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  1. Derek Green was born and raised in the USA. With a decent childhood he was able to enlist in the Military as a Marine at age 18. He soon found himself a woman named Kara, who eventually became a wife in Russia. He convinced her to come back to the Seattle to stay with him after his term. They lived happily for a couple of years even though Kara had to deal with leaving her mom. 3 weeks in Seattle, Kara got a call from her mother who was unfortunately dying from a brain tumor. Derek and Kara Packed their bags and headed off to the country of Chernarus where she lived, and they stood by her moth
  2. Don't understand how when as soon as i logged on i told them where i was and they were on they're way automatically to make sure i got back to kabinino ok because i always get lost then you initiated and then i said to my team i am being robbed then i muted.
  3. i said ''im being robbed'' then muted yes, but before they were already on the way when i told them you guys were following me and where i was
  4. When you guys was running up to me i told them where i was 2 times you guys were sketchy when y'all fallowed me behind a house to the side.
  5. Derek Green POV: I approached three people Literally 3 minutes logging on from a situation yesterday at Mogilevka summer camp. I asked them RP wise for the directions towards the main town of mogilevka. As we approach the green two story building I told him I was going to meet up with a couple of Pals of mine that I had nearby on the radio. After I said that they initiated. Then right from there I said inside my comms ‘’ I am being initiated on at a two-story Green Building next to Mogilevka where we had our last situation”. Therefore they knew exactly where I was in the middle of the situati
  6. I dont unfortunately
  7. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/95148-s1invalid-execution-server-time-7/?tab=comments#comment-1750690 Why the verdict is not fair: I was involved in a situation dealing with Wi-Fi therefore I haven't been on for the amount of time to write my POV but I'm still willing to post my point of view in this appeal Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was in vmc wondering with my group when I ran into two individuals who happen to me in the same group as the individual that we had contact with before we hit VMC
  8. Kaliss

    roke on doode!

    Don't think anyone has a caption for this lmao
  9. Were doing the best we can lmaoo?
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