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  1. Zizoor

    Yggdrasil [Recruitment Open]

    Well wow, I've never seen such shite graphics in my life. :^)
  2. Zizoor

    [FM] Free Medics

    Warden of The Homestead. What a title. Brings tears to my eyes.
  3. Son to a Scottish father and a Canadian mother, Clive grew up everywhere in this world. He spent his first few years of his life grounded in the new rainbow nation of South Africa. Apartheid was abolished, and the ideals of Nelson Mandela rose to the top. When Clive was five years old his father Brian was stabbed to death in a bar north of Cape Town. This led to him and his mother leaving South Africa for The United States. And Clive grew up with his mom constantly on the move, never settling in due to fear that something will befall them as it had in SA. They moved from place to place, up and down coasts. The list became extensive by the time Clive was ready to step out in the world on his own. South Africa, USA, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, UK, Norway, Finland, Germany, Australia, and Malta. Fact was, by the time Clive turned 20 he had seen more settings than some do in their entire lives. This etched itself into him. He always wanted to see more, and as soon as his tuition was done on a basic level, he went out there to experience it all. Climb mountains, wander through valleys, ride the stream, always keep moving. That's what Clive wanted to do. And after landing a job as a tour-guide for hikers in the alps in northern Italy he was finally home. He met like-minded friends, colleagues and rivals. More than that however was the introduction of sport hunting. This immediately was found to resonate with his skill set and experience, all he needed to do now was learn how to handle a rifle. This was something that Clive struggled with for a long time. Something something, this is private atm so I cant be done with it atm. WIP WIP WIP
  4. So.. Just for clarification. Because somehow you expect this to be taken seriously. Are you going to explain to the people you meet in the world that you formed this group as a basis of a videogame that you played once when the world was not turned to shit? Feels kinda weird. Or what are the actual implications of outright stealing the logo and name (with some minor spelling differences) from a VIDJAH GAME? Serious lack of creative effort. Another thing that bothers me is the people trying to say this looks good. Are you JOKING? It's an outright steal of Reilly's Rangers from Fallout 3. Now I wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't a play on the same name and using the same logo. You could have called it literally anything else with another logo, since it has NOTHING to do with Reilly's Rangers and it'd be OK. Are we not supposed to take this more seriously than this? But then again all the goddamn Stalker groups had no probs getting through in the past so I might just be preaching to deaf ears. I'm out. Goodnight! c:
  5. *Sips on Nuka-Cola* Oh man I didn't diddly know I fell into the capital wasteland ooops.
  6. Zizoor

    Ask the LMs about the Lore!

    So you mean to tell me that the survivors of the government, police force, military who all witnessed the downfall of their country first hand are likely to forget about what and who started it? That's... Naïve at best. It really just sounds like a made up reason to be able to become a powerhouse, joining forces with another powerful faction. But thanks for the clarification. I still think my point stands, however. But I suppose only time will tell.
  7. Zizoor

    Ask the LMs about the Lore!

    Question: In the lore tensions between Chernarus and Russia have been hightening to a degree beyond repair. The base thing making things boiling over. Now the CDF are cooperating with VDV, Russians, the catalyst of the apocalypse. >>Can someone please explain to me why the actual fuck a loremasters own god damn group is cooperating with russians?<< (Main question) This is so damn out there that I don't understand why you even bothered with rewriting the lore if youre already gonna throw all the shit in the pan. Then again, why not. I don't even know if I care. It just seems a damn shame to take a shit in the lore that was all piping fresh from the oven, and I suppose it's your own shitcake and you better eat up. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ FYI: I don't even play anymore and I just lurk on the forums, once in a while adding opinions. And with me as an outside party noticing these bollocks, I can't imagine what the rest of this community will think.
  8. Pssh.. Comrade, did you perhaps lose your AK or AR-Platform gun in one of our glorious rearmament procedures for the motherland back in the mod? Tssk tssk, you should not let it scar you for life. It happened to everyone. Ont: I'm happy to see that the legacy of always having atleast one Russian military group on the ground is alive. Now that everyone from previous shit-tier great groups like the ones I've been in have gone, I wish you luck. As you've been active for a while I'm sure you guys have already noticed the immediate hatred towards the fact that you're russian, and military. No idea if you're bandity at all, but if you are you'll eventually go down the exact same route as we did in the past. And in that case you always have to look past the massive OOC hate + metagaming shitlords you get for choosing to play the game the way you enjoy it. People are too petty anyhow. Looks pretty good guys, have fun!
  9. Didnt see this one coming! Apparently Toezies is a popular contender in this game, so toezies.
  10. That would almost be accurate to a lot of people on here. And I honestly don't have a problem with most people's ex-mil backstories. It's just the recon marines arriving with an experimental expeditionary force made up in it's entirety of the crême de la crême of their profession. All scoring a half million confirmed kills in the secret black ops of the highly secret third gulf war against Poseidon. They aren't fun to deal with, to listen to or to even hear about. Cringe deluxe basically. Just as I don't like the amount other super important cringe folks. Out of the dozens of "scientists" I've met on dayzrp who is studying the "virus" and trying to find a "cure" only one has ever been even a tiny deal convincing. But I still think the reason people do it is because it fits what they want to do and because it honestly does make sense that a lot of people was in the military around these parts. Any super soldier can go kill themselves though. All characters I came up with who were military were all conscripts of some sort. Nothing special with the exception of the slowly advancing major A. Malyshev in the Ministerstvo Vnutrennikh Del. But that was long ago when I lead a group, with meticulous research and effort in the mod days.
  11. Zizoor

    Who Listens to Profiles Songs?

    I figured as much. I just wanted to see what a music lover such as yourself would have on display that particular day. I too would consider music mighty important. And obviously, I heard Parkway and I approve. I update my music as often as I can basically, and it's usually something in the span of melodeath to classic rock.
  12. Zizoor

    Who Listens to Profiles Songs?

    Parkway Drive. I approve. Good stuff.
  13. There was once a time when CLF and SVR/MVD were both locked in active combat. We fought, and we fought. My best memory stemmed from this very war we had. One day we had gotten information on CLF movement near the NW airfield, and we sprung on the oppurtunity to avenge our fallen comrades from the day . An initation had been done and battle ensued. It was a bloodbath. At first, the battle was progressing in our favour, but the CLF seemed to never run out of men. After about 40 minutes the russian force was weakened heavily, alas, it was but two of us left. But we continued to fight. There was probably around 20 dead all around when I lost my final comrade and I was able to slay the last of the CLF force. And here comes what truly stuck to my memory, due to its quirky nature at the time... I went to loot some bodies to restock on ammo and supplies. Then I found the dead body of Gino. He was carrying 8 GPS and 4 pairs of NVG's. Soon after out of nowhere an SUV filled with CLF showed up and shot me to bits. I rate this 10/10 because Gino and Jamie got banned for using admin panel about 2 weeks later, and I was killed by Jamie, who we had already killed. (Lmao). But the battle was indeed fantastic. Utterly amazing was the firefight. Just a shame I couldn't get out in time with the loot. #gearwhorebandit. I miss CLF and our firefights.