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  1. Hagger

    Just noticed that good old @Hebee and @Storm are back in staff. All I want is to sit in HD with u guys and shoot points.

    1. Storm


      Come back then!

    2. Hagger


      I've been playing around with that thought.

      But I'm afraid that I won't have enough time to be as productive staff member as I want to be. The days when I was "studying" and didn't have a job and could pull off the 15h HD shifts were the days. Now I got some hassle: work, hobbies and other stuff that take the most of the time. If I get sacked from IRL job I'll apply instantly.

    3. Storm


      Ah. Well real life is more important :) We should play some war hammer or something sometime. We never finished that campaign

  2. Why we should have First Person ONLY.

    First person is cool when playing on PvP servers, I personally prefer it over 3rd person. But the thing is, we are RP server. People will want to admire the scenery and their character in 3rd person. We could have just one server dedicated to first person, and the people who will prefer more hardcore and realistic experience can play there. But forcing everyone to play in 1st person, that's a no no.
  3. Reputation system

    I think BeanZ fit the theme and are unique, you can see emojies and smileyfaces everywhere
  4. I always try to carry a working walkie-talkie with me. I won't use the magical TS radio unless I have one.
  5. What in Tarnations?

    Servers come and go depending on how many active players we have. Usually when the wave hits we get extra servers. Since there hasn't been any new updates lately or anything special going on, we are fine with only 1 server, 2 on the weekends.
  6. Re-white listing

    Was your previous account pruned for inactivity? Also I didn't really understand your question. Are you whitelisted right now? You don't automatically gain access to servers for being whitelisted in the past. If you aren't whitelisted on your current account you need to go through that again. Correct me if I misunderstood something.
  7. Hagger

    Made some home made burritoes, got a food baby now, I think I'm dying...

  8. Hagger

    Memory error crashed my DayZ, apologies to Hailey and the other dude who I was playing with. Tried to join back but the servers were full.

    But damn it feels good to roleplay again.

    1. Keira


      Nice playing with you too! Sorry you couldnt get back in.

    2. Otto

      No problemo, thanks for the RP. We'll be around for a bit if you can get back in.


    3. Hagger


      I keep getting the same error every time I launch the game, need to look into it, don't think I'll be coming back tonight. But thanks for the RP, nice that you noticed my update

  9. Where does your Political Compass lie?

    I consider myself as lawful neutral... oh wait... this isn't D&D?
  10. Events, Events, Events

    I loved the small dynamic events that happened randomly. Anyone in the community can come up with an idea, submit it to the loremasters who review it and make sure it doesn't conflict with the lore or any future plans. After the event is accepted they agree on time and date, only staff involvement needed would be a single gamemaster or admin who has rcon access sending a serverside "radio" broadcast and the event is on. Many people sit there just twiddling their thumbs and waiting for staff to arrange these events. All we need is some people with a vision and some staff help to pull it off. I think we need more of those!
  11. What?

    I believe staff is pretty busy figuring this thing out, I'm afraid they don't have time to keep updating the situation. They said that banning was just a temp solution, if Andrey is clean he will be unbanned, Chill
  12. What?

    I neither would have thought Andrey doing anything like this. I'm sure things will clear out.
  13. What?

    I'm pretty sure that there were more substantial evidence than just making a joke
  14. Mass admin ban IG

    Someone hacked user with admin rights or just plain hacked the rights for themselves. People are getting banned on forums as well.
  15. Hagger

    Time to get schwifty in here