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  1. Jackerz101

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

  2. Hopefully you all have tried out .60. Before coming back to DayZRP a few days ago, I played .60 and I probably had 40-60 frames on high settings with a decent pc, nothing really special. I installed .59 again to play DayZRP and even on medium settings the game looks like shite and I get 20 frames. It's unbearable with these frames, the differences are amazing. In experimental it rains every 10 minutes, but it looks fantastic.
  3. IGN: Alex Roberts Age: 16 Country: USA English skills: Good, 1st language DayZ Mod Experience: I don't even want to know DayZ Standalone Experience: 140 Hours Roleplaying Experience: Joined DayZRP in May 2013 What kind of In Game role best describes you: Depends what you need done. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Yes, but it has probably been a year or more. Additional notes: Best way to contact you: Private Message Backstory: Born in November of 1989, Alex Roberts lived a normal life with his two parents and two brothers. Slightly above average grades gave him access to a variety of universities, in which he attended English classes, as his wish was to be an author. After leaving his university, he spent the next two years teaching other students but knew it was not for him. Following his dream, he bought a home near his hometown and began writing novels and short stories. He found his new occupation difficult, but rewarding and something he truly enjoyed. On October 5th, 2014, him and his two brothers travelled to eastern Europe, and eventually taking a train throughout Takistan, and stopping in Chernarus before their destination of Russia. Throughout the chaos of the outbreak, the brothers were separated, and two years into the outbreak makes Alex believe both have passed. Alex enjoys writing stories about him and his brothers and has for the past two years, which keep him sane. With the last two years of experience surviving in Chernarus, Alex has taught himself what is needed to live in the apocalypse of which the world finds itself in. He can't perform surgeries, install a new engine in a vehicle, or use military weapons and other gear, but has no problems with the basic necessities. Installing new wheels, farming, and shooting the simpler weapons come without any difficulty to him after a couple years practice.
  4. Jackerz101

    Payday: The heist giveaway

    I'll happily take 49! Thanks!
  5. Jackerz101

    Your bestest friends you made on DayZRP

    *Cough, Cough*
  6. Jackerz101

    [GAME] Rate the videogame idea

    6.5/10 Goat simulator, but you actually do goat stuff.
  7. Other than the normal dayz bugs it's really stable. I have been playing I the US servers with 50 or so ping, very low desync for the amount of people on. Great mod so far.
  8. What is the point of going through the trouble of making a close to perfect application just to troll? Some people are crazy.
  9. I second this. It's appalling when people whitelist and get banned within the same week for something outrageously immature. :[