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  1. I am 16 years old. my birthday was just 2 months ago, but I’m new to the world. I stayed inside most of my life because of my health. I’m fragile like a flower my mama would tell me. I can’t run far or fast before I have problem getting air. It's like I'm being hugged by a big mama bear. I don’t know English either, I know only the greeting “Hello”. I’m hoping now that I can go outside I can meet and learn from other people. Now I can go out and explore the world during the days, but in the nights…. I can still hear the screams An innocent girl cannot last long in a violent world like this. For these violent delights, have violent ends.
  2. Audrey White came from a very rich family who she now wants nothing to do with. She saw them as superficial only caring about appearances. She went off to college learning how to stand on her own without their help. It was there that she met Dave. She didn't want to fall for anyone but she did anyway. He was the first person to make her feel like she was truly cared for. After she moved to his hometown when he finished she continued to work as a singer. She loved the way music helped everyone. Dave wanted her to bring that talent with her on the mission trip to Chernarus. Where she is stuck fighting to survive with the only person she feels she can trust.
  3. @Zero did some wonderful RP the other day with @Basoon, @TheMatt924 and I. Thanks for showing me how amazing RP can be.
  4. MissChalice

    Skinner: Face The Apocalypse Through The Eyes of a Psychopath

    love your Lore Matt! I miss the times of Skinner and Sara. All my love
  5. Now he just needs a Russian surgeon to reattach it and then we are all set. don't forget to use a Hot Shower on the way back!
  6. https://media.giphy.com/media/l2JI6inblUt3aNdjW/giphy.gif[/img] I'll just give this boy a hand for getting unbanned
  7. *Thinks about playing again on DayzRP* *Sees this and walks away*
  8. thanks go out to R3ALBRETT, HUSKY, and Valk for the great RP.
  9. Sara is starting in Dayzrp today!!! Come watch twitch.tv/misschalice
  10. *The static clears for a moment as a voice comes though* Don't worry love. The cards don't want to tell you what you need to know. *static comes back*
  11. *The static clears for a moment as a voice comes though* Hello I am Morjiana. I am a Gypsy, who goes where ever the wind takes me. The wind is pulling me elsewhere, but my cards tell me that there are still some who need to hear... Who need to hear what the cards have to say. I do not know who you are, but if you are hearing me now and feel it, you know it. If you want to know bring goods to trade in exchange that I can use for my journey. meet me at the altar hill I leave in 2 days. *static returns* //i will be in S2 tonight from now till 5:30 server time, and tomorrow morning US time. if you are unable to find me or something just pm me
  12. The sunlight started warming the horizon when Audrey finally gave up on sleep. She turned over in her cot to see Dave’s cot empty. She craned her head and saw a figure sitting in a chair on the patio. A smile flashed on her face as quickly as a shooting star. Audrey shifted making sure not to make enough sound to wake Dave. He had gotten a trained ear to hear Quinn trying to make a run for it. Audrey picked up her blanket and Dave’s and started walking for the door. There she found Dave asleep in the chair passed out from exhaustion. In his lap was his gun ready. For what Audrey was afraid to ask. She took his blanket and ever so slowly laid it across him. She pulled out a paper and quickly scribbled down a note. Dave I’m sorry about last night I went on a walk to watch the sunrise Audrey J. She laid it carefully in the fold of the blanket so he would easily find it. She chose her next steps carefully as to not creak any of the wood. As she ducked into the still night chilled woods she looked back one more time. Quinn sat still in the corner of her mind. Hardly moving and silent. Quinn's eyes were wide head bowed staring down at the floor but not seeing it. Rossie watched out of Audrey's eyes with wishful wander at the warming light. Last night things had gotten out of hand, Quinn had gotten out and got into a huge fight with Dave.Testing him, pushing him to the brink. She even spoke about Dave's old family. Telling him that he failed to protect them. He failed to protect his family. Audrey sat there in the corner of her mind watching in pain as Quinn said everything she could to get him angry. She sat there unable to stop it. The anger in Quinn hit a peaked when she yelled at him “YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO GET YOUR PRECIOUS DEAD AUDREY BACK!” His eyes locked on to Quinn’s in that moment burning with a hidden rage. He didn’t say a word which made Quinn more angry. “I’ll kill her soul before she ever comes out.” His hand raise Quinn shrank from the impending and earned blow He froze The hand lowed “Audrey I will always be here for you, and I could never hurt you.” he said with a mix of sadness. He turned and walked out the door. The whole image was imprinted on her mind. Tears fell from her face as she stopped in front of the ever rising glow of the sun. She heard something and saw David standing there behind her. “It's me” she said tears falling “It’s Audrey” He took his blanket and wrapped it around her bear shoulders. “I’m so sorry.” she said as he held her for a moment. “I am in control now.” she said into his shoulder. Quinn sat in the corner of the mind still staring off into nothing. “She will never come out again.” Audrey said to Dave as he held her tight. “I made sure of it.”
  13. Morjiana is playing hard to get come watch at twitch.tv/misschalcie