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  1. Don't understand how when as soon as i logged on i told them where i was and they were on they're way automatically to make sure i got back to kabinino ok because i always get lost then you initiated and then i said to my team i am being robbed then i muted.
  2. i said ''im being robbed'' then muted yes, but before they were already on the way when i told them you guys were following me and where i was
  3. When you guys was running up to me i told them where i was 2 times you guys were sketchy when y'all fallowed me behind a house to the side.
  4. Derek Green POV: I approached three people Literally 3 minutes logging on from a situation yesterday at Mogilevka summer camp. I asked them RP wise for the directions towards the main town of mogilevka. As we approach the green two story building I told him I was going to meet up with a couple of Pals of mine that I had nearby on the radio. After I said that they initiated. Then right from there I said inside my comms ‘’ I am being initiated on at a two-story Green Building next to Mogilevka where we had our last situation”. Therefore they knew exactly where I was in the middle of the situation. Also as you can tell from the video he provided, they're all yelling and screaming in my ear making me stutter not able to understanding what they were asking me. Furthermore 1 players Mic, I believe it's the man with a balaclava kept cutting in and out so I couldn't truly understand what he was asking me throughout the situation making me unable to answer any of the questions he was asking me. Outside of the game I was also answering my mother threw out some questions he was asking me throughout the situation so I was kind of distracted for 2 minutes tops Therefore I apologize if that broke RP. But overall I apologize but I was not metagaming whatsoever.
  5. I dont unfortunately
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/95148-s1invalid-execution-server-time-7/?tab=comments#comment-1750690 Why the verdict is not fair: I was involved in a situation dealing with Wi-Fi therefore I haven't been on for the amount of time to write my POV but I'm still willing to post my point of view in this appeal Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was in vmc wondering with my group when I ran into two individuals who happen to me in the same group as the individual that we had contact with before we hit VMC hostilely a little bit after we got done talkin I was joking in the field west towards Vybor in the process of me jogging I noticed three individuals that were a bit far from me but not too far then after 2 minutes of staring at them I've been shot by I believe a Mosin What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to be unbanned With this appeal because I haven't been around I was dealing with real life situations and I haven't been around to post my POV and I hope the staff can accept this appeal and forgive my lateness What could you have done better?: I could have done the POV way before my situation but I wasn't thinking straight and I hope the staff can forgive that
  7. Kaliss

    roke on doode!

    Don't think anyone has a caption for this lmao
  8. Kaliss

    Bank Robber Style Aiming

    Were doing the best we can lmaoo?
  9. Derek Green is a 35 year old man who was having money issues in his previous house with his in New York. He had no choice but to move to Chernarus with his wife's Kara’s mother's house. The outbreak started not only 3 months later. He saw the first warning on the radio at work which was an author of Drama stories. He rushed home only to see his wife and his in law mothers not there just a note saying they bailed to the city of cherno. He then grabbed an old mosin rifle and extra food in the basement from his in law mother's house. He then went to search for her. After spending hours getting to the city hoping to see his wife. He was only shocked to see a wasteland In the city no soul in sight. As he called for his wife there was no answer what's so ever, searching and searching he found neither his wife of his mother in law. In Front of the clock tower he sees something shining on the ground looking at it he sees it is his wife's bracelet with no sign of Kara. Now he wonders the island of Chernarus looking for his wife only with his skills of hunting and survival can guide him. Several months has past and Derek finds the infected body of his wife, petrified of the sadness he then witnessed he wonders the island with nothing left to live for with every scar and missing eye and finger tells of story of Derek’s life on Chernarus
  10. Forum name:JackGreen2 Forum profile link:http://www.dayzrp.com/User-JackGreen2
  11. As i was being held up i was asked questions and then was told to stand up as i did i walked towards the front door of the barracks i hear a explosion to what what seems to be a granade after hearing the explosion i have died i do not know the cause of the explosion nor who threw it i am ungrateful of the RP that was giving from this
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