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  1. Veryniceperson

    S1: KOS / BadRP / Invalid initiation / Attempted RDM - Kabanino - 12/12/2018

    Met up with the gang at NWAF, from my understanding they wanted me to record a movie of some sort, so we headed out to find challengers for their fist fights first to Vybor, then to Kabanino, met a group of survivors there, @Sylva drops an initiation and people start to comply, I was caught off guard but people started to comply so I went with it. About 5-10 seconds later some guy with a Mosin Nagant shoots @Sylva . I run around the other side of a building and fire a burst at the Mosin guy as he's still shooting. He runs into the building and I pursue, we come face to face and we exchange fire and I win the fight. I run back outside and cross the street as there's still gunfire, some kind of AR. I take a peak from across the street and among the group of compliers a guy has put his hands down and pulled a gun out so I assume he's the one and either way he'd been complying earlier and now had a gun out so I opted to fire a burst at him. I figure I may have hit @Hefem in the crossfire at this point but I'm not sure. He runs to the wall and says he's dropping the gun, at this point I figure he's not a threat anymore so I kill the zombie harassing him and his co, who go into the building. I talk with @Hefem for a bit then we go our separate ways as I obviously am not in control of the situation anymore. Whatever happened with @Rutkiy and @Hefem after that I am not aware of. I was not involved with @Jackfish's death, I was long gone by that time. Overall I'm deeply sorry that it went down the way it did. Shit hit the fan after the Mosin guy opened up and it spun out of control. In hindsight, I regret shooting at you but at the time I was unsure if everyone had died and didn't know if you were shooting at zombies vs some of my guys. If you want to talk let me know.
  2. Veryniceperson

    Campfire Collection Version 1.

    Awesome job!
  3. Born the 29th of October, 1987, Tomas learned from a young age that life wasn’t fair and if you wanted to get ahead, you were going to have to work for it. His mother and father were both well off for late Soviet Union standards, and as such he was afforded a comprehensive education. He had wanted to get into politics, seeing as the post-Soviet state of Chernarus was in dire need of reform, but had to place those plans on indefinite hold as the civil war broke out. He enlisted in the CDF and fought at several important engagements, he learned how to handle his weapons effectively and how to conduct tactical maneuvers, and finished the war as a Sergeant. He came home a changed man, having witnessed the aftermaths of Chedaki ethnic cleansing programs, he largely blamed the old government for having allowed the civil war to have occurred, and developed a healthy appreciation for the NATO contingents which had so aided his country from total collapse. He decided to leave the military and was offered a position as Senior Sergeant in his hometown of Gorka, where he served as head of the Police station and used his wartime experience to control a small contingent of men. He met Anna soon after the war ended, and became enamored with her, soon he had proposed and they lived happily in the town. They had a child together and they named her Alice. When the outbreak initially happened Tomas had helped oversee evacuations from more northern towns, as experienced NCOs like himself were badly needed. He quickly learned how to dispatch the undead, and that the worst enemy were people who’d realized the government couldn’t control the situation anymore. In the anarchy, Tomas fought his way back to the town of Gorka, intending to get his family and personally escort them to safety, wherever it was. He arrived too late, his houses barricades destroyed, and his beloved family infected. Killing them changed Tomas, he rarely smiled, his eyes became distant and he often considered ending himself, but, he endured, for Anna, who would never have wanted him to give up. In her name, he continued to survive as the situation escalated and rescue became a faint fantasy. Now Tomas wanders the wastes, moving from group to group, town to town, in search of a new purpose, which would grant him the satisfaction he so desperately wants.
  4. Kirill Kostenko was born the 29th of October, 1978, to a small family in Yekaterinodar. His upbringing was tough as a child of an impoverished Soviet household. He was thankful not to have to live in an apartment block. He learned how unfair the world was, and how important (an Orthodox) God was in life. He learned Russian and Chernarussian through his basic schooling and taught himself English in his late teens in order to read books he managed to scrounge from western sources, mostly on the history of Cossacks from western perspectives, as the Soviet archives were often lacking. In ‘98 Kirill met the woman of his dreams, Anna, and promptly married her a year later. They were inseparable and she tempered his passion and force of will into a highly functional and productive individual, but only as long as she was around. When the civil war broke out, Kirill was quick to take up arms against the Communists. He became proficient in warfare, and had no qualms shooting Chedaki and their ilk… even after they’d surrendered. Post-outbreak Kirill took up arms in defense of his family without trepidation. He was, however, too late to act. It was not the infected, but murderous BPR forces who killed his beloved Anna in cold blood. He swore never to fail in protecting family again and moved with the Zelenamoriya towards an uncertain future in South Zagoria.
  5. Veryniceperson

    The Brokerage

    Good luck with this!
  6. Veryniceperson

    The Interpol Updates

    Perhaps you might consider removing [Recruitment Closed] from your group name, seeing as it seems to indicate you have all the members you need/can handle and don't want to expand. The other suggestion is just to push the guys who aren't getting on; to get on or get out, as they aren't helping your case by being inactive. Definitely, the two most important things required to get people into the game are fun atmospheres, and things to do, not everyone likes constant roaming, maybe get some of your lads together for a patrol, or to seize a police station to look for documents or whatever, group-scale community events kinda thing.
  7. Veryniceperson

    Battle for the Castle! Event Over, House Wins.

    Leonard Kautsky - IFF
  8. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1985, Leonard was imbued with a sense of patriotism at birth. His family had a long line of service to the country, the most recent being his father's service as a Marine. He was brought up in an upper middle class family with a good paid education. As soon as Leonard was able to he enlisted in the marines, following in the footsteps of his father. Following the invasion of Iraq in 2003, he was deployed to active service with the 1st Marine Division, 3rd Battalion, Kilo company, in 2005, he participated in multiple engagements. He served two tours of duty. He was promoted to Corporal following his return to US soil. He was garrisoned in Camp Lajeune, Jacksonville, North Carolina, when Chernarus erupted into chaos, he immediately placed himself on the active duty roster, and was sent over as part of the marine task force that landed at Elektrozavodsk.
  9. Veryniceperson

    Hostile Factions and You: A Question

    I agree with you, seeing as my character and his two brothers don't usually stick around for a group of 10-15 guys to roll up to them. (Seeing as the last time that happened they got nearly beaten to death in a shack). I understand why most big groups chase after people who run from them, but that's just part of the risk. Once me and my bros got stalked for several miles by a big group searching for us. I don't think the report was because he ran though, more because when he ran he couldn't escape and he he tried to RDM. We'll have to see what the admins decide. Just my two cents.
  10. I personally agree completely with having a reset, however, this would destroy so much dynamic lore built up by many groups/players. If it were to reset, it would have to happen after a LONG warning, maybe in Beta...
  11. Veryniceperson

    LiF: Life is Feudal Giveaway!

    57 please! Thanks for doing this and GL to everyone!
  12. I miss my blood test kits, syringes, and blood bags. I think you can guess what I used them for...
  13. Veryniceperson

    Rules favor bandits?

    The rules certainly don't favor bandits. God, I remember how every report on the forums was against the Masquerade when it was active. If anything, the rules favor the people being initiated on. I feel these complaints are just the work of some salty people who lost their gear. I may be wrong, but if I am, I'd like to know why.
  14. Both, I love displacing in third, and firing and RPing in first. Another reason, several of my friends who play DayZ can't play on First Person only servers because they get motion sickness, so having that happen on DayZ RP would not be a good thing in my opinion.
  15. Veryniceperson

    Does this group idea make sense?

    I would say make them CIA if anything, FBI is a more domestic force, is it not?