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  1. Anxiety

    Christmas Thread 2018

    Merry Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate) from japan ?
  2. Its about that time, hope to see you all in game.



  3. Growing up, Azarov had a pretty easy life, his father worked in the shipyard in town and his mother stayed at home cleaning and cooking. While growing up Azarov always had one of his fathers friends near him at all times, no matter the day if he was away from home, his mother also had a friend of his dad near her at all times. Occasionally his father would bring over people and they would discuss "business" and Azarov would over hear it always wondering what it was about. Azarov's father taught him to be tough and stand his ground for what he believes in, unless the choice was against the better interest of his life, or family. In school Azarov did exceptionally well in math and science, but not so much in other subjects. Azarov enjoyed working with his hands, so his father would take him to the docks when he didn't have school. By the age of sixteen Azarov was working the docks with his father. Azarov slowly learned what his father was actually moving at the docks when he was seventeen, by the time he turned eighteen his father introduced him to "страж" Don. Here Azarov was really put into his true paces of becoming a member, after about a year they shipped him to Sochi, Russia where he smuggled weapons and people into the country, for "different" purposes, shortly after arriving in Sochi, a civil war broke out between the two sides, luckily Azarov was able to stay hidden and continue to supply local rebels with weapons, this is where he earned the nickname "бакалейщик". In the early 2017 Azarov returned home on conditions of his mother being terminally ill. He spent most his time with her back at home, still helping "страж" out on daily bases when he could, such as "collecting" the local pay from people who wanted protection from them. After just a few months his mother passed away towards the end of June. The funeral was held during the chaos that was going on in chernarus, it was not a quiet one. During the remembrance, his mother had actually turned, and Azarov was the closest to her when she "awoke" he couldn't do what needed to be done and got his right cheek bitten. one of the other men, acted quickly after seeing this and that was the end of the funeral. All the men from "бакалейщик" took up arms and went on there way to try and fight back the Russians. Azarov and his father went home to mourn, the next day when Azarov awoke his father was gone...
  4. Enjoy some Skibidi 

  5. When you wanna RP but live in japan when only like 2 people are ever on so you don't even go in game.


    *Heavy sighs*

  6. She's gone for good... I don't know how I feel about this... I'm ripping apart inside right now... but at the same time I feel so free from the toxic "Friendship" we had... I haven't felt like this in a long time.....


    Any song by Twofeet is the mood for awhile now.

  7. fallout 76?


    is that like soldier 76? but wasteland approved?

    1. Blackfyre


      Unfortunately no, but Ey, at least it's Vault 76, it opened 20 years after the war. So this fallout is gonna be set pretty soon after the bombs fell ?

    2. Anxiety


      yeah, this is going to be the earliest set fallout

  8. What is Bethesda teasing?

    1. Fae


      Theyre teasing my butthole thats for sure

    2. Brayces


      *Spins a wheel.* Fallout ... VR on ... Switch. 

  9. here we go again, same old shit again ? 

  10. Well, shit...


    This is going to be a rough patch... I can feel it

  11. Solo was a pretty good movie.


    Yall should probably go see it... but make sure you see Deadpool 2 a few times first

    1. Blackfyre


      I love the film, but I feel like Vanessa's character was kinda wasted. Like all the stuff in the first movie to be smacked out in the first 15 of the second. Still, I love the film ?   

  12. DEADPOOL 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  13. Dang, I'm being educated right now... but I like it, the more you know ?
  14. Landlines may still work during a power outage
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