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  1. Born to a family of Polish immigrants, Wojtek always stood out from the crowd. He grew up in the outer boroughs of Cleveland, Ohio. He wasn't the best student, but always seemed to be able to hold the attention of the room, if he so desired. Wojtek's class mates struggled to pronounce his given name, and many stuck to using his middle name in lieu of trying to pronounce Polish. Thus Wojtek usually went by the moniker "Charlie" unless it was being written on official documentation. Wojtek was constantly working odd jobs to make ends meet. He got street smart hanging out with the other kids and had a fairly normal upbringing as a middle class kid in the US of A. He learned Polish from his parents growing up and wanted to experience the culture of his forefathers. He moved to Poland in 2016 to work a bouncer job, exploring the country during the day and working the nights. One night he got into an argument with a patron trying to get in to the bar, it quickly devolved into a fight and Wojtek pushed the man to the ground, the man hit his head on the curb of the street and died. Wojtek panicked and ran, fearing jail time. He went to a local airport and grabbed the cheapest tickets to a relatively faraway country. He picked Chernarus. For the next little while he scrapped by, earning small time cash here and there. He also gained passing knowledge of the local languages. For a while he believed this would be his life. Just barely scraping by to earn enough to get a ticket home. Then the world ended.
  2. I don't see why this would be an issue. If I frequent one part of the map mostly, why shouldn't I be able to spawn closer to that. Pure Quality of Life improvement, if it can be done.
  3. The blind Nationalism that can only be found in a fictional country as great as Chernarus. Also once you start playing a concerned local citizen you can never go back to being a foreigner.
  4. Personally third person is more immersive due to actual depth, I.E you can see where you are in context to walls, others, etc.. Also, as noted by others some of us get motion sickness from first person so plz no.
  5. This is what I meant in terms of monopolizing resources. This provides RP and an interesting conflict. What I was criticizing was just flat out walling them off completely, never to use them again.
  6. That's the thing. If people protect wells and try and monopolize them that provides a window for RP. FFL did that in Pulkovo a few months ago. The difference is just walling off random areas never to return doesn't contribute anything but an annoyance.
  7. It'd be different if it was someone walling off the area to control the resource. This does not provide anything to a roleplay server, this is griefing.
  8. The intention is good, but I'm not convinced this'll bring about fear as much as it'll just mean non groups avoiding these KOS areas like the plague. I'm not totally against that kind of thing, I know groups have occupied most of the airfield before. It probably needs to be thought out and presented in detail before there's any chance of a community consensus on the matter though.
  9. Is this thing on?

  10. Considering how Rolle's testing pre/post basebuilding server performance seemed to indicate a significant increase in server stability before base building they should be kept to a minimum. Approved groups should be able to create settlements, I.E bases, both prefab and craftable. I get that dude who wants to build a little wall'd of compound in the middle of nowhere exists, but I want server stability and actual quality bases.
  11. I was just talking about this kind of deserter UN concept. This is awesome hope you guys have a good time.
  12. There are priority queues for staff and Diamond rank players.
  13. Please make shorter, squinting hurts my eyes.
  14. Best of luck with this one, eh? Hope you guys do well.
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