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  1. On October 6th, 1996, John McCarthy was born into a somewhat wealthy family. Born and raised in Massachusetts, John had a great childhood filled with laughter, and joy. Things began to turn south when his mother got sick when John was around the age of 15. His father began to drink and became violent and rowdy all the time, and the household slowly took a turn for the worse. John got away from it with school, friends, and sports. He played Rugby and Football in high school, and later college, where he would earn the nickname 'Clutch', for his ability to step up against adversity in dire situations. John went to Boston University to study archaeology, because he was fascinated by human history. In college he would become close with the head professor of the archaeology department, who would offer him an opportunity to go to Chernarus on a dig site in the country side. John and his fellow students, friends, and professors, were at the dig site when the world began to turn to hell. It was here that bandits came and robbed their camp. John awoke from the raid to see everyone either missing or dead, and all of their belongings in a bonfire. Now he sets out to find his friends in the country, and looks for revenge.
  2. When I use torrent it deletes the file still. Can someone tell em how to stop and restart my anti-virus software, I'm using Norton.
  3. Where can I get torrent, can you send me a link, and how do I turn off my security system, It's Norton.
  4. Hey guys, I fixed my Arma 2 recently and wanted to play DayZRP, how ever, I'm having issues. I don't know how to download from torrent. When I downloah from mediafire my computer deletes the file for virus or something, and I'm not turning off my security device. And I'm trying to get it from mega now, does someone know how to help me.
  5. Yea sorry, I hadn't gone on for a while because my desktop was broken and I couldn't play for more than 5 mins without it crashing. But he was disobeying, we knew he heard us and we had asked him o put his gun down multiple times. HE defiantly heard us as we were right beside him, 10 meters away. He was clearly disobeying us. and I'll see if I have any proof in fraps. Yea I can't find my fraps videos, if anyone knows where they are saved? I usually record epic things.
  6. There was a post made about me shooting someone dead at NEAF. http://www.dayzrp.com/t-shot-dead-at-neaf-rp1-s2-unprovoked That's the link. It says I shot at him unprovoked and stole his car. In fact, it was me and 2 other people. I forgot who your names were because I have been using my laptop lately and have not been able to play on the sever. We have them multiple warnings. We gave them warnings from feet away, and warnings from 50 meters away. All of our warnings could be hear, that we know. I asked them what we should do and we decided to kill them because they never responded when we told them to stop and drop their guns. After we got in the car we were opened fire on by a guy too. It was not a random killing, there was a lot of reason too it. In his post he also says he was getting his friends gear, he in fact wasn't. He was running across a small field where I shot him PROVOKED when he didn't reply to me. If they had just replied it never would have happened. I would like to request to be unbanned from this INCORRECT unprovoked shooting.
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