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  1. I am 16 years old. my birthday was just 2 months ago, but I’m new to the world. I stayed inside most of my life because of my health. I’m fragile like a flower my mama would tell me. I can’t run far or fast before I have problem getting air. It's like I'm being hugged by a big mama bear. I don’t know English either, I know only the greeting “Hello”. I’m hoping now that I can go outside I can meet and learn from other people. Now I can go out and explore the world during the days, but in the nights…. I can still hear the screams An innocent girl cannot last long in a violent world like this. For these violent delights, have violent ends.
  2. *A child's voice could be heard* "Mr. Skinner? did you miss me? Did you miss your blood red rose?"

    1. Malet


      *peaks in when he hears the voice* o.O

    2. Dino


      *peaks in behind Malet* 

    3. Skinner


      *Is just about to untie a man in a ditch when he hears her voice. The man is shaking and just gave Skinner the location he'd been searching for*

      What was that Sara? Don't trust him?

      "He's lying to you, Mr. Skinner. He wants to hurt you. He wants to hurt us. Hurt the bad man, Mr. Skinner"

      *tosses the sobbing man back into the mud and pulls his meat hook out of his backpack*

      N-No. No wait, hey I told you what you wanted to know. You said you'd let me go. Please don't - please stop - please NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooo-

      More food for Sara's garden.

    4. MissChalice


      *smiling* "Thank you Mr. Skinner! his blood will help my flowers grow!" *giggles* "Now come Mr. Skinner!"

    5. Ender



  3. Audrey White came from a very rich family who she now wants nothing to do with. She saw them as superficial only caring about appearances. She went off to college learning how to stand on her own without their help. It was there that she met Dave. She didn't want to fall for anyone but she did anyway. He was the first person to make her feel like she was truly cared for. After she moved to his hometown when he finished she continued to work as a singer. She loved the way music helped everyone. Dave wanted her to bring that talent with her on the mission trip to Chernarus. Where she is stuck fighting to survive with the only person she feels she can trust.
  4. Happy Birthday Challie ^.^

  5. Allahu SnackBar!!


    1. SweetJoe



    2. Storm



    3. Hebee


      I mean this is shit, however it is still better content than was ever featured in one of her streams.

      Go be edgy somewhere else thanks.

    4. MissChalice



      Lighten up everyone... the world is not ending. 

    5. SweetJoe


      guys, the image is fitting.


      Don't give a fuck the source.


      Don't give a fuck in general.

    6. Storm


      Your terrible memes dont help at all.

    7. MissChalice
    8. Storm


      Pls stop now.

    9. Subso
    10. A Foul Goblin

      A Foul Goblin

      bad bad chalice no no off the counter stop it

    11. Kevin
  6. So another Saga ends.

    1. Storm



    2. Dom



  7. In Memory of those Lost (3/1/17) 

  8. @Zero did some wonderful RP the other day with @Basoon, @TheMatt924 and I. Thanks for showing me how amazing RP can be.
  9. love your Lore Matt! I miss the times of Skinner and Sara. All my love
  10. Now he just needs a Russian surgeon to reattach it and then we are all set. don't forget to use a Hot Shower on the way back!
  11. https://media.giphy.com/media/l2JI6inblUt3aNdjW/giphy.gif[/img] I'll just give this boy a hand for getting unbanned
  12. *Thinks about playing again on DayzRP* *Sees this and walks away*
  13. thanks go out to R3ALBRETT, HUSKY, and Valk for the great RP.
  14. Sara is starting in Dayzrp today!!! Come watch twitch.tv/misschalice
  15. *The static clears for a moment as a voice comes though* Don't worry love. The cards don't want to tell you what you need to know. *static comes back*
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