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  1. groovy vnp

    What do you call a supermarkets own products?

    No name is the superior method
  2. Born a dark and dreary day. Koloman caused pain from the moment of his birth, killing his mother in the process. Constantly abused physically and verbally by his father for this "crime" he never knew a moment of peace at home. His father hunted and sold the meat to the local butcher, and eventually, brought Koloman out with him to take part in the family trade. He was twenty years old when the civil war broke out, and was quickly conscripted into the CDF, learning advanced survival skills and eventually being admitted to the fledgling marksman program. He spent a lot of time alone in the Chernarussian wilderness, and killed a great many Chedaki, if his kill log is to be confirmed. Nevertheless, by the end of the war he'd been injured severely enough by a gunshot wound to be taken off the line and was in hospital recovering when the war officially ended. Many who knew him said that the man who came back from the conflict was not Koloman, he'd changed too much, become indifferent to the suffering of others and often went out of his way to make other people's lives difficult. Regardless, he returned home and continued to live as a huntsman on the fringes of society. Then the disappearances began. Over the course of the next 7 years 5 people would go missing from the town. Typically, it happened at night, and when they strayed to far from the developed areas. For the most part they were never seen again. Though sometimes snippets of clothing or other such items were found by local search parties. The town was more of a small village, isolated, and in the chaos of a post civil war Chernarus the disappearances were given little attention by the either the local or regional authorities, chalked down to wild animals or even remnants of the Chedaki. Though no one was ever charged for what some called kidnappings, gossip in the town always seemed to point back to one man, Koloman Krenek. Privately, people criticized his secluded lifestyle and apparent lack of empathy, some even going so far as to say sadism. He would assist the searchers, and often would find what objects remained of the now vanished people, adding to the suspicion. Being an eccentric at the best of times, he did nothing to dissuade people of this notion, and lived a quiet, unassuming life right up until the end of the world.
  3. groovy vnp

    groovy vnp

    snake GIF



  4. groovy vnp

    PK/Delete Obvious Troll Characters

    Ok. Good to know, thank you for you work.
  5. groovy vnp

    PK/Delete Obvious Troll Characters

    I've been advised by other staff members that reporting characters doesn't usually result in anything. Even then, I have, and still will.
  6. groovy vnp

    PK/Delete Obvious Troll Characters

    I believe you, but I still see them long after they leave the New Characters section. I even see them them in game.
  7. groovy vnp

    PK/Delete Obvious Troll Characters

    I agree to deleting OBVIOUS troll characters. Emphasis on obvious because I'm talking about characters that literally make no sense like undead monsters or robots or ridiculous backstories that defy logic.
  8. groovy vnp

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    The graphics are really good. Best of luck!
  9. groovy vnp

    groovy vnp

    I ain't it, chief.

    1. SexyPutin


      oh don't downgrade yourself like that your beautiful 🙂

    2. groovy vnp

      groovy vnp

      Oh my

    3. Mexi


      You know you're everyones favourite monkey VNP xox

    4. groovy xavier

      groovy xavier

      love u daddy

    5. groovy patz

      groovy patz

      Very nice person

  10. groovy vnp

    The Militia (Recruitment: Open)

    User has been cautioned for this post.
  11. groovy vnp

    Unity and Peace - United Peacekeepers (Recruitment Open)

    Best of luck!
  12. groovy vnp

    Twitch TOS

    This is not a good idea. No thank you.
  13. groovy vnp

    Child RP

    When I first joined DayZRP one of my first interactions was with child RP: a 12 year old axe wielding cannibal girl initiating on GM compound. Needless to say I've always felt that child rp is used by some as a way to trollrp. Met a cat-girl-lady-thing about a month ago who was meowing and running spasticly. Young Adults, and older teenagers I don't mind, but once you start to squeak I'm on guard. Some people may be particularly good at ChildRP, I haven't got to RP enough with those players sadly.
  14. groovy vnp

    Adaption of 'Combat Logging'

    Seeing as we often visit multiple group settlements in a single session, and that lots of settlements are on S2 I voted no. I don't want my own enjoyment of the game to be limited by somebody running up and initiating on me. If we can log after thirty we might as well be able to switch after thirty. Making more timers isn't going to help.
  15. groovy vnp

    The Loud Minority/2.3

    I do agree to that fact that some people seem to use the rules to hide behind when they talk smack or otherwise brush off Hostile demands. I honestly feel a decent portion of the community doesn't think their actions should have consequences. Can't really comment on the rest.
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