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  1. fallout 76?


    is that like soldier 76? but wasteland approved?

    1. Blackfyre


      Unfortunately no, but Ey, at least it's Vault 76, it opened 20 years after the war. So this fallout is gonna be set pretty soon after the bombs fell 😂

    2. Hephaestus

      yeah, this is going to be the earliest set fallout

  2. What is Bethesda teasing?

    1. Genji


      Theyre teasing my butthole thats for sure

    2. Brayces


      *Spins a wheel.* Fallout ... VR on ... Switch. 

  3. here we go again, same old shit again 😕 

  4. Well, shit...


    This is going to be a rough patch... I can feel it

  5. Solo was a pretty good movie.


    Yall should probably go see it... but make sure you see Deadpool 2 a few times first

    1. Blackfyre


      I love the film, but I feel like Vanessa's character was kinda wasted. Like all the stuff in the first movie to be smacked out in the first 15 of the second. Still, I love the film 😄   

  6. DEADPOOL 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  7. Natasha was born into a poor family in Olsha, Chernarus in 1991. Growing up was not easy for her, her father was a alcoholic, as soon as he got home from work he would start drinking which lead to her father always beating on her and her mother. At school Natasha was bullied constantly, she mainly stayed to herself and tried hard at school, but it never worked out. In her freshman year of high school Natasha started selling drugs to the upper classmen and the tables flipped eventually, to where if anyone messed with her they got the shit kicked out of them by her buyers. After failing out of high school Natasha went to a local mechanic shop where she learned how to be a mechanic, while still selling drugs on the side. One day she had a customer come in who was in a motorcycle club and asked her to fix up his bike right quick, so she did. A few weeks later more and more people from the club started showing up to the auto shop and Natasha became a unofficial mechanic for the club. After talking to the members of the club and they found out what she did on the side, they told her to go buy a bike, Natasha did and it was a 1997 Honda Shadow that Natasha ended up bobbing out. Her bike obsession grew and she started buying more and more bikes, also she bought old cars and fixed them up as she could. Still W.I.P
  8. Dang, I'm being educated right now... but I like it, the more you know
  9. Landlines may still work during a power outage
  10. So recently I was thinking, the world of chernarus has a lot of cord phones laying around and the phones use land lines, which don't require power... so as long as you knew or know the number to where you want to call, you technically could..... Just a random thought, I could see that being fun for RP if people actually wanted to do something like that
  11. Hey, you guys wanna hear a joke?



    Original RP



    ^ I'm guilty of it too



    1. Brayces



  13. But you all just lost the game