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  1. SquidProQuo

    A way out [OPEN FREQ.]

    *The man finishes drawing a pentagram before pressing down the PTT* Hey demon boy Clay, name's Dylan and I like demons too. How do I find you? Consult the Ouija board? *The man begins to set down the radio but pauses* It's not just a phase, this is the real me. *He releases the PTT*
  2. I haven't been back for very long so I don't know if its always like this, but I think the open war between all the groups is probably a big part of why anyone with an AR and a vest is getting robbed. There's obnoxious radio posts making the fighting more frequent and unaffiliated civs are getting caught in the crossfire. I've been on both sides and losing your gear is never fun but neither is a hostage who won't really interact, talks in an annoyed tone, and is automatically shut down because the OOC salt for losing their AR/vest. Seeing @Jackfish interact with his victims is entertaining as hell when they RP back with him, but they have to participate. You don't have to worry about "GearRP" if you don't open carry an assault rifle and a vest in areas where there is a war/active firefights. If you're RPing someone who doesn't fight there's no need for a plate carrier and a fully kitted weapon in the first place. Additionally, if there is a firefight going on anybody who doesn't know you is probably going to tell you to drop your weapon or leave town. No one is making anyone hang out in known warzones, and to expect an Oscar winning Hostile RP performance before the firefight has ended is a bit selfish. I understand the frustration, but if a large amount of people are on the same page IC and/or OOC then start rounding them up and set up a settlement away from the "high traffic" Kab/Novaya warzones. That would be a way to develop a story arc of your own, and also probably the most "realistic" option. Until the radio posts stop/the story progresses the two sides will probably be too busy killing each other to mess with your settlement anyway. If you're a hostage, ask why they're doing what they're doing, ask the "grunts" what led them to this, or really just try to interact in any way if you want RP. If you make an effort and they blow you off, report it for bad RP. This seems like a problem that can be fixed, but I don't think complaining/ hanging out in the same areas with military gear when you know groups want/need it for their story/current events is going to change anything.
  3. I am okay with it as well.
  4. @MrP4nda I think I mentioned this to you in our PM convo, but I couldn’t tell you were waving your arms. I was looking at the building through a window in a tin building with bad visibility and only saw movement.
  5. After the firefight at Novaya, the Green Dragons and District decided to pull out. On our way out of town, we took a mosin shot from an apartment building and fired back to kill the guy. Due to the multiple initiations on the saviors/ all civilians in town we figured it must have been a sniper/ combatant in the fight. @MrP4nda We did not realize that you had only just logged in and were not a part of the fight. I apologize for shooting you, if you would like to talk about this feel free to PM me!
  6. *An unfamiliar voice comes over the radio* To the woman with the wounded leg in the cabin, if you’re still alive... I’m sorry... I can’t get the memory of yesterday out of my head.. I heard yelling in that cabin so I approached to check if everything was okay. That man, Roman was it? We couldn’t stay long after what we did to Roman, and you couldn’t walk... I hope you were able to escape... I hope his associates, if he has any, don’t think it was you who was responsible. I just wanted to help... and now I fear we may have subjected you to a worse fate than what he had planned... *The transmission ends*
  7. During Patrick's sophomore year of college, he went on a hunting trip to Alaska. Stricken by the natural beauty of the state and infatuated with the sense of freedom only found in unclaimed territory, Patrick dropped out of college to become a wildlife guide. In the Alaskan wilderness he found peace and satisfied his need for adventure. In the small bush towns he found a crippling opioid addiction which warmed the Alaskan winter and consumed the guide's paycheck. Unable to afford the increasing prices, Callahan took to poaching. In 2015 Alaskan authorities shot Callahan in the gut during a shootout in Juneau. Though he was able to lose his pursuers, Callahan was badly wounded and found medical attention from an unlikely source: the doctor of a Chernorussian cargo ship who's crew were out drinking in port. With a warrant and potentially dead law enforcement officers to his name, Patrick Callahan agreed to work on the SS Nezhin to repay the costs. Writhing in pain from withdrawal, Patrick Callahan stumbled across a revelation which would set in motion a series of events that would make and, eventually, ruin him. The SS Nezhin was an opium transport stocked full of Chinese heroin or American dollars depending on the heading. Callahan spent nearly two years skimming money and product off the ship and rose the ranks in what resembled more of a gang than commercial enterprise. In mid 2017 the SS Nezhin was forced to port in Chernogorsk by the rising tension. The discovery of Callahan's stash by an ambitious crew member led to a new bounty placed upon Patrick's head. He fled to the Chernorussian countryside. The cleaners never arrived because of the outbreak of the infection. Patrick Callahan now faces a new problem: how to sustain an addiction in the wasteland.
  8. Look at the poll and then look at the report page. Somethings not adding up here lol
  9. In your rage you may have missed the first clause of the entire post lol. Before you patronize me for wanting action in an action based game remember that pretty much every group in this game robs people. What might their reason for doing so be? Because most people who play the game want action. Even if their reasons for hostile RP are IC, characters are usually a reflection of OOC self in some way and many people play hostile characters because its generally speaking more fun. Also my last character was alive for 2-3 weeks(login glitch killed me) while meeting new people/getting into hostile RP daily. You just have to play along and you really cannot die(excluding glitches).
  10. I try to make my robberies interesting and fun and try to avoid the cliche "this is the type of word we live in" shit but there's only so much you can do since you need to OOC ask for permission to do anything and that kind of breaks immersion. If someone executed someone while RPing poorly maybe we could report them the same way a bad RP robbery would be reported. I'm not really expecting/suggesting a rule change I just wanted to get the conversation started on the topic.
  11. Because having some guys take all your stuff and say a few cliche lines is such enjoyable RP for both sides... That's why I included they would need to have a viable in character reason that they RP'd out so it would be enjoyable. Right now there is really only two ways hostile RP goes- 1. You don't comply and you die or they die 2. You just sit there twiddling your thumbs until the people take some of the things they want, maybe they hit you once or twice, then they leave. It's pretty much the same recycled experience over and over. The fact that the prisoner needing to be excessively stupid for an execution to be justified really narrows down RP opportunities. Anyways I'm just spitballing and throwing out some ideas to see what others thought.
  12. I'm not trying to make a case against the KoS rule at all, but all the justification you need to kill seems sort of excessive. The possibility of dying and losing everything is what makes DayZ so exciting/intense, and without the threat to one's life the game gets boring. Clearly the purpose of DayZRP is to RP and that's what is supposed to fill the void the absence of action leaves, but I think there are some really good RP opportunities to be had with less strict rules on executions. For example, right now you can RP in a way that you can never actually be killed. We're supposed to be in an apocalypse. The fact that you can't die unless you don't comply with people holding you up makes it so you and only you control if you live or die. Where is the excitement in completely controlling your character's lifespan? Now, I'm not saying people should just be able to execute hostages because they feel like it but if they RP out reasons they're gonna kill you (big group of cannibals who want to eat you, RPing a sadist/schizo/serial killer, their character has shit-talked your character, your group is sending a message to another group) I don't really see the problem with that and I think it would open up a variety of very interesting RP opportunities. It seems as if the rules against executions are just tools for people who are OOC butthurt about losing their gear(not that it matters because it takes 4 hours tops to fully gear up in RP) to get some sort of revenge on their IC enemies.
  13. We did offer the meat in the pot just as we offered chicken and deer steaks to everyone at GM. There was really no way to know it was human meat other than by metagaming. I'm not reporting you because I have a personal vendetta against you or because of the cannibalism accusations(We settled our characters' beef in-game the other day), the purpose of this report is solely concerning the metagaming.
  14. We were cooking chicken and deer steaks in the same pot and offering them to the people there. Like I said before we said we were burying the man. You metagamed to know it was human meat. Additionally, the pot was full of all the steaks so we couldn't be cannibals from this incident anyway. Additionally, we never mentioned our last names and the note was addressed with our characters' surname. You would have had to check our pulses to know that we wrote the note considering we put the pot and note out when nobody was around.
  15. Server and location: S4 GM Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 00:05 Daytime or Night-time: Day Your in game name: Larry Lafayette Names of allies involved: Les Lafayette, Johnny Dickenson Name/Skin of suspect/s: Brian McLellan Suspects weapon/s: AK74(not relevent) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): none Detailed description of the events: Yesterday on S4 a guy got accidentally shot by a magnum by some random guy who ran away afterwards(probably a report for that somewhere). Les skinned the body and placed the steaks in a cooking pot. Once cooked we left the pot in the open by green mtn. Today we heard that some guy named Brian McLellan started telling people at GM that we were cannibals, even though all the steaks were left in the cooking pot so we couldn't have eaten any. He was then using this accusation to turn people against us at GM. This doesn't break the rules but there is no way he would know that they were human steaks other than metagaming. We never mentioned that they were human steaks to anyone until after we heard we were being accused as cannibals. Also, we had been cooking chicken and deer steaks in the same pot earlier.