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    1. Redneck Rebel

      Nothing like the fine arts of country music 

    2. Major


      Wheeler is more authentic then all this pop bullshit these days. It's sort of sad but he makes me giggle.

  2. Less than a month...Image result for nervous gif 

  3. Why cant the world go back to the 80's and 90's

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  4. Sona Beran

    Sona Beran was born on September 7th, 1990 in Severograd. Sonas father was a local farmhand and her mother stayed home. Sona was a relatively decent child in school and at home, yet she did have her mischievous moments. She was also stubborn like her father, doing things more than once in different ways or the same to see if the outcome was different or if it worked differently. Growing up she would enjoy going to the farm with her dad on the weekends and messing about, and through the week helping her mother cook, when she wasn't at school or doing homework, for when her father got home. When Sona turned eighteen she joined the CPF, because she saw opportunities. Sona was put into OREL program after the CPF tested her and looked through her schooling history. A year after she had joined the CPF the civil war broke out, Sona was put into a assistive riot control position and stayed in the town of Severograd. Her father had joined the CDF to help fight the civil war, only to die a few months after joining. Sona didnt hear of this news until after the civil war had ended. Things were calming down a bit and life went back to somewhat normal, however since her father had died in the war she was heart broken. She stayed on her schedule and did as the CPF asked, wanting to make it into the OREL force. Two years after she first enlisted she was promoted to Desátník and accepted onto the OREL forces. After making rank and being accepted into the OREL forces she was moved to Grishino. Nothing much happened in the town over the next few years, other than the occasional extremist and a few rowdy drunks. On May 3rd when the South Zagoria went into marital law Sona had been busy in Vybor helping out a joint task force, Then on June 14th the Vybor vodka planet was under threat, Three Extremist had taken some civilians hostage, Sona and her Squad where deployed quickly. After hours of trying to negotiate and no results the OREL squad was sent in and took them out. Sona and her OREL squad where kept busy over the next month, then the outbreak happened. The morning of the 10th of July, Sona was unaware of what was going on at first then she was prompted to move back to Severograd immediately. Within forty eight hours of moving back to Severograd the infected walked among them. After many hours of trying to figure out what was going on and no one knowing the towns began to be evacuated and the police force fell back town by town. After Falling back to the coast, Sona and a few other officers stayed in Nadezhdino. She then learned her mother didn't make it out of Severograd alive, and was torn by this, but she continued to do her duties...
  5. Just saw Atomic Blonde.... Everyone needs to go see that movie, its the best thing ever

  6. Daemon Flagg

    Daemon Flagg was born in 1994 in Kansas City, Kansas. His father, Rick Flagg, was a Business negotiator for a small company and his mother, Alissa Flagg, was a Banker. Growing up Daemon was a trouble child, he wouldn't listen to his parents or the house nanny and did poorly in school, he did well enough to pass though. When he was fifteen his parents moved to Amarillo, Texas because his dad had a business opportunity. his mom had to find another bank to work at when they got there, she evetually did. Daemon started doing a bit better in school and found a job working as a ranch hand on a local farm. Flagg met the farmers daughter Callie Smith and started talking with her, after a year they started dating. When Daemon turned seventeen he took a big interest in being a mechanic and asked Mr. Smith, the farmer, for help on how to work on cars and how to fix them. Flagg was happy with life but he wanted a better job, so he looked into becoming a security guard. After nineteen weeks of police academy Flagg graduated and was put into the force. He then went on to marry Callie Smith, on January 15th 2016 at the age of twenty two in Amarillo, Texas. In September of 2016 Daemon and Callie moved to the northern part of Virginia and Flagg got a job as a Police officer in D.C. Life was going easy until President Trump was elected, Flagg was put on long shifts and little sleep. When the riots calmed down Flagg was able to go home finally and see Callie after about three days. A few months passed and not much had changed, then in April the police force had laid Daemon off and he was forced to look for another job. Not being able to find anything he got a hold of a Private security detail, he was hired by a company to escort VIPs and packages, Specifically people or money, in Iraq and Iran. This was though work for Flagg but he pushed through for his wife. In the beginning of July Daemon was set on a mission to protect a VIP on his private yacht off the coast of Chernarus, it was a month long operation, but it didn't last that long. On the night of the 23rd of July a massive storm hit and the yacht was capsized, leaving Daemon and a few others to swim to shore, the VIP had drowned and the yacht sank. =W.I.P= adding more details soon "Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything."
  7. Still no love for us sponsors....

  8. Never met ya bee4, but saw the name and instantly though of this song :P


    Enjoy Lol :) 

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  9. No name change yet, but its coming ASAP (SoonTM)

    1. Redneck Rebel

      Till then, Y'all gonna have to deal with my Redneck ass