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  1. Merkant

    • Merkant
    • Grimnir

    Just a bit curious. Why do you enjoy playing females so much? Confused?

    1. Grimnir


      Well can't really do the Chernarussian accent, so textrp is better if I want to play a Chernarussian. No one wants to talk to a male text char so female is the best option.

      Why do you like to still contact people who don't want to talk to you? Desperate? Lonely?

    2. Merkant


      Just bored and curious. Sometimes you can find out some interesting things from people, like folk being sexually confused finding out that they wanna be a chick, but they could never tell anyone because they whisper so low that no one really understands.

    3. Jinx
    4. Grimnir


      Is that a cry for help I am hearing? If so you are at the wrong adress buddy, we stopped understanding eachother a long time ago.

    5. Merkant


      It could be. It would help if you spoke louder sometimes, but that's beside the point. So, are you sexually confused?

    6. Grimnir


      No I am not, what about you? Lost your virginity yet or are you not sure what you prefer yet?

    7. Merkant



      Alright german. I see how it is. World wars have been started for less, do what you're good at and keep it low.

      Good to hear you're not confused. It is a little creepy, but no judging. No judging. I just asked you a question, and you went BOOM BAM and did what them American women call "attacking on a personal level". But I ain't American, I ain't a cow.

      Do you always take things on the internet to heart?

    8. Grimnir


      We both know what you were trying Marcoooz, now go back to the hole you crawled out of. It is an insult to anyone reading this, that you think anyone wouldn't see the petty shit you are trying to pull. 

      But nice to hear you ain't judging, sadly I can't do you that favor just like Steck, Johnny, Beni, Jonas, Blacky and so many others won't.

       PS: Beni wants me to tell you to come to our open comms to sort this shit out, but you are probably to busy being in comms with your boyfriend. ;) 

    9. Merkant


      10/10 would talk again

    10. Jinx


      Channel 4 roast zone let's do this

    11. Merkant


      I'm not good at making shit up on the spot, so I'll pass. Tactical retreat on my part. Sorry Jinx. Glad someone enjoyed this status update.

    12. Nihoolious


      Getting a little spicy in here. Let's just end it before it starts up again


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