone when *most likely* its due to ghosting. Also people appearing behind you during hostile RP/in a firefight because they ghosted ruins the fun for everyone. +1 to taking down server 2 and only having it up when S1 is full. No rule change needed and there would probably be a staff member available to start it during peak hours anyways right?
  10. SquidProQuo

    Kill rights and official groups?

    I’m kind of confused with this too. Especially with the amount of groups that are “allied.” To be safe we’ve been making sure each group drops an initiation, but it can get confusing the more parties involved.
  11. SquidProQuo

    A way out [OPEN FREQ.]

    *The man finishes drawing a pentagram before pressing down the PTT* Hey demon boy Clay, name's Dylan and I like demons too. How do I find you? Consult the Ouija board? *The man begins to set down the radio but pauses* It's not just a phase, this is the real me. *He releases the PTT*
  12. I haven't been back for very long so I don't know if its always like this, but I think the open war between all the groups is probably a big part of why anyone with an AR and a vest is getting robbed. There's obnoxious radio posts making the fighting more frequent and unaffiliated civs are getting caught in the crossfire. I've been on both sides and losing your gear is never fun but neither is a hostage who won't really interact, talks in an annoyed tone, and is automatically shut down because the OOC salt for losing their AR/vest. Seeing @Jackfish interact with his victims is entertaining as hell when they RP back with him, but they have to participate. You don't have to worry about "GearRP" if you don't open carry an assault rifle and a vest in areas where there is a war/active firefights. If you're RPing someone who doesn't fight there's no need for a plate carrier and a fully kitted weapon in the first place. Additionally, if there is a firefight going on anybody who doesn't know you is probably going to tell you to drop your weapon or leave town. No one is making anyone hang out in known warzones, and to expect an Oscar winning Hostile RP performance before the firefight has ended is a bit selfish. I understand the frustration, but if a large amount of people are on the same page IC and/or OOC then start rounding them up and set up a settlement away from the "high traffic" Kab/Novaya warzones. That would be a way to develop a story arc of your own, and also probably the most "realistic" option. Until the radio posts stop/the story progresses the two sides will probably be too busy killing each other to mess with your settlement anyway. If you're a hostage, ask why they're doing what they're doing, ask the "grunts" what led them to this, or really just try to interact in any way if you want RP. If you make an effort and they blow you off, report it for bad RP. This seems like a problem that can be fixed, but I don't think complaining/ hanging out in the same areas with military gear when you know groups want/need it for their story/current events is going to change anything.
  13. SquidProQuo

    S1: Invalid Kill

    I am okay with it as well.
  14. SquidProQuo

    S1: Invalid Kill

    @MrP4nda I think I mentioned this to you in our PM convo, but I couldn’t tell you were waving your arms. I was looking at the building through a window in a tin building with bad visibility and only saw movement.
  15. SquidProQuo

    S1: Invalid Kill

    After the firefight at Novaya, the Green Dragons and District decided to pull out. On our way out of town, we took a mosin shot from an apartment building and fired back to kill the guy. Due to the multiple initiations on the saviors/ all civilians in town we figured it must have been a sniper/ combatant in the fight. @MrP4nda We did not realize that you had only just logged in and were not a part of the fight. I apologize for shooting you, if you would like to talk about this feel free to PM me!
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