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  1. POV: Using classified tactical methods we breached the compound under the cover of darkness. Inside the house this woman was sleeping. She did not respond and when she finally woke up we made it clear she needed to put her hands up or she was going to be shot. Despite our requests, she decided this was a great opportunity to explain the intricacies of griefing. After roughly 18 seconds of non-compliance, I shot her in the head 1. Because she would not comply and 2. The immersion of my group members was at risk because of her OOC talk about griefing. Shortly after, we encountered another
  2. POV: I was with @OxeN as @Jackfish and @YNW Pep were initiated on. We spotted two guys with their guns out hiding on the other side of a building from our guys who were initiated on. I was under the impression the guys with their guns out behind the house were part of the initiating party so I started shooting at them. I apologize for shooting at the uninvolved people, it was a simple misunderstanding during a firefight.
  3. POV: @OxeN and I spot OP at NWAF tents. We scope it out a bit to see if he has any friends around and then he runs in to a container. @OxeN initiates on him 3-4 times over 20 seconds. I then initiate on him and he runs out of the container away from us so we start shooting and kill him.
  4. SquidProQuo


    I have enjoyed the RP between jackals and chedaki these past couple days. Top notch and looking forward to more! Thank you Jackals
  5. The voice of a local could be heard after the click of the PTT "Victor who? Why are you impersonating the Chedaki?" "No comrade of mine would surrender while his bratri fought a foreign enemy." The man would pause as he took a drag of his cigarette "Certainly, no true Chedaki would denounce the cause to save his own skin." The burn of a cigarette could be heard while the man inhaled "Besides, wasn't your last radio broadcast a threat to someone?" "Is this some kind of strange joke? I'm sure you know how Chedaki handle bad jokes..." The man would pause an
  6. We appreciate the candid feedback on our appearance and we will be taking this into consideration.
  7. There have been a lot of suggestions to add mods from other developers to the DayZRP mod we run on the server. From my understanding, we can't add mods from other developers because of copyright issues or something of the sort. Considering the investment many people are willing to make to this server between donations and purchasing cosmetic items, I thought we could start a pool of donations to purchase the rights to other mods from mod developers outside the community so we could use them. We could vote on what mods we would prioritize to get first or something. This would be a public donati
  8. POV @OxeN and I met someone for a contract that included getting an old man named Pasi for @isaac lineheart. @OxeN, @Zman44, @DaRsnn, and I headed out to berezino and found the guy we were looking for. There were more people than expected but we initiated and searched everyone for radios. We led the hostages away from the hospital so Isaac could do his thing with Pasi. I searched them for any other weapons because we were under the impression back up was coming for them and there might be a firefight and I didn't want to worry about any of them making a move if that happened. We led them
  9. Dr Rajeet Chakravarthy POV: I met up with @OxeN at NWAF where we ran into one of the jackals and talked to him for a bit. We then said goodbye so we could go to a meeting but the jackal kept following us and one other showed up and it was starting to become clear they wanted to initiate. We split up and lost them in the woods around the NWAF. We heard they went down to the tents at NWAF, but to be safe I looped around the airfield and headed down to the industrial area east of novaya and went north a bit before heading back west around novaya to get to the meeting spot. I arrived an
  10. I'm a student, I volunteer/do research in a lab at my university, and volunteer in the emergency department of a hospital. So I really just spend all my time losing money ?
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