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  1. @Shane and @Oliv i figured it out, my profile quote is on the page, i thought it was supposed to be under my name, but its in the personal info section. just realized it earlier today...
  2. Erika Karásková

    Strengths - Medic Soldier Weaknesses - Nikol Korus Likes - Shooting Drinking Being in Nature Fist Fights Dislikes - Rude people Crazies Disrespect Scars / tattoos - Small Cadecus on inside right hand Erika Karaskova =backstory wip= Knows MMA and has doesn't get mad easily Links:
  3. Okay? thats weird, but its fine. Thanks for looking into guys
  4. No, that didnt Fix it...
  5. i have done that, and hit the save button at the bottom, but its still not going through
  6. So i recently got Supporter rank and try to update a quote but i dont see it. am i doing something wrong or?
  7. @Oisín Another day, another dollar @Grimnir Hope it helps @everyone else at the GM compound, Fun as always
  8. @Oisín Great RP as always @Finn Need to talk sooner or later @SmartyyZ Another one bites the dust overall a decent day, for not having many people
  9. Thanks to ya boi @Oisín I'm no longer a white name. :D

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      Yeah name change is needed here :D

      <3 New colour looks gud tho

    3. Elmo


      I didn't realise whitenames could unwhitename a whitename of your calibre.

      The more you know :> 

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      Yer just a darn whitename in disguise! GET 'EM BOIS!

  10. All the cool kids are doing it, so i shall to... @Oisín Fun as always @Finn Dont do anything stupid pls @Grimnir My pleasure my dude, anytime @Tewudin @Naz was nice to properly meet you @SmartyyZ Whoops, you Fuc up
  11. dont know if ill get points or not but oh well, its a good song *shrugs*


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      Pepe Jones

      Points for what?

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      yeah u wont get points for it

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      I despise this song. Time to give points

  12. @Elmo had a great RP time with you, we lost ourselves for about Two and a half hours, just talking to one another. @Finn I'm guessing you were Niko, was nice to RP with you for a little. @Oisín Was nice to RP with you at the beginning, sorry i didn't ask if you were okay btw lol To everybody in vybor, it was nice meeting you all, Especially "Mr.Red" @i am Bambi if that was you helping the doc
  13. ohhhhh, ok, spare time job, gotcha, /solve it thanks.
  14. So I'm going to guess if a LM or a staff member doesn't comment on a character that they are pretty well built and nothing is obviously wrong with anything....
  15. Alica Ruzicka

    Strengths - Survivalist Doesn't care about much Can maintain herself with no help Weaknesses - Family and Friends Puts others before herself, especially if they are Chernarussian Gun shy Getting Bit (Will not say aloud) Likes - Humming and Singing Long walks alone Banter and Jokes Camping / Being outside Fishing Blade Play (But will not say it aloud) Peaches (way to much) Dislikes - Spiders Clowns (Fear) Vegans Assholes ChDKZ Scars - None as of yet As young as the age of seven Alica Ruzicka's father was always taking her camping and outdoors as much as he could, because he knew something she didn't, he was dying of a terminal illness. Alica and her father would have great times and he would always call her motýl because she was moving around a lot from flower to flower smelling them or picking them. When Alica turned ten her father had passed away and her mother had to work more and longer, thus Alica didn't get to see her mom much, Alica was always cleaning house, doing homework or cooking dinner. Alica was average in school and took a few extra classes if they where available to her. When Alica turned fifteen her mother was beginning to get sick and was not doing well health wise, also at this age Ruzicka started taking interest in the military life, reading about how it is. When Ruzicka was fourteen the civil war had broke out in Chernarus, two months into the war Alica's mother decided to help NAPA, after about a week of Alica's mother helping she was captured beaten and shot by the ChDKZ, After seeing this Alica wanted to fight the men who had killed her mother. Being fourteen NAPA took advantage of this and used her as a informant to get paper and information from the ChDKZ. NAPA eventually took Alica southwards towards Komarovo, where she would be taking in by a NAPA member named Dragoslav, he worked at the docks and would take Alica on hikes and walks around the area. The man had become like a father to her. The war had ended, life had continued as normal for a while. Three years had passed and Dragoslav was getting pretty old, not to mention he was a active fighter in the civil war, a month before her seventeenth birthday Dragoslav had passed peacefully in the night. Alcia had then decided to join the CDF and fight for her home land if the need arisen again this time she could do something. Ruzicka had lied about her age to get into the CDF and boot camp. She was placed in the 18th light infantry under command of Ivana Rybar. The 18th Infantry was deployed to Takistan as peacekeepers, constantly getting ambushed and shot at by insurgents. After a year in Takistan the 18th Infantry was pulled back to Chernarus. Infection hit and the 18th Infantry was then deployed to the North East Airfield, they had held off the infection for a while but then started running low on supplies, some deserted the posts and others got infected, eventually the post they where in had fallen and those left alive had split apart to survive on their own. Alica went north back to her home town and stayed around the are hunting and killing infected, continuing her duties to the CDF.