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  1. POV: Using classified tactical methods we breached the compound under the cover of darkness. Inside the house this woman was sleeping. She did not respond and when she finally woke up we made it clear she needed to put her hands up or she was going to be shot. Despite our requests, she decided this was a great opportunity to explain the intricacies of griefing. After roughly 18 seconds of non-compliance, I shot her in the head 1. Because she would not comply and 2. The immersion of my group members was at risk because of her OOC talk about griefing. Shortly after, we encountered another member of the compound who complied and we were able to RP with her to set up communications between our two groups to hopefully move the story forward.
  2. SquidProQuo

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    Aw shit, here we go again
  3. POV: I was with @OxeN as @Jackfish and @YNW Pep were initiated on. We spotted two guys with their guns out hiding on the other side of a building from our guys who were initiated on. I was under the impression the guys with their guns out behind the house were part of the initiating party so I started shooting at them. I apologize for shooting at the uninvolved people, it was a simple misunderstanding during a firefight.
  4. POV: @OxeN and I spot OP at NWAF tents. We scope it out a bit to see if he has any friends around and then he runs in to a container. @OxeN initiates on him 3-4 times over 20 seconds. I then initiate on him and he runs out of the container away from us so we start shooting and kill him.
  5. SquidProQuo


    I have enjoyed the RP between jackals and chedaki these past couple days. Top notch and looking forward to more! Thank you Jackals
  6. SquidProQuo

    A message from Victor Petrov

    The voice of a local could be heard after the click of the PTT "Victor who? Why are you impersonating the Chedaki?" "No comrade of mine would surrender while his bratri fought a foreign enemy." The man would pause as he took a drag of his cigarette "Certainly, no true Chedaki would denounce the cause to save his own skin." The burn of a cigarette could be heard while the man inhaled "Besides, wasn't your last radio broadcast a threat to someone?" "Is this some kind of strange joke? I'm sure you know how Chedaki handle bad jokes..." The man would pause and flick his cigarette "This kind of cowardice would never be acceptable in our ranks." The man would take one last drag as he released the PTT
  7. SquidProQuo

    67th "Lopotev" Sotnya - Media Thread

    We appreciate the candid feedback on our appearance and we will be taking this into consideration.
  8. There have been a lot of suggestions to add mods from other developers to the DayZRP mod we run on the server. From my understanding, we can't add mods from other developers because of copyright issues or something of the sort. Considering the investment many people are willing to make to this server between donations and purchasing cosmetic items, I thought we could start a pool of donations to purchase the rights to other mods from mod developers outside the community so we could use them. We could vote on what mods we would prioritize to get first or something. This would be a public donation pool specifically for this reason so it wouldn't be using money DayZRP makes from donations and cosmetic items. I'm not sure how this wold work legally and I'm sure there could be problems with actually implementing this. My post is just to ask the community if they think this is an idea worth looking in to and if they would donate to a pool we used to purchase mod rights so we could incorporate outsider mods in to DayZRP.
  9. SquidProQuo

    Černaruští Zdejší [Selective Recruitment]

  10. SquidProQuo

    BadRP / Berezino / S1 / 23:00 - 23:20

    POV @OxeN and I met someone for a contract that included getting an old man named Pasi for @isaac lineheart. @OxeN, @Zman44, @DaRsnn, and I headed out to berezino and found the guy we were looking for. There were more people than expected but we initiated and searched everyone for radios. We led the hostages away from the hospital so Isaac could do his thing with Pasi. I searched them for any other weapons because we were under the impression back up was coming for them and there might be a firefight and I didn't want to worry about any of them making a move if that happened. We led them over to the orchard so we could get the situation sorted out. @DaRsnn, @Zman44, and I RPed with the hostages between scouting for their backup and making sure Isaac was still okay at the hospital since we needed him to live. After Isaac finished with Pasi at the hospital, I headed back to help @Zman44 because he was getting attacked by a bunch of zombies and only had a bolt action. I met back up with everyone after they released the hostages and we went on our way. End POV There's few extra things worth mentioning: 1. Right as the situation had started @OxeN's internet died so we had one less guy and this made the situation even more disorganized. We were trying to check back on the hospital to make sure isaac or oxen didn't get shot during. 2. We were under the impression that backup was coming so that added some confusion over the radio, making it harder to pay attention to what the hostages were saying. I understand that this decreased the amount of RP we did with you hostages and I apologize you did not get as much out of the situation as you wanted. However, when we had you all in a circle in the orchard you were allowed to talk among yourselves. 3. The purpose of the situation was for Isaac to be able to interact with Pasi and we were supposed to keep our identities a secret. I apologize if you weren't satisfied with the RP you received as hostages, but I think the RP that came about due to the scenario was pretty good. We didn't take all your gear, ignore you, and run off. The OP mentioned "we get frisked for weapons and so on and basically get robbed for them." I wouldn't consider it robbery since nothing was actually taken and we allowed you to go get all of your stuff back, we just needed the hostages away from the clinic so isaac could complete what he contracted us for. 4. I don' think the RP I personally provided was great and I would've liked to do more (one of my roommates got home and was trying to sleep before working a nightshift as the situation popped off so I didn't want to be loud), but I wouldn't go so far to call it a BadRP rule break. If we're going to nitpick, saying "so are you gonna tell us why you're doing this...?" to your captors in an annoyed tone and acting as if you're being inconvenienced isn't exactly realistic behavior fitting the situation. I think this situation could have gone a lot smoother and ideally we would've had the chance to get more interesting RP between the hostages. We're all here to have fun and I apologize the situation wasn't fun for you, if you'd like to give me feedback or send me any tips feel free to PM me.
  11. SquidProQuo

    S1 - BadRP - Possible Metagaming- 2019-04-02

    Dr Rajeet Chakravarthy POV: I met up with @OxeN at NWAF where we ran into one of the jackals and talked to him for a bit. We then said goodbye so we could go to a meeting but the jackal kept following us and one other showed up and it was starting to become clear they wanted to initiate. We split up and lost them in the woods around the NWAF. We heard they went down to the tents at NWAF, but to be safe I looped around the airfield and headed down to the industrial area east of novaya and went north a bit before heading back west around novaya to get to the meeting spot. I arrived and spoke with Zaahid and Dr. Hope for a minute or so before heading off. The Jackals showed up and initiated and I complied. I RPed with them for a bit, Joe Dewski scarred my arm, I got punched and cut a couple times and then they let me go. I was released before Jackfish was executed so I don't know what happened there. I had no food/no knife when I was released and I was on yellow food. I think someone asked if any of the hostages needed food but there was a lot going on at once/tons of people talking over each other and I didn't end up getting any.
  12. Hello my name is Dr. Rajeet Chakravarthy. All my life I wanted to be famous Bollywood actor but my father the world renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Dinesh Chakravarthy, PhD. demanded I go to medical school or he would arrange a marriage with the ugly neighbor girl Sharmila. She is mean and smells like spoiled curry so I became a doctor, but our parents arranged a marriage anyways. I was attending a stupid pathology conference in Chernogorsk when this infection started. I am not working on a cure because as I said I do not want to be doctor I want to be in Bollywood movies to show Sharmila she is wrong. However, I will help to treat your injuries to the best of my ability as long as you promise to help me go back home so I can become famous Bollywood movie star.
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