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  1. JackGreen2

    roke on doode!

    Don't think anyone has a caption for this lmao
  2. Were doing the best we can lmaoo?
  3. Derek Green is a 35 year old man who was having money issues in his previous house with his in New York. He had no choice but to move to Chernarus with his wife's Kara’s mother's house. The outbreak started not only 3 months later. He saw the first warning on the radio at work which was an author of Drama stories. He rushed home only to see his wife and his in law mothers not there just a note saying they bailed to the city of cherno. He then grabbed an old mosin rifle and extra food in the basement from his in law mother's house. He then went to search for her. After spending hours getting to the city hoping to see his wife. He was only shocked to see a wasteland In the city no soul in sight. As he called for his wife there was no answer what's so ever, searching and searching he found neither his wife of his mother in law. In Front of the clock tower he sees something shining on the ground looking at it he sees it is his wife's bracelet with no sign of Kara. Now he wonders the island of Chernarus looking for his wife only with his skills of hunting and survival can guide him. Several months has past and Derek finds the infected body of his wife, petrified of the sadness he then witnessed he wonders the island with nothing left to live for with every scar and missing eye and finger tells of story of Derek’s life on Chernarus
  4. JackGreen2

    Survival Games Event

    Forum name:JackGreen2 Forum profile link:http://www.dayzrp.com/User-JackGreen2
  5. As i was being held up i was asked questions and then was told to stand up as i did i walked towards the front door of the barracks i hear a explosion to what what seems to be a granade after hearing the explosion i have died i do not know the cause of the explosion nor who threw it i am ungrateful of the RP that was giving from this
  6. Derek hears the commotion on the radio After killing an infected then uses his bloody hands to push the PTT ''listen here buddy boy at this moment i am in a very killing mood if i find you i will make it slow and painful i got your name its all i need i assure you'' He cocks his gun in the background and lets go of the PTT button
  7. JackGreen2

    The Coyotes [Recruiting Strict]

    I think theres a misunderstanding i am not one of you
  8. JackGreen2

    Mass KOS Severograd

    Hello, As me and Xander and Rob snuck inside the camp, I was aware of a man with a ballistic helmet on standing in front of us. We went to turn around, when the man saw us and quickly raised his gun and pointed it at us and as he did he ran to the side of the barracks area. As Xander followed him all I heard was get out of here loudly and then quickly after that gunfire started and Xander came back bleeding while the other man died. Xander soon became unconscious and I quickly went to bandage him up. As I was doing so another man came and places his position in front of me and I didn't know who he was nor if he was with us then looking at Rob he pulled up his weapon and shot him unconscious seeing that he aimed at me I quickly got up and ran being shot twice in the process as I run out of the area then from there I regrouped with the rest of my squad.
  9. He hears this message with no reaction while taking a sip of water from his canteen He takes a soft breath and says ''Good Luck'' He let's go of the PTT button and places the radio back in his pocket End of transmission
  10. He is shocked of the radio actually working he picks it up still in a shock not knowing who it is on the other line so he catches his breath and says. ''Mason is no longer with us'' He breaths calmly and replies again ''Im..his brother if you want to see me instead come to the town called New Paris'' He shuts off the radio and takes the battery out as he walked out of the changing. his AKM Magazine
  11. I ran behind cover (but accidentally put my weapon in my hands) But i have realized what i did and put the gun back on my back again. Then i walked out unarmed saying clearly ''Is it safe to come out'' as i said that i got shot down. So in regards to whoever shot the man with the black and blue Hiking Jacket on i was unarmed and was in no threat to anyone therefor had no reason to get shot.
  12. JackGreen2

    DayZ vs Exile

    I think just like DayZRP, ExileRp will be giving events or maybe clever groups will be made or even a fight for Esseker so i think it will slowly die out but there is always something to bring everyone back
  13. Still cannot wait i'm dying of excitement
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